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Yuan Rui quickly caught up with his friend and hooked his arm around his shoulder, saying, “Yunnan, I will keep it a secret for you!”

He was smiling and laughing.

It was rare that he wasnt fooling around or in a nervous state.

Shi Yunnan asked, “What kind of secret”

Yuan Rui replied, “You were so close to Gu Jue just now.

Wouldnt Mr.

Luo be jealous if he found out“

Shi Yunnan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Dont talk nonsense in front of him.”

Yuan Rui patted his own chest and reassured him, “I know, Ill always be on your side! If your relationship doesnt go well, Im afraid that my career will also suffer.“

“Yuan Rui, get lost.”

When the two returned to their seats, the auction for the second half had already begun.

The atmosphere at the venue was very fervent.

The No.

18 work was auctioned for 7.6 million, by far the highest bid of the night!

The auction moved on to the final process of the evening, which was the display and auction of the upcoming “X Design” works.

Yuan Rui took a deep breath nervously and said, “Yunnan, its our turn.”

“Now, let me reveal the 21st piece to everyone, from…”

The auctioneer paused for a moment, but soon recovered, “TheBrilliant Flower designed by Lingyu.”

The large screen was displaying the details of the work, and at the same time, the display cabinet with genuine products was also pushed up by the staff.

Yuan Rui said without any reaction at all, “Whats going on Shouldnt our work be shown first“

“Dont worry, I had someone change it temporarily.” Shi Yunnan replied in a low voice.

He told Qin Jian to usedata error as an excuse to temporarily change the auction order between them and Lingyu.

Because it didnt really affect anything, the organizer easily accommodated.

“Why” Yuan Rui was puzzled.

Shi Yunnan looked in Gu Jues direction and said, “Some people who go overboard in their quest for victory will be even more blind and impulsive in their pursuit of the highest point.

In the end, the final price and outcome will amount to nothing.“

Yuan Rui was confused, but when he saw that his friend was not nervous at all, he simply suppressed his emotions and waited.

The auctioneer on the stage cleared his throat and immediately started a smooth introduction, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take a look.

This exhibit is a brooch made of diamonds and jadeite, shaped like a sunflower, so its namedBrilliant Flower.”

The petals of the brooch were long strips, which gradually transitioned from yellow diamonds to colorless diamonds.

The transition of the entire color strip was very natural.

The most fascinating was the emerald green round jade inlaid in the center.

The deep green color made people fall for it from the bottom of their hearts.

This brooch was a very bold innovation in jewelry design as it was difficult to integrate the dazzlingness of diamonds and the calm texture of jadeite.

But at this moment, under the irradiation of professional lighting, the petals of the brooch emitted a nearly golden yellow light and gradually merged with the light of colorless fine diamonds, just like the rising sun in the morning, bright but not too dazzling.

As for the emerald green jade in its center, it has the highest quality and luster.

Even laymen can tell that its one of the top green hues!

For a while, several wealthy women around them exclaimed, “Its so beautiful!”

“This brooch is very exquisite, isnt it”

“What is the starting bid Honey, I have my eye on this one!“

Hearing the continuous exclamations and love coming from all around him, Gu Jues heart felt a little bit more confident.

He looked toward the seats in the fifth and sixth rows, respectively, with particular anticipation of what was about to come.


21, a private collection designed by Lingyu, starts at 4.5 million, with a 100,000 increase each time! The bidding will officially start now!“

As soon as he finished speaking, a guest sitting in the fifth row raised his auction number plate, “No.

35, 5 million!”

500,000 at once.

Yuan Rui froze for a moment when he heard the number.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, who were sitting next to him, looked at each other and watched the play knowingly.

The next second, another guest sitting in the sixth row raised their plate and shouted, “5.2 million!”

“Okay, Mr.

06 increased the bid to 5.2 million.

Anyone else” As soon as the auctioneer asked, another lady immediately raised her hand to increase the price.

The auctioneer was particularly good at capturing the bidding atmosphere.

In less than three minutes, the auction price for this brooch had soared to seven million, and the most aggressive bidder was guest No.

35, sitting in the fifth row.

Next, there was also guest No.

06, who was sitting in the sixth row.

“Is there another bidder for $7 million” The auctioneer shouted as he looked around the circle.

Suddenly, a familiar voice in the front row said, “Number 14, 7.7 million!”

All of a sudden, it refreshed the highest price of the auction tonight!

Sitting in his seat, Gu Jues eyes instantly brightened up, revealing the smile of a long-lost victor.

Yuan Ruis sight immediately chased after him, but he almost jumped in shock after seeing the other partys appearance.

He looked at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng in disbelief and asked in a low voice, “Yunnan, whats going on Isnt that assistant Qin one of Mr.

Luos people Why did he bid on other peoples design!“

The person who called out the bidding price of7.7 million was Qin Jian, who disappeared for a long time after the start of the auction.

Shi Yunnan suppressed Yuan Rui, who was about to turn into a puffer fish with anger, and leaned closer to him to explain in a low voice, “On purpose.”

“What do you mean”

“The guests holding No.

35 and No.

06 bidding plates are actually hired by Gu Jue through some connection.”


“They are maliciously driving up the auction price,” Yuan Rui said as he blinked his eyes quickly.

“This is against the rules of the auction!”

First, they deliberately or even maliciously created an atmosphere that made an auction item appear “popular,” thus guiding guests who really love this auction exhibit to increase their bidding chips time and time again under excitement and impulsiveness.

When the auction price reaches the critical point, they will timely stop.

As a result, the successful bidder was duped into purchasing a good at a surplus price.

This wasnt a gain but a loss!

The ultimate profiteer is often the commodity sellers who hide behind the scenes to manipulate it all.

“Of course we know,” Shi Yunnan replied.

This auction money will be donated to charity.

No matter how high the auction price is, it will not flow into Lingyus pocket, but what they wanted was the successful aftereffect it could bring—to gain more attention and gimmicks.

As long as their jewelry pieces are decent and acceptable, a high number of orders will come to their door.

Yuan Rui didnt argue; after all, this was also why he and Shi Yunnan took part in the auction.

Its just that, no matter how much they want to win, they wont play this kind of trick! Isnt it obvious that this is a pitfall waiting for the guests who really love their work

“Dont worry, this is a psychological game.”

Shi Yunnan patted the back of his friends hand to appease him, “With me here, Gu Jue will only get into trouble.”

During the brief conversation between the two, the auction price soared to 8.6 million.

The two “guests,” No.

06 and No.

35, increased their prices, and two ladies who really loved this piece of jewelry followed suit.

After another round, the auction price has reached 9 million.

The bidder was a wealthy lady wearing a cheongsam and mink fur.

Yuan Rui couldnt stand it anymore.

His disgust for Gu Jue was getting deeper and deeper.

He has too high a standard of morality for anything related to jade.

Just when everyone thought the auction price was already too high, another familiar and indifferent voice sounded from the front row, “No.

098, 9.5 million.”

All of a sudden, everyones eyes were focused, and even Luo Lingsheng narrowed his eyes in surprise, “Yu Shuo”

Yu Shuo in the front row waved his plate amusingly, then used it to cover his mouth, “I know what you guys are doing.

Im bored, so Ill give you a hand.

“Dont worry, the bidding will continue to increase over there.

If I really lose the bet, Ill just consider it as spending 9.5 million on a premium item.“

This little money was nothing to him.

Sure enough, there was a moment of silence in the auction venue after Yu Shuo named his price—

Although love and impulsiveness are the truth at the auction, a diamond brooch sold for 9.5 million is already a sky-high price!

Gu Jue was sitting in his seat when his phone vibrated.

“President Gu, do you want to continue increasing the price”


Gu, its almost time to call it quits, right”

The two text messages before and after came from the “fake guests” at No.

06 and No.

35, respectively.

They are the people responsible for cajoling the high price.

At this high price breaking point, they can no longer increase the price rashly for Gu Jue behind the scenes, lest they stumble and cause accidents.

Gu Jue was still hesitant, but a voice of discussion suddenly roused beside him, “According to this auction trend, this brooch wont reach 10 million, right Thats a new high!“

“Not necessarily.

I think this 9.5 million is about right.”

“Its already 9.5 million, only a mere 500,000 away.

Its safe to assume that those wealthy ladies still have enough money to spare.

Women are always willing to spend money on the things they like.“

Gu Jue sat silently listening, his mind wandering back to what Shi Yunnan had said at the bathroom door—

Wait and see, Gu Jue; my design works will undoubtedly fetch the highest price in the auction, and I will stomp your Lingyu design works under my feet.

“President Gu, whats the matter with you” Song Miaoke reminded him, “Its already past the second shout.”

Hearing this, Gu Jue resolutely replied to the message on his mobile phone.

Add more!

Until the figure reaches 9.9 million!

Not long after the message was sent, his front row “confidant” raised the price to 9.9 million before the auctioneer called it for the third time!

Once this price was out, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng smiled meaningfully at the same time.

Yu Shuo breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head—

A man whose heart is not content is like a snake that tries to swallow an elephant.

His guess was accurate enough.

“Its only 100,000 short of 100,000!” Song Miaoke was nervous and looking forward to it.

Gu Jue held his breath tightly, his eyes fixed on the wealthy lady in cheongsam and mink fur.

Hes betting!

Betting that the other party is willing to pay for the brooch!

After all, the other party was already willing to bid 9 million, and a mere 1 million was simply an impulsive decision!

But as the time passed minute by minute, there was no new movement in the audience, but rather a quiet and somewhat unnatural silence.

Gu Jues panic gradually leaked out from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, it is stipulated that time for each price increase is limited to one minute in the auction, but the organizer and the auctioneer often delay the time in order to obtain higher profits.

This time, the auctioneer also secretly received benefits from Gu Jue.

He glanced at Gu Jues position every now and then, trying his best to stall for time and raise the atmosphere.

Its a pity that no one was willing to increase the price.

“Its almost time! Why isnt it finalized yet“

“Thats right, its dragging on too long, isnt it”

“Does this auctioneer know how to do his job or not”

Some guests began to impatiently voice out. It was almost ten oclock.

They were still waiting for the last exhibit to come out before going home early after the auction!

The auctioneer picked up the peculiar discussion.

The organizer also told him to finalize everything through his in-ear monitor.

He took a deep breath and had to make a final decision in front of all the guests, “Congratulations to guest No.

06 for taking this brooch at a price of 9.9 million!”

The moment the words came out, Song Miaoke shouted in panic.

Many people around them heard this alarming cry and turned their eyes sideways.

A number of people recognized Gu Jues identity and expressed their congratulations, “Mr.

Gu, congratulations.”

“The auction price that Lingyu sold at this time is too awesome!”

Gu Jue couldnt respond to them at all.

Even his eyes lost their previous brightness and arrogance.

He was frozen in place, with hot and cold sweat dripping from his brow and a breath of depressed air stuck in his chest—

How could this be He actually lost the bet!

At this moment, other peoples congratulations are a great irony in his ears!

He spent 9.9 million to buy the design of his own company The worst part is that all this money has to be turned into charity donations at the end!

In addition to the early-stage management fees, registration fees, etc., this trip to the auction has cost almost tens of millions.

All of a sudden, Gu Jue met Shi Yunnans mocking smile, and his face instantly turned ashen.

At the moment, he seems to have received countless slaps. This auction price of nearly ten million had completely crushed him, but he couldnt shout or utter anything!

If it was exposed that he hired people to drive up the price, it would be more serious than losing nearly 10 million! He was afraid that Lingyus design work would not be able to appear in major auctions in the future!

Up to now, Gu Jue could only gnash his teeth into power and swallow them into his stomach.

“Did you see it”

Shi Yunnan, who ended the game, whispered to his lovers and friends, “Once people have no clear perception of themselves, they will dig deep holes and bury themselves.”

He purposefully placed the order of his design work at the end to add to Gu Jues uncertainty—what if Yuans and Shi Yunnans design works could fetch more than 9.5 million at auction

Not to mention, Shi Yunnan also used words to give him a psychological hint at the bathroom door.

Under multiple invisible pressures, Gu Jue did not allow such a “win-to-lose” thing to happen.

He had lost his calmest judgment under impulse, which led to such a result.

Luo Lingsheng caught the slyness in his lovers eyes and said, “Gu Jue has fallen on his face this time.”

Shi Yunnan sneered, “He was caught in his own trap, so Im not to blame.”

Yuan Rui, next to him, heard this and made no secret of his schadenfreude, “Thats right! He deserves it!“

One household is happy and another household is sorrowful.

It didnt take long for the last design piece to finally be brought to the attention of all the guests.

Before the auctioneer could give any introduction, the moment the authentic product was displayed, the whole room was filled with exclamations.



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