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It’s Tuesday in the blink of an eye.

Luo Lingsheng finally agreed to Shi Yunnan’s invitation and set out with him to attend Mr.

Wen’s birthday.

Because it was the 80th birthday, Wen Yanfeng, the eldest son, paid special attention and held the banquet at the most famous Imperial Hotel.

When Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng arrived at the hotel, the banquet had not officially started yet.

Wen Yibei received a text message from his younger brother in advance and waited on the first floor to meet them in person.


Wen Yibei shouted, and then turned his attention to Luo Lingsheng on the wheelchair.

To be honest, regarding his brother and the other party’s flash marriage, Wen Yibei had never felt that it was a real deal.

He hesitated for two seconds, but still called out, “Mr.




Luo Lingsheng replied with a moderate tone.

Followed by Qin Jian and Yuan Meng at their side, they respectively presented the congratulatory gifts they brought for old man Wen.

Taking advantage of banquet management registration, Shi Yunnan pulled Wen Yibei aside and asked, “Brother, have you mentioned to grandpa that Luo Lingsheng is coming to the banquet”

Old man Wen was very old, and the relationship between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng wasn’t known by many people.

He was afraid that the former would not be able to accept this kind of ‘stimulation’.

“When grandpa was recuperating in the hospital before, he still didn’t know the relationship between you and Mr.


I mentioned it to him sometime ago…” Wen Yibei replied.

Shi Yunnan was vaguely nervous, “What did he say”

Wen Yibei frankly said, “There is no particular reaction, but he did not object to Luo Lingsheng coming to the banquet.

He should have acquiesced to your relationship.”

“You two don’t need to be too restrained today.

I’ll help you guys out on Grandpa’s side.”

Shi Yunnan breathed a sigh of relief and patted Wen Yibei’s shoulder, “Thank you, brother, does your waist still hurt”

“I’m really fine.” Wen Yibei was helpless, “Do you have to ask me about my health every three days I’m fine with bruises on my waist, but my ears are getting calluses.”

The two brothers talked briefly before returning to the reception at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Luo Lingsheng sat in the wheelchair and silently watched Shi Yunnan walk back to his side.

He turned his watch slightly, “If it’s inconvenient, I can wait for you outside.”

“What’s so inconvenient about it I want you to stay with me.”

Shi Yunnan bent down and straightened Luo Lingsheng’s pin, smiling brightly.

“If you don’t go in, what if that guy Wen Chenglang backstabbed me with his cheap mouth again”

Using the outside occasion as an excuse, under the name of ‘acting according to the contract’, Shi Yunnan started to provoke Luo Lingsheng again, “You’re my husband, I must have my own person to help me this time.”

I want you to stay with me, you’re my husband, my own person.

In a few simple sentences, Luo Lingsheng was perfectly delighted by every word, and his lips curved into an arc, “You are so eloquent, who would dare to bully you today”

Knowing that this was a response to his own words, Shi Yunnan hummed twice and took the initiative to walk behind Luo Lingsheng, “Let’s go, I’ll push you in.”


Only in front of Shi Yunnan that Luo Lingsheng, who had always been used to controlling wheelchairs by himself, didn’t refuse the help.

Wen Yibei watched the interaction between the two without saying a word, but did not expect that one day he would be able to watch his younger brother showing affection.

He shook his head helplessly and followed them into the banquet hall.

Qin Jian, who was “ignored” and left in place, was very used to this kind of small scene, only Yuan Meng muttered, “Didn’t patriarch and Mr.

Shi make a contract marriage”

Why is it looking more and more real now

Yuan Meng’s voice was very low, and only Qin Jian, who was next to him, could hear it.

Qin Jian showed a knowing smile, and didn’t forget to take the opportunity to hook Yuan Meng’s chin, “You don’t understand this Patriarch and Mr.

Shi are playing a game called ‘love interest’.”


Yuan Meng reacted quickly and grabbed the other party’s restless wrist, his ears turned red, “What’s love interest If you stretch out your hand again, I’ll crush you on the spot.”

Qin Jian laughed out loud, not afraid of him at all, “Mengmeng, you are too cruel If I report the work injury break to the patriarch, will you handle his pile of work documents for me”


Yuan Meng, who had a headache whenever he saw a document, was silent for two seconds, and was defeated in words again.

He had no choice but to quickly shake Qin Jian off, and enter the banquet hall to stand silently on one side, always paying attention to Luo Lingsheng’s safety.

As expected by Shi Yunnan, as soon as he entered the banquet hall with Luo Lingsheng, he caused quite a commotion.

Although most of the guests invited to old man Wen’s birthday banquet were from the entertainment industry, but there was also no shortage of people with well-off families and well-informed people, who whispered to each other and discussed——

“Hey, the one next to young master Wen is his twin brother right What’s his name”

“Shi Yunnan, the child who stayed at Shi’s house I feel like I haven’t never seen him interact with the Wen family for many years.

I thought they had cut off the relationship.”

“You haven’t heard the news Shi Yunnan came back from abroad a long time ago, do you guys know who that person in the wheelchair is”

“Who Seems a little familiar.”

“Luo Lingsheng! The one who is in charge of the Luo Group.”

The guest who said this seemed to be afraid that the person concerned would hear it, so he lowered his voice again, “I heard that Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng have both received their certificates…”

Everyone was discussing this matter, but they always abided by the etiquette in the banquet hall and did not shout loudly.

Shi Yunnan and his party walked to the public rest area beside the banquet hall, and suddenly heard a sneer coming from nearby, “Yo, I thought some people already died outside, I don’t know what wind blew them back ”

These words weren’t too loud, but it was extremely rude, especially the word “died” was clearly aimed at them.

Shi Yunnan’s movement of pushing the wheelchair paused, and Luo Lingsheng also looked at the source of the sound——

The visitor was slightly overweight.

He was wearing a dark blue suit, which appeared a little tight.

Above all, his whole person looked very old-fashioned.

This person was the grandson of Wen’s family, Wen Chenglang, and their nominal cousin.

Wen Yibei knew that Shi Yunnan and Wen Chenglang disliked each other, and he was unconditionally biased toward his younger brother.

As soon as he was ready to make a sound, he heard Shi Yunnan answer softly.

“Tsk tsk, I was thinking which elder is this, I was just about to say that uncle you look so young, but I didn’t expect…”

Shi Yunnan began to speak, his words laced with thorns, “After not seeing each other for so many years, cousin seems to have had enough of a wasted life.”

It was hard to tell that he was only twenty-five years old.

If this were to come out of the mouth of others, the odds are that it would come across as snarky.

But Shi Yunnan’s words were laced with laughter, and he deliberately showed a gentle but scheming look, which could simply suffocate the other party until he vomited blood.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were filled with indistinct joy, Wen Yibei helplessly glanced at his brother, and chose not to speak.

Their uncle Wen Yanfeng was tall and upright, but Wen Chenglang had always been indulgent in eating and drinking, and never taking care of his body.

Since childhood, his body had been ‘growing horizontally’.

Wen Chenglang’s face quickly turned red.

In contrast, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan were both taller than one another, the older brother was as gentle as jade, the younger brother was wild and unrestrained, their temperaments were particularly outstanding among the crowd.

From childhood to adulthood, Wen Chenglang was obscured by the two brothers, so he was always unhappy and secretly opposed them.

Now, seeing Shi Yunnan again after many years, he just taunted him with one sentence, but the other party responded with two sentences, not even letting him get the slightest advantage!

Wen Chenglang was furious, “Shi Yunnan, you…”

“Chenglang, what are you talking about”

Another serious voice came, interrupting Wen Chenglang’s anger.

Seeing the person coming, Wen Chenglang barely held back, “Dad.”


Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei shouted in unison.

Wen Yanfeng was old man Wen’s eldest son, and was currently the president of the Chinese Composition Association.

In addition, Wen Yanfeng was accompanied by a sweet-looking young girl, his youngest daughter Wen Wanyou, who just graduated from a well-known dance school this year.

“Cousin Yunnan, long time no see, grandpa and we all miss you very much.” Wen Wanyou’s smile was sweet and her behavior was gracious.

Shi Yunnan didn’t have a big problem with this cousin, he smiled slightly in response, and then turned his attention back to Wen Yanfeng.

“Uncle, long time no see.”

Wen Yanfeng looked at Shi Yunnan up and down, and showed a caring smile of an elder, “Yunnan, it’s good that you’re here, you’ve grown even more handsome after not seeing each other for so many years.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wen Wanyou, who was beside him, spoke again, “Cousin, you’re not going to introduce the guest who came with you”

She asked Shin Yunnan while looking at Luo Lingsheng with smiling eyes.

“Uncle, this is Luo Lingsheng.” Shi Yunnan’s words were concise, and did not deliberately show off Luo Lingsheng’s identity and status in front of Wen Yanfeng.

In silence, Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes to meet Wen Yanfeng and said in a rusty but polite manner, “Mr.

Wen, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Wen Yanfeng knew of Luo Lingsheng’s position in the business world, even if the other party came as Shi Yunnan’s partner, he still didn’t dare to neglect.


Luo, there are many people in the banquet hall.

Why don’t you move to a private room to rest Come back to the banquet hall later when the feast starts, so as not to be disturbed by other people.”

The banquet had not yet started.

The old man was getting old and was still resting on the second floor.

“We will also prepare a small family dinner later.

If you don’t dislike it, why don’t you stay for a while longer”

The implication was that for the time being, old man Wen and Luo Lingsheng should not have too much contact in front of the guests, so as to avoid being speculated by others about their family’s relationship, but when the door was closed, there was a family dinner of their own, which was another story.

Luo Lingsheng had no objection to this arrangement.

He was a guest, so he naturally wanted to give face to the host of the banquet.

“Of course, no problem.”

Wen Yanfeng looked at his more decent younger daughter and said, “Youyou, you and your cousin take Mr.

Luo to the private room first, while I stay here with your brother and Yibei to greet the other guests.”


Wen Wanyou responded briskly, her eyes slipped from Shi Yunnan, silently stopping on Luo Lingsheng’s face for two more seconds.

Shi Yunnan caught this subtle gaze and didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until his daughter took the two away that Wen Yanfeng turned serious again and warned Wen Chenglang, “Chenglang, I warn you! Yunnan finally came back, and your grandfather was very happy.”

“If you dare to embarrass Yunnan in front of the guests and make your grandfather unhappy on a big day like today, I will never spare you!”

Wen Chenglang was so angry that the corners of his mouth twitched.

Seeing that Shi Yunan was walking away, he had to throw his fiery gaze at Wen Yibei, “Take your nephew as your own son, and your own son as your enemy”

“Hmph, you say I’ll cause trouble You might as well tell Shi Yunnan not to come!”

After saying that, he turned and walked away.

Wen Yanfeng’s expression changed, he felt angry and helpless towards his domineering and fickle son.

Over the years, his wife Song Zhiqiu had spoiled this pair of children in a lawless way.

The daughter was still well-behaved and sensible, but the son had no achievements in music, and no development in his career.

Up to now, he became more and more unruly.

“Uncle, don’t worry, Yunnan is a measured person.

He promised me that he won’t mess around.”

Compared with Wen Chenglang, Wen Yibei was more willing to trust his brother’s character and sense of propriety.

Wen Yanfeng nodded, “I know, both of you brothers are good children.”

He looked at the two silhouettes that were gradually receding, and finally showed an indescribable surprise, “When did Yunnan and Mr.

Luo get together Is Mr.

Luo treating him well”

Wen Yibei didn’t answer.

He also wanted to make sure that Luo Lingsheng really treated his younger brother well.

Wen Yanfeng gathered his thoughts and patted his nephew on the shoulder, “You accompany me to greet the guests, later when Yunan has settled down Mr.

Luo, you two brothers will go up to the second floor together and greet grandpa in advance.”


The separate private room that the Wen family arranged for Luo Lingsheng was in the side hall on the first floor, and even a separate portion of drinks and snacks was prepared.

Wen Wanyou took them into the private room and said, “Cousin, Mr.

Luo, you sit first, you can call me anytime if you have anything.”

Shi Yunan responded.

Wen Wanyou suppressed a trace of emotion in her eyes and quickly exited the room.

Shi Yunnan looked around at the layout of the private room, and smiled, “The identity of the ‘Luo family’s patriarch’ is really easy to use anywhere, what an exclusive treatment.”

“But it’s good, anyway, the banquet has not yet officially started.

There’s no telling how many eyes are turning to you if you’re staying in the rest area outside.”

“Aren’t you going to say hello to Mr.

Wen in advance He hasn’t seen you for so many years.” Luo Lingsheng said.

Shi Yunnan casually fetched a glass of champagne and bent down to hand it to the other party, “I was planning to go, will you be bored if you stay here alone”

Luo Lingsheng took the glass, “No, go ahead.”

Since Old Mr.

Wen had no intention to see him in advance yet, he naturally would not just casually disturb him.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, reached out to touch the back of Luo Lingsheng’s hand, and probed the inside of his sleeve with his fingertips inch by inch.

The fingertips brought a slight numbness, making people unconsciously move their eyes away.

Just when Luo Lingsheng thought he was going to play some kind of trick, Shi Yunnan just flipped open his sleeves, revealing the watch hidden in his clothes.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes, “What are you doing”

Obviously both of them were wearing those so-called ‘couple watches’, but Shi Yunnan still bothered him1.

Shi Yunnan hummed contentedly, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes at most.


Luo is too good-looking.

I’m not comfortable leaving you alone in this small room.”

Luo Lingsheng laughed without saying a word, but the champagne in the glass rippled slightly.

Shi Yunnan went out for a little while, and Wen Wanyou, who was hiding in the corner to observe, slowly approached the private room.

She looked at the closed door, and her well-hidden eyes finally surged with a trace of greedy desire—

She had known Luo Lingsheng since she was fifteen years old.

At that time, Luo Lingsheng was not the head of the Luo family, nor was someone with a ruthless temperament to be afraid of, but a noble young master with a perfect appearance and demeanor.

Later, the changes in Luo’s family were treated as an after-dinner conversation.

Luo Lingsheng took the position of ‘Patriarch’ with an unimaginable ability, but it was a pity that he lost his legs.

However from Wen Wanyou’s point of view, what did it matter if his legs were inconvenient

Just based on Luo Lingsheng’s appearance, power, and wealth, not to mention being at the top of the imperial capital circle, even the entire country, hardly anyone could rival him.

Over the years, she had been silently paying attention to Luo Lingsheng, and the initial goodwill took root from the bottom of her heart until it matured and eroded.

Just when she thought she was good enough to go for it, someone told her—

Luo Lingsheng got a marriage certificate, and the object was actually her cousin Shi Yunnan

How ridiculous How ironic

Shi Yunnan, who was despised by both Shi and Wen, could unexpectedly spend time with Luo Lingsheng day and night

It took Wen Wanyou a whole month to calm down her jealousy that filled her heart, but when they met, she still couldn’t help it.

Just now she called out to her cousin, but her heart carried a thorn of resentment.

So what if they got married

She can still find an opportunity to prove her existence to Luo Lingsheng.

Compared to Shi Yunnan, who appeared out of nowhere, she was the one who had a crush on Luo Lingsheng for many years! Her feelings are real!

Wen Wanyou took a deep breath before she put on a smile that she thought was sweet and sincere, and knocked on the door, “Mr.

Luo, are you there”


The low voice came from across the door, causing Wen Wanyou to have another heartbeat.

“I’m Wen Wanyou, my cousin asked me to come.”


There was no answer in the room, and Wen Wanyou, who was standing at the door, felt that a second was like a year.

Just when she was about to open the door on her own, the closed door was opened from the inside.

Luo Lingsheng sat quietly in the wheelchair, he made no attempt to conceal the sharpness in his dark pupils, “He asked you to come”

Wen Wanyou felt his cold and stern aura, but her face didn’t change and her heart didn’t jump, “Yes, can I go in If Mr.

Luo is bored, I can chat with you…”

She paused and added with a smile, “About my cousin’s childhood.”

Luo Lingsheng fixedly looked at Wen Wangyu for two seconds, his gaze fell back to the time on his wristwatch, and then he controlled the wheelchair backward.

Wen Wanyou’s eyes were filled with joy, and she seized the opportunity to step in quickly.

Her hands lost strength, and she couldn’t close the door of the room all at once.

“As far as I know, Yunnan didn’t grow up in the Wen family when he was a child.”

“Yes, but he would come to Wen’s house every once in a while.”

Wen Wanyou raised her eyes, “For example, the birthday banquet when my two cousins turned eighteen, Mr.

Luo should have had an impression I remember you came back then”

This was the first encounter between Wen Wanyou and Luo Lingsheng, and she remembered it very clearly.


Luo Lingsheng’s eyes deepened, “Yes I was there.”

Wen Wanyou’s breath tightened, “Then does Mr.

Luo still remember me It’s…”

“Miss Wen, I’m more curious about Yunnan.”

Luo Lingsheng bluntly interrupted her, not giving the other party the slightest chance to exploit the gap.

Wen Wanyou’s smile froze for a second, and then she said, “Cousin Yunnan only came during the holidays, he has lived abroad since early childhood, and his personality is relatively straightforward.

He and my brother used to argue at the drop of a hat, but none of them have bad intentions.”

“However, at that year, during a quarrel, he accidentally pushed grandpa down, causing him to be hospitalized.

After that, he never came back, and didn’t send back any news.”

Wen Wanyou saw Luo Lingsheng, who was completely unbothered, and said, “Our family is very worried about him, and we have also asked people to inquire about his situation.”

“Cousin Yunnan is actually very strong, he can live a good life by himself.

We heard that he had a good time abroad all these years and had several relationships…”

She deliberately paused, and changed her words with a smile, “I didn’t expect that he was actually with Mr.

Luo, our family was quite surprised.”

Luo Lingsheng’s calm eyes finally changed, he shook the champagne in his hand, and glanced at the door, “Really”


Seeing Luo Lingsheng’s champagne, Wen Wanyou suddenly got up to pick up another wine on the table, and took the opportunity to get closer, “I don’t know who misplaced it, Mr.

Luo, try this one, it tastes better.”

After saying that, she boldly switched the two glasses of wine over.

Her body was filled with a sweet orange fragrance, which made Luo Lingsheng feel uncomfortable.

Luo Lingsheng’s pupils darkened for a moment, but there was no obvious resistance on the surface.

Perhaps due to the close distance, Wen Wanyou’s breath became hot, and even her whole body became soft.


Luo, your tie seems to be crooked, I…”

Wen Wanyou wanted to take the opportunity to have further intimate actions, as a result, there was a sound of footsteps behind her, and then she was pulled back by her arm.

“Alright, that’s about it.”

The extremely familiar voice caused Wen Wanyou to panic suddenly.

Before she could stand firm, the pulling force of her arms disappeared, and she fell backward on the carpet.

The wine she held in her hands all spilled all over the hem of her pure white dress, immediately leaving a wine stain.


Wen Wanyou looked at Shi Yunnan’s half-smile, and her face suddenly flushed red.

The corners of Luo Lingsheng’s mouth hooked into a light smile, his eyes fixed on Shi Yunnan from the moment he rushed in the door, “You’re back”

“If I don’t come back, are you going to hold the beauty in your bosom” Shi Yunnan jabbed at him.

Luo Lingsheng smiled without saying a word.

Shi Yunnan took the brand new wine in his hand and threw it into the trash can with disgust, “Who handed you this wine It doesn’t smell good.”


Wen Wanyou finally got up from the ground, her eyes dodging with a guilty conscience, she didn’t expect Shi Yunnan to come back so soon!

“C-cousin, have you met grandpa”

With old man Wen’s temperament, how could he let Shi Yunnan leave so easily Less than ten minutes, was it enough to say a few words

“Don’t change the subject, Wen Wanyou, I don’t like to beat around the bush, so you listen clearly-”

Shi Yunnan stood halfway in front of Luo Lingsheng, his eyes full of arrogance, “Don’t touch my person.”

The curvature of Luo Lingsheng’s mouth lifted a little.

“Cousin, you misunderstood, I didn’t…”

“You know it clearly in your own heart.” Shi Yunan interrupted her again, disdaining to bother with such a scheming girl.

In front of Luo Lingsheng, she seemed to be praising his true temperament and livelihood.

In actuality, first she was trying to imply that he had a bad temper, and accidentally hurt the old man; secondly, she slandered his chaotic private life abroad, saying that he had many imaginary exes.

“Today is my grandfather’s birthday.

I don’t want to make things too ugly, but if it happens again in the future, I don’t mind letting you lose face.”

Wen Wanyou subconsciously looked at Luo Lingsheng, who didn’t take her seriously, and didn’t even show the slightest pity for her current embarrassment.

Wen Wanyou’s eyes reddened and she immediately left the room as if running away.

After she left, Shi Yunnan turned around and grabbed Luo Lingsheng’s tie, saying, “Let me take a closer look, where is Mr.

Luo’s tie crooked”

As he spoke, he deliberately tightened his tie.

Luo Lingsheng saw his jealous expression, and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Second young master Shi, are you trying to murder your own husband”

Shi Yunnan took this as a joke and hummed uncooperatively, “Didn’t you say you’re not interested in women”

“I didn’t let her touch, and…” Luo Lingsheng paused and directly laid bare the truth, “You were already standing at the door, why didn’t you come in”


Shi Yunnan took a while to realize that Luo Lingsheng did it on purpose, and he was just waiting for him to rush in.

Luo Lingsheng saw his pursed lips, and his tone was a little coaxing, “Are you really angry”

Shi Yunnan met Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, and his tie-wrapped fingers pressed hard against the knot on his throat, as if he was venting his fire-like punishment, but also as if he was unconsciously acting spoiled.

“Luo Lingsheng, I’m jealous.”


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