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TL: Hua

The guests looked at each other, secretly waiting for the next development.

Even if Old Man Shi favored Xie Keyue and disliked Shi Yunnan, he shouldnt have said anything on the spot! Wouldnt this indirectly eliminate their chance of getting support from the Luo family

“Patriarch Luo, what do you mean by saying that there is still sometruth” Someone hidden among the guests smelled a tinge of gossip and asked the question.

Luo Lingsheng didnt want to steal Shi Yunnans “job” and motioned to him to continue with his eyes.

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips, “Everyone has already heard it.

Just now, Old Man Shi wanted to cut ties with me and my brother.

After that, whether the Shi family is dead or alive, prosperous or disgraced, has nothing to do with us.“

This can be regarded as a response to Old Man Shis approach.

These two brothers didnt care about the Shi family at all!


Xie Keyue looked at Luo Lingshengs line of sight, and his heart thumped.

He always felt that the situation wasnt good.

If the matter concluded after Old Man Shi drove them both away, Xie Keyue felt that he had won a big victory, but now he felt a sense of crisis that “this is just the beginning,” as if Shi Yunnan had just finished setting up his final move.

The next second, Shi Yunnan said, “Qin Jian, please connect the projector.”

Qin Jian, who had been prepared for a long time, responded.

He gestured to Yuan Meng, and quickly walked to the computer equipment table next to the projector.

Xie Wei still has some ability to observe words and expressions.

Seeing that Old Man Shi and her husband did not refuse, she had to take a step forward and said, “Wait, you are an outsider…”

Before she could stop Qin Jian, Yuan Meng stepped forward in tacit understanding, twisting her arm and pulling her back several steps.

Yuan Meng used to be in the military and his arm strength wasnt light.

Xie Wei is used to being a pampered wealthy lady, how can she withstand such a violent force Her arm turned red in an instant, and the pain made her tears well up.

Zhang Yun hurriedly stepped forward to help her and questioned Yuan Meng, “Who are you What are you doing to a weak lady“

“Weak lady” Shi Yunnan seemed to have heard something interesting.

He motioned Yuan Meng to step back as he took two steps forward to look at the two sisters who had “deep affection” and said, “Zhang Yun, you yourself are also a mistress.

Thats why you get along especially well with Xie Wei, right”

The sharp words were like a slap that smacked the two women in the face.

Zhang Yuns face turned red, and she obviously didnt expect to draw fire upon herself, “Shi Yunnan, you are so young.

Why are you full of nonsense and slander”

“Is that so I was just about to say that Mrs.

Zhang Yun, as an outsider, knows a lot about the Shi familys affairs.“

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows.

His words contained some other meaning, “I was just wondering if Xie Wei, as your best friend, knows as much about your family as well“


The projection screen turns on.

Qin Jian walked back quickly and handed the tablet connected to the projection to Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan looked around and started the long-awaited game, “Have you ever heard of the saying,a leopard cannot change its spot and a human innate nature is hard to correct Ill give you some photos to enjoy here.“

As soon as his voice fell, several high-definition photos were displayed on the screen on the stage.

Without exception, they were intimate photos of a man and a woman.

The moment the photos were shown, the audience exclaimed.

Old Man Shi and Xie Keyues faces stiffened one after another, and Shi Sheng, who always showed a calm expression, showed an indescribable anger.

Because the woman in the photo is none other than Xie Wei!


Xie Weis whole figure was fixed in place as if a spell had been cast on her.

No amount of delicate makeup could hide the panic on her face.

She swallowed and tried to calmly defend herself, “No, this must be photoshopped!”

Shi Yunnan sneered and ignored Xie Weis rebuttal, “Dont you want to know whos the man in this photo”

Shi Sheng fixed his eyes on the photos, and at long last he recognized the man.

His face suddenly turned ashen!

But before he could have a fit, Zhang Yun, the “good sister,” slapped Xie Wei fiercely in front of everyones eyes, “Xie Wei, you shameless b*tch!”

“I regard you as my good sister! Im there for you everywhere! But you treat me like this!“

Once these words were spoken, how could the people present still not understand One after another, sarcastic and taunting remarks kept ringing.

Youre already married, yet youre still in a relationship with the husband of your best friend, who also happens to be a mistress

These people are already in their 40s and 50s.

How can they be so debauched and shameless!

Zhang Yun seemed to feel that a slap was not enough to relieve her anger, so she slapped Xie Wei hard again.

Xie Wei was without the support of others this time.

Wearing high heels, she immediately broke her ankle and fell to the ground.

There was a dull pain in her ankle, and the increasingly heavy heart palpitations caused her forehead to be full of sweat.

A trace of disgust flashed in Xie Keyues eyes, but he still had to help her because of the relationship between mother and son.

However, he heard Shi Yunnan say, “Zhang Yun, your best friend hashelped you more than this time.”

“She knew that your husband had no children and was tired of your arrogance, so she found a young and well-behaved lover for him.

Every time she asked you out for tea and shopping, it was the day when your husband and his little lover would privately meet up.“

Another set of pictures appeared on the screen.

It was Zhang Yuns husband as well as a woman whose face was mosaicked.

The most crucial thing is that the latters small abdomen is slightly bulging.

“By the way, the other party is pregnant at the moment.”

“In the past month or two, Xie Wei couldnt resist getting together with your husband again.

These photos are quite recent.

If you need to identify their authenticity, I can send you the original pictures for free.“

Shi Yunnan shrugged his shoulders like a good person.

His eyes fell on Xie Keyue, and he indiscriminately attacked him, “How was it If your mother were a few years younger, maybe she could give you another half-sibling.“


Xie Keyue was silent for two seconds.

Quickly, he made an “unbelievably” hurt expression and removed himself cleanly.

“Mom, is this true Can you live up to dads trust by doing so“

Xie Wei looked up at the contemptuous eyes gathered around her and felt an unprecedented humiliation, the panic in her heart sweeping across her whole body.

Her ankles were already red and swollen, and it was so painful that she couldnt stand up at all, so she had to crawl to the feet of her husband and son, “No, listen to me explain.

I really, really…”

The words came to her lips, but she couldnt say anything.

At first, she didnt hook up with Zhang Yuns husband!

Zhang Yuns husband had no children, so he thought of divorcing Zhang Yun very early.

Xie Wei learned of this, and then found the other party and his little lover in an accidental chance encounter.

Zhang Yuns husband was afraid that this matter would be exposed, so he took the initiative to give Xie Wei hush money of three million yuan.

Xie Wei was blinded by money, so she pretended that she didnt see it, and later, Zhang Yuns husband would use money to ask for Xie Weis help in order to meet his little lover privately.

In the course of contact, the two eventually hooked up.

But its only been about a month, and the number of times they have met can be counted on one finger! She was already very cautious.

How could she still be discovered

Xie Weis refusal to speak has become a proof of guilty conscience in the eyes of others.

Shi Sheng shook off her hand in disgust; the dignity of a man made him grit his teeth, “Get away from me!”

Seeing Shi Shengs angry appearance, Xie Keyue had to play it safe to protect himself.

When he saw Xie Weis pleading gaze, the disgust in the depths of his pupils deepened.

How could he have such a vain and short-sighted mother!

Its not enough to be a mistress before, but now youre still doing this ridiculous thing Youve already become a rich wife; what else is there to be dissatisfied with

Seeing herself being abandoned by her husband and seeing her sons hidden attitude, Xie Wei felt as if she was being poured by a bucket of cold water, her heart falling into an ice cave.

Shi Sheng was dissatisfied with being “cuckolded” and needed to vent his anger, which she could understand.

But Xie Keyue is her son! Why didnt he speak up for her at a time like this and let her be ridiculed by everyone Is this her own son Hes so cold and ruthless!

All these years of hard work cant replace the childs preference for himself.

Compared to Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibeis love for Wen Min, Xie Wei suddenly felt that even if she had won a hundred steps against Wen Min, she would have lost completely on the “offspring” step!

Just as she was remorseful, Xie Weis scalp suddenly hurt.


The more Zhang Yun thought about it, the angrier she became.

She couldnt resist moving her hands in front of everyone, “I will naturally deal with that pair of dog man and woman when I go back! But I must settle this account with you first!“

“Xie Wei! You shameless woman! Other people dont know, but how could I not know“

“How many men have you slept with since you broke up with Shi Sheng”

“Seeing Shi Sheng coming back to find you, you pretended to be pure and understanding while saying you didnt want any status, yet you deliberately provoked Wen Min!”

“Wen Min suffered a heart attack that year, and she made a last distress call to Shi Sheng before she died! As a result, you two animals were busy having an affair in private, and you secretly hung up on her! ptooey!“

Having said this, everyone in the audience showed a shocked expression—

Oh my God! Is this a dog biting a dog and revealing the secret of the past

Even though Mrs.

Wen Mins body was not good, wasnt Xie Weis action an indirect homicide

Xie Weis scalp was ripped into a sharp pain as she shrilly and helplessly screamed, “No! I didnt! You guys are maliciously throwing dirt at me!”

Wen Yibei stared at Xie Wei with a hatred that had never been seen before, “Xie Wei! What youve done, you clearly know it in your heart!“

Shi Yunnan did not speak.

His slightly drooping eyes were flooded with a light watery gleam.

Even though he had already learned the truth from Wen Yibeis mouth, the moment he really heard Zhang Yun and Xie Wei admit it, he still felt a hundred thousand times worse for his late mother!

How could such a beautiful person be ruined by this pair of dog man and woman!

How could the other party step on her pain and suffering with peace of mind, sit in the position that should belong to her, and enjoy everything that was stolen!


Luo Lingsheng wasnt in the slightest bit interested in such filthy things; all his focus was on Shi Yunnan.

He sensed his lovers growing depression, and he maneuvered his wheelchair closer to him.

Luo Lingsheng, regardless of whether the crowd would pay attention, directly reached out and put his hand around Shi Yunnans.

His slightly calloused fingers stroked his hand, silently giving him gentle comfort.

Shi Yunnans gaze dropped on their hands, and his gloomy mood finally improved for a moment.

He exhaled lightly and interlocked his lovers fingers while coldly continuing to watch the drama unfold.

Old Man Shi never knew there was such a secret, and it was even exposed in public today!

They missed the best opportunity to dismiss the guests, and now they can only watch helplessly as they lose face.

For a time, Old Man Shi had no choice but to vent all his anger on his son, “Shi Sheng! This is the good daughter-in-law you found!“

Shi Sheng felt slightly guilty amidst his anger, causing him to be unable to meet his fathers gaze.

His guilty conscience is that when Wen Min suffered a heart attack, he and Xie Wei were indeed doing something intimate.

What shocked him was that Xie Wei hung up the call without telling him!

This snake-hearted woman!

There are so many eyes staring at him.

If he doesnt do anything at this moment, he is afraid that he will be laughed at by other rich and powerful families afterwards.

They must now divorce each other!

Shi Shengs chest rose and fell for a moment, and he shouted, “Xie Wei! The most cruel thing is the heart of a woman! Today Ive seen your true face.

Well divorce tomorrow!“

Before the lingering sound fell to the ground, another loud and mocking voice sounded from the crowd.

“Divorce You, Shi Sheng, dare to mention divorce“

“I think you two scum and sl*t are a perfect match! Dont harm other families and innocent people!“

Its not over yet  (⌐■_■)


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