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The next day, Shi Yunnan woke up feeling dizzy to the point where he couldn’t tell the north from the south.

He put his hand to his head, and unconsciously issued two low murmurs as he just woke up.

Da da da.

The sound of slippers trotting on the floor rang out.

Little Goldfish, who had been guarding the door for a long time, heard the movement in the room, and rushed to the bedside immediately, “Little uncle, are you awake”

Shi Yunnan was still a little confused, and narrowed his eyes, “Huh Why don’t you go to class”

“School is on vacation.”

Little Goldfish propped his hands on the edge of the bed and tilted his head adorably.

“Uncle said you drank last night and didn’t let me wake you up, but little uncle you’ve been in bed for too long, I’ve already had breakfast.”

Shi Yunnan got up and tried to recall what happened last night.

Unfortunately, the aftereffect of the bottle and a half of whisky was too strong, he found out that his drunken memory was in bits and pieces.

However, the brief side kiss…

Was it his drunken impulse, or a drunken dream


The blinding sunlight that suddenly broke into the bedroom interrupted Shi Yunnan’s thoughts.

He subconsciously raised his hands to block it and squinted to adapt to the light.

“Little uncle, wait for me!”

Little Goldfish who finished drawing the curtains ran out again.

In less than three minutes, he cautiously walked in with a steaming ceramic mug, “For you!”

Little Goldfish’s hand strength was limited, and his hand almost became unsteady.

Shi Yunnan quickly took it from him and asked with a smile, “You poured warm water for me”

“Yes, it has honey in it.”

Little Goldfish obediently lay on the bedside, and answered with his little head raised as if offering a treasure.

“In the story you told me before, when the little bear was drunk, his family dug honey and soaked it in water for him to drink.”

“I asked uncle and he said it was okay.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed Little Goldfish’s head, “Thank you.”

Naturally, he would not disappoint the child’s wish, and took a few mouthfuls in front of him.

The sweet honey water warmed the stomach and seemed to disperse the remaining alcohol in the body.

Little Goldfish watched Shi Yunnan raise his head to drink water, and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, “Uncle, is it delicious Is it sweet”

Seeing his straightforward eyes, gluttonous to the point of drooling, Shi Yunnan immediately understood.

It was true that this little brat wanted to take care of him, and it was also true that he wanted to drink sweet honey water.

Shi Yunnan handed him the remaining half of the honey water, and instructed in a warm voice, “Sit down first.

I’ll take a shower.”

Little Goldfish was overjoyed and answered obediently, “Okay!”

Ten minutes later.

The big and small persons left the room, and happened to bump into Luo Lingsheng in the corridor.

“Aren’t you going to headquarters today”

According to how busy Luo Lingsheng was, he would not be home at this hour on weekdays.

Luo Lingsheng observed Shi Yunnan’s face secretly, and answered after confirming that the other party did not have any discomfort from last night.

“Just about to go out, Qin Jian is waiting downstairs.”

Little Goldfish’s gaze wandered between the two adults for a while, then suddenly ran away with a smile, “Uncle, I’ll wait for you downstairs!”

After he finished speaking, he quickly walked down the stairs, for fear that he would become a small light bulb.

Luo Lingsheng had limited mobility and could only move up and down through the elevator.

Shi Yunnan approached and subconsciously looked at Luo Lingsheng’s thin but beautiful lips.

He recalled that dream-like kiss, and his mind wandered for a moment.

“Luo Lingsheng, I drank a little too much last night, did I trouble you”

The elevator door opened in response to the sound of his probing question.

Luo Lingsheng asked rhetorically, “What kind of trouble is second young master Shi referring to”

Shi Yunnan didn’t continue asking.

He originally wanted to push what happened last night to the bottom of his heart.

If it was false, then treat it as a dream, lest it be embarrassing to bring it up.

If it was true, then it was him who gained advantages.

With Luo Lingsheng’s character, since he neither showed resistance on the spot nor showed indifference to him at the moment, it meant that the other party didn’t dislike it

Maybe next time he could take advantage of the alcohol to make persistent efforts, and directly change from a side kiss to a hot tongue kiss

The elevator door opened with a sound.

Luo Lingsheng entered first.

He pressed the ‘Open’ button and stared at Shi Yunnan, who was still in deep thought, “Aren’t you coming in”


Shi Yunnan entered with a smile, the more he thought about it, the better he felt.

The elevator doors slowly closed and descended.

Perhaps seeing that Shi Yunnan did not continue to ask, Luo Lingsheng suddenly opened his mouth, “it was no trouble last night.”

If that little side kiss could be considered troublesome, then he wished Shi Yunnan would give him more troubles.

The two men looked at each other.

The smile in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes was so fast that it was hard to capture, “Very well-behaved.”

The simple three words echoed in the small elevator room, and finally disappeared along the opened elevator door.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingsheng’s back as he left in a serious manner, his eyes and eyebrows were filled with visible delight, and he gave a faint and unnoticeable low hum—

Just wait for it!

The next time he got drunk, he wouldn’t be so well-behaved! He will become very wild!

“Little uncle, do you want to have lunch” Little Goldfish appeared out of nowhere, and shook Shi Yunnan’s hand.

“Okay, Let’s eat lunch.”

Shi Yunnan only returned to his room after lunch, ready to create a new round of jewelry design.

In less than half an hour, he received a call from Wen Yibei.

“Hey, brother.”

“Yunnan, is the injury on your arm okay”

“It’s fine, just a little scratch.” Shi Yunnan paused, and subconsciously added, “Luo Lingsheng already helped me deal with it last night.”

Wen Yibei on the other end of the phone was silent for half a second, but did not pierce the sweet joy in his brother’s words.

Shi Yunnan turned on the loudspeaker on his mobile phone.

While taking a pencil to sketch the outline of the diamond on the drawing, he asked Wen Yibei——

“Brother, why did you call me, is there something wrong”

“I originally wanted to talk to you in person, but something happened last night, so I forgot about it…”

There was a moment of hesitation on the other end of the phone, “Yunnan, Grandpa’s 80th birthday is next Tuesday, are you coming”

The pencil tip in Shi Yunnan’s hand froze.

He did not give an answer.

Perhaps due to the long silence, Wen Yibei who was on the phone couldn’t help but voice out.


Shi Yunnan thought for a while, but still agreed, “Brother, I know, I will go.”

Putting aside other things, old mister Wen still cared for him, he naturally needed to go when the old man celebrated his 80th birthday.

Wen Yibei on the other end of the phone discreetly breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay, you can come if you want.”

“Don’t worry about Wen Chenglang.

After all, this is Grandpa’s birthday banquet, he won’t cause any trouble.”

Wen Chenglang was their nominal cousin, and Shi Yunnan once had a very unpleasant fight with the other party.

Shi Yunnan twirled the brush with his fingers and replied casually, “Well, I’m too lazy to have any more involvement with people like him.”

Wen Yibei heard that Shi Yunnan was willing to come, he timely stopped the topic.

He asked again, “By the way, have you received the violin Do you like it”


Shi Yunnan got stuck for a moment and asked, “Brother, how do you know”

“Luo Lingsheng specially contacted me a while ago and talked to me about this…”

At that time, Wen Yibei was still touring abroad.

It was quite unexpected to be contacted by Luo Lingsheng.

However, he still recounted the appearance of Shi Yunnan’s childhood violin to the other party.

However, it was Luo Lingsheng’s idea to buy the violin in the first place.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth, and finally understood——

No wonder, Luo Lingsheng could send him a violin with a very high similarity.

“When it comes to this matter, I’m not as good as Mr.


Wen Yibei knew that the ‘violin’ was Shi Yunnan’s regret.

He was afraid of touching the other party’s wound, so he had been carefully avoiding it.

“Brother, you and him are both good.”

Shi Yunnan looked at the violin resting on the wall, and suddenly remembered the words Luo Lingsheng promised in the restaurant.

——If you still like it, you can always pick it up and learn it.

No matter how good or bad the playing is, I can be your listener.

The gift from Luo Lingsheng was not perfunctory, and his promise was not empty words.


Shi Yunnan turned around, the smile in his eyes became more and more obvious, “I seem to like Luo Lingsheng more and more.”


Wen Yibei, who was caught off guard by his younger brother’s sudden display of affection, felt a little more complicated in his heart——his well-grown little cabbage seemed to have taken the initiative to run away with Luo Lingsheng.

After all, this was the first time he heard Shi Yunnan personally admitted the word ‘like’.

The two brothers chatted for a while before hanging up.

Since he had decided to congratulate old man Wen on his birthday, he had to send some decent congratulatory gifts.

Shi Yunnan was suddenly no longer in the mood to design.

He went downstairs and asked uncle Qin, the housekeeper, and drove out by himself.

Northern suburbs of Imperial Capital, Linglong Jade Market.

The history of the Imperial Capital can be counted as several generations of imperial cities.

There were naturally innumerable wealthy things derived from this land boundary, and the Linglong Jade Market was one of them.

In uncle Qin’s words, the northern suburbs had long been the focus of jade sales.

Seventy or eighty years ago, a private owner funded the establishment of the first-generation market, and later the relevant departments funded the renovation, forming the current transaction scale.

From the smallest stalls and vendors in the market’s open spaces to the largest regular shops in the market building, any transaction with jade can take shape here.

On old man Wen’s birthday, Shi Yunnan planned to give a jade carving ornament.

As the saying goes, “Jade can nourish people”.

Sending such a natural jade ornament to elderly people could hardly go wrong.

It took Shi Yunnan 40 minutes to arrive at the site.

His goal was very clear.

Bypassing the shouts of the street vendors at the rough stone stall, he went straight to the large jade shop on the inside.

Shi Yunnan blindly chose a store to enter.

The clerk who was guarding the door immediately came forward to greet him attentively, “Welcome, sir! Our family is a century-old shop.

One fake pay back ten.

We ensure the utmost sincerity and honesty!”

Shi Yunnan was a person who disliked this kind of promotion.

He preferred to make his own decision when buying things, “I’ll take a look by myself first, you go about your business.”

“Yes, feel free to take a look.”

Hearing this, the clerk took two steps back with a fake smile and cast a glance at the boss in front of the counter.

The owner of this store was a middle-aged man.

Seeing Shi Yunnan’s word and deed, he couldn’t help showing contempt——

The jade industry paid attention to the word “experience”, the qualifications for buying, trading and evaluating generally required experience.

How can a young man like Shi Yunnan understand jade and jade carving Sure enough, it was another person who came to look around for fun.

These days, the business of the finished jade carving market is getting harder and harder.

Their shop hadn’t sold anything since March!

Shi Yunnan wandered around half a circle, and on rare occasions, he spotted a jadeite textured jade carving with longevity peach bergamot as the theme.

It was obviously very suitable for the elderly as a birthday present.

“Sir, this work is a good piece in our store, most suitable for the elderly in the family.”

The clerk came up again, “Shall I take it out for you to see”

Shi Yunnan nodded, he had to make sure of all aspects before deciding whether to buy it or not.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

When the middle-aged boss heard this, he immediately walked out from the counter with a smile on his face.

He put on gloves himself, took out the jade carvings in the showcase, and placed them on the velvet fabric on one side for display.

Everything was in line with the rules of the industry.

After obtaining the store owner’s approval, Shi Yunnan picked up the jade carving and roughly looked at it through the natural light.

Transparent jade was too common.

Giving such jade quality to the elderly was too petty.

Shi Yunnan steadily put this jade carving down and smiled slightly, “Sorry, I’ll take another look.”

The implication was that he was not satisfied with this jade carving.

The middle-aged boss took it kindly without any complaints.

But the moment Shi Yunnan turned around and left the store, a frantic question suddenly came from behind, “Wait! Stop right there! Why did a crack suddenly appear”

“Great, you want to slip away after breaking my stuff Pay me back!”

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