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A month and a half later,

Shi Yunnan arrived at Mia Grand Hotel with the invitation in hand.

He handed the car key to the waiter in charge of reception, and the next second he found his friend, Yuan Rui, waiting.

“Yuan Rui.”

Shi Yunnan hurriedly entered the hotels lobby.

It was really cold outside in the teeth of winter.

Yuan Rui waved at him and looked at the time on the clock dial in the lobby.

“Theres still some time before the banquet officially starts.

Why dont we go to the side hall and sit down first“


The reason why the two appeared here was because they received an invitation to Fang Ya and her husbands 25th wedding anniversary.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui arrived one after the other, as partners who had just finalized their cooperation.

At the end of the auction that day, Fang, headed by Fang Ya, proposed cooperating with their studio.

The term was very simple—

Every two months, Yuan will provide Fang with one or two new jade designs, which will be displayed and sold at the auction.The final profit, after deducting various costs, will be distributed according to the proportion of the signed contract.

The cooperation period is tentatively set for one year.

After roughly summing up, Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui agreed to the cooperation.

One reason was that the various auctions under Fangs can indeed gather many distinguished personages, which is beneficial to the expansion of their design studio in terms of high-end client contacts.

Secondly, achieving a regular and relatively solid financial income is a must for their newly opened design studio in terms of operations.

Yuan Rui has also been busy recently.

It wasnt easy to meet Shi Yunnan, so he simply asked about work, “How are you getting on with the design draft for Mrs.


Since the auction ended, YUNAN Design Studio has not only received big business cooperation from Fang Ya but also received many private orders from guests.

Shi Yunnan, as the chief designer who “achieved fame in one single battle” at the auction, naturally received so many private orders that his arms became sore.

He and his new assistant have selected three suitable large orders to take, and have recently been busy designing.


I will send you the materials list once I have confirmed with Mrs.



Shi Yunnan asked back, “How about you”

Yuan Rui deliberately put on a mourning expression, saying, “You use your brain and I use my physical strength.

Im busy to death.“

After the jewelry charity auction ended, their design studio was also opened, and the recruitment and invitation work were progressing very smoothly.

Yuan Rui divided the designers into two large groups according to Shi Yunnans previous plans.

One group of experienced designers was responsible for high-end private-order designs, while another group of new designers with little experience was responsible for the mass market.

Of course, this personnel division wasnt “fixed.”

As long as designers have better design ideas, they can make adjustments at any time without delaying the normal design schedule.

In addition to that, the factory for subsequent mass production has been negotiated, just waiting for the first batch of designs to be in place.

“Thanks to Mr.

Luos help, the location of the first offline physical store and the online official website are already being prepared at the same time.”

Yuan Rui finished the recent content in one breath.

He was half paralyzed on the sofa while no outsiders were paying attention.

“I wish I could split one day into two days.

I only got about six or seven hours of sleep the last two days.“

Yuan Rui didnt understand until he tried—It turned out that if you want to manage your own business, you really have to put in energy and physical strength.

He wondered how Lu Zhaoan managed such a big Yuan family back then.

“Have you recruited any assistants yet If its really overwhelming, I can help you.” Shi Yunnan asked.

To be honest, the other partys growth these days was unexpected even to him.

“No, we agreed at the beginning.

You only need to be at ease and responsible for the design, and I will work hard to handle other trivial matters!”

Yuan Rui approached Shi Yunnan and took the initiative to take his shoulder, “You trust me so much, I certainly can not let you down.”

…He also couldnt let his dad and brother down.

Shi Yunnan was slightly startled, and then he laughed.

“Why are you laughing”

Yuan Rui thought that Shi Yunnan was laughing at his childishness and added, “Im very serious.

I know you treat me as a friend with sincerity.

So do I.“

“I was laughing at Xie Keyues losses.”

Some people place far too much emphasis on money and interests while placing far too little emphasis on the sincerity of their friends.

When Yuan Rui heard the name Xie Keyue after a long absence, his brow furrowed in disgust, “Why do you bring him up”

His character is such that when he takes someone as a friend, he is willing to give his heart with sincerity; when taking someone as a traitor, their existence is more dirty and smelly than garbage to him.

“Its nothing, Im the one who talked too much.” Shi Yunnan decisively admitted his mistake, and got up while pulling Yuan Rui up as well, “Go upstairs and enter the hall.”


Shi Yunnan added, “By the way, I only came for the sake of formality.

I might be leaving early.”

“Is something wrong” Yuan Rui was puzzled.

Shi Yunnans eyes flickered with an irresistible smile.

“Its Luo Lingshengs birthday today.

I want to go home to accompany him.“


Yuan Ruis mouth was stuffed full of dog food as soon as he asked, and his eyes almost rolled to the sky.

“I see.” He quickly cleared his throat and used the gossip he heard to change the subject, “Last time at the auction we chatted with Mrs.

Fang about business and left earlier.

Guess what else happened later“

Shi Yunnan was curious, “How do you still have free time to ask around”

The two entered the elevator, and the door was closed.

Yuan Rui said, as a matter of fact, “The guy that Gu Jue hired thought he left, so he spilled the beans and shouted loudly.

Guess what happened next Gu Jue didnt leave at all!“

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he immediately reacted and laughed, “Accident”

Yuan Rui happily continued sharing the gossip.

After their auction price surpassed Lingyu, Gu Jue turned green with anger at Yuan Ruis “display of strength” and then fled the auction venue angrily.

But Gu Jue at least had some experience in the business field.

He had a heart full of schemes but would not be foolish enough to evade the payment on the spot.

“I heard that Gu Jue was just hiding on the balcony smoking.

Then he received a call from someone, which delayed the time.

When he returned to the auction venue, the restless trustee had already lost his temper and poked a hole in the sky1Spill the beans.“

In fact, that trustee cant be blamed for being nervous.

After all, Gu Jue just asked him to play the role of a wealthy guest to bid.

He wasnt actually a wealthy person.

This time he unexpectedly “bid” for an item worth nearly 10 million, which made him panic.

“I heard that when Gu Jue went back to the hall and saw things like this, his face was almost as pale as paper because of anger.

Its a pity that he cant even drill a hole in the ground.“

Even if he was reluctant, he still had to secretly settle the payment for the goods.

But what kind of occasion is a luxury wealthy auction

This kind of joke spread far and wide and became a topic of conversation among the masses.

Gu Jue has lost his reputation this time, and Lingyus future is ruined.

The more Yuan Rui thought about it, the more funny it became.

Who let Gu Jue target him and Yuan explicitly and implicitly before Anyway, the other party is having a bad time.

Hes having an exceptionally good time.

Shi Yunnan shook his head and laughed, “Unlucky people can even get water stuck between their teeth.”

“Thats right.”

The elevator doors opened and the two men simultaneously followed the instructions toward the banquet hall on the right.

Yuan Rui took advantage of these few steps to bring up another matter, “By the way, Lingyu had a group of good designers two years ago.

I intend to take advantage of this opportunity to send them an invitation for cooperation.

What do you think“

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows to look at him and said, “Are you determined to fight Lingyu to the end”

“Who asked Gu Jue and Xie Keyue to dig our corner first I heard that those designers couldnt stand Gu Jue and voluntarily resigned.

Now there are still two or three self-employed designers.

Its not like Im sneaking around behind the scenes.

Why should I be afraid“

“Yes, but first you show me their previous designs to see if they meet our future positioning needs.”

“Okay, you have full control over design matters.”

After this brief conversation, they arrived at the banquet quite on time and more than sufficient heating puffed out.

Shi Yunnan spotted the protagonist of this banquet at the center of the hall.

Fang Ya was still dressed in a cheongsam and a mink fur shawl, showing her exquisite figure.

Her hair was carefully combed into a vintage hand-pushed wave, which at first glance has the charm of a beauty in the Republic of China.

Beside Fang Ya stood an elegant man in a three-piece suit, who was her husband, Mo Boan.

Yuan Rui brought two glasses of wine and asked his friend, “Do you think Mrs.

Fangs dress looks like a warlords wife during the Republic of China”

Shi Yunnan smiled and said nothing, “Mrs.

Fang looks young.”

At first, Shi Yunnan thought that Fang Ya was only in her early thirties, but later during the chat, he found out that the other party had a daughter who was twenty-three years old this year.

Yuan Rui clinked the glass with him and continued to whisper, “Her husband started out studying design and later switched to his own brand of mens clothing.”

Although it wasnt as big as Fangs family, he still had his own stable income.

As the two spoke briefly, Fang Ya noticed them and walked over with her husband.


Shi, Mr.

Yuan, welcome to our wedding anniversary banquet.”

As they got closer, Shi Yunnan naturally noticed the necklace the other party was wearing.


Mo, Mrs.

Fang, thank you for your invitation.

I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years.”

Shi Yunnan raised his glass in greeting.

His gaze fell slightly towards the necklace.


Fang has a good eye.

Todays dress and the necklace go well together.“

There is an art to speaking.

Shi Yunnan, in two simple sentences, not only praised Fang Ya but also indirectly brought up his own design.

Fang Ya liked Shi Yunnans words very much and took the initiative to reply, “I gave this necklace the name Jin Se.”2“Jin Se” is a poem written by Li Shangyin, a well known poet in the Tang Dynasty.

Its a love poem that Li Shangyin wrote in memory of his wife.

Some other source said it was written for a maid who work for his mentor.

Link to the poem

It wasnt an English name commonly used in jewelry design, but a little classical elegance.

Shi Yunnan immediately guessed what she meant, and immediately smiled, “The shadow of the bright moon in the sea is like a pearl made of tears.

On a good warm day, the jade on Lantian mountain produces mist Mrs.

Fang took inspiration from this poem.“

Fang Ya nodded, “Mr.

Shi, as the designer of this necklace, what do you think”

Shi Yunnans eyes showed appreciation, “I have no opinion.”

Fang Ya knows more about jewelry than ordinary wealthy ladies.

Take the name of this necklace as an example.

It was what Shi Yunnan had in mind when designing it.

“The day she got this necklace, she showed it off to me as soon as she came back.” Mo Baian gently embraced his wife, with a tone of helplessness and doting.


Shi, Mr.

Yuan, if possible, can I ask your studio to design a private order for me”

Shi Yunan and Yuan Rui looked at each other, and the latter answered, “Mr.

Mo wants another customized necklace for Mrs.


“Why would he give it to me”

Fang Ya understood her husbands intentions and said, “He is planning to choose a birthday present for our daughter.”

As soon as the voice fell, a crisp female voice rang out, “Dad, Mom, let me introduce you to someone!”

Mo Baian and Fang Ya looked sideways at the same time, and Shi Yunnan also followed suit.

A bright-looking young woman wearing a long dress walked over, and beside her was a tall figure who helped and supported her with extra gentleness.

As Shi Yunnan and the visitor line of sight bumped into each other, the joy in his eyes suddenly solidified.

“Qiqi.” Love and affection immediately bloomed on Fang Yas face.

She did not forget to introduce them, “This is my daughter Mo Xuanqi.”

“Qiqi, these two are mommys business partners, but in fact theyre only a few years older than you.”

Although she wasnt familiar with Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui, out of politeness, Mo Xuanqi nodded.

Yuan Rui nodded in response, and took the opportunity to poke his friends back with his finger where others could not see it, as a reminder, “Yunnan”

The next second, Mo Baian asked, “Qiqi, who is this”

Mo Xuanqi immediately introduced, “Mom and dad, this is Luo Yanchuan, who I often tell you about.

The last time I came back late and ran into gangsters, he was the one who helped me out.“

1Spill the beans2“Jin Se” is a poem written by Li Shangyin, a well known poet in the Tang Dynasty.

Its a love poem that Li Shangyin wrote in memory of his wife.

Some other source said it was written for a maid who work for his mentor.

Link to the poem


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