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Yuan Rui immediately turned sideways to block Gu Jue’s gaze, which was directed toward Shi Yunnan.

With his back to Shi Yunnan, he whispered to Gu Jue with fierce eyes, “You idiot, don’t try to steal my carrots.”

Shi Yunnan was amused by Yuan Rui, and when he saw his lover’s slightly puzzled eyes, he explained what had just happened in a low voice.

After Luo Lingsheng heard this, his eyes darkened.

“Do you want to investigate them”

Shi Yunnan looked askance at Gu Jue and Song Miaoke in the same row.

With a slight change in his eyes, he whispered a sentence in Luo Lingsheng’s ear.

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng quickly sent out a message on his mobile phone.

In less than half a minute, Qin Jian in the front row got up and gave them a meaningful look, then he quickly walked out of the venue.

At the same time, the host’s opening speech finally sounded.

The process of the charity auction was very simple—

The first eight exhibits were private gifts donated by wealthy businessmen and women to this charity gala.

They were all relatively small exhibits, and the amount auctioned would be entirely used for poverty donations.

The following exhibits were all provided by independent designers or design studios, and the starting price of the auction was determined by the former.

The total auction price, minus the initial design cost, would also be used for charity donations.

After a brief introduction by the host, a professional auctioneer came on stage.

The first eight pieces of jewelry were all small pieces, and the starting price was not too high for the guests present, so the auction went quickly and smoothly round after round.

Then, the follow-up design exhibits brought the atmosphere of the auction to a climax.

Shi Yunnan didn’t have much interest in bidding, but he couldn’t help studying the design elements of each exhibit as it came out and took the initiative to explain it to Luo Lingsheng.

Originally, Luo Lingsheng had no interest in these jewelry auctions, but he liked to listen to Shi Yunnan’s continuous explanations.

He was particularly fascinated by his lover’s passion for design.

“Why do you like jewelry design so much” Luo Lingsheng had never inquired about this.

He remembered that Shi Yunnan’s college major had nothing to do with design at all.

“Because my mother liked to collect jewelry when she was alive.”

A glimmer of light flashed in Shi Yunnan’s eyes, sighing as he spoke.

At that time, Wen Min also had a special jewelry cabinet, in which she carefully collected all kinds of jewelry objects.

Every time she got a new favorite jewelry, she would temporarily forget her mother’s identity, and carefully match her clothes and makeup with the jewelry and ask: Yibei, Yunnan, does mommy’s necklace look good

Wen Min was a pampered young lady from a respectable family.

The world after her marriage was very simple, with the piano music she liked, jewelry, her precious baby twins, and her beloved husband.

Unfortunately, fate loves to play tricks on people.

After the Shi and Wen families fell apart, they did not take away all of Wen Min’s belongings.

Later, Xie Wei became the new mistress of the Shi family.

When Shi Yunnan returned home from abroad for the first time, he found that the other party was wearing his late mother’s earrings.

That was the first time he protested against this “stepmother.”

However, Xie Wei was a plausible liar.

She wiped her tears in front of old man Shi and Shi Sheng, putting on an act as if she was the innocent party.

She also took the initiative to return the earrings to Shi Yunnan, making it seem like he was throwing a tantrum for no reason.

Since then, Shi Yunnan’s feelings for this “stepmother” have been reduced to the lowest level.

Seeing Luo Lingsheng’s complexion gradually sinking, Shi Yunnan quickly changed the subject with a smile, “I also came into contact with the jewelry design industry by chance, and felt quite interested in it, so I tried out.”

When he first participated in a jewelry design competition, he casually used a pseudonym.

He won the most innovative award in that competition.

It was thanks to both luck and strength.

Later, he also received invitations for studio orders and private orders.

Gradually, he developed his own design career.

If it weren’t for this temporary return to China and the fact that he encountered the most important turning point in his life, perhaps Shi Yunnan was still living abroad, day and night inseparable from design work.

Yu Shuo in the front row turned sideways, his gaze ignoring his long-term friend and aiming at Shi Yunnan.


Shi, please give me some recommendations. Which of the exhibits that have not yet been auctioned is more suitable for me to get The price doesn’t matter; I can afford it.

Shi Yunnan no longer had any resistance toward Yu Shuo.

After hearing his request, he immediately leaned forward and recommended some items to him.

Luo Lingsheng in the wheelchair looked at the two people who were “whispering to each other”, and his acid-stained gaze seemed to be able to corrode a hole in the forehead of his long-time friend…

Does this person have any eyesight Does he not have his own date

The auction progressed to halftime.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly received a text message from Qin Jian, who had not returned from the trip.

He carefully read the information and frowned as he showed it to Shi Yunnan, “This should be considered a violation in the auction; should we report it to the organizer”

Shi Yunnan read the contents of the text message and said, “No wonder Lingyu was so confident.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Don’t report it yet. What’s the point of reporting it now The good show has yet to begin.“

Luo Lingsheng met his lover’s gaze and immediately understood his intention: “Do you want them to shoot themselves in the foot”


Shi Yunnan moved closer to Luo Lingsheng’s ear and explained in a very low voice.

Yuan Rui, who was beside him, couldn’t bear this wholesale of free dog food.

He deliberately cleared his throat and said, “Yunnan, do you want to go to the toilet with me”

Shi Yunnan, who had just explained the important matter, was speechless for two seconds and looked over at this blockhead, “Are you a primary school student Do you have to go to the bathroom hand in hand“


Yuan Rui directed his gaze to a certain location and intuitively said, “Gu Jue has just left, so I want to quietly follow him. I’m afraid that he will come up with some dirty tricks.“

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan quickly gave Luo Lingsheng a glance, “I’ll go meet him again to add some leverage to the next good show.”


Luo Lingsheng knew that Shi Yunnan must have his own plan, so he didn’t stop him.

Shi Yunnan got up and followed Gu Jue’s direction.

Yuan Rui also heard the indistinct dialogue just now.

He vaguely perceived something, so he chased after his friend with some worry.

“Yunnan, is something wrong Our design was tampered with by Gu Jue” Yuan Rui asked as he walked.

It’s not that he maliciously thought of Gu Jue and Lingyu too badly, but those people had just recently dug into the wall of their house and poached their people.

Yuan Rui was afraid that Gu Jue would once again do something unethical to damage their studio for the sake of his own victory!

Gu Jue looked decent on the surface, but he has to be careful with this person!

“It has little to do with our designs for the time being.

Don’t be nervous.”

Shi Yunnan patted Yuan Rui on the shoulder and pretended to stand in front of the washstand outside the bathroom.

“It’s not that easy to manipulate the designs at such an auction. In case it is exposed, Lingyu will only suffer.“

Yuan Rui heard the words and felt slightly relieved.

In less than a minute, Gu Jue walked out of the bathroom stall.

Seeing the two people standing in front of the washstand, he approached, “What a coincidence.”

Yuan Rui snorted, “What bad luck.”

Gu Jue’s fake smile subsided slightly.

He locked his gaze with Shi Yunnan through the mirror while pressing the hand sanitizer, “Mr.

Shi, you have no future in Yuan.”Do you want to consider coming to Lingyu”

“I can directly promote you to be the supervisor of the design group.”

Shi Yunnan was the only remaining designer at Yuan.

Gu Jue didn’t believe in Yuan Rui’s ability, but he still acknowledged Lu Zhao’an’s vision in picking people.

He wanted to use better conditions to lure Shi Yunnan to Lingyu and then throw him away like Yang Sen and others.

First, they can attack the Yuan family and Yuan Rui; second, they can squeeze out Shi Yunnan’s value.

When Yuan Rui heard this, he immediately became unhappy, “Gu Jue! Don’t think I won’t dare hit you! There is no surveillance camera here!“

Gu Jue likes to watch other people’s emotions get out of control.

It gives him the thrill of being in control of others.

“Yuan Rui, don’t deny it, you’re just a disappointment.

In your hands, Yuan will only accelerate its demise.“

“Our previous generation fought for so long, but they didn’t win or lose. Believe it or not, it won’t take two years’ time…”

“Yuan family will vanish in the blink of an eye, just like this foam,” Gu Jue said as he raised his hand and blew at the foam on his palm.

Shi Yunnan let out a low laugh and responded instead of Yuan Rui.

“To tell you the truth, Mr.

Gu, I have already invested in Yuan Jade Design.

I’m both a designer and a partner, so you don’t need to try poaching me using these superficial words.

It’s quite disgusting.“


Gu Jue’s eyes had a trace of rekindled anger, and his speech became impolite, “It seems that Mr.

Shi’s vision isn’t very good, so I guess your design should also be a mess.”

Who doesn’t know how to blurt out reckless and arrogant-sounding words

The more Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui refuse to admit defeat, the more it means that they’re not confident.

Lingyu was preparing the exhibit for this auction three months in advance, while Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui were cramming everything into one month.

What good things could they make

How is this possible

Just when Gu Jue was secretly belittling them in his heart, Shi Yunnan suddenly moved closer and attached to his ear, “Gu Jue, since you took over the Lingyu Design Department, you have only brought about disaster for the past two years. And your capital chain; you’ve been tearing down the east wall to repair the west wall, right1”


Gu Jue could feel that an invisible, powerful aura was holding him in place, and the sharp questioning made it difficult for him to refute for a while.

That’s right.

The Lingyu jade design was once their Gu family’s fat piece of meat.

In fact, Gu Jue wanted to take this high-level position because he wanted to pose as a capable person and deceive his many young lovers.

As he didn’t care about management and didn’t have any design experience, in the past two years, three or four veteran designers had been forced to resign.

The remaining designers began to form cliques and fight openly and secretly.

They weren’t interested in creativity or development.

By the time Gu Jue found out, the working capital and sales amount of this independent department had been completely exhausted.

If not, how could he be willing to lower himself and participate in this auction It was also impossible for him to accept Xie Keyue’s investment so easily.

Of course, he didn’t show anything in front of Xie Keyue.

If their design exhibit can attract the wealthy people present and be auctioned off at a good price, they should be able to secure many private design orders in the future!

Coupled with the use of “charity design” as a publicity stunt, other regular designs under Lingyu should also garner another wave of sales growth.

Step by step, he will be able to redeem the deficit he lost.

“Lingyu is doing well.


Shi doesn’t need to worry about us.” Gu Jue took a half step back and washed away the foam on his hands.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered with a dark light.

He put away his low-key and humble acting just now and said, “Gu Jue, just wait and see!”

His tone was very arrogant.

“My design work will definitely fetch the highest price in the auction, and then I will stomp your Lingyu’s design work under my feet.”

This sentence hit Gu Jue’s heart like a big stone, and he looked over—

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were firm and confident, as if he had foreseen the outcome that had not yet happened.

After saying that, he turned and left.

Seeing this, Yuan Rui shook his hands full of water droplets at Gu Jue’s face.

“Yuan Rui! What’s wrong with you!“

“Gu Jue, you’d better sit tight and watch the show! The best thing I, Yuan Rui, ever did in my life was to befriend Shi Yunnan! His designs will surely amaze the whole audience!“

“Your Lingyu can only play small tricks behind the scenes…“

Noting that no one was around, Yuan Rui added a sentence to vent his anger, “Ptooey! You useless thing!”

He dropped these demeaning words and quickly caught up with his friend, who had gone far away.

Gu Jue was getting more and more furious.

He didn’t even understand—how did Shi Yunnan know about Lingyu’s capital, profit, and loss! And he even said that his work would fetch the highest price

Impossible! He won’t let this happen!

Gu Jue ravaged the tissue in his hands into a mass of rubbish.

He felt that he had to increase his chips and gamble—

For the “X Designs” at the end of the auction, he and Lingyu Design had to defeat Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan’s studio!



To take money that was meant for one thing and use it on another thing


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