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An ambiguous and uncontrollable whimper echoed in the bedroom.

Shi Yunnan only felt that the surrounding air was steaming hot.

His neck and ears were dyed red by deep kisses, and even his cheeks were faintly warm.

Luo Lingsheng let go of him at the critical moment and suppressed his impulse, “Are you still making trouble”

Shi Yunnan’s eyelids trembled.

The light-colored pupils were filled with moisture, and the always bright and cunning eyes revealed a bit of haziness.

This was the natural response to emotion.

Luo Lingsheng wrapped Shi Yunnan in his arms and kissed his sideburns.

It took about half a minute for Shi Yunnan to break free from that out-of-control kiss.

For some unknown reason, he tentatively groped Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng reacted very quickly and instantly grabbed his wrist, “Stop making trouble.”

“No, I just want to confirm something.”

Shi Yunnan’s voice was full of delight and flirtation, “I was wondering before if your leg injury would affect it, but it seems alright and quite big.”

Luo Lingsheng simply couldn’t handle his obscene remarks and asked in a deep voice that couldn’t be more hoarse, “What are you going to do if it was affected”

“What can I do If I really need it in the future, can you help me with your hands“

Shi Yunnan answered truthfully, “I heard that toys are quite useful.

I’ll ask my foreign friends to inquire about it in a few days.“

They were all adults and did not need to be vague about this kind of closed-door subject.


Luo Lingsheng likes Shi Yunnan’s casual appearance very much.

He rubbed his finger against his seductive red lips again and again, “Not using any toy. If you have the strength, I can accompany you at any time.“

The words that came out of Luo Lingshing’s mouth weren’t that explicit, but they still caused Shi Yunnan to laugh.

He suddenly had an idea and immediately moved away from Luo Lingsheng’s embrace.

Luo Lingsheng thought he was going to leave, and asked, “Where are you going”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Yunnan pushed Luo Lingsheng down with force and sat down with his knees on both sides of the man’s waist.

Shi Yunnan put his hands on Luo Lingsheng’s shoulders and leaned down, “Mr.

Luo, what do you think I’m going to do”

His gaze gradually slid from Luo Lingsheng’s handsome face, and his eyes flashed with curiosity and admiration.

Although the last time in the training room was unpleasant, Shi Yunnan still had to admit that Luo Lingsheng’s body, usually hidden under a suit, was really very good.

Just like now.

Wearing a black nightgown with a silky texture, the fabric that was crossed diagonally on the left and right tightly blocked his chest, but the muscle lines wrapped under it were still visible with the sexiness of an undisguised adult man.

“Luo Lingsheng.” Shi Yunnan pressed closer, staring at his handsome face, “I want you.”

Shi Yunnan was such a person.

He either restrained his feelings towards anyone and vowed to not be presumptuous or be bold enough to be honest with his true thoughts at all times, once he was sure.


Luo Lingsheng was speechless.

Just listening to the momentum of the other party’s voice, he thought he was going to be “taken” by him.

But due to the long kiss just now, Shi Yunnan’s eyes were still slightly reddened.

The heat on his cheeks hadn’t dissipated yet.

His reddened skin was moistened by the shimmering bedside light, which set off his whole person surprisingly well.

The soft and supple hair fell freely.

Its tip seemed to sweep Luo Lingsheng’s cheeks, causing his heart to sway with numbness.

The word “temptation” permeated from the inside out.

Luo Lingsheng’s pupils suddenly sank.

He grabbed the back of Shi Yunnan’s head with one hand and pressed down, while the other hand strongly imprisoned the other party’s waist, “Don’t regret it.”

Before the lingering sound fell, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to kiss him.

The ambiguous factor in the air was instantly ignited and exploded.

Just when the two of them were kissing inseparably, a muffled and low sobbing sound suddenly came from outside the room, “Uncle… wuwuwu…”

At the same time, there was a timid knock on the door.

“Uncle… it’s not good… wuwuwu…”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng both stopped.

Their remaining rationality was pulled back by the aggrieved cries outside the room.

“Little Goldfish”

“Wait.” Luo Lingsheng patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder and motioned for him to leave his body.

He picked up the remote control on the bedside table and opened the tightly closed electronic door.


The electronic door was opened.

The crying sounded again before Shi Yunnan could get up to check out the situation.

The door was then pushed open by Little Goldfish, who brought a small fluffy blanket of his own.

He was still wearing the same fluffy cat pajamas, squinting and crying miserably.

“Uncle, little uncle is gone, wuwu… Does he not want us anymore Wuwu…

Little Goldfish rubbed his eyes.

The eyes that were usually the size of grapes were now turned into slits because of the crying.

His nose and face resembled those of the comedic characters in Peking Opera.

He even jerked the little snot that was about to fall down.

He was like a poor, lovely kitten that was abandoned by someone.

Shi Yunnan gradually reacted and felt a little amused and helpless, “Little Goldfish, little uncle is here.

I didn’t leave.”

Hearing the familiar sound, Little Goldfish stopped crying and opened his eyes.

He looked at Shi Yunnan in front of him with his confused eyes and at Luo Lingsheng, who got up and sat at the head of the bed, and let out a small cry hiccup, “Little Uncle, are you sleeping with Uncle”

After speaking, his face turned red.

Shi Yunnan saw Little Goldfish dragging his favorite sleeping blanket, and quickly understood, “Did you sneak into my room to find me when you woke up halfway through your sleep”

Little Goldfish said nothing.

He slept with Shi Yunnan every day for nearly a week.

Tonight, Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng to the hospital for a temporary check-up, so he slept in his own small bedroom in the comfort of the housekeeper and nanny.

Halfway through, Little Goldfish was woken up by a nightmare, so he habitually dragged his own blanket to Shi Yunnan’s room.

As soon as the door was pushed open, there was no one inside at all.

He held back his grievance and blame, then went to the first floor to take a look, but there was still no one there.

When he returned to his room, he became sadder.

The more he thought about it, the more he cried.

He thought that Shi Yunnan had run away from home just like the little rabbit in the story.

After holding back for a while, he ran to the door of Luo Lingsheng’s room and cried.

In a short while, Little Goldfish realized that he had made a mistake.

“Yeah… hic… sorry.”

As he apologized, he cried and hiccupped until he couldn’t stop.

“You did nothing wrong.

There’s no need to apologize.” Luo Lingsheng said.

He took two wet wipes from the inner bedside table and gave them to Shi Yunnan.

He felt somewhat helpless toward his crying nephew and somewhat depressed for being interrupted.

Shi Yunnan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He was afraid that Little Goldfish would catch a cold with his bare feet, so he carried him to the bed and wrapped him with the small blanket.

It’s my fault.

Don’t cry.

I forgot to say goodnight to you.“

Shi Yunnan rubbed Little Goldfish’s soft fluffy face while patiently comforting him, “Our little goldfish is so cute, how could I not want you”

Little Goldfish nodded, no longer sad, but instead curious.

“Little Uncle, why are you sleeping with Uncle Did you also have a nightmare, so you came to find Uncle because you’re afraid“


Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at each other, remembering the scene just now, and suddenly couldn’t answer this innocent question.

“It’s getting late, Jinyu.

You have to go back to sleep.

You’ve got school tomorrow.” Luo Lingsheng changed the subject.

When Little Goldfish heard this, he lay in Shi Yunnan’s arms and refused to leave, “Little uncle, can I still sleep with you tonight”

Before Luo Lingsheng could refuse, Shi Yunnan responded softly, “Okay.”

Anyway, Luo Lingsheng’s bed was big enough, and it was not a problem to add another small child.


Luo Lingsheng was silent.

He saw Little Goldfish obediently crawling to the inner side of the bed to lie down, and didn’t forget to pat the position beside him, “Little Uncle will sleep in the middle, and Uncle will sleep at the outermost to protect us.”

In one sentence, the two adults were arranged in a clear manner.

After such a mess, Shi Yunnan naturally put those lingering thoughts behind him.

He especially cooperated with Little Goldfish’s command to lie down between a large and a small person.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng had no choice but to suppress other thoughts and use the remote control to close the electronic door again, “Okay, go to sleep.

Good night.“

“Good night.”

“……Good night.”

The three consecutive sounds rang out, revealing a kind of warmth unique to a family.

Eight o’clock the next morning

Little Goldfish was awakened by the habitual biological clock that he had developed.

He rubbed his small eyes in confusion, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that his little uncle was sleeping in his uncle’s arms.

He blinked dazedly and met Luo Lingsheng’s gaze, who was also awake.

Little Goldfish shouted, “Good morning, uncle!”

Shi Yunnan, who was still asleep, snorted and subconsciously approached the heat source beside him.

Luo Lingsheng quickly and gently covered the ears of the person in his arms and motioned to his little nephew, “Be quiet and let your little uncle sleep for a while longer.”

Luo Lingsheng and Little Goldfish’s biological clock were relatively fixed, but for Shi Yunnan, a designer, it was common to go to bed late and sleep in.

“Oh, OK.”

Little Goldfish answered with a particularly serious, airy tone and made a gesture.

Luo Lingsheng urged, “Get up, and go back to your room to wash yourself.

Then go downstairs to find Grandpa Qin and others to take you to kindergarten.“

Little Goldfish sensibly nodded and obediently folded his little blanket into a square.

He held it in his arms and got out of bed with a very small movement, as if he was afraid of waking Shi Yunnan up.

Luo Lingsheng remembered what happened last night and still couldn’t help calling him, “Jinyu.”


“From tonight, you still have to go back to your room to sleep.

You can’t pester your little uncle every night. ” Luo Lingsheng claimed.

Little Goldfish was stunned for two seconds.

He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was encircled by Luo Lingsheng like a treasure, and said, “But uncle, you are still clinging to little uncle to sleep.”


Luo Lingsheng was silent for a moment, and then said, “Anyway, tonight is not allowed to be like last night.

You are a boy.

Why are you crying for your little uncle all day long“


Little Goldfish did not dare to oppose Luo Lingsheng’s words, the great patriarch.

He reluctantly agreed before running out.

It was not until he ran out of the room that he grunted defiantly behind the closed door—

Uncle doesn’t understand at all!

If he hadn’t been guarding his little uncle a few nights ago, perhaps the angry little uncle would have sneaked away long ago!

The author has something to say:

Little Goldfish: If it wasn’t for me, your wife would have been gone long ago!

Patriarch Luo: If it weren’t for you, my wife would have slept with me long ago!


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