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“I’m actually confused about what’s going on with you, Keyue, and the Shi family.

But for me, Keyue is indeed the only friend who has ever acknowledged me since I was a kid.“

When Yuan Rui said this, he suddenly remembered Shi Yunnan’s compliment to him in the warehouse that day, so he silently added a sentence in his heart: You are the second.

Yuan Rui was a bit gifted in recognizing and judging raw stone and jade, but this ability was the most basic and least valuable in the eyes of jade carving masters like Yuan Puguang.

Seeing Yuan Rui, who still retained purity and seriousness in his eyes despite being drunk, Shi Yunnan understood—

Yuan Rui grew up under such repressive voices, and what he needed most was the approval of outsiders.

Xie Keyue was someone who could turn water into honey with words.

He most likely approached Yuan Rui with ulterior motives from the very beginning.

In Shi Yunnan’s dream, Yuan Rui was indeed one of the few friends Xie Keyue was sincere with.

Perhaps their friendship was built on such a foundation in the beginning.

“After I first rejected Keyue’s proposal, he added that he was willing to resign himself to his fate even if he ended up losing money.”

But the only condition for Xie Keyue’s investment was to let his friend Yuan Rui participate in Yuan’s jade design instead of him.

He said he was busy working for the Shi family.

There was no way to do two things at once, so he could only invest money.

“The more he recognizes my ability to identify jade, the more I feel that it is better for me to guard the business for him.

In the future, even if things go wrong, the decision-making power will be in Lu Zhao’an’s hands.“

Shi Yunnan’s lips twitched.

This time, Xie Keyue really packaged himself as a good person.

On one hand, he gave Yuan Rui enough face, and on the other hand, he regarded himself as a hands-off shopkeeper1.

The first two projects he personally participated in fell into trouble, so Xie Keyue was probably more conservative this time.

But the most important thing was that Xie Keyue, the “book transmigrator,” never made uncertain investments.

Since he was willing to invest in the Yuan family, it meant that Yuan’s jade design was destined to make money.

Yuan Rui poured the last sip of wine into his mouth and leaned against the cement wall while murmuring, “I was convinced by him, but, but at the same time, I also hid a bit of selfishness.”

“What is it”

Yuan Rui snorted twice in a self-deprecating manner, and the grievance in his heart returned, “… I want to help him.”

Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds before realizing that the “him” that Yuan Rui was referring to was Lu Zhao’an.

Even if Yuan Rui did not speak, he could still guess the reason—

Lu Zhao’an broke the Yuan family rule of “fine diamond jade carving” and switched to jade design, which must not be without questions and pressure from others.

If too much money was lost in the end, all the responsibility and blame would fall on him alone.

At least the burden can be eased in terms of monetary pressure with Xie Keyue’s investment.

Moreover, Yuan Rui volunteered to join.

If he was being serious, he could more or less help with jade procurement, material selection, etc.

Even if they fail in the end, the scolding will not be carried by Lu Zhao’an alone.

On the contrary, Yuan Rui will receive more chastisement—

Because he was Yuan Puguang’s only son, and because he had been an “unaccomplished” waste since he was a child,

Since ancient times, those who are mediocre have had to bear more infamy.

While Shi Yunnan was pondering, Yuan Rui, who was opposite him, openly sobbed with drunkenness, “I specially reserved a hotel box.

I thought about telling them seriously, I also want to contribute to the Yuan family…“

But after only mentioning it, he was unceremoniously rejected by Yuan Puguang.

The hope in his heart fell through.

Yuan Rui retorted angrily to his father.

That’s why Shi Yunnan and others heard the two accusations halfway through the dinner.

“What about Xie KeYue Why did he come“

Shi Yunnan did not shy away from asking questions.

He clearly remembered that Xie Keyue wasn’t present when the two families first met at the elevator entrance.

Yuan Rui shook his head, “I did tell him about this today and also told him not to come for the time being.”

After all, Yuan Rui wanted to convince his parents first, and then find time to bring his friend to meet his family another day.

This way, even if it doesn’t work out, his friendship with Xie Keyue won’t be particularly damaged.

“Keyue was probably afraid that I wouldn’t be able to convince my parents.

That’s why he came over.”

“Then what In front of him, my dad started talking to me more and more aggressively.

I really tried to put up with it, but I still, still couldn’t hold my temper…… “

The more Yuan Rui thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

The confidence he had built up over the past few days collapsed at that moment.

“Shi, Shi Yunnan.” He raised his eyes to look at the person in front of him.

Tears welled up in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

“In your eyes, an outsider, am I really… that bad “

So bad that no matter how hard he tried, no one wanted to believe that he also wanted to do something serious

Shi Yunnan looked at Yuan Rui, who was holding his mouth to hold back his tears, and inexplicably thought of Little Goldfish at home, probably because of his face that still has some baby fat.

Shi Yunnan moved closer and spoke frankly, “Although you are arrogant and willful, I think you’re not a bad person.

No one is perfect.

The same goes for you and I.“

Shi Yunnan touched his pocket, but he didn’t bring any tissue, “Cry if you want, I won’t laugh at you.”


Yuan Rui tried to hold back the tears, but they kept falling down one after another.

The grievances and low self-esteem of many years were being poured out like a flash flood at this moment, and he absent-mindedly leaned on Shi Yunnan’s shoulder.

Shi Yunnan stiffened for half a second, but Yuan Rui’s cries stopped his hand that wanted to push back.

“I’m not fooling around, I, I really just want to help them.

Why has he only scolded me since I was a child“

The more he was reprimanded, the more Yuan Rui was afraid of making mistakes.

The more he was afraid of making mistakes, the less he could concentrate on doing well.

At first, Yuan Rui was willing to follow Lu Zhao’an’s back and cheerfully called him brother, but gradually, the polarized reprimands and compliments pushed the distance between them further and further.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t catch up.

Because of the unresolved inferiority deep in his heart, Yuan Rui began to accept his fate, began to give up struggling, and began to watch other masters and elders lift the other party to a high platform, and then let himself fall into the mud.

The more the other party tolerated him, the more he resisted.

The more he cried, the more confused he became, and he even burped untimely.

Shi Yunnan didn’t expect Yuan Rui to be such a crybaby.

At this moment, he was still drunk, and he cried so much that he even wet his coat.

He had no choice but to take out his mobile phone and send their location to Lu Zhao’an on WeChat, with a brief and concise message.

“Come to pick up your little crybaby.”

It took Lu Zhao’an less than twenty minutes from the time the message was sent to the time he arrived at the rooftop.

He was panting hard, but the worry in his eyes hadn’t dissipated.

It wasn’t until he got close to the two that he barely suppressed his panting, “Mr.

Shi, sorry to bother you.”

Even though Yuan Puguang strictly prohibited it, Lu Zhao’an, who was worried, still disobeyed his master’s order and ran out.

However, Yuan Rui turned off his mobile phone immediately, so he couldn’t find him.

Yuan Rui cried and fell asleep halfway.

He was even snoring.


Shi Yunnan didn’t hide his disgust and thought it was funny, “It must have been hard for you to have such a little brother.”

Lu Zhao’an didn’t say anything.

With Shi Yunnan’s help, he brought Yuan Rui back to himself.

Shi Yunnan picked up the beer bottles on the ground, thought about it, and said, “Mr.

Lu, to be honest, I don’t have a good relationship with Xie Keyue.”

“If the Yuan family accepts Xie Keyue’s investment, then I might choose not to cooperate.“

Will you spend your energy making money for your enemy

Shi Yunnan didn’t have this kind of good grace yet.

Lu Zhao’an’s expression changed slightly, and he answered truthfully, “Master doesn’t intend to invest and cooperate with Xie Keyue. He just said those heavy words at the dinner table because he wanted Mr.

Xie to retreat.“

After all, the visitor is a guest.

No matter how reluctant Yuan Puguang was, there was no way he could attack Xie Keyue, so he pointed the spearhead at his own son.

Yuan Puguang was accustomed to saying heavy words and couldn’t take Yuan Rui’s mood into consideration, so a big dispute broke out.

Lu Zhao’an felt sorry for what Yuan Rui had gone through, but he couldn’t blame the master who raised him and taught him.

It wasn’t easy for him to be caught in the middle.

“Well, then I’ll go back first.”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly and chose to go downstairs with them.

After he drove away, Lu Zhao’an carried the well-behaved Yuan Rui on his back.

Yuan Rui seemed to be very familiar with this posture.

Even in his sleep, he did not forget to use both hands to circle Lu Zhao’an.


When the babble reached his ears, Lu Zhao’an halted in his tracks.

A complex glimmer of light flashed across his eyes.

After a long silence, he walked towards the parking lot with Yuan Rui on his back.

When Shi Yunan returned home, Little Goldfish and others had already washed up and fallen asleep.

In the study, Luo Lingsheng, who heard a slight movement on the stairs, immediately put down the report file and went out with his wheelchair.

In the next second, the two bumped into each other.

The smile on Shi Yunnan’s lips widened as he leaned closer and said, “I thought you were all asleep.”

“No, I’m waiting for you.” Luo Lingsheng replied.

Then he asked about what happened to his lover in the past two or three hours: “Did you find young master Yuan What’s the situation“

As soon as he finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of a large dark stain on the shoulder of Shi Yunnan’s trench coat, “How did the coat get dirty”

Shi Yunnan glanced down, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and said, “It’s a long story.

Aren’t you busy Let’s go back to the room.

I’ll tell you what happened.“

Seeing that the light in the study had gone out, he simply pushed Luo Lingsheng to the bedroom.

After entering the bedroom and closing the door, Shi Yunnan sat down by the bed casually and briefly explained everything that happened after he found Yuan Rui.

Luo Lingsheng was not a gossipy person, so Shi Yunnan naturally didn’t have any qualms.

“Now I can be 100% sure that Yuan Rui himself is not bad at heart.

He has been rejected since he was a child.

That’s why his personality is twisted and reckless.“

“People like him are often used by those who have ulterior motives.”

Luo Lingsheng understood his implication, “You mean Xie Keyue”

Shi Yunnan hummed in acquiescence.

Of course, making friends with others is a free right.

Shi Yunnan wasn’t Xie Keyue, so he wouldn’t keep speaking ill of the other party in front of Yuan Rui.

Shi Yunnan pointed to the tear stains on his clothes and remembered Yuan Rui’s crying appearance.

He couldn’t help laughing and said, “I’ve met Yuan Rui four or five times, and every time he was always so rude and arrogant.

Today he actually hugged me while crying.“


The change in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes wasn’t obvious, “Did he hug you”

Shi Yunnan was still immersed in the “amusing” event and momentarily did not notice the other party’s subtle changes, “Yes, this guy is quite strong when he is drunk.

I can’t even break free.“

“Say, if he remembers his words and deeds tonight when he wakes up tomorrow, will he avoid me when he sees me next time”

“Speaking of which, Yuan Rui is not as mature as our little goldfish in some respects, which is quite funny.”


Luo Lingsheng still did not speak.

He always felt that Shi Yunnan always had an indescribable preference when evaluating Yuan Rui

Seeing that Luo Lingsheng hadn’t spoken for a long time, Shi Yunnan took a closer look and finally found something wrong.

He approached with interest and asked, “Luo Lingsheng, are you listening to me”


“Then what did I say”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his fingers slightly and answered the question, “Take off your coat and go take a shower first.”


Shi Yunnan deliberately took off his coat slowly and carefully in front of Luo Lingsheng, with playfulness in his eyes, “Husband, what should I do with this coat It’s tens of thousands.”

Seeing Shi Yunnan’s deliberate teasing, Luo Lingsheng pulled him into his arms and threw the answer, “Don’t lose this coat.”


Let me hug too.



It is a metaphor for a person who only commands others and does nothing by himself


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