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The sound exploded like thunder.

Everyone turned around to look, only to find that it was an unfamiliar woman who appeared to be in her early thirties.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, both aware of what was currently going on.

The drama has just reached its climax.

Shi Sheng saw the appearance of the person who came, but he only reacted after two or three seconds before his face became stiff again.

“What Its only been so long since weve seen each other.

You wouldnt have forgotten me, would you”

The woman in high heels walked up to Shi Sheng.

She looked at the wretched Xie Wei on the ground, and let out a cold sneer, “A scum and a sl*t.

I wish you two stayed together for a lifetime.”


These words were said without any politeness or conservation of upper-class people.

Some guests couldnt help asking, “This lady, who are you”

Old Man Shi glanced at Shi Sheng, and his already fluctuating mood was filled with displeasure.

As the saying goes, a mother knows her child best.

But as a father, Old Man Shi has some understanding of this seemingly reticent and obedient son.

Shi Sheng is by no means an orderly person.

Over the years, he had played with quite a few women.

Xie Weis affair is already shameful enough; if another relationship was brought up, their Shi family would lose all face!

When Old Man Shi thought of this, he interrupted in a deep voice, “Dear guests, please forgive our Shi familys poor reception today.

Please go back.

Some time later, I will definitely prepare a banquet again and invite you all to come.

Obviously, he was asking the guests to leave.

Old Man Shi has a judgment in his heart and is trying his best to control the development of this irreversible situation.

The guests present were completely reluctant to leave, and this unfamiliar middle-aged woman immediately raised her voice and shouted, “Where are you going! Dont you want to know what Shi Sheng did “

“… you! I dont know you! “

Shi Sheng took a step forward, then abruptly stopped because he was afraid that he would be exposed.

“Wheres the security” Can any random person come to our Shi family banquet as they please”

“Now youre afraid” The woman sneered.

Xie Wei, who was still in a tug of war with Zhang Yun, sensitively realized that something was wrong, and she hurriedly stumbled up and rushed to the woman, “Who are you again”

Shi Sheng clearly did something wrong, but at the moment she seemed to have caught some evidence against Shi Sheng, “Are you Shi Shengs mistress”

Perhaps all women in the world are collectively resentful toward “mistress.” Even Xie Wei, who was a “mistress” herself, cant stand her husbands betrayal.

At this moment, her sinister look seemed to swallow the people in front of her alive.

“Why dont you ask your own husband Ask him how he deceived an innocent female college student! “

Xie Wei, whose ankle was injured, couldnt keep her balance and fell heavily at Xie Keyues feet, letting out a sound of unbearable pain.

Xie Keyue could no longer control his disgust and complaints when he looked at his mother, whose hairstyle and make-up were all messed up.

Not only did he not help, but he also retreated half a step in silence.

Unfortunately, this scene fell on Old Man Shis eyes.

Luo Lingsheng tapped on the armrest of his wheelchair and knowingly repeated the key words, “A female college student.”

The woman took a deep breath and said, “My name is Chen Rong.” Shi Sheng, this dog man, said he doesnt know me Then do you dare say you dont know my sister, Chen Ling “

“A year ago, Shi Sheng met my sister, who had just entered college in another province!”

“Although my sister cant match the exquisite beauty of those celebrities or the mature charm of ladies from notable families, she has grown up to be a good-looking girl.

She was only twenty-years old before she went to college.

She devoted herself to studying and never fell in love.

Thats why she became a sweet-smelling pie in the eyes of some old men! “

All the guests here have some experience.

Needless to say, some words can be understood without having to say them.

Shi Sheng took a fancy to Chen Ling, who was still in college, and tried to eat the young grass.

The age difference between a person nearly 50 and a person in their 20s can be as great as a father and a daughter!

Someone asked, “Miss Chen Rong, where is your sister”

Since this matter is not directly related to her, the party concerned should come out to speak.

When Chen Rong heard this, her face welled up with anguish.

She did not directly answer other peoples questions but just took out a diary and exposed Shi Shengs dirty deeds step by step at her own pace.

“My father died early, and my sister and I were both brought up by my mother.

My sister was admitted to the No.

1 university in the province with a perfect score last year.

In order to save living expenses and save enough tuition fees, she went to work in a coffee shop in her spare time.”

It was in that place that she met Shi Sheng.

“This diary was written by my sister.

She mentioned in it that after about two or three contacts, Shi Sheng would chat with her over coffee.

“Shi Sheng told my sister that he divorced at an early age, and his ex-wife left behind the twin sons, both of whom have now been brought up and stayed abroad for many years without coming back.”

Only half-truths and half-falsehoods can cook up convincing lies to fool strangers.

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei unanimously showed their disgust.

At the same time, Xie Wei and Xie Keyues expressions were also very ugly—

Ex-wife Twin

Shi Shengs lies completely left out their mother and son!

Chen Rong continued, “There was a time when the coffee shop was busy and she got off work late.

It was raining at that time, and Shi Sheng offered to drive my sister back to school.”

Gradually, the two exchanged WeChat contact information.

Chen Ling wrote in her diary: After the two exchanged WeChat, she did not see Shi Sheng again in the coffee shop for a long time, but the two chatted frequently on WeChat.

Shi Sheng was handsome when he was young, and even though he is nearly fifty years old now, he has not reached the greasy stage of middle age.

Whats more, he is good at disguising himself both online and offline, and in the words of young girls nowadays, that is a mature and knowledgeable uncle.

Chen Ling lacked fatherly love since she was a child.

In the past, she was busy studying, so why would she consider the emotional aspects of things Shes just a simple, controllable little girl.

Under Shi Shengs deliberate ploy, she naturally fell into his trap.

“A month later, she met Shi Sheng again.

That night, Shi Sheng took her to a high-end restaurant under the pretext of treating her.”

Hearing this, Xie Wei, who was still on the ground, suddenly twisted her face.

The timing is right!

At the end of last year, the Shi familys logistic branch in Lin Province had a small problem.

Shi Sheng himself went to solve the matter.

After the branch matter was resolved, her husband still ran back and forth several times.

Because the Imperial Capital and Lin Province are very close to each other, he could go back and forth on the same day.

He might have secretly gone there several times without telling her and the family.

“My sister doesnt know how to drink, but she became curious because of Shi Shengs coaxing.” Chen Rong continued to speak while gritting her teeth, “What happened when she was half-drunk and half-awake “Shi Sheng, this dog man, should have known very well!”


Shi Sheng was speechless.

Those unsightly, dirty things were suddenly exposed in front of the public, which made him choked up with shame and anger.

Seeing that the security guard had not come to arrest the person, he couldnt help but step forward to stop her, “Nonsense! Get out of here quickly! Otherwise,…”

“Otherwise what Do you think Im afraid of you”

Chen Rong sternly retorted back.

Before she came, she was ready to break this jar.

“If you didnt do it, why are you afraid of people finding out”

Wen Yibei has completely lost his trust in this nominal “father,” leaving only his indelible disgust.

“Just like she said, if you didnt do it, why are you afraid of people finding out”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly, and gave Qin Jian another look—

Chen Rong was the witness they invited, and she must not suffer any man-made harm in this confrontation.

Qin Jian stood in front of Chen Rong and looked at Shi Sheng with a stern face, “Mr.

Shi, there are so many people present, please dont do anything.”

Shi Sheng knew that Qin Jian was Luo Lingshengs subordinate, and the other partys attitude also represented Luo Lingshengs attitude.

He was at his wits end this time, and simply turned his gaze to Old Man Shi for help.

Seeing the situation getting worse and worse, Old Man Shis chest became more and more stuffy, but Chen Rong, who was nearby, didnt care about this old mans face and status at all, and continued to speak with righteous indignation.

“It was clearly a premeditated s*xual assualt, but in Shi Shengs words, it became consensual! He clearly has a good grasp of my sisters naive mind and actually put her off with nonsense about getting married aftergraduating from college! “

Chen Rong clenched the diary tightly.

While she hated Shi Sheng, she also blamed her own negligence.

Chen Ling called home on time to report safety.

During summer vacation, she also said that she would not come back after finding a summer internship.

She was busy with her work and was kept in the dark by Chen Ling.

Until one day, Chen Rong received a call from the head of the university department, saying that her sister had suffered some bad criticism at school, and her mental and physical health had been seriously affected.

After learning this, Chen Rong hastily took leave from work and rushed to the school where her sister was, but the ensuing situation left her stunned.

Chen Ling is pregnant!

She was nearly six months pregnant, and the best time for an abortion had passed.

The criticism she received at school was naturally because of her already unconcealable belly!

Chen Rong was angry and anxious, forcing her sister to tell the truth, but at that time, Chen Ling didnt tell her the whole truth.

Many things were completely understood by her later when she saw this diary.

Chen Ling only said this: She has met a very reliable man.

The other party knows that she is pregnant and will take the responsibility of taking care of the child.

When the child is born, she can continue to complete her studies and get married after graduating from college.

Nevertheless, Chen Rong was a few years older.

She always felt that things were not that simple, so she secretly found a private agency to investigate Shi Shengs situation.

This time, the paper could no longer wrap the fire.

“The night when the truth was revealed, my sister was hung up on by Shi Sheng after making several phone calls.

When I went out to buy something, she slipped and fell hard at home alone.

It was too late by the time we arrived at the hospital.

Chen Lings baby was not saved, and she lost the right to be a mother in this life.

“I was unwilling to look for Shi Sheng, but he actually threatened me in return!”

Chen Rong looked at Shi Sheng, and every word was full of hatred.

“He said, if I dare to spread the word, he can make my sisters reputation completely smeared.”

A mistress of a married man exchanged her body for money and lost the right to be a mother because of her miscarriage.

No matter which words were spread, it would be fatal to Chen Ling, who is only in her early twenties!

After listening to the accusation, everyones impression of Shi Sheng hit rock bottom.

Playing with the feelings of a young woman, causing the other party to be pregnant and miscarrying, and threatening the other party to keep it secret afterwards, everything was beyond extreme!


Shi, who looked calm and honest on the surface, was unexpectedly worse than an animal.

He and Xie Wei are indeed a good match! They shouldnt have divorced to harm others!

Old Man Shi felt the contemptuous gazes around him, and his old face felt hot and painful.

A dark light flashed across Xie Keyues eyes as he approached the old man and whispered, “Grandpa, somethings strange.”

“According to what Ms.

Chen Rong said, its been almost half a year, right They have chosen to remain silent before, so why did she come to our familys banquet today to make a scene “

Old Man Shis chaotic mind suddenly regained a trace of clarity.

He looked at the two brothers, Shi Yunan and Wen Yibei, who were standing on the opposite side, and his heart was cold to the bottom.

“I know.”

These two white-eyed wolves joined hands to disgrace the Shi family!

After this, he will never give Shis management rights and private property in his hands to these two brothers!

Xie Keyue muttered softly, and continued to stand firm.

He remained silent in front of outsiders, but the revulsion in his heart was overflowing.

Having such parents must have been his good fortune for eight lifetimes!

However, as long as he can take advantage of the chaos to grasp Old Man Shis heart and firmly safeguard his face, the financial power he wants can still be obtained in the end!

As the head of the Shi family, Old Man Shi had to cover up and look for a plausible way out in front of all the guests.

He suppressed the stuffiness in his chest and said, “If its true, then our Shi family has to compensate you.”

He paused for a while, his eagle-like eyes tightly locked on Chen Rongs face, “But words can never be taken at face value.”

“Right now youre holding the identity of the victims family, but what if it was your sister who did it on purpose”

In the second half of the sentence, it was obvious that Chen Ling was at fault again.

The guests had different expressions, and they all felt that Old Man Shis remarks were too cold and unfeeling.

Can you clap with one hand How could it be just the girls unilateral fault

Chen Rong bypassed Qin Jian and took two steps forward, “—ptooey!”


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