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Xie Keyue had never expected that Yuan Rui, his “good friend,” would suddenly hit him.

Unprepared, he was knocked to the ground with one punch.

For the first time, he understood what “seeing stars before one’s eyes” meant.


Xie Keyue felt that his cheeks quickly went numb, and a rust-like bloody smell gushed out of his mouth.

Yuan Rui felt that it wasn’t enough to relieve his anger and instantly bent down to grab his collar, intending to throw another punch, but he was quickly stopped by Yang Sen.

“Young Master Yuan! Why are you hitting people“

The other five designers were slow to react, and only then did they gather around to show concern for Xie Keyue, who fell to the ground.

“That’s right, Mr.

Xie, are you alright”

“Oh my, the corner of your mouth is broken! Do you want to call the police“

Yuan Rui was being surrounded, and his wrist was grabbed by Yang Sen.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan was just about to step forward to help, but as a result, Yuan Rui reacted quickly and stomped on Yang Sen’s shoes, “Mind your own business! You don’t have much skill, but you sure are meddlesome!“

Yuan Rui hurt his foot and made him lose face in public.

Yang Sen’s face immediately turned red, “What did you say!“

Yuan Rui shook off Yang Sen’s restraint and seemed to feel that it wasn’t enough relieve his anger.

He glared at Xie Keyue and said, “Call the police Ask Xie Keyue if he dares to call the police“

While Yuan Rui asked angrily, he quickly retreated back to Shi Yunnan’s side, and even moved back slightly to seek Shi Yunnan’s protection.

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of his small gesture and laughed, “Wimp out“

Yuan Rui was half-covered behind him, and he replied in a very low voice, “You are good at fighting. My punch was just a successful sneak attack, but unfortunately my fist was too slow.“

Otherwise, Xie Keyue will definitely be beaten with more than one punch.

Yuan Rui said, and then turned his eyes to Xie Keyue, who was being lifted up by someone.

While he was angry, he also felt a sense of “betrayal”—

He had always trusted Xie Keyue and never let him down, but why did the other party secretly poach people behind his back

Can this still be considered a friend

No, obviously not.

A true friend should never stab your back with a knife.

Xie Keyue wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.

Seeing Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui standing almost side by side, a trace of unwillingness and hatred finally leaked out of his eyes, “Yuan Rui, did Shi Yunnan bring you here”

“You are my friend. You should know that he and I…“

Shi Yunnan took a half step forward and interrupted him, “Xie Keyue, don’t be a villain playing a victim. Don’t you think that’s a bit disgusting“

His sharp eyes swept over the six designers one by one, and he asked back, ” To make the six big designers ignore their old boss and rush over one by one, what conditions did he and Lingyu offer you”

The six designers looked at each other in dismay, and it was still the most experienced, Yang Sen, who spoke up.

“Young Master Yuan, Mr.

Shi, what are you talking about Our cooperation with the Yuan family hasn’t officially started yet.

How could you say old boss”

“People soar higher and water flows lower.1Mr.

Xie, on behalf of Lingyu, offered us a higher design cost.

How can we not agree“

After Yang Sen ‘job-hopped’ to Lingyu Jade, he was promoted to the design team leader before any formal work.

His speech was quite unpleasant at this moment compared to when he was in Yuan.

“Moreover, the person who contacted us for cooperation with Yuan was Lu Zhao’an, but he has already quit his job and left the positions of the person in charge and the chief designer to you two.”

Yang Sen glanced at Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui with contempt, and couldn’t help sneering, “I’m sorry, but I have to say you would be “finished with one blow“.”

A pampered young master with no experience and a new designer who has no fame or works in the domestic design circle.

What can these two do

They’re nothing but a jumping clown.

The other five designers heard this, and their eyes showed more or less approval.

Yang Sen’s statement was actually their true thoughts—Yuan had no experience in jade design at all, while Lingyu was the leader in the field of jade jewelry.

Between the two, they will definitely choose the best.

When Yuan Rui heard this, he became angry at once.

He still hid behind Shi Yunnan, only sticking out half of his body to be indignant, “Ptooey! You’re just a bunch of hypocritical people pretending to be noble!”

It’s human nature to choose the best option, and the termination fee was also within the provisions of the law, but when you find a new boss and keep accusing the old boss of being bad, that’s a moral issue!

After all, the cooperation contract previously given by the Yuan family was the most lenient and generous in the entire industry.

Otherwise, how could it be so easy for these guys to terminate the contract

“It’s fine for you guys to say that I’m not capable, but not Shi Yunnan.

His design ability is very good!” Yuan Rui’s voice was even louder than before, “If you guys dare to belittle him one more time, I will punch you!”

He will fight them even if he can’t beat them!

Shi Yunnan was the only designer who trusted him.

Isn’t he ten times better than these people

Hearing Yuan Rui’s support for him, Shi Yunnan was a little moved—

He had no idea when the relationship between him and Yuan Rui had evolved from “enemies” to “friends who can trust and support each other.”

At the same time, looking at the tacit friendship between the two, Xie Keyue’s numb cheeks gradually developed a burning pain, as if he had been slapped several more times.

The suffocation and hatred in his heart also grew increasingly heavy.

“Yuan Rui, you beat people indiscriminately when you come in.

You have completely abandoned this friendship, right“

“We have known each other as friends for four years, but in the end, it couldn’t withstand a few meetings between you and Shi Yunnan” his eyes flickered with a damp gleam, revealing a wounded and disappointed expression.

Shi Yunnan watched Xie Keyue’s green tea2 acting and then quietly observed Yuan Rui’s next reaction.

If the other party could be deceived by Xie Keyue after suffering such a “betrayal”, then there really was no way to save his stupid brain.

Yuan Rui was silent for a few seconds, then let out a speechless sneer, “Xie Keyue, do you think I’m stupid”

“You said you wanted to participate in our family’s jade design project. I was afraid of hurting you, so I didn’t agree at first.

Later, I agreed with you, and in order to convince my dad to agree to this, I got another slap from him.“

“You said we’re friends When I ran out after being lectured by my dad, as my friend, did you run to find me or give me a word of comfort afterward“

“No, all you think about is your unsuccessful investment. That’s why you approached Lingyu instead!“

“I don’t believe that you don’t know about the competitive relationship between Lingyu and Yuan!”

The more Yuan Rui said, the more clear-minded he became.

He suddenly saw through Xie Keyue’s tricks over the years—

The other party kept using fabricated lies to gain his sympathy and trust, but in reality At every critical moment, he will only use his trust and loyalty!

There was no interest involved before, so the two could be on good terms. Now that he couldn’t win benefits for Xie Keyue, the other party can play this kind of trick.

“Did I give you up first, or did you betray me first Aren’t the people in front of you hard evidence“

“Don’t pin everything on Shi Yunnan’s head.

Let me ask you, have you ever told me a word of truth over the years“

“Shi Yunnan was jealous of you being favored and afraid that you would compete for his family fortune, so he secretly oppressed you” Yuan Rui shook his head, “I used to believe it, but now I don’t believe a word of it.”

“I, Yuan Rui, treat my friends sincerely, but you, Xie Keyue…don’t deserve it!”

These words were resolute and decisive, and they can be regarded as a direct declaration of their broken friendship.

After Yuan Rui finished speaking, he left the box without looking back.

“From the day you chose to sabotage him, it means that you gave up this friendship with Yuan Rui for the sake of profit.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Xie Keyue, whose face was extremely ugly, and hooked his lips, “You’ve done the most foolish business transaction.”

The reason why Xie Keyue and Yuan Rui in the original book were successful was because Xie Keyue’s firm investment gave Yuan Rui enough confidence and courage.

After Yuan Rui took over Yuan Jade Studio, he worked hard day and night to meet material dealers, auction houses, and customers in order to carry forward Yuan Jade Jewelry and prevent his friend, one of the investors, from losing money.

But what about Xie Keyue in reality

Seeing that Yuan’s investment plan failed, he changed his mind and went to Lingyu Jade.

The chairman of Lingyu Jade was afraid that the Yuan would develop further and seize their market in the future, so he asked Xie Keyue to secretly poach these six designers.

Xie Keyue chose to betray his friend after a brief hesitation for his own benefit.

After one wrong step or two wrong steps, if you are not careful, you will lose the whole game.


Hearing Shi Yunnan’s merciless ridicule, a hint of remorse suddenly rose in Xie Keyue’s heart.

If nothing else, Yuan Rui has indeed treated him with sincerity over the years.

Even his chance encounter with Yuan Rui was fabricated.

It was his usual way of making contact.

Just when Xie Keyue was in a trance, Shi Yunnan suddenly walked up, and the next second, he punched him fiercely in front of everyone—


This was a much heavier punch than Yuan Rui’s.

Xie Keyue was beaten back several steps, hit the back of the chair, and fell to the ground.

Yang Sen and others who had been watching the play rushed up again and shouted anxiously, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing!“

“Nothing serious.”

Shi Yunnan was surrounded by the crowd and calmly rubbed his knuckles, “Yuan Rui reminded me that hard fists are the most effective solution against unpleasant people.”

“Don’t let him go! Catch him and call the police!”

Someone shouted, as if they had caught Shi Yunnan on something.

In the next second, the young designer who was shouting was thrown aside like a quail by Yuan Meng, who came over, “Mr.

Shi, you go first. The patriarch has ordered. I’ll take care of the matter here.“

Shi Yunnan naturally accepted the concern from his husband downstairs, and gave everyone another piece of advice: “Everyone, sooner or later, you will regret today’s decision.”

As long as Shi Yunnan remained in Yuan Jade, they were destined to occupy a place in the jade design market and would eventually climb to the top of the industry!

Shi Yunnan saw the way Yuan Meng had left for him, and calmly walked out of the room.

There was a male designer who wanted to chase​ him but was caught by Yuan Meng.

Yang Sen, who regarded himself as the ‘head designer’, immediately shouted, “What’s your relationship with Shi Yunnan Are you a thug hired by him Hiring a thug to beat someone is against the law! Don’t think—”

Yuan Meng glared at him with a stern face.

Although he had retired from the army, the military aura he had honed could still scare many people.

Yuan Meng looked at Xie Keyue, whose left and right cheeks were already red and swollen, with a trace of disdain in his heart, “Mr.

Xie, are you going to call the police”



Basically, it means one must have the ambition to achieve success, fame, and fortune.

If not, you will flow with the current like water.


fake, pretentious


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