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Because of the sudden downfall of FYUE Club, those who loved dancing, drinking, and nightlife in Imperial Capital lost a large place where they could wantonly spend their money.

At present, DOLL Club, a nightclub invested by Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu, was officially open to the public.

Within a week, it had wildly attracted the original group of consumers.

From the trial opening to the present, it was full of customers every day.

Shi Yunnan sat at the VIP booth that had been reserved by his friend, and stared at the crowd who were recklessly jumping on the dance floor with great interest.

“Come on, I just recently got my hands on the Chivas Collector’s Edition whisky.”

Fu Ziyu sat down opposite him, and steadily put down the black and gold packaging of the wine bottle, “I didn’t even bother to drink it when I was by myself.

I’m waiting for you to come over and celebrate together.”

“I’ve been busy recently, so I came here as soon as I had time.”

Shi Yunnan clinked the glass with his friend and drank it all in one go, only to be choked up by the strong alcohol before two gulps.

Fu Ziyu, the bad friend, not only didn’t help, but kept jesting, “I’ve already said that it’s a rare collector’s edition of strong wine.

You have to drink it slowly to savor the taste.

Who can endure so much drinking at once”

Shi Yunnan was choking very hard, he put down the remaining half glass of wine he didn’t drink, “Hurry up and get me some mild wine.”

“No way How did your drinking ability decline so much” Fu Ziyu took a sip of whiskey and felt that it was ok.

“How long has it been since I last saw you Did you really become a little white rabbit under Luo Lingsheng’s ‘discipline’”

“It’s not that I can’t.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at his friend angrily and explained, “My brother will come over later.

He’s not good at drinking.

I can’t let him drink this kind of strong wine.”

“Your brother” Fu Ziyu racked his brain and came up with a name, “Wen Yibei”

Shi Yunnan nodded and suddenly remembered something, “Although I have known you for a long time, you and my brother has never met”

Fu Ziyu frowned a little, and said casually, “Has not met and there’s no need to.”

As Shi Yunnan’s best friend, Fu Ziyu had no good impression of both the Shi and Wen family.

Although Shi Yunnan repeatedly explained that ‘The elders of the Wen family and my twin brother are very good to me, they are different from the Shi family’ , Fu Ziyu kept holding onto his own little prejudice——

Let the elder brother stay in Wen’s house to enjoy an easy life, while leaving the younger brother to suffer abroad.

How could these two families be better than one another

They are pretty much the same.

Fu Ziyu drank the remaining whisky in the glass, showing a bit of unrestrained childe’s energy, “I don’t have any mild liquor in this nightclub.

If your brother can’t drink, then let him go early…”

Before the words were finished, a question sounded behind the two of them.


The extremely gentle voice was particularly special in a crowd of noises.

Shi Yunnan turned his head to look at Wen Yibei, and stood up happily, “Brother, you’re finally here.”

Wen Yibei looked at his younger brother from head to toe, made sure that the other party was not too thin, and then sat down with him with a smile.

“As soon as I entered the door, I was stunned by the music.

After searching for a long time, I couldn’t find you.

Only after asking the waiter did I know that the booth seat you told me is on the second floor.”

After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but look around, a trace of discomfort flashed between his eyebrows.

Wen Yibei had never been in or out of bars or nightclubs.

From childhood to adulthood, most of his counterparts had been concert halls and performance rooms.

He was accustomed to the melodious sound of musical instruments.

This type of lively dance music was really noisy to him.

If he hadn’t heard that this nightclub was invested in by his own brother, he would never have planned to come.

“Why did you think of investing in a nightclub” Wen Yibei asked.

Shi Yunnan took him by the shoulders and pointed to the friend opposite, “Brother, let me formally introduce you two.

This is Fu Ziyu, he’s the owner of this nightclub, and I’m at most a partner who invested in it.”

Wen Yibei responded and greeted with a smile, “Hello, my name is Wen Yibei.”

“I often heard Xiao Nan mention you before, thank you for your help and care for my brother all these years.”


Fu Ziyu stared at Wen Yibei for a few seconds, then responded slowly, covering his lips, “Oh, no, no need to thank, we’re friends after all.”

Shi Yunnan picked up the wine menu on the table, “Brother, what do you want to drink”

“Is there one with a lighter degree” Wen Yibei looked at it twice without quite understanding.

He usually only drank at banquets, receptions and other occasions, usually mild champagne and red wine.

The opposite Fu Ziyu responded without thinking, “Yes, I’ll ask the waiter to get it for you right away.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at his friend and seemed to notice something subtle.

Wen Yibei thanked him and asked casually, “Where is the bathroom I want to wash my hands first.”

Fu Ziyu replied quickly, “Just go to the end and turn right.”

After Wen Yibei got up and left, Shi Yunnan saw the opposite Fu Ziyu quickly came over to his seat.

Fu Ziyu hooked on his friend’s shoulder, “I only heard that you two brothers don’t look alike, but I didn’t expect your brother to be so good-looking”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, and suddenly elbowed the other party’s chest, “I warn you, don’t have any bad idea on my brother, he is different from me.”


Fu Ziyu really got hit hard this time, he almost bared his teeth in pain, “What idea, and why is he different”

“My brother and I are not from the same world.

He grew up beside our grandfather.

He usually doesn’t like to make trouble or fool around, and his mind is pure.

Anyway, don’t provoke him.”

Fu Ziyu was silent for two seconds, then smiled, “Understood.

You act as if I’m some kind of heinous evil.”

“Who doesn’t know how powerful big brother Fu is You have countless admirers.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and teased.

“Nonsense, you should undermine me a little less.”

His best friend clearly stopped him, how could Fu Ziyu still think about it

He could see that people like Wen Yibei were gentle and clean from the outside to the inside.

He wasn’t someone an ‘indecent’ dandy like him could provoke.

The two were chatting when Wen Yibei returned from the bathroom.

He looked at the seat occupied by Fu Ziyu and was slightly taken aback.

“You two brothers talk first, I’ll go downstairs to check out the front desk…”

When Fu Ziyu met Wen Yibei’s gaze, he subconsciously added, “I’ll bring you a light cocktail along the way.”


Seeing his friend go downstairs, Shi Yunnan pulled his brother to sit beside him again, “Brother, what do you think of this nightclub”

Wen Yibei told the truth, “It’s better than I thought.

It can be seen that Mr.

Fu manages it very well.”

“Just call him by his name.

Don’t look at his tall figure and pretentious appearance, in fact, he is a few months younger than us.”

“Pretentious” Wen Yibei was startled, and then rubbed his head in a doting and helpless manner, “How can you describe your friend like that It’s rude.”

Shi Yunnan smiled with no malicious intent.

He and Fu Ziyu were used to calling each other ‘dad and son’, so they really didn’t pay much attention to politeness.

Wen Yibei remembered the close distance between the two he had just seen, and there was an inappropriate gleam at the bottom of his eyes.

He was just about to say something, but suddenly, a drunken figure fell on the edge of their booth.


The wine glass in the other party’s hand happened to smash at Wen Yibei’s feet, the broken remnants were mixed with the remaining wine, making a mess on the ground.

“Brother, are you alright!”

Shi Yunnan got up quickly and pulled Wen Yibei away, “Did the rubbles hit you”

Wen Yibei looked at his trousers legs that were suddenly affected by the disaster, and suddenly felt a slight pain.

He pulled up the trouser leg slightly, and there was a small bleeding wound on his ankle.

However, the area of ​​the wound was not large and the extent was not serious.

“I’m fine, how about you” Wen Yibei ignored this little injury and was concerned about his younger brother instead.

“This is called fine” Shi Yunan frowned, feeling both self-blame and anger.

The shattered wine bottle gave off a strong smell of strong alcohol, which was a bit choking on the nose.

The fallen man was still lying on the ground among the debris.

No one knew if he really really fell unconscious, or if he was pretending to be dead on purpose.


Shi Yunnan tapped the back of the man’s hand with the tip of his toe, attempting to wake him up.

“Don’t touch me!”

The other party issued an irritable and painful resistance, which sounded three-point drunk.

After about two seconds, the dizzy man struggled to get up from the ground, “I’m s….”

Before the full apology could be finished, it got stuck in his throat.

Both sides looked up and recognized each other immediately.

“Yuan Rui”

“Shi Yunan”

Compared with the last time they met, Yuan Rui this time looked much more downcast.

Most of his clothes were soaked with alcohol, and there were a few bloodstains on his exposed arms, which were obviously scratched by the fragments of the wine bottle.

“We met again.”

Shi Yunnan looked him up and down and shook his head slightly, “Just you Last time you helped Xie Keyue so much, why didn’t he come to help you this time”

“So what if it’s just me Don’t bother Keyue if you have nothing to do!”

The last time he was pitted in the nightclub was still vivid in his mind.

Yuan Rui’s eyes, occupied by alcohol, were full of hostility, and his voice was as sharp as ever.

“I’m not in the mood to spend time with you today, don’t mess with me.”

“Wait, who let you go”

Shi Yunnan quickly stopped him and sarcastically said, “Some people, as always, are really blind.

They bumped into people while drunk and even caused injury to the other party.

Now they want to slip away without even an apology”

“Forget it, Yunnan, I’m fine.” Wen Yibei whispered behind him.

“Brother, you stay out of it, this is a matter of principle.”

Yuan Rui was still the one who had a temper tantrum.

He immediately grabbed Shi Yunnan’s collar and raised his fist to threaten, “Who do you say is blind”

“Shi Yunnan, last time I didn’t punch you directly because of Xie Keyue’s face.”

Seeing the two sides were about to fight, Wen Yibei quickly stepped forward to protect his own brother, “This gentleman, I don’t care if you apologize or not, but please let go of my little brother immediately!”

“Little brother”

This word unknowingly jabbed Yuan Rui’s heart, the trance at the bottom of his eyes flashed, and he suddenly broke out into a bigger temper.

“What kind of brother are you, don’t be a busybody!”

Yuan Rui’s backhand was not strong, but the unprepared Wen Yibei stepped on the glass on the ground, and suddenly lost his center of gravity and fell back.

Coincidentally, his waist fell on the rounded corner of the wine table, and the intense dull pain made him unable to straighten up, so he could only slump on the soft seat of the sofa on one side to ease the pain.

Originally Shi Yunnan didn’t plan to get physical.

He waited for Yuan Rui to apologize, and the matter would be over just like this.

After all, Wen Yibei was not a squeamish young lady, so this little injury really was not enough for them to fight.

But now the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

His elder brother, who was bent on defending him, was pushed by Yuan Rui to the point of being injured.

Shi Yunnan finally exploded with rage.

Yuan Rui saw Wen Yibei’s painful face and felt a touch of guilt in his heart, but the next second——

Shi Yunnan punched him, with ten percent of his strength.

In the years when Shi Yunnan first went to school abroad, one of the most useful things he learned was to speak with his fists.

When it comes to fighting, he has never been afraid of anyone.


Yuan Rui was caught off guard by Shi Yunnan and was knocked to the ground.

The white jade pendant he was wearing around his neck was accidentally thrown out, hitting the ground and breaking into two halves.

The anger on Yuan Rui’s face suddenly solidified, he stared at the broken white jade pendant, his eyes gradually turned red, and along with it, his breathing rose and fell with great intensity for a few moments.

“Yunnan, what happened”

Fu Ziyu hurried forward in a hurry, and placed the carefully prepared cocktail on the wine table.

Looking at the ground full of wreckage and the sudden appearance of Yuan Rui, he didn’t understand what was going on for a moment.

Wen Yibei had just recovered from the dull pain in his waist and and heaved a sigh, “Yunnan…”

“Shi Yunnan!”

Yuan Rui, who regained his senses, got up and roared with red eyes.

He completely ignored the pain in his body and rushed up a face full of ruthlessness, “I’ll fight with you!”

“Yunnan! Be careful!”

“Yuan Rui! Don’t make trouble on my territory!”

Wen Yibei and Fu Ziyu shouted anxiously one after the other, but they still couldn’t stop the two who started fighting…

Hua: I’m not a fan of the ‘I’m gay, so does everyone around me’ trope in bl but…… I ship Fu Ziyu and Wen Yibei (altho this ship is gonna sink for sure)


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