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After Shi Yunnan delivered the first draft of the design, he made minor revisions based on Lu Zhao’an’s subsequent feedback.

Finally, he completed the final version of the jade design a week later.

“Don’t ruin your body because of a work partnership.”

Seeing him working all night the past few days, Luo Lingsheng felt distressed but couldn’t stop him.

When adults fall in love, they should give each other enough working space.

No matter how rich Luo Lingsheng was, he didn’t want to stop Shi Yunnan from pursuing his career.

Of course, he and the Luo family can be Shi Yunnan’s safe haven.

“Right now I’m a collaboration partner. Later, my identity might change.” Shi Yunnan replied.

Luo Lingsheng was puzzled.

Shi Yunan leaned on the back of the chair and frankly stated his purpose, “The reason why I’m working so hard on this first jade design is because I want to use it as a stepping stone to negotiate with Yuan company, Yuan Puguang, and others.”

Luo Lingsheng immediately understood, “You want to be an investor”

“Well, I want to shift the focus of my work to our country.

After thinking about it, I still felt that my old job in design was the right thing for me to do.

The Yuan family has just started out in jade design, and I’m just starting out in my domestic design accomplishments.

One has the raw material ability, the other has the design ability, which can be regarded as an excellent partner.


Yuan Puguang refused Xie Keyue because the other party was not an insider but only invested for money.

He doesn’t love the industry with all his heart, but I’m different.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, “If the first necklace designed can be sold at a good price in the industry, it means I can indirectly take a first step in this field for the Yuan family.”

And he would probably be acknowledged by Mr.

Yuan Puguang.

Even if the other party still didn’t agree to let him become a shareholder, then Shi Yunnan could stay in the Yuan family as a jade designer, and rely on each piece of work to accumulate his domestic reputation.

“If you want to set up a design studio, I can help you.

The Luo family has connections in this area.” Luo Lingsheng said.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flashed with a smile, but he did not directly reject Luo Lingsheng’s kindness, “Luo Lingsheng.”


“I want to rely on my own ability to pave a way for myself in our country, and then stand side by side with you.”

“I hope that when someone mentions me one day, it will no longer be Second Young Master Shi, nor will I be attached to my other half, Luo Lingsheng, but the rightful Mr.

Shi Yunnan.”

The money that Luo Lingsheng had earned was enough to spend for several lifetimes, plus it was nice to sleep in a mansion and enjoy the luxury, but Shi Yunnan was afraid that he would lose himself in this kind of wealth.

“Aren’t you afraid of being tired”

“Who’s not tired as an adult”

Shi Yunan paused, then approach him for a kiss before he asked back, “Let’s imagine the worst case scenario. Even if I really fail in the end, I still have you behind me, right“

Luo Lingsheng didn’t answer, and was just about to capture the soft lips that were close at hand, when the sound of an incoming phone call rang—

Yuan Rui’s call came in.

Shi Yunnan retreated slightly, and explained to Luo Lingsheng, “Wait a minute.”


Luo Ling’s voice did not reveal anything, but when he gazed at the name on the phone, there was a faint light at the bottom of his eyes.

Shi Yunnan answered the phone in front of Luo Lingsheng, “Hello, Yuan Rui”

“Shi Yunnan…” Yuan Rui, on the other end of the phone, shouted at him in a hurry, but then he hesitated.

Shi Yunnan heard his suppressed breathing and asked, “What happened”

“Are you also planning to leave Yuan Jade Studio”

Yuan Rui, on the other end of the phone, threw this question out of nowhere.

Shi Yunnan didn’t understand and asked, “Why would I leave for no good reason Didn’t I already deliver the final design Help me find all the materials.”

Yuan Rui heard this and replied quickly, “I’ve got everything! We have the imperial green jade in our Yuan family, and the diamonds for the accessories have been found according to the highest standard you requested.“

“I’ll discuss the price with the diamond dealer in the next two days. You should be able to start purchasing the materials and creating the piece within three days.

I’ll communicate with the auction house and potential customers when the product is halfway done!”

Hearing Yuan Rui’s breathless report, Shi Yunnan guessed that the other party was striving hard to make him stay.

He thought of a possibility and guessed, “Yuan Rui, did other designers tell you something”

Yuan Rui’s decadence returned unexpectedly, “It was Yang Sen at first, and then other designers came to me one after the other …“

They all came to the conclusion that Yuan Jade Design had no future under Yuan Rui’s leadership, so they decided to unilaterally terminate the contract with Yuan.

Because the two parties initially negotiated a contract in a cooperative nature, and Lu Zhao’an didn’t like to use power to oppress others, the termination fee wasn’t high.

Just now, Yuan Rui received a request to terminate the contract from the last designer, except Shi Yunnan.

The attitudes of these six people were more firm than the others.

No matter how Yuan Rui lobbied, they would not stay.

While Yuan Rui had self-doubt, he called Shi Yunnan on impulse.

Luo Lingsheng listened to the whole process on the side, and immediately hinted with a low voice, “The contract was terminated in such a short interval. Someone among these six must have instigated this.“

Shi Yunnan nodded in agreement.

Not only that, but even the termination fee might have come from the same person.

“Shi Yunnan, it’s good as long as you don’t plan to leave.

Don’t worry, I will definitely assist you in completing your jade necklace!“

Yuan Rui was once again moved by Shi Yunnan’s firm trust, and his confidence, which was hit by others, recovered a little.

“Even if there’s only you, I will do my best to help.

There are so many designers in the jade circle, and I can always pull other designers to cooperate with.“

Yuan Rui seemed to reassure Shi Yunnan, but he also seemed to be secretly encouraging himself.

He hung up the phone in a hurry after chatting for a few minutes, saying he would continue to grind the diamond dealer to cut the price.

Shi Yunnan heard the busy tone on the phone and shrugged at Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng took his cell phone away, muted it, and then threw it on the bed, “Are you sure you want to invest in Yuan To partner with a man of Yuan Rui’s nature“

“Isn’t it interesting”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the phone that had been thrown on the bed and was still “stained with sourness” and simply sat on Luo Lingsheng’s lap, coming closer to make up for the kiss that had just been interrupted.

“Yuan Rui is just Little Goldfish to me.

I just communicate with him as a foster son.“

Luo Lingsheng was robbed of his sourness by a kiss from Shi Yunnan and responded, “Two sons now.”

“Huh What“

“Fu Ziyu and Yuan Rui, your two sons.” Luo Lingsheng repeated it again, obviously making fun of Shi Yunnan on purpose.

Shi Yunnan laughed along, “Why do you remember everything”

When he was caught by Luo Lingsheng at the door of the nightclub a long time ago, he casually mentioned that his relationship with Fu Ziyu was like ‘father and son’, and the other party actually remembered till now.

Luo Lingsheng hugged him tightly and said, “The thing that Yuan Rui just talked about on the phone, do you want me to send someone to check it out for you”

Since Shi Yunnan regarded the Yuan family as a future business partner, he was naturally willing to do his part.


Shi Yunnan had a hunch in his heart, “In addition to starting with those designers, it’s best to check what Xie Keyue has been doing recently.”

“You suspect he’s up to something behind the scenes”

Shi Yunnan didn’t even bother hiding his disgust for Xie Keyue, “Who knows It’s best if he doesn’t do anything.

If he does, then it’s time for Yuan Rui to personally see the true face of this person.“

“Okay, I’ll ask Qin Jian to send someone to investigate tomorrow.”


Shi Yunnan patted Luo Lingsheng’s arm and signaled the other party to let go.

He was afraid that sitting on his lover’s lap for a long time would affect the other party’s physical condition, “Has the surgery schedule been set”

“The initial arrangement is at the end of next month.

I will go back for a full pre-op checkup to confirm that everything is okay, and then the formal arrangement can be made.“


Three days later, a restaurant in the center of the Imperial Capital.

“Yuan Rui, this way.”

Shi Yunnan, who was sitting in a corner of the hall, got up and called out to Yuan Rui, who entered the door in a hurry.

Yuan Rui saw Shi Yunan’s figure, and then caught a glimpse of Luo Lingsheng next to him.

His face changed faintly.

However, he walked up quickly, “Yunnan, Mr.


Yuan Rui suddenly received Shi Yunnan’s WeChat message and rushed here.

“Why did you suddenly look for me Is there something wrong with the materials that I found” Yuan Rui was being very earnest, but his face that still had baby fat made him look a little childish.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng glanced at each other, and immediately after that, Yuan Meng came down from the upper floor with brisk steps, “Patriarch, Mr.


Yuan Meng looked at Yuan Rui and solemnly continued, “All the people in the A203 box upstairs are still there. Now it’s the right time to go up.“

Shi Yunnan nodded and gestured to Yuan Rui with his eyes.

Yuan Rui still couldn’t understand, “What’s wrong with the people upstairs”

“The six designers who terminated their cooperation with Yuan and the people who poached them behind the scenes.”

Yuan Rui heard the second half of the sentence, and his eyes suddenly burst into a bit of anger, “Was it really instigated by someone”

Shi Yunnan didn’t speak, but went upstairs first.

Yuan Rui saw this and hurriedly followed.

It was a bit inconvenient for Luo Lingsheng to go up, so he just instructed Yuan Meng, “Follow them and step in when necessary.”

“Yes, patriarch.”

Yuan Meng responded and quickly followed.

When the three walked to the door of the corresponding box, there was a burst of cheering and laughter inside.

“Thank you all for trusting me, and welcome to the Lingyu Jade Design Department. I hope we will have happy cooperation in the future!“

“Of course! Thank you for recognizing our ability.

We will make good designs in the future and hope to make progress together with Lingyu!“

After speaking, the response from the rest rang out, and the lively atmosphere seeped out through the crack of the door.

Yuan Rui froze at the door of the box.

The ancestors of Lingyu Jade and Yuan Jade used to be brothers.

Later, they developed separately and each became one of the best jade merchants in the country.

The former had been focused on jade jewelry, while the latter had been refined in jade carving.

Although they maintained superficial harmony on the surface, there was still a secret competition in the purchase and sale of jade raw materials.

But what Yuan Rui couldn’t believe the most was—

The voice of the ‘Mr.

Xie’ inside sounded a little familiar

Shi Yunnan patted him on the shoulder and said, “Just one more door away Don’t you want to go in and take a look“

Yuan Rui’s emotions were all tangled up.

He hesitated, “You know who the ‘mastermind’ is, don’t you That’s why you called me to come and see.“

“Whether I know it or not, isn’t important.

The point is you…” Shi Yunnan didn’t force him, “If you still want to maintain a superficial relationship, then consider today a wasted trip.

You can leave now.“


Yuan Rui put his hand on the door handle and pressed it down instantly.

The door of the compartment was opened abruptly, and everything inside came into view—

Xie Keyue was sitting at the main seat while the other six designers who had ‘terminated’ the contracts sat around him.

There was even a line of celebration characters on the wall of the box—

Welcome the six new designers to the Lingyu Jade Design Department.

Xie Keyue was startled at the sight of Yuan Rui’s burning eyes, and then had a rare guilty conscience.

He stood up from his seat and subconsciously defended himself, “Yuan Rui, why are you here I…“

Before the words were out of his mouth, Xie Keyue saw Shi Yunnan, who was watching the play at the door.

His mood turned from guilty to gloomy.

“How did Young Master Yuan find this place” Designer Yang Sen said, “Don’t worry, our cancellation fee will be paid by Mr.

Xie in two days…“


The next second, the exclamations of the audience cut off the unfinished words.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yuan Rui, who was full of anger, actually knocked Xie Keyue to the ground with one punch, and even cursed at him—

“Xie Keyue! You mother**er, I’ve misjudged you!“


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