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Xie Keyue recognized Yuan Meng’s identity, and the humiliation in his heart was overwhelming—now even a random lackey could step on his head and bark

But he knew that at this moment, behind Shi Yunnan, there was an immovable big Buddha.

He took two deep breaths, embarrassed but having to suppress the shame in his heart.

“No, I can handle this minor injury myself.”

The unwilling Yang Sen and others suddenly shouted, “Mr.

Xie, you call this okay Why don’t you let us call the police to arrest him“

“That’s right! It looks like he was hired by Shi Yunnan…“

Xie Keyue felt a little annoyed by the noise in his ears, so he suppressed his displeasure and said, “Everyone, have you heard of Luo Lingsheng of the Luo Group This is Luo Lingsheng’s personal bodyguard.“

There was no surveillance in the box, and he was only punched twice.

Even if he called the police, he would probably be asked to settle it privately.

He had broken the relationship with Yuan Rui and offended the Yuan family, so there was no need to offend Luo Lingsheng for Shi Yunnan’s punch.


When everyone heard this, they gradually showed a shocked expression.

To some extent, as jade designers, they had to deal with the clients’ wives of the Imperial Capital’s wealthy circle.

How could they have not heard of Luo Lingsheng’s name

That is the top giant among giants!

Of course, with a status like Luo Lingsheng, they weren’t qualified to contact the other party, and it was impossible to understand Luo’s family situation.

However, a tactful female designer soon asked, “Then Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng are…”

Recalling the advice given by Luo Lingsheng before he went upstairs, after being silent for two seconds, Yuan Meng deliberately raised the volume of his voice, “Mr.

Shi Yunnan, and our patriarch, Luo Lingsheng, are legally married husbands.”


Shi is a good-natured person, but our patriarch isn’t, so please take care of yourself.”

After Yuan Meng finished speaking, he left without looking back.

All six designers, including Yang Sen, showed disbelief.

Did they just hear it wrong

Is Shi Yunnan already married And to Luo Lingsheng! The one who everyone in the gentry circles is dying to meet

A while ago, they were still laughing at Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui in their hearts, but at this moment they actually felt constantly regretful.

Shi Yunnan has Luo Lingsheng, and the Yuan family has Shi Yunnan.

Do they still need to worry about early-stage investment, design, and post-transaction contact

They didn’t lack anything at all! They could perhaps develop better than one could imagine.

Is it too late for them to go back Maybe they can also develop into a veteran-level figure.

Xie Keyue was used to guessing people’s hearts.

His eyes flashed a dark light, and he reminded everyone in a businesslike tone.

“Everyone, the contract between you and Lingyu has been officially signed, and the entry design will start next Monday.

According to the previous regulations, the first version of the design draft must be delivered within half a month.“

“We know, we know.”

“We will deliver on time.

Please rest assured, Mr.


These designers had to suppress their remorse and regret while forcing a happy look in response.

After such an encounter, it was obvious that the party, which was halfway through, could no longer continue.

The crowd found excuses to leave, and they dispersed in less than five minutes.

Xie Keyue waited until everyone left, and then lightly touched the cheek that was no longer numb and painful.

The complex feelings in his heart reached their peak at this moment.

He violently pushed the wine tower to the ground.

All the wine glasses shattered in unison, as if to proclaim his hatred.


Suddenly, he became the one who was “abandoned” by everyone Was it wrong for him to just want to earn his keep

So what if he lost one friend As long as he had money and capital, he could still make more friends in the future!

He will pay back the shame he has endured today in double!

When Shi Yunnan arrived downstairs, he saw Luo Lingsheng still sitting quietly in the same spot.

He approached his lover and looked around subconsciously, “Where’s Yuan Rui Did you see him come down“


The first sentence after coming was to ask for Yuan Rui

A subtle sourness flashed through Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, and he said calmly, “I saw him come down and run to the bathroom.”

“This little crybaby is probably hiding in the toilet cubicle to cry again.”

Shi Yunnan let out a low laugh, grabbed the chair next to him, and sat down near Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng wasn’t interested in Yuan Rui’s private affair; he just looked at Shi Yunnan and asked, “Was there an argument upstairs just now I asked Yuan Meng to follow you.“

“Ok, I know.”

Shi Yunnan remembered the punch he swung at Xie Keyue, and hooked his lips with great satisfaction, “For someone like Xie Keyue, it felt good to throw a punch.”

“You hit him” Luo Lingsheng’s eyes fell on his hands, “Which hand”

Shi Yunnan was stunned for a moment, then raised his right hand “pitifully” and said, “This hand, husband. It hurts like hell.

Can you rub it for me“

When Luo Lingsheng heard the overly familiar joking tone, he rubbed his fingers together and said, “In the future, don’t hit people by yourself. Leave this kind of fist fight to Yuan Meng.”

“He is thick-skinned and not afraid of pain.”


Yuan Meng, who heard these remarks just after coming down, didn’t know for a moment whether he had eaten too much dog food or whether he should feel sorry for being regarded as a “fighting tool”.

Just as he was thinking, there was another sound of disapproval nearby, “Why are you still here If you have the skill, go home, shut the door and roll between the sheets!“

This time, it was Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng’s turn to stop talking.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Yuan Rui, who had come out of the bathroom, and grinned, “Running to the bathroom to cry after beating someone Young Master Yuan isn’t that much more capable than us.”

“I-I didn’t cry!”

Yuan Rui took a breath and refused to admit it.

However, his mood was kind of vexed, so he changed his mind and asked, “Shi Yunnan, do you want to go for a drink I’ll treat you today, so how about that nightclub last time“

Shi Yunnan thought of the nightclub he had invested in and felt a little eager in his heart.

It’s been almost three months since the nightclub has been open to the public, and he has only been there once.

If nothing else, he was simply a hand-off shopkeeper.

Shi Yunnan turned his gaze back to Luo Lingsheng and hooked his lips teasingly, “My husband is strict, and I can only go if he agrees.”


Yuan Rui was stuck for two seconds, and continued to try to persuade, “Wouldn’t it be better to let Mr.

Luo follow along I’m not in a good mood today.

I can’t think of anyone else I can find to drink with.“

Yuan Rui didn’t like drinking alone.

He had just fallen out with Xie Keyue, and the group of bad friends around him were all incompetent rich children.

His heart contained bitterness that was difficult to vent.

If Shi Yunnan didn’t want to go, he could only find a place to cry in secret.

Shi Yunnan was joking on the surface, but he understood Yuan Rui’s successive blows over the years.

He silently glanced at Luo Lingsheng and asked tentatively, “I’ll go there for an hour or two, and won’t cause too much trouble.”


Luo Lingsheng had always been unable to say no to Shi Yunnan, so he nodded his head.

Half an hour later, the noise that belonged to the nightclub rang out.

It was clearly late autumn, but the heat wave inside made people blush and pant.

Yuan Rui had something hidden in his heart.

As soon as he arrived, he downed a large bottle of spirits, and within half an hour he fell on the deck, tossing and turning while aggrievedly condemning people.

At one moment it was about Xie Keyue, who stabbed him in the back, and at another moment it was about Lu Zhao’an, who “just walked away.” Obviously, he vented all his grievances through drinking.

Fu Ziyu was inexplicably regarded as a human-shaped pillow.

He was pulled and dragged by him, so he couldn’t fight back.

He frowned and said in disgust, “How long has it been How did you become friends with Yuan Rui, Yunnan “

“Yuan Rui, let me go!”

“I won’t!” Yuan Rui slipped, and his tears and snot all rubbed against Fu Ziyu’s clothes.


Fu Ziyu, who has always been obsessed with cleanliness, almost cursed him on the spot.

Seeing this ridiculous scene in front of him, Shi Yunnan immediately got up to intervene, “Brother Fu, don’t you always think about being a father”

“Then take care of this cheap son tonight.”

Fu Ziyu couldn’t laugh at his joke.

He quickly grabbed his friend’s wrist for help, “No way Don’t throw him at me!“

“What’s wrong with this I’m giving you the right to be a father.” Shi Yunnan nodded solemnly, and mercilessly shrugged off his best friend’s tug for help.

He promised Luo Lingsheng that he would definitely not stay in the nightclub for too long, and he did what he said.

Meanwhile, Yuan Meng vigilantly guarded his boss’s side.

Even the waiter who delivered the wine received a stern, scrutinizing look.

The waiter hurriedly turned around and left after putting down the wine.

While withdrawing, he also looked back: what kind of person is this Did he even bring a bodyguard when he came to the nightclub

Luo Lingsheng sat calmly on the deck sofa and took a sip of wine, “Don’t be so nervous.

This nightclub was opened by Yunnan’s investment.

I can’t make a scene here.“


Yuan Meng was still not used to the noisy atmosphere here.

He straightened his body and followed Luo Lingsheng in a serious manner, with a rare complaint in his heart—

The reason why he was so vigilant was because Luo Lingsheng used to have an accident in the nightclub.

When Luo Lingsheng was injured in the car accident, in order to win over the necessary contacts and gain a firm foothold in the family’s seizure of power, he was once brought to a nightclub by a big boss to talk about cooperation.

As a result, when the boss arrived at the nightclub, in order to ‘insult’ the once famous and wealthy young master, he actually called a number of nondescript men and women to criticize Luo Lingsheng.

There were even reckless people who directly asked ‘How much Luo Lingsheng charged per night’.

Luo Lingsheng wasn’t a pushover.

In that case, he directly injured the boss with an ashtray and deliberately created a big situation to get away.

Of course, when he succeeded in getting to the top, that old boss and that group of people naturally suffered no better.

Because of this incident, Luo Lingsheng hardly ever set foot in a nightclub.

But now

Luo Lingsheng was afraid that Shi Yunnan would encounter any trouble in the nightclub again, so he waited here half an hour earlier without calling ahead to disturb the other party.

The more Yuan Meng thought about it, the more he felt that the patriarch loved Mr.

Shi so badly.

He could even put up with all the discomfort and change all the rules for him.

Yuan Meng bent over and asked, “Patriarch, is there really no need to tell Mr.

Shi in advance that we have…”

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a figure approaching Luo Lingsheng.

Someone interrupted Yuan Meng’s question and lightly said, “Long time no see, old classmate.”


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