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From childhood to adulthood, Wen Yibei rarely got angry.

When Shi Yunnan was at Wen’s house, he accepted all of Wen Chenglang’s provocations.

When Shi Yunnan was not at Wen’s house, Wen Yibei could still endure it, and never caused any trouble to the elders.

In the long run, Wen Chenglang regarded Wen Yibei as a person without temper.

Now that he was suddenly punched by Wen Yibei, and seeing the bloodshot eyes of the other party, he couldn’t react for a while.

“Wen Chenglang, apologize to Yunnan right now!”

Wen Yibei repeated again, his fists were clenched tightly, and there was a trace of uncontrollable trembling.

At this moment, he was obviously angered by Wen Chenglang’s words and deeds, and he was anxious to protect his younger brother.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yunnan’s anger caused by Wen Chenglang was slightly dissipated by the warmth in his heart.

He shook Wen Yibei’s wrist, then coldly glanced at Wen Chenglang and his confused friend, “Brother, don’t be angry, your hand is for pulling bow and string, not for beating this two garbage.”

If he hurt his hand in the process, he would suffer great loss.


Wen Chenglang said incredulously, the corner of his mouth twitched with pain, and the bloody smell quickly filled his mouth.

He carefully touched the corner of his mouth that was punched by Wen Yibei.

This time, his anger surged up—

“Apologize Why the hell am I apologizing for Pei!”

Wen Chenglang spat out a mouthful of blood and loosened his somewhat strangled suit, tie and buttons, “Wen Yibei, why don’t you look at yourself You have lived in my house since you were a child, and ate my family’s food.

What you have now, which of it was not given to you by my family”

“If it wasn’t for grandpa who insisted on bringing you back, let me tell you, today, you wouldn’t be much better than Shi Yunnan! If he finds someone who has no legs, you will find someone who has no hands.

You two brothers are just the same… ”

Shi Yunnan bypassed Wen Yibei, and punched his right cheek, “Shut the hell up!”

“—Ah!” Wen Chenglang let out a scream.

Wen Yibei’s temperament was gentle.

Although the punch just now exhausted all his strength, it only managed to knock Wen Chenglang back a few steps.

Shi Yunnan was different.

This punch contained all of his anger, he exhausted his full strength, and knocked him down with one punch.

Seeing this situation, Wen Chenglang’s friend immediately stepped forward with concern, “Brother Lang, are you alright”

“Yang Ling, you, you go beat them for me!”

Wen Chenglang squeezed out these words through gritted teeth.

Compared with a friend, Yang Ling was more like Wen Chenglang’s lacky.

The former was a music teacher with average level and income who accidentally befriended the latter at an event.

Wen Chenglang was generous with money, and Yang Ling was a typical bootlicker.

After coming and going, they called each other brothers.

Once Yang Ling heard this, he did not hesitate to swing his fist at Wen Yibei for his future ‘expenditure’.

Shi Yunnan quickly shielded his brother behind him, and kicked Yang Ling in a ruthless manner, “You dare touch my brother! Get lost!”


Yang Ling let out a scream that was even more miserable than Wen Chenglang.

Wen Yibei didn’t care about Yang Ling’s tragic situation at all, he hurriedly said, “Yunnan, be careful!”

In just a short while, Wen Chenglang picked up a long metal ornament from the decorative windows on both sides of the corridor, and rushed towards Shi Yunnan with vengeance.

At this critical moment, Shi Yunnan instinctively turned sideways to dodge.

At the same time, someone rushed up from behind the brothers, smoothly clasped Wen Chenglang’s wrist, and folded it behind his back with skillful strength.

Wen Chenglang’s painful scream and the muffled sound of the ornament hitting the ground sounded at the same time.

Yuan Meng quickly resolved the crisis and turned to ask, “Mr.

Shi, are you alright”

Shi Yunnan hinted to him with his eyes, “I’m fine.”

Yuan Meng understood and twisted Wen Chenglang’s hands behind his back and pressed his face against the wall.

Yang Ling endured the pain and tremblingly got up.

Yuan Meng glanced at him and slantingly kicked him to the ground again.

Yang Ling no longer had the strength to stand up.

Seeing the miserable state of the two, Wen Yibei breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously.

Shi Yunnan completely believed in Yuan Meng’s ability, and immediately turned his gaze back, “Brother, did you get hurt”

“I’m fine, but how can you be so reckless!” Wen Yibei still had lingering fears.

If Shi Yunnan didn’t react in time and was injured by Wen Chenglang’s metal stuff, even if he gave up his hands and risked his life today, he would have to fight Wen Chenglang to death!

Just as the words fell, the sound of a wheelchair rang out behind them.

Shi Yunnan reacted first, turned around and approached the person who came, “Husband, you came just in time, I was bullied.”

This husband’s address was called out very naturally, and the ‘selling misery’ sentence was very deliberate.

Because of Shi Yunnan’s words, Luo Lingsheng’s frown unconsciously loosened, “Don’t be afraid.”

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips, “I’m not afraid.”

Luo Lingsheng quickly confirmed with his eyes that Shi Yunnan was not injured, and then moved his gaze to Yuan Meng, “What’s going on”

“Let go, let me go…”

Wen Chenglang kept struggling, and was pressed harder against the wall by Yuan Meng like a chicken.

Yuan Meng answered truthfully, “Patriarch, I heard a commotion here, so I rushed over as soon as possible.

This man wanted to smash Mr.

Shi’s head with a heavy metal weapon, so in a moment of desperation, I had to subdue them first.”

Luo Lingsheng caught a glimpse of the heavy metal tool on the carpet, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

If this thing was smashed down under the influence of anger, Shi Yunnan would definitely receive fatal injury.

Luo Lingsheng put one hand on the wheelchair frame and tapped his fingertip twice, “Oh I see.”

Almost at the same time, Yuan Meng and Qin Jian reacted tacitly.

Qin Jian quickly stepped forward to pick up the heavy metal tool and moved it to a place out of Wen Chenglang’s reach.

Seeing this, Yuan Meng inconspicuously twisted his hand that was holding Wen Chenglang’s wrist.


In an instant, Wen Chenglang’s chubby face was completely distorted by pain.

Yuan Meng let go of him as if he was throwing away garbage, and walked back to Luo Lingsheng with a blank face.

Wen Chenglang fell heavily to the ground, holding his right wrist.

He was in so much pain that he almost fell unconscious.

His face turned from red to pale, and he was issuing painful whimpers.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei glanced at each other and coincidentally perceived something.

Before anyone could say a word, there was a messy and hurried footstep behind them.

Shi Yunnan got up and looked towards the front of the corridor——

Song Zhiqiu walked in the front on high heels, Wen Yanfeng supported old man Wen in the middle, followed by Wen Wanyou who had changed into new clothes at the back.

This time, all four of the Wen family were present.

Song Zhiqiu’s expression changed when she saw her son who fell to the ground, “Xiao Lang! What’s the matter Don’t scare mommy!”

Wen Chenglang seemed to have seen his savior.

He dragged his trembling right hand and cried with tears and snot, “Mom, you must protect me!”

“Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, these two brothers, are shameless! They were eavesdropping on my friend and I’s conversation, and said that I deliberately embarrassed them at the banquet just now! And they began hitting me at the drop of a hat……”

“My, my wrist hurts… ah…”

When Song Zhiqiu heard this, she felt both distressed and angry.

She accused others without thinking, “Shi Yunnan, if you don’t cause trouble whenever you come back, you won’t feel happy, will you!”

“Do you know how important a violinist’s wrist is! You, yourself, can’t play violin, do you have to take revenge on Xiao Lang”

When Wen Yanfeng heard these words, he frowned in disapproval, “Enough! Can you not listen to the child’s one-sided statement”

“Today is Dad’s birthday.

Yibei and Yunnan are both measured people.

They wouldn’t act on impulse.”

Old man Wen heavily sighed, and immediately turned his attention back to Wen Yibei, “Yibei, what’s going on You’re their big brother, come and talk to grandpa.”

In his opinion, Wen Yibei was the calmest person among the three brothers.

A moment ago, the waiter who passed by heard the commotion in the corridor, and hurried over to report the news to the Wen family.

Wen Yibei quickly glanced at Wen Chenglang who cut a sorry figure, and first admitted, “Grandpa, I hit Chenglang first.”

As soon as these words came out, old man Wen and Wen Yanfeng were stunned at the same time.

Wen Yibei continued, with anger in his voice that could not be calmed down in time, “It was Chenglang who first called Yunnan a cheap bastard without a mother and also dragged Mr.

Luo into it.”

When everyone present heard this, their expressions changed in unison.

These vicious words did seem like something Wen Chenglang would normally say.

“At the banquet just now, it was obvious that Chenglang and his friend wanted to embarrass Yunnan, but Yunnan tried his best to endure it because it’s your birthday!”

“Since we were young, when did Wen Chenglang not try to provoke us brothers openly and secretly And wasn’t it always us who had to put up with it”

“Grandpa, back then you were pushed and injured by Wen Chenglang, yet he bit back and pushed all the blame on Yunnan! Uncle and auntie quarreled over this matter, while Yunnan and I had to tolerate him.”

“During the time you were in coma, Wen Chenglang was afraid of taking blame, so he ran to hide in other places to avoid the limelight! It was me and Yunnan who were guarding the door of the nursing room day and night, waiting for you to wake up.”

Old man Wen couldn’t bear it anymore, “Yibei, Grandpa knows that both of your brothers have been wronged.”

As an elder, the first thing he did after waking up was to clarify for his grandson, but it was a pity that Shi Yunnan had lost the last trace of trust in this family and was no longer willing to come back.

Wen Yibei gave a rare laugh, but his eyes were filled with tears and anger, “The reason why Yunnan didn’t come back all these years, as elders, how could you not know”

Seeing Wen Yibei’s appearance, Shi Yunnan immediately stepped forward and shook his wrist, comforting, “Brother, I’m okay, don’t…”

“What do you mean it’s okay”

He looked at Wen Chenglang, who was still crying for his father and mother, and for the first time he made no secret of his disgust.

“Wen Chenglang, who did something wrong, is still regarded as a treasure by auntie, because he’s the rightful young master of the Wen family! Even today, he can still casually curse at Yunnan.”

“And laughed at him for being a motherless child!”

“Yunnan has been making concessions all these years because of me! But I can’t watch him being bullied by Wen Chenglang over and over again!”

Wen Yibei was a person who seldom got angry, and no one present actually dared to refute his sudden criticism and lethal remarks.

Only Song Zhiqiu, after seeing her son’s forehead covered with cold sweat, continued to protect the calf and shouted anxiously, “Bullied you Aren’t you two brothers still perfectly alright”

“I’m telling you, if something happens to Xiao Lang’s hand, I will never let you go!”


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