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Yuan Meng’s vigilance instantly rose.

He took half a step forward and stretched out his hand to block the person approaching Luo Lingsheng, “Please wait.”

The other party’s appearance wasn’t particularly outstanding, but the slightly raised peach blossom eyes that were as bright as stars were particularly charming.

Different from the costumes of other nightclub-goers, his simple clothes highlighted his tall and straight figure, making him appear relaxed and casual.

Perhaps it was the simple, nonchalant greeting that made Yuan Meng block him.

As soon as the visitor stooped down to take his seat, his slanted gaze was like an awl that drilled into people’s hearts.

Immediately, the atmosphere was filled with “danger.”

“Lingsheng, isn’t your bodyguard being too vigilant”

The inquiry mixed with laughter was actually a nakedly unpleasant warning to Yuan Mang.

Yuan Meng, who followed Luo Lingsheng and met numerous people, immediately noticed the sudden change in the aura and was secretly shocked—this person’s aura was comparable to that of the patriarch!

However, Luo Lingsheng’s cold aura was released outside, while this person’s cold aura was hidden inside.


Yuan Meng subconsciously shifted his gaze to his boss.

Luo Lingsheng glanced back at him and said calmly, “It’s okay. He’s indeed an old friend.“

When the visitor heard this, he showed a satisfied smile.

He slightly turned away from Yuan Meng’s blocking hand and calmly sat diagonally opposite Luo Lingsheng.

His eyes lingered on Luo Lingsheng’s legs, but his mouth was introducing himself to Yuan Meng, “My surname is Yu, and my name is single character Shuo. I’ve been a classmate of your family patriarch since childhood…”

Yu Shuo paused, then asked Luo Lingsheng, “Is it okay to introduce myself like this”

Although Yuan Meng was a veteran, he had been influenced by Luo Lingsheng and Qin Jian in the past few years, and he also had a certain understanding of the wealthy conglomerates in the country.

Hearing the surname, a guess suddenly appeared in his heart.

—There is the Luo family in the north and the Yu family in the south.

Both clans were rich and powerful families with a foundation of hundreds of years, one in the north and one in the south, influencing the division of rich families and some economic trends in the two regions.

Luo Lingsheng was now in charge of the Luo family, while Yu Ruyin was in charge of the Yu family.

Luo Lingsheng’s social circle from childhood to adulthood was inseparable from these people in the wealthy families. Since he could call the patriarch an “old classmate,” could he be one of the Yu family’s young masters

Luo Lingsheng didn’t know what his bodyguard was thinking.

He raised his wine glass without denying it, “When did you return to the country Why didn’t you tell me“

Yu Shuo beckoned the waiter and bought himself a glass of strong-colored whiskey, smiling and gesturing, “You are now the head of the Luo family.

How can your status still compare to when you were in school I can’t find you without making an appointment six months in advance”

Luo Lingsheng’s thin lips were lifted slightly, “I haven’t seen you for four years.

If you want to meet me, you can come to me directly.“

“Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for four years.” Yu Shuo lamented and clinked glasses with him.

His eyes fell on his legs again, and he frowned slightly, “What about that”

“Not sure.”

For the first time, Luo Lingsheng calmly accepted the question about his leg from an outsider, “If it doesn’t work out, it will be like this for the rest of my life.”

However, as long as Shi Yunnan doesn’t mind, he can slowly accept his imperfect self.

Yu Shuo’s eyes were flooded with dark light for a while.

He deliberately narrowed the distance with Luo Lingsheng and took the initiative to raise his glass again, “The things that have happened to the Yu family in the past three or four years are nothing compared to your Luo family.”

“I was ‘thrown’ abroad by my dad and my brother to be a backup force, and I’ve really got my hands full…“

Once you get busy, you really don’t care about so-called interpersonal communication.

Luo Lingsheng heard the explanation in his words and replied, “I know.”

Yu Shuo’s grandfather, old mister Yu, had a very chaotic lifestyle during his lifetime, and after his death, he left behind a big awful mess.

The whole family’s struggle for power was equally troubling.

Yu Shuo’s father, Yu Ruyin, had once sought Luo Lingsheng’s help, but Luo Lingsheng had not been able to fully secure his position as the head of the family, so he refused.

A slight movement might affect the situation as a whole, so Luo Lingsheng deliberately avoided them.

Luo Lingsheng’s refusal indirectly affected the development of some events.

As a result, the relationship between him and Yu Shuo also fluctuated.

But they were all adults.

After three or four years of calm, the unpleasantness of the past will naturally dissipate.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “How long will you stay this time”

“I don’t plan to leave, but I have to go back to the south the day after tomorrow.” Yu Shuo replied.

Perhaps because their appearance and aura were too outstanding and the clothes on their bodies were low-key but extravagant, as they were chatting, two scantily clad young women came up to them trying to strike up a conversation.

But before Luo Lingsheng could speak, Yuan Meng, who was standing at the back, arrived in time and sent the two young and beautiful women away with a straight face.

When Yu Shuo saw this scene, he couldn’t help laughing, “Say, Luo Lingsheng, who came to the nightclub with a bodyguard like you How many good opportunities have you missed to “spend a good night” with others“

Luo Lingsheng glanced at him and asked back, “You think I’m going to mess around outside”

Before the leg injury, he always had enough self-control.

Even after the leg injury, he never used his status to fool around.

Luo Lingsheng and Yuan Meng didn’t take Yu Shuo’s joke seriously.

But if Shi Yunnan heard it, it was unknown whether he was as jealous as the last time.

“After not seeing each other for four years, are you still single Haven’t you been looking for someone“

Yu Shuo looked at his former friend as if he was looking at an antique, with a hint of complexity and disbelief, and said, “Lingsheng, you won’t still like that…”

“I’ve already got a marriage certificate.” Yu Shuo was interrupted by Luo Lingsheng, who threw the facts in front of him.


Yu Shuo really showed an uncontrollably shocked expression.

He paused for a few seconds before approaching Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder as usual, “Get the certificate With whom Haven’t you always liked…“

Suddenly, a light voice rang out from the right, “The person who got a license with him is me.

Do you have any questions”

The two people sitting on the deck turned their attention to the owner of the voice.

Seeing Shi Yunnan, Luo Lingsheng unconsciously released a smile, saying, “You’re done with Yuan Rui and the others”

“I left him in Fu Ziyu’s care.”

Shi Yunnan said, staring at Yu Shuo’s hand that hooked Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder for a moment, as if he could burn a hole in the back of the other party’s hand.

Who is this person

How could Luo Lingsheng let the other party get so close

When he just approached, he vaguely heard the two of them saying something like, “You always liked” or whatnot.

Could it be that they were discussing Luo Lingsheng’s white moonlight

If he had known, he should have waited a second or two longer before interrupting, to see what that stranger was going to say.

Yu Shuo naturally noticed Shi Yunnan’s “unhappy” possessiveness, so he put his hand down, “My name is Yu Shuo, an old friend of Luo Lingsheng.


Yu Shuo paused, then stood up to greet him, “Second Young Master Shi”

Shi Yunnan asked back, “You know me”

“I’m fortunate enough to have met you once, but it’s normal that you don’t have an impression of me.“

Yu Shuo glanced at Luo Lingsheng briefly and lowered his eyelids while showing a subtle realization, “Lingsheng, we have known each other for almost 20 years, but you didn’t even inform me when you found someone You’re really something.“

The emphasis in the last half of the paragraph was particularly obvious.

Luo Lingsheng pretended not to hear his deep meaning, and only replied, “We haven’t had the wedding yet. If you are willing to come, we’ll send you an invitation in the future.“

The relationship between him and Shi Yunnan began with an agreement.

Later, the news of their “obtaining a marriage certificate” was made public through Zhao’s business exchange meeting, so the wedding ceremony and banquet were delayed even more.

Last month, after the two confirmed their relationship, it’s not like Luo Lingsheng hadn’t thought about holding a wedding.

First, he was afraid that the right time hadn’t yet come.

Second, he himself had some extravagant hopes—

Luo Lingsheng hoped that one day he could walk on his own.

At that time, he could make up for his proposal to Shi Yunnan and be able to walk hand in hand with his lover through the wedding and for the rest of his life.

Shi Yunnan’s attention wasn’t on Luo Lingsheng’s “wedding,” but on Yu Shuo’s “relationship for nearly 20 years,” “Have you known each other for that long”

“From elementary school to college to graduation.”

Yu Shuo smiled and slowly dropped the bait, “As a matter of fact, there should be nothing I don’t know about Lingsheng’s experience from childhood to adulthood.”

“For example, he hates the mixed smell of alcohol and tobacco and loud music in nightclubs.”

The person who can make Luo Lingsheng willingly sit here and wait must have a lot of weight in his heart.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes froze, and he sat down next to his lover calmly.

He suddenly and whimsically grabbed the man’s wrist, using the force to bring the wine glass in the other party’s hand to his lips, muttering, “You don’t like this kind of place and you still come”

Luo Lingsheng followed along and said, “I came early to pick you up.”

Yu Shuo saw the tacit and intimate movements of the two and asked with great interest, “How long have you two known each other Two years three years Or four years“

“Less than half a year.”

This was answered by Luo Lingsheng.

After hearing this, the wine that had just entered Shi Yunnan’s throat suddenly became bitter.

Obviously, it was a normal answer, but when he saw the surprise on Yu Shuo’s face, there was a trace of inexplicable discomfort.

Yu Shuo raised his eyebrows and silently raised his glass towards Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng understood his friend’s ridicule, but he could only pretend not to see it.

For the time being, he didn’t want to reveal his secrets in front of Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan was keenly aware of the tacit communication between the two and spoke aloud to regain his sense of existence, “Mr.

Yu, since you two have known each other for so long, how come I’ve never heard him mention you”

“We haven’t seen each other for almost four years. It’s normal for him not to mention me.“

Yu Shuo hid his heart-rending desire to pour out the secret and tried to bait them again, “The name that can be repeatedly mentioned by Lingsheng even if they didn’t see each other used to be…”


In the next second, Luo Lingsheng put the wine glass in his hand firmly on the glass wine table.

The crisp knocking sound promptly cut off Yu Shuo’s unspoken respond.

Yu Shuo met Luo Lingsheng’s meaningful glance and abruptly changed his words,”… I don’t think there’s any before.

It should be Second Young Master Shi in the future.“

His friend had merely coaxed the person into his possession but hadn’t honestly confessed his secret for many years


Then he had to keep this secret till the end, so as not to spoil the couple’s little spice of life in the future.


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