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Shi Yunnan froze for a few seconds, and his emotions suddenly became a little uncomfortable.

If the words were to deceive others, it would work, but in front of him, Yu Shuo’s little words trick wasn’t adequate.

This name, which had not been revealed, should be the white moonlight that Luo Lingsheng longed for, right

“It’s getting late, Yu Shuo, let’s meet again at another date and time.”

After saying that, Luo Lingsheng was about to pull Shi Yunnan’s wrist, intending to take his lover home together.

As a result, Fu Ziyu walked down, carrying the already drunken Yuan Rui in the next second.

Seeing the two friends, Shi Yunnan quickly got up and approached them as if avoiding something, “Ziyu, don’t carry Yuan Rui like this, he’s drunk. Be careful; if he has an upset stomach and vomits all over you, then it’s your turn to cry.“

“F*ck!” Fu Ziyu, who was obsessed with cleanliness, heard such words and shouted quickly, “Come and help me.

This guy doesn’t look tall, but he’s so damn heavy.”

Hearing Shi Yunnan’s instinctive concern and seeing the group of three pulling together, Luo Lingsheng rubbed his fingers slowly, “Yuan Meng, let’s go.”

“Yes, patriarch.”

Luo Lingsheng gave Yu Shuo a simple gesture and headed towards Shi Yunnan in his wheelchair.

Fu Ziyu, who had readjusted his posture to help Yuan Rui, conscientiously said to Shi Yunnan, “You guys go first. Just leave Yuan Rui, this cheap son, to me.“

Shi Yunnan met Luo Lingsheng’s silent gaze and responded indistinctly, “Ok.”

Yu Shuo stared at Luo Lingsheng’s distant back and kept silent.

He then poured the half bottle of spirits in front of him into his stomach.

At the end, he let out an indiscernible low laugh.

The two returned to Luo’s house with their own concerns.

As soon as Shi Yunan entered the door, he hurried back to his room on the second floor with the excuse of ‘taking a shower’.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng also controlled the wheelchair and returned to his room.

Little Goldfish was sitting on a small stool in the living room drinking milk.

There was a tablet on the coffee table in front of him, and a foreign language short cartoon was playing on it.

It was the simple forty minutes of joy he could have every Friday night.

But on this occasion, Little Goldfish wasn’t in the mood to watch the cartoon.

He pressed the pause button and rushed to the butler Qin’s room, holding his milk bottle, “Grandpa Qin!”

Uncle Qin, who was registering the daily expenses of Luo’s house, looked at him and said, “Why don’t you watch cartoons Isn’t there ten minutes left“

Little Goldfish shook his head and approached the latter with a look of bad things happening, “It seems that uncle and little uncle had a fight.”

Butler Qin took off his reading glasses and said, “Who said that”

“They just came back; one took the elevator, the other took the stairs, and the whole time they didn’t notice me sitting in the living room.” Little Goldfish stated with sound reasoning.

After he finished speaking, he didn’t forget to swallow the last mouthful of sweet milk.

The butler understood what he said, but he didn’t want Little Goldfish to concern himself with the grown-ups at such a young age, “The patriarch and Mr.

Shi are both adults; they will solve the problem by themselves. You have to go to a private lesson tomorrow.

Don’t worry about these things.“

“Do you still want to watch cartoons If you don’t, Grandpa Qin will ask the nanny to take you to the bath and sleep.“

“Oh, okay.”

Little Goldfish was still hiding a little worry, but he wanted to be an obedient and good baby, “Not watching anymore, Grandpa Qin.

I’m going to take a bath and sleep.“


Uncle Qin picked him up and went to the next room to find the nanny.

Shi Yunnan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

He felt that his confused mind was much clearer.

Shi Yunnan leaned against his bed and remembered that as soon as he got home, he left Luo Lingsheng behind and quickly went back to his room.

His eyebrows knit again as he got up and tried to sort out his true inner thoughts—

He wanted to get to know Luo Lingsheng step by step, but the occasional sudden possessiveness would make him feel indescribably irritable.

Just like the sudden appearance of Yu Shuo today, which made Shi Yunnan feel jealous and biased.

Compared to the twenty-year relationship between Yu Shuo and Luo Lingsheng, the less than half a year that he and Luo Lingsheng shared after “getting the certificate” was really insignificant.

Not to mention, Yu Shuo, who was a good friend, also seemed to know the existence of Luo Lingsheng’s “white moonlight.”

And what bothered Shi Yunnan the most tonight was when Yu Shuo tried to jokingly mention that person’s name—

Luo Lingsheng had a momentary emotional impulse to stop him, as if he was hiding a secret of his own, unwilling to be discovered by others.

Shi Yunnan wanted to show that he didn’t care, but his heart was full of sourness and jealousy because he had never seen his lover being subconsciously defensive like this before.

Luo Lingsheng was always calm, rational, and mature in front of him, and never made any extraordinary demands.

Such emotional management was like an invisible transparent door blocking them.

Shi Yunnan felt that if it weren’t for him initiating the intimate contact, Luo Lingsheng would have been able to live with him peacefully and respect him as a guest until they’re old.

Shi Yunnan looked at the tightly closed and unmoving door and felt more and more uncomfortable in his heart.

He sighed lightly, and simply picked up his mobile phone to divert his attention.

On the other side.

After washing up, Luo Lingsheng was also sitting in his bedroom.

The tablet in his hand was dim with no activity as he couldn’t read any of the report figures from the beginning to the end.

Suddenly, the door that he had purposely left open for Shi Yunnan made a slight noise.

Luo Lingsheng quickly cast his gaze, but the light at the bottom of his eyes faded when he saw that it was his little nephew, “Jinyu, why are you not in bed yet”

Little Goldfish deliberately glanced at the bathroom, and after confirming that Shi Yunnan was not there, he ran up to Luo Lingsheng and looked at him eagerly.

“Uncle, did you quarrel with little uncle”

“No,” Luo Lingsheng denied.

It’s true that he and Shi Yunnan didn’t argue, and that’s what made him feel incredibly unsettled.

Little Goldfish asked again, “Then why are you sleeping separately again Because little uncle’s work hasn’t finished yet“

Some time ago, Shi Yunnan was busy designing, so he went to the other bedroom every once in a while to spend the night.

This he knew.

Luo Lingsheng shook his head slightly, “No.”

Little Goldfish’s many questions failed to bear fruit, so he sighed fretfully, “Then why are you unhappy, uncle”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that he, who had always been able to hide his emotions, would be seen by his little nephew.

He was stunned for a long time, and then replied in an unexpected way, “Because in your little uncle’s heart, it seems that friends and career are more important than me.”

Little Goldfish nodded in understanding.

Luo Lingsheng secretly mocked himself for being unpromising and had to share his concern with his nephew, but at the same time he had to pretend to be serious and order, “Okay, go back to sleep.”

Without responding to his words, Little Goldfish turned around and ran out of the bedroom.

In a few seconds, he ran into Shi Yunnan’s room and put on a cute and well-behaved appearance, “Little Uncle!”

Shi Yunnan, who was concentrating on his phone, was taken aback and quickly turned off the phone and hid it under the pillow, “What’s wrong”

Little Goldfish leaned against the edge of the big bed and thought for a moment before saying, “Uncle told me to come and tell you that he was jealous.”


Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds, “What”

Little Goldfish inclined his head and added, with his own thought pattern, “Because little uncle and friends are too busy, Uncle doesn’t have time to cuddle and sleep with you if he wants to.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help but chuckle twice, regardless of how true or false what Little Goldfish said was, “He was jealous but he didn’t come to find me, and you, why are you here instead of sleeping”

“Little Uncle, then why don’t you go to Uncle”

Shi Yunnan rubbed Little Goldfish’s head and explained simply and clearly, “Just like I like Little Goldfish and Little Goldfish likes me, we have to express ourselves to each other, right”

“If it’s always one person going to another, how tiring that is.”

“I understand!”

Little Goldfish nodded thoughtfully and quickly ran out of the room.

Shi Yunnan watched him slip away, but his mind stayed on the conversation just now—

He carefully thought about the vast majority of the time in the past half month, and it appeared that he seemed to ignore Luo Lingsheng when he was busy designing at his desk.

They were not like lovers, but more like roommates living under the same roof.

With Luo Lingsheng’s mature and stable character, knowing that he loved design and regarded Yuan as a cooperative business partner, he would never say something like “Stop working and keep me company”.

Even if he was really jealous, Luo Lingsheng would never interfere with his every move at work, and the love he gave was tolerant enough.

In a relationship, they could never express every emotion on the surface, but as long as the likes were towards each other, wouldn’t it be good enough

When Shi Yunan considered this, the uneasy feeling in his heart vanished without a trace—

What white moonlight Aren’t they all in the past

Luo Lingsheng, who he spent everyday life with, wasn’t a fake.

What’s wrong with less than half a year together It took him so little time to conquer Luo Lingsheng, whom no one else could conquer.

As long as he wanted to, let alone twenty years, he could go on with Luo Lingsheng for a lifetime!

Just as Shi Yunnan was clearing his thoughts, Little Goldfish ran back to Luo Lingsheng’s room.

The child raised his head and said confidently, “Uncle, little uncle, wants you to go over and coax him!”


Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that his little nephew would actually become the communication between them, so he pulled him closer, “Did he really say that”

Little Goldfish blinked, “Of course! Little Uncle said that if we like someone, we must express ourselves to the other.”

Little Goldfish thought about it for a while, attempting to express Shi Yunnan’s words a little more clearly as he made an exaggerated gesture, “Uncle, you actually have so much and so much fondness for little uncle.”

Immediately, he drew his thumb and index finger close together, “But you can only express this much.”

After Little Goldfish finished expressing it, he shook his head with a look of “hating iron for not turning into steel,” “Uncle! Don’t make little Uncle cry again; otherwise, I won’t like you anymore.“

“Last time you weren’t at home, little uncle was very sad.

I coaxed him for you!”

As Little Goldfish spoke, he suddenly puffed out his cheeks angrily, as if blaming Luo Lingsheng for not being enlightened.

Luo Lingsheng did not expect that when he entered his early thirties, it would be his nephew’s turn to ‘teach him a lesson’.

He rubbed Little Goldfish’s head and answered seriously, “Okay, I understand.”

After he finished speaking, he controlled the wheelchair to the side of Shi Yunnan’s bedroom.

Just as Luo Lingsheng was about to knock on the door, the door was opened by Shi Yunnan from inside.

The two of them looked at each other and suddenly started talking in tacit agreement, “I have something to tell you.”

There was a faint smile in Shi Yunnan’s eyes, and he turned sideways to make way for Luo Lingsheng, “Come in”


The bedroom door was closed gently.

Little Goldfish, who was hiding in the corner and peeking at the show, ran out hastily and gently leaned on the door of the room to listen for a while.

After confirming that there was no quarrel, he quickly slipped back to his room before the butler and the nanny found out.

Little Goldfish picked up the thermal insulation bottle at the head of the bed and drank water to relieve his thirsty throat, then he sighed tiredly and contentedly—

“Hey, it really doesn’t give me peace of mind.”

The author has something to say:

Little Goldfish (confidence): This family cannot live without me! (The little baby who accelerates the relationship between husbands~)

Hua: Heyyy sorry for the lack of updates.

I’ve been very busy and will continue to for a little while longer.



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