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Taking advantage of the time when the surrounding guests were paying attention to the auction price, he couldnt help but rub his lips against Shi Yunnans earlobe, “Dont try to stop me with such words.”

How can he have a mistress outside

He has already given his whole heart to the person in front of him.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to hold Luo Lingshengs hand and said, “Im joking with you.

I know you want my effort to be valued, but this necklace did cost me a lot of energy.“

“Instead of being bought by you and letting it collect dust in the safe, I hope that it can meet an owner who loves and cherishes it and can wear it on various occasions to show its due value and style.”

Luo Lingsheng returned the grip and interlocked their fingers tightly, “Okay.”

As soon as his voice fell, a firm cry rang out from the front row: “No.

01, 10 million.”

In just three minutes of auction time, it had already refreshed the highest auction price tonight!

As the last design exhibit to go on stage, they werent at a disadvantage but also very likely to set a new auction record for this charity gala!

Yuan Rui almost jumped up from his seat.

He barely suppressed his excitement and said, “Yunnan, did I hear it right Whos that lady!“

Shi Yunnan shook his head.

They could only see her back from their position.

There was no way to see the other partys face clearly.

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng silently sent a text message to his assistant.

Seeing this, Yu Shuo had to give up his auction and shook his head with emotion.

These wealthy ladies, for their favorite jewelry, are more than willing to pay any price.

“Forget it.

As a gentleman, I wont compete with them.“

“Congratulations, Mr.


Youre going to make a name for yourselves in this battle.“

Shi Yunnan slightly curled his lips.

The auction had now reached the highest expected price in his heart.

He had nothing to regret or be dissatisfied with.

At the same time, Gu Jue, who was in the same row, was completely blue-faced—

The current auction price of 10 million for this necklace has exceeded the final auction price of Lingyu! And the bidder was the wealthy lady who had bid for the “Brilliant Flower” brooch!


With the same auction price of 10 million, why did the other party not hesitate at all at this moment

This ladys attitude towards the auction of the two exhibits was completely different.

Did this prove that their Lingyus collective effort wasnt as good as Shi Yunnans design alone

“I thought Lingyus auction price was already quite high, but I didnt expect the price of this new design studio to be higher.”

“Why dont you look at it The design of this necklace is clearly better than that brooch.“

“If I hadnt already won a necklace worth five or six million, Id have followed suit and bid for this one as well.”

“To be honest, I think 9.9 million is a bit expensive for the brooch just now, but I think this necklace can be sold higher”

The surrounding discussions were like slaps, hitting Gu Jues face hard, but no matter how reluctant he was, he couldnt change his situation of “losing again and again.”

In addition to this wealthy lady, two other wealthy ladies also followed the competition.

The three went back and forth, and the necklace designed by Shi Yunnan was finally sold for 14 million.

Of course, the final winner was the lady in cheongsam and mink fur.

The auction that lasted all night finally came to an end.

YUNAN Design Studio became a well-deserved winner.

Yuan Rui could no longer restrain his childishness and excitedly swept Shi Yunnan into his arms in front of Luo Lingsheng, “Yunnan! We did it!“

14 million! This has already set a new record for the highest price for a single item since the past charity auction!

Thinking about it, Yuan Rui had the urge to cry again.

Although tonights harvest was all thanks to Shi Yunnans efforts, he also did his part, right

It would be great if his brother could see this.

The design studio had not fallen down in his hands, and it would develop even better in the future!

Yuan Ruis lacrimal glands had just become sore when suddenly he met Luo Lingshengs cold gaze.


His urge to cry dissipated instantly.

Not only did he leave Shi Yunnan swiftly and quickly, he even pushed his friend into Luo Lingshengs arms behind him.

Shi Yunnan was completely unaware of the brief eye contact between Yuan Rui and Luo Lingsheng.

He only asked, “Yuan Rui, are you going to cry again”

“No, Im fine!”

Yuan Rui remembered something, and immediately turned his attention to Gu Jue in the same row.

He made no secret of his childish and arrogant temperament.

He faced Gu Jue with his chin turned up high and didnt forget to give him a middle finger.


Yuan Rui mouthed the words silently.


Gu Jues face stiffened.

Some people around them noticed the “war” between the two sides and couldnt help but cast a glance.

Gu Jue, who had always thought highly of himself, felt utter humiliation.

In just a few seconds, a sharp needle seemed to grow on his chair, making it difficult for him to sit still.

In the end, Gu Jue could no longer hold his face up.

He quickly fled the auction venue, leaving behind Song Miaoke and Yang Sen.

His receding figure looked very wretched.

Shi Yunnan naturally saw Yuan Ruis naive and outgoing behavior.

He couldnt help but speak up, “President Yuan, hurry up and sign the confirmation paper on behalf of our design studio.

The handover is next.“

Yuan Rui laughed twice when he heard the unfamiliar address.

Facing Shi Yunnan, the biggest contributor, he no longer had any past resistance, “Okay! Dad Shi! Im going now!“

Seeing the mutual communication between the two, Luo Lingsheng suddenly felt that the hint he sent out with his eyes just now was very unnecessary.

Obviously, these two indeed had a very good “father and son” relationship.

Yu Shuo had won a piece of jewelry in the previous exhibit, and at that moment he also went to the left side of the hall for handover.

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng walked back from the front.

Qin Jian approached Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan and whispered, “Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, the lady who just took the necklace is called Fang Ya.

Shes one of the organizers of this auction.“

“Fang Ya” Shi Yunnan was not familiar with this name.

Qin Jians professional ability as an assistant wasnt to be trifled with.

He had already found out Mrs.

Fang Yas general family background.

“Fang familys pawnshop is a chain store business that has spread nationwide.

Theyve been developing steadily over the years, and there have been no illegal disputes…“

However, after running a pawnshop business for a long time, it was inevitable that some high-end goods that had not been taken back for a long time would accumulate, so the Fang family naturally started various auctions.

Over time, the scale has also been expanded.

Fang Yas husband worked in brand-name clothing, but Fang Ya herself didnt like husband and wife working together, so she had been busy in her own industry for years after her marriage.

Qin Jian continued, “The jewelry charity auction galas over the years have been funded by her.”

Shi Yunnan nodded with understanding, “No wonder, Mrs.

Fangs auction plate is number 01.”

Just as the words fell, a gentle voice rang out from the side, “Mr.


Shi Yunnan turned around and found that it was Fang Ya who had won his design work at the auction.

Speaking of the devil


Fang, hello.” Shi Yunnan smiled politely and took the initiative to stretch out his hand, “Thank you for valuing my design and purchasing it.”

Fang Yas first impression of Shi Yunnan was very good, and coupled with her love for that design work, she naturally expressed a friendly smile.

She recognized Luo Lingshengs identity, so she nodded slightly, then her attention was turned back to Shi Yunnan.

“Please excuse me, Mr.


Actually, I came to ask you, does the necklace I just bought have a name”

“Not yet.” Shi Yunnan told the truth.

“Although Im the designer of this necklace and have the right to attach the name I want, I would prefer that this necklace be given a new meaning by the first owner who buys it.“

When Fang Ya heard these words, a hint of surprise and praise flashed in her eyes, “Okay, then I will accept this right.”

Shi Yunan replied, “Certainly.”

Fang Ya nodded, but did not rush to leave.

A trace of understanding swept across the bottom of Luo Ling Shengs eyes, and he calmly asked, “Mrs.

Fang, do you have anything else to talk to Yunnan about Shall I leave for now“

Fang Ya lightly smiled and looked at Luo Lingsheng, “Patriarch Luos words are too heavy.

However, nothing can be hidden from your eyes.“

Fang Ya had heard about the relationship between Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan long ago, but this time she came here for Shi Yunnans design ability.

It had nothing to do with the intricate relationships between any wealthy family.

She turned her gaze back to Shi Yunnan and said, softly and firmly, “Actually, on behalf of Fangs jewelry auction, I want to seek cooperation with Mr.

Shi and the YUNAN design studio.”

As soon as these words came out, the other guests stopped, and all of a sudden they wanted to find Shi Yunnan for a private design order.

Before anyone could talk about cooperation, there was a loud noise coming from the side hall, “I dont have any money! I am bidding on behalf of Mr.

Gu Jue!“

“I cant contact him now! You should go to him and ask for the money yourself!”

“Im just getting paid to do my job.

Wait, what are you arresting me for”

The guests in the auction hall who had not yet dispersed looked towards the source of the sound in unison—

Two people in security uniforms were dragging a person out.

It was no other than guest No.

35, who had been bidding very aggressively during the auction just now.

Someone asked, “Whats going on here”

Another informed guest replied, “I heard that Lingyu Design invited the trustee and deliberately drove up the price at the auction just now.

As a result, he accidentally played it too big, and bid for his own design.“

“Now that the organizer is demanding payment, how could this trustee come up with so much money He couldnt find Lingyus President Gu, so he panicked to the point of revealing his secrets.“

When the guests heard this explanation, they all showed contempt—

They thought that Lingyus auction result was quite good tonight, but Lingyu unexpectedly used such an underhanded tactic Can such a company diligently design a good product

Obviously not.

The guests who were planning to place private orders with Lingyu after the auction dismissed their thoughts.

Such a jewelry design company should be avoided not only by themselves, but also by their relatives and friends!

Seeing this scene, Fang Ya couldnt hide her disgust.

She had bid 9 million for the brooch, then stopped because she noticed the clue, but she didnt expect this to really happen.

“Spread my order.

From now on, Lingyu jewelry design will not be allowed in any of our Fang auctions.” Fang Ya picked up the phone and instructed her assistant through WeChat.

Shi Yunnan watched this farce unfold and shook his head.

The Lingyu Design Department had such a fastidious but imcompetent boss like Gu Jue, even if they were able to produce some of the best designs in the past, their future would inevitably spiral down.


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