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Half an hour later, inside the Rongxing District Police Station.

Yuan Rui, who was badly beaten black and blue, sat on the chair with red eyes and did not speak, but he was already sober from the alcohol.

Shi Yunnan sat calmly on the other side, followed by the worried Wen Yibei.

The quarrel between the two parties was too loud, which attracted the attention of other guests in the nightclub.

Some guests were afraid it would develop into a big incident, so they hid in the crowd and called the police silently.

The nightclub was just a street away from the police station in this area.

As soon as the police heard that there was a fight in the nightclub, they arrived at the scene within five minutes, and then brought them both back for questioning.

Not far away, Fu Ziyu, as the nightclub owner, was busy explaining the situation to the police.

“Look at you, your arm is bruised.”

“Brother, I’m fine with this little injury.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t care about this scratch at all, and asked instead, “Does your waist still hurt Why don’t you go to the hospital for a CT scan first If your waist is seriously injured, Yuan Rui and I are not finished.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Yuan Rui on the other end of the bench.

The other party sat down on the chair with his head lowered uncharacteristically, his clenched fist oozing a lot of blood.

“That jade pendant might be very important to him.

I saw him clutch it in his hand all the time.” Wen Yibei whispered to his brother.

Come to think of it, the bloodstain on the other party’s hand was from the wound cut by the broken jade pendant.

“I didn’t smash it on purpose.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered slightly, nevertheless he added, “As long as he is willing to apologize to you, I will immediately apologize and compensate him.”

Wen Yibei sighed and said nothing.

The matter had come to this point, it’s meaningless to decide who was in the right or wrong.

Soon, Fu Ziyu walked back with the police officer, the latter said in a businesslike manner.

“Since both of you have agreed to settle this matter privately, then it’s easy to handle.

You can leave after signing the case confirmation letter.

Remember not to do this again!”

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Jian’s voice sounded at the door, “Patriarch, Mr.

Shi is over there.”


Shi Yunnan locked on Luo Lingsheng’s figure, his heart thumped, and his relaxed and calm momentum vanished into the thin air.

Before he could figure out how to explain, Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair to approach him, his eyes were deep and terrifyingly solemn.

Shi Yunnan was subconsciously frightened and wanted to avoid him, but he had to force a smile, “How did you know I was here”

“It’s hard not to know when you guys made such a big commotion in the nightclub.”

Luo Lingsheng replied calmly, but in fact, the big stone that weighted his heart quietly fell to the ground.

He finished his work early tonight.

Thinking of the sentence Shi Yunnan casually mentioned in the afternoon: Or are you going to accompany me I’d be happy to have your personal supervisie me.

So Luo Lingsheng arrived at the nightclub early, but he didn’t expect the other party to give him another surprise.

Shi Yunnan tried to hide his guilty conscience, “It’s just a little friction, it’s been resolved.”

Although Yuan Rui was the one who went against Shin Yunnan at full force, when they arrived at the police station, he instead took the initiative to withdraw and offered to settle the matter privately.

Wen Yibei didn’t want to make things too big, so he nodded and agreed.

Not far away, another calm inquiry sounded, “Hello, is Yuan Rui here I’m his brother.”

A policeman replied, “He’s inside.

Are you his family member Register first.”

When everyone heard the words, the crowd moved their gaze in unison—

A tall man walked straight towards Yuan Rui and crouched down in front of him.

Probably noticing his excessively bleeding hands, the man unceremoniously grabbed Yuan Rui’s wrist.

“Lu Zhao’an, let me go!” Yuan Rui resisted.

The man named Lu Zhao’an looked thin, but his strength seemed to be extraordinarily strong, so Yuan Rui was unable to break free from him.

Lu Zhao’an calmly looked into Yuan Rui’s eyes and asked, “You don’t let me deal with it, do you want to stir up this matter in front of Master”


Yuan Rui didn’t speak, but he also didn’t spread his hands obediently.

Lu Zhao’an did not force him to obey, but calmly and carefully unfold his clenched fists.

Soon, the broken jade pendant stained with blood was revealed.

Yuan Rui, who had been enduring all along, couldn’t help but cry a little, “It’s broken.”

Lu Zhao’an’s tone finally had a slight fluctuation, “It’s okay, I…”

“Of course you think it’s okay!” Yuan Rui suddenly jerked his hand back, and puffed up like a puffer fish.

He sneered and looked at the other party with mocking eyes, “Since you were young, when did you, Lu Zhao’an, ever really consider my thoughts”

Yuan Rui dropped this sentence, got up and hurriedly signed the confirmation letter, “Hello, can I go now”

The policeman looked at Shi Yunnan and others, “If you two can reach an agreement, you can leave at any time.”

Yuan Rui looked at Shi Yunnan, his expression still unsightly, and then he turned his eyes to Wen Yibei.

In front of everyone’s eyes, he bowed with great sincerity and apologized in a muffled voice, “One thing is one thing.”

“I’m sorry, I accidentally injured you just now.

Please go to the hospital for an examination.

In two day, I’ll find you to talk about the compensation.”


Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei looked at each other, obviously not expecting Yuan Rui to take the initiative to apologize.

How can this child’s temper be so twisted

Yuan Rui quickly left the police station lobby, and Lu Zhao’an, who was left in place, slowly got up and took the initiative to approach Shi Yunnan and others.

“Everyone, Xiao Rui has been spoiled by his family since he was a child, and doesn’t know how to restrain his temper.

If he has been offensive tonight, please forgive him.”

Lu Zhao’an’s voice was calm, with a kind of experience and composure that didn’t match his youthful appearance.

Shi Yunnan remembered the smashed jade pendant and asked, “Is Yuan Rui’s jade pendant very important”

Today, both sides were at fault, but the matter regarding the jade pendant was unexpected.

Seeing that Yuan Rui had taken the initiative to apologize, Shi Yunnan naturally asked about it, wanting to see if there was any remedy.

Lu Zhao’an replied to him, “I will find a way to deal with this matter, there’s no need to trouble you.”

He took the initiative to hand over a business card of his own, “If you need a follow-up regarding the compensation agreement, you can contact me at any time.”

Half a minute later, Lu Zhao’an also left the lobby of the police station.

Fu Ziyu handed the business card he received to his friend, “Yuan’s Jade, Lu Zhao’an, you guys know him”

Shi Yunnan was the first to shake his head.

Frankly speaking, only Yuan Rui had appeared in his dream, and Lu Zhao’an was completely outside his existing knowledge.

And wasn’t Yuan Rui the only young master in the Yuan family Lu Zhao’an had a different surname, why did he claim to be Yuan Rui’s brother when he just entered the door

“What’s with the bruise on your arm”

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng’s deep questioning voice pulled everyone’s thoughts back.

Wen Yibei responded, “That’s right, Yunnan, the bruise on your arm needs to be dealt with quickly.”

Shi Yunnan turned his attention to himself again, and glanced at Luo Lingsheng with inexplicable guilt. A dead duck has a hard mouth1.

“I’m alright, isn’t it normal to get injured in a fight Yuan Rui was beaten by me until his nose was blue and his face was swollen.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t answer, and Wen Yibei didn’t agree with his words.

Shi Yunnan secretly sent Fu Ziyu a signal with his eyes.

The two were worthy of being friends for many years, the latter immediately stepped forward, “How about we go out and talk”

“Yeah, let’s go out and talk.”

Three minutes later, the group all left the police station.

Wen Yibei originally wanted to accompany Shi Yunnan to the hospital to deal with the injury, but under Shi Yunnan’s repeated assurances, he had to follow Fu Ziyu back to the nightclub to get his car.

Not long after the two left, Qin Jian, who went to get their car in advance, drove back.

After Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan got into the car, he brought the medicine bag from the front row, “Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, I saw a pharmacy next to the parking lot, so I decided to buy some medicine.

Why don’t you take care of the injury first”

It will take at least half an hour to get home from here.

It is better to deal with wounds in time.

Shi Yunnan took it from him, “Thank you.”

Luo Lingsheng gave Qin Jian a look, the other party nodded, and silently closed the rear door, but did not rush back to the driver’s seat.

There were only two people left in the car, and the entire space was quiet and still.

Shi Yunnan turned to look at Luo Lingsheng and asked tentatively, “Luo Lingsheng, are you angry again”


Luo Lingsheng met his gaze and asked back, “In second young master Shi’s eye, am I that easily angered”

“On the contrary, second young master Shi came to the nightclub twice, and both times you have caused such a ruckus.”

His eyes were very cold and heavy, and for a moment, it was impossible to perceive his superfluous emotions.

“…I thought you were worried about my wound.

When all is said and done, you’re still mad at me.

If by chance, things get too big, it will cause you and the Luo family to lose face.”

Shi Yunnan avoided his gaze, muttered, and internally mocking himself for his own wishful thinking.

He opened the medicine bag to check—

Qin Jian bought a complete range of medicines, from wound cleaning solution, to special disinfection cotton swabs for wounds, and then to the ointment applied after treatment.

Shi Yunnan tried to use the cleaning solution to treat the abrasion on his elbow, but because the wound was in such an awkward position, it was not particularly convenient for him to deal with.

Luo Lingsheng couldn’t bear it, and took the thing from his hand, but because of the inconvenience of sitting, he said, “Come closer.”

Obviously, he intended to treat his wound for him.


A smile slipped out of Shi Yunnan’s eyes.

He didn’t just put his arm close, but also leaned over his entire body.

Luo Lingsheng held his breath slightly and began to deal with the wound.

The wound provoked a little pain, and Shi Yunnan, who had always been able to tolerate the pain, let out a ‘hiss’ for the first time ever.

He was completely different from the ‘totally unconcerned’ him in the police station a while ago.

Right now, he was like a wounded and pitiful little animal.

However, this cry of pain was more or less deliberate, purposely trying to attract the other’s attention.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t say anything, but his complexion finally eased up.

Shi Yunnan naturally sensed his mood change and explained, “It wasn’t me who caused trouble today, it was Yuan Rui who did it first.

I didn’t even get to drink a few sips of wine, and the other kept pushing and pulling…”

“I can see the other party’s bruised nose and swollen face, it’s indeed not the ordinary ‘push and pull’2.”


Shi Yunnan was so choked up that he could not say anything to refute.

He always felt that Luo Lingsheng was hiding some deliberate teasing.

After the initial wound cleaning, Luo Lingsheng picked up a disposable sterile cotton swab.

He stared at the large bruise after cleaning, after holding back for a while, he called out his full name.

“Shi Yunnan.”


“Take yourself more seriously in the future.”

Even if it was a small injury, don’t have it again.

Shi Yunnan was stunned and felt his nose getting sour for no reason.

When he was a child, he often had such bumps and bruises.

Because he didn’t have his family by his side, he handled it casually every time.

After all, he was a boy, he couldn’t unreasonably weeb and sob.

When he grew up, Shi Yunnan was even less concerned about the minor illnesses and injuries in his life, but he didn’t expect that someone would care about him today.

–Take yourself more seriously in the future.

Shi Yunnan recalled this sentence in his mind.

He shook off the bitter feeling and responded earnestly, “Luo Lingsheng, I understand.”

Luo Lingsheng got his reply, and the action of disinfecting the wound became gentler, “If it really hurts, let me know.”

Shi Yunnan lost his initial guilty conscience and restraint.

Arbitrarily staring at the man in front of him for a long time, his mind couldn’t help but ripple.

“What should I do I really feel a little pain right now.”

There was a glimmer of joy flashed at the bottom of Luo Lingsheng’s eyes.

After spending a long time together, he could easily distinguish Shi Yunnan’s tone.

For instance, at present, as soon as he heard it, he knew that Shi Yunnan was teasing people again.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes to meet him, and asked back calmly, “Then what do you want to do”

Shi Yunnan turned over Luo Lingsheng’s wrist that was treating his wound, his expression was particularly affectionate, and his tone seemed to be soaked with honey.

“I want my husband to kiss me in order to get better~”


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