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A necklace as deep as the ocean and as mysterious as a dense forest could be found inside the display cabinet.

It was nicely laid on black flannel, showing its soft and eye-catching luster under the illumination of the on-site light, so that people couldnt divert their gazes from it.

The auctioneer began to introduce the necklace, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last design of the evening, designed and created byYUNAN studio.”

Like Lingyus brilliant flower brooch, this is also a necklace composed of multiple jewelry elements.

Its base is made of platinum, and a total of eighteen circles, with a diameter of one centimeter each, are connected to each other to form the necklace.

In the middle of these circles is a pear-shaped brilliant natural blue diamond.

One should know that blue diamonds are hailed by the jewelry industry as “natures greatest miracle.” Usually, it can be auctioned or sold for astonishingly high prices.

One of the most widely known and famous blue diamond necklaces is the “Heart of the Ocean”.

On top of having natural blue diamonds as the center, it was also surrounded by extremely small natural white pearls.

The warm white fluorescent light and the blue diamonds brilliance are wonderfully blended into one piece.

Under the perfect coordination of the lights, it is clearly a solidified object, like a deep ocean of flowing waves and light.

But this is merely a supporting role, because the real center of this necklace is a five-centimeter-diameter imperial green jade!

It is round and smooth without a trace of impurities!

Although it wasnt as eye-catching as the blue diamonds at first glance, nor as cute as those tiny white pearls, this imperial green jade sat quietly in the center, surrounded by diamonds and pearls, exuding a mysterious light of its own.

High-profile luxury, low-key magnificence.

This is the vividness of nature that belonged exclusively to the last ten thousand years ago, which fully bloomed in the auction at this moment and spread to everyones eyes.


When everyone in the venue heard the auctioneers introduction, their eyes became more and more concentrated on the display stand.

The eyes of many wealthy ladies widened and were set ablaze.

They cant wait to go directly to the stage and put this necklace that is so delicate that people forget to breathe into their own pockets.

“Stop introducing! Lets start the auction now!“

“Exactly! Any more introductions, Im afraid there will be more competitors!“

“I originally thought I wouldnt find the one I wanted tonight, but I didnt expect it to be waiting for me here.”

“What should I do Im afraid I dont have enough budget to grab it.

Is there only one item Can I make a reservation“

“I had never heard of this studio before.

Please help me ask the organizer for their contact information later.“

There were noises all around, without exception, all from the guests who were fascinated by the necklace.

Yu Shuo, who sat in the first row, couldnt help but sigh.”Mr.

Shi, its not easy to find all these jewelry materials, right”

Although he was an amateur when it came to jewelry, he could also see that it was not easy to create this necklace.

Shi Yunnan turned his eyes to Yuan Rui, who was by his side, and praised him without reservation, “Its all thanks to Yuan Rui who did all the purchasing.

I was only responsible for perfecting my own design.

These kinds of preliminary difficulties were all left to him.“

“Yuan Rui is very good in this regard.

The cost is much lower than I expected, but the quality of the jewelry materials is not bad.“

Yu Shuo and Luo Lingsheng, who were close by, heard this and showed a glimmer of appreciation in unison.

It was only right to be recognized for a job well done.

On the contrary, Yuan Rui was a little embarrassed.

He covered his lips and said, “I-its nothing, its what I should do.”

The imperial green jade was the one that Shi Yunnan set his eyes on when he visited the Yuan store.

This was easy to handle.

Although blue diamonds are rare, he can find a corresponding supplier.

However, the higher you pay, the better the quality of the merchandise.

It was very difficult to lower the prices in the latter stages.

One of the most difficult things to deal with would have to be the miniature natural pearls of the same size on this necklace.

Pure natural large pearls are not easy to come by, and small round pearls of similar diameter and volume are even harder to find!

Yuan Rui was afraid that the merchant would try to fish in muddied water, so he personally went to the factory along the coast and used the lamplight to pick out a total of 170 of them.

He was almost blind!

However, thinking of Shi Yunnans satisfaction with these raw materials, Yuan Rui still felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

“How could I take all the credit Its Yunnan whos amazing.

This necklace has a sense of mystery!” Yuan Rui suppressed the little excitement in his heart and pushed the credit back to his friend.

As soon as his voice fell, the auctioneers continuous introduction sounded on the stage, “Dear guests, please be patient.

In fact, this necklace has a small mystery.”

A dedicated female staff member came up, and the big screen also timely displayed the content.

“Because different wearers have different neck girths, Mr.

Shi, the designer, has added a detachable design to the joint of the circles.“

As soon as the host spoke, the female staff wearing white gloves began to dismantle the necklace.

Only then did everyone know that the two topmost circular bases set with blue diamonds and pearls were removable using concealed clasps on the edges!

In this way, the length can be completely adjusted according to the needs of the wearer.

The disassembled jewelry bases can be transformed into pairs of earrings with the addition of ear clips, and can even be worn as a separate necklace.

The female guests at the scene issued a new round of exclamations—

Shi Yunnans heart as a designer is too meticulous!

It is important to understand that the majority of jewelry wearers are women, and there is really no way that a fixed necklace length will work for every woman.

The novelty of the design is one thing, and the ability to meet the expectation of multi-purpose use is another plus point.

“This necklace is really nice.” Song Miaoke, being a young woman who loves beauty, subconsciously expressed some amazement.

Her heart even had some unrealistic stupidity, “Mr.

Gu, can I ……“

Before she could say the request, she was scared back by Gu Jues overly gloomy eyes.

Gu Jue had just “donated” nearly 10 million for no reason, and before the feeling of grievance in his heart could completely dissipate, he heard the news that the last design would soon be exhibited for auction.

He barely suppressed his true emotions and continued to sit firmly in place.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, Lingyus brooch was still the most expensive item in the room.

As long as Shi Yunnans and Yuan Ruis design didnt make it to the top and didnt fetch a high price, then the apparent winner was still them!

And the result

The other partys design was only displayed for a moment, but it received countless praises!

Obviously, the auction has progressed to the last round, but the enthusiasm of the guests seemed to be greater than before!

Gu Jue unconsciously pinched his fingers and stared at the auctioneer on the stage.

He still has one last trump card—

They had inquired in advance that Yuans starting bid was five million.

What if the starting price is changed directly in the auction room where nothing can be redone

A starting price of too low may lead to a loss for the other party, and a starting price of too high may lead to no one bidding and thusfailing.

The auctioneer was bought by him in advance with money, not only to control the scene to help Lingyu get a high auction price, but also to make things difficult for Yuan and Shi Yunnan.

Lingyus auction had met with a mishap, so Shi Yunnans design should be able to win this, right

The auctioneer quickly avoided looking at Gu Jues warning gaze.

He picked up the microphone and read out the starting price for the last round of auctions tonight, “No.

22, a private collection designed by YUNAN, starting at five million, with a bottom line raise of 100,000!”

As soon as these words landed, Gu Jues face changed immediately.

The auctioneer didnt change the price like he was told It was actually the normal starting price!

The emotion called “betrayal” burned and intertwined in Gu Jues heart, and the “failure” of the previous round made him feel even more embarrassed.

The auctioneer ignored Gu Jues “man-eating” gaze and started his own work, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the auction has officially started now!”

He was willing to help Lingyu delay the auction time because the unspoken rules in the industry allow him to take money to do things.

But asking him to change the auction price of other designs on the spot Did he think this was a childrens game

If he really did this, he would definitely be reported and criticized afterwards.

Did he think that a mere 100,000 yuan could make him do stupid things at the risk of “losing his job”

Thats impossible.

In other words, as soon as design No.

22 came out, the atmosphere at the scene was even better than that of Lingyus brooch! As long as the atmosphere is properly set off, it may be possible to auction it for a higher price.

The auction price of each exhibit can be directly linked to the auctioneers entire performance, so how can he possibly put aside his performance

During this brief contemplation, the guests at the scene had already started a crazy bidding mode.


09, 5.5 million!”


45, 5.7 million!”


03, 5.8 million!”

“Here.” Yu Shuo in the front row raised his plate, “No.

098, 7 million.”

The lightly spoken words instantly raised the bidding price by another 1.2 million.


Yu” Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui both looked over.

Even Luo Lingsheng looked at his friend with a hint of questioning in his eyes.

Yu Shuo met the gaze of the three people in the back row and answered without joking, “I like this work very much.

As one of the guests who enter the hall through regular channels, I should have the right to participate in the auction, right“

As soon as the voice fell, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in the front row, “7.5 million.”

The guest who made the bid was the wealthy lady wearing a cheongsam and mink fur just now.

Her plate number was 01.

Yu Shuo raised his eyebrows, and without a word, started a new round of price increases, “7.7 million.”

Without waiting for the auctioneer to read out this price, two elegantly dressed ladies snatched the price up to 8 million.

Yu Shuo turned his attention to the designer, Shi Yunnan, and raised his eyebrows, “Mr.

Shi, your work is really popular.”

Luo Lingsheng took a breath and whispered to Shi Yunnan, “I really cant bid”

Luo Lingsheng didnt want to let go of the work designed by his lover at all.

He also wished to raise the price to more than ten million in one breath.

Otherwise, if it was less than this price, he felt sorry that Shi Yunnan was busy with work and thus neglected him some days ago.

Unfortunately, he was stopped once again by Shi Yunnan, “Dont make trouble.

There are no women in the Luo family who need to wear it.

Do you want to buy it for your mistress outside or what “


Luo Lingsheng was easily curbed by such a sentence.


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