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The joy of making money is built on the pain of the enemy losing money.

Shi Yunnan roughly glanced at the reviews of this air cushion, and clicked his tongue in amazement, “They actually use plastic instead of artificial topaz It’s amazing that they can figure this out.”

If you only think about saving cost, at the same time, the quality of the product would also be drastically reduced.

“This air cushion is so bad, how did it pass the inspection of the relevant departments” Qin Jian was puzzled.

Shi Yunnan shook his head, also feeling confused.

Xie Keyue was a person who put his interests first, and his eyes were full of money, but he shouldn’t be stupid enough to sell such low-end inferior products right

Luo Lingsheng maintained a consistent calm expression, he rubbed his fingertips slightly, his way of thinking was obviously more commercial, “Qin Jian, Zhao and Yalan will definitely find a way to get rid of this accusation video.

You find a way to expand the influence of this video.”

“In addition, find someone to collect negative comments on their air cushions, and find a way to ask victims to jointly file a complaint…”

Lou, Zhao, and Yalan were clearly competing in the market, and the other party’s plagiarism had already violated their original interests.

Now, the other party overturned the car1 in an unexpected place and automatically sent the handle to them.

Marketing was like a battlefield.

This opportunity to fight back should not be wasted.

Qin Jian quickly realized, “Patriarch, I got it, I will send someone to collect relevant evidence and information immediately.”

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan simply added, “The company’s legal department can get ready to sue Zhao and Yalan.

In addition, the resource leakage within the company should be resolved together.”

Yuan Hong and Chen Hui, the two traitors in cahoot, must not be spared!

“In addition, let the relevant beauty marketing accounts prepare to break the news and send it out tonight on all platforms.”

Half a month earlier, they gathered the details of Yalan brand, as well as the product quality problems that had appeared in the Zhao company over the years to expose them to the public.

Naturally, everyone would have a choice to make judgments for themselves.

Zhao company was originally a bay of clean water, but they insisted on letting in the dirty water from the stinky ditch

Now that they are in the same stream, they should be prepared to accept all the consequences.

Shi Yunnan didn’t feel the least bit sorry, “Finally, let Lou company prepare to start the pre-sale.

When Zhao and Yalan have the worst reviews and the highest heat, it’s a good opportunity for us to win over the customers from the opposite direction.”

What is this called

The happiness of making money is built on the pain of the enemy losing money.

Well, happier.

Luo Lingsheng subtly curved the corners of his lips, signaling with his eyes for his assistant to do as he said.

Qin Jian nodded in response, and couldn’t help but sigh—

Patriarch and Mr.

Shi hid behind the scenes without showing mountains or dew2, but they were able to cleanly dig a pit for the other family’s company.

Sure enough, those who could live together tend to have the same temperaments.

Their hearts were even the same ‘black’ color.

The next day.

The atmosphere in the large conference room of Yalan almost solidified.

The core members of the temporarily formed team sat upright, for fear that Xie Keyue, who was in the main seat, would vent his monstrous anger on them.

After the air cushion rotten face incident broke out, they immediately contacted the beauty blogger.

However, the other party was angry because of the serious allergy, and completely refused to accept private settlement and compensation.

She was determined to expose this incident and prevent more innocent victims.

Yalan’s management had no choice but to contact the person in charge of the relevant video website, and spent a large amount of PR money to take down the video.

However, because it wasn’t handled in time, this accusation video had been taken out by various marketing accounts, and the number of views had reached millions.

Not only that, at 8 o’clock last night, many beauty accounts broke the news——

They collectively accused the ‘Meiji’ air cushion as unscrupulous marketing by Zhao company to deceive consumers and make quick money.

They also pulled out the behind-the-scenes and soon-to-go-bankrupt micro-business brand ‘Yalan’ to the public.

The situation was getting worse.

In less than 24 hours, the official website back-end received a large number of returns and refund applications.

If it went on like this, let alone the second batch of new products, even the first batch might even lose money.

The situation was not optimistic.


Xie, I found it.”

Xie Keyue’s assistant walked in, and handed him an inventory information sheet.

In addition, he was holding two or three air cushions in his hands that hadn’t yet changed its case.

Xie Keyue looked at the refund order that jumped higher and higher on the computer screen, and squeezed out a line of words, “Just say it, what the hell is going on”

Before he acquired Yalan, he had investigated the company’s product quality inspection.

Cosmetics such as air cushions had always met the production standards!

Although the effect was not as good as the big brands developed abroad, it would not cause such a serious allergic reaction to the human body.

Xie Keyue was not a fool, how could he do such a loss-making business that completely harms the target customers

“The batch of air cushions we originally planned to release all passed the inspection, but here’s the problem…” The assistant handed over the air cushion in his hand, “A batch of stock that has been expired for nearly two years was mixed into it.”

Xie Keyue opened the air cushion handed by the assistant, and glanced at the production date that hadn’t changed at the bottom.

He immediately understood, and smashed the air cushion at the left side of the conference table in a fit of anger, “Mr.

Sun! Please explain to me what’s going on!”


Sun, who was named, looked at the air cushion foundation that was torn apart in front of him, and his voice suddenly trembled, “Mr.

Xie, I, I just want to help the company to increase its performance.”

“Although this batch of stock has expired, it is still usable after I’ve checked it.

It’s intact and does not smell.

There are only a thousand or so left in the warehouse…”

“I think the quantity is small, and few people should notice it when they are mixed with brand-new genuine products.”

As long as the inner core of the air cushion was removed and replaced with a brand-new outer casing, a single item could be sold for a net profit of nearly 200 yuan.

Who wouldn’t be tempted

To say the least, even if the customer had an accident, they could blame it on the personal skin condition problem, and at worst returned the goods and refunded the money.

As long as these stocks could be sold, they were still essentially making money.

Unexpectedly, the first person who jumped out to defend their rights just happened to be an influential beauty blogger, which accidentally made the matter worse.


Xie, this is my fault, this is something I did not think about, but it has already happened, we have to find a solution, right”


Sun admitted his mistake with his mouth and panicked on his face, but he was actually very stable in his heart.

He had already transferred the cosmetics and production chain of Yalan to Xie Keyue, and the other party was looking for someone to cooperate and sell the products.

Even if something big happened now, it had to be Xie Keyue, the ‘top boss’, who would have to handle the problem.

Xie Keyue’s face turned ashen with anger, “Something you didn’t think about Sun Zhengnan! Do you know how much the company lost in this wave Can you afford it”

Xie Keyue was so angry that his head was swollen, and he wished he could smash the other party’s head with these air cushions! He didn’t expect that the new product sales he planned would be ruined by such a pig teammate!

Just when he was about to lose control of his anger, the phone on the table vibrated for a while, it was Luo Yanchuan who called.

Xie Keyue suppressed his anger and answered the phone, “Hey, what did Zhao say”

The Meiji air cushion was under the name of the Zhao family.

Last night there was such a big public opinion turmoil.

After the market opened this morning, their stock value plunged and suffered heavy losses.

Zhao company’s senior management showed strong dissatisfaction with this matter!

Seeing that the matter was getting more serious, Luo Yanchuan, who had been hiding behind the scenes, had to personally come forward to solve it.

At this moment, even across the phone, Xie Keyue could feel the low pressure from Luo Yanchuan.

“The high-level meeting has just been held, and they have already planned to retrieve this entire batch of products…”

In order to preserve the reputation of their company, Zhao unilaterally announced that they would take back this batch of air cushion products.

Even if the air cushion was used, customers can refund it regardless.

Xie Keyue was surprised, “What”

A full refund regardless of the condition

With this back and forth hassle, not only would they not make any money, but they would obviously lose a large amount of their initial investment!

Luo Yanchuan took a deep breath, and his voice sounded through gnashed teeth, “They asked me to fully compensate for this transaction, young master Xie, you can’t let me bear this alone right”

Xie Keyue’s heart was in turmoil and subconsciously said, “There is no room for negotiation at Zhao’s side Not all our air cushion products…”

“Young master Xie, why are you so naive” Luo Yanchuan sneered, his heart was like a clear mirror, “The Zhao family only wanted to use us to make money from the beginning to the end.

Now that something happened, they have already planned to sell us out completely to protect themselves.”

He used the shell company as a cover, and used the name of ‘Luo family’ to seek cooperation.

Now that there was an accident with the product, the ‘fake’ boss he recruited was obviously unreliable.

Luo Yanchuan had no choice but to come forward to negotiate with Zhao in person.

And the results of it This morning, a member of the Zhao’s top brass shouted in front of him—

“See Not all people with the surname Luo have the ability! The Luo family patriarch won’t make mistakes in any decision-making, unlike some of his relatives who carry the name of ‘Luo family’ but only drag their partners down.”

The second half of this sarcastic sentence almost put Luo Yanchuan’s face on the ground and stepped on it.


Having said this, both sides of the phone fell into silence.

Because of the loss of stock value, Zhao was unwilling to bear the additional loss of refund, and the pressure of the loss all fell on Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuan.

The two of them were still having fun yesterday, but when they encountered a matter of interest today, they had their own calculus in their hearts, unwilling to let themselves lose too much.

Suddenly, Luo Yanchuan on the other end of the phone made an irritable sound, and called him by his full name, “Xie Keyue.”


“I just received the news that Lou and Luo jointly sued the three of us to investigate the matter of ‘original design plagiarism’…”

Luo Yanchuan felt bad as he spoke, and the whole person seemed to have fallen into a bottomless cold pool.

The accountability statement released on the official website came from the legal department of Luo’s headquarters, and the seal affixed on the statement came from the Imperial Capital Nanyang Law Firm.

They are Luo Lingsheng’s exclusive lawyers team that never fought an unsure official battle!

The most frightening thing for Luo Yanchuan was that Luo Lingsheng might have noticed his small movements in private!

He spent so much energy back and forth, but in the end he didn’t get anything

On the contrary, he had exposed his meticulous concealment for many years What the hell is this!

Luo Yanchuan hung up the phone hastily.

Realizing his situation, Xie Keyue looked very horrible.

He just felt as if he was being roasted on fire by everyone and had nowhere to go.


Xie” The director of the operation department looked at Xie Keyue’s pale complexion and asked cautiously, “What-what should we do now”

“First release a statement saying that there is a problem with the batch of delivered goods.

We can cover the shipping costs if the customers want to exchange.

For customers who have not yet sent back the products for refund, let the customer service personnel contact them one by one to change the price and add a small gift……”

Xie Keyue said the plans he could think of so far.

The profit of this batch of products was high, as long as it did not involve a full refund, their loss should be reduced.

Moreover, the second batch of products were still in production.

They could replace the logo for low-cost sales.

As of now, it was enough to salvage a little bit back.

Before the director of the operation department could answer, a small employee from outside hastily rushed in——


Xie, it’s not good! The people from the business administration department are here!”

“They said they had received a large number of complaints from customers.

Now they want to suspend and block our production line, and confiscate all the remaining products!”


Xie, directors, you, you go and have a look!”


These words weighed down like a boulder, completely blocking the last path Xie Keyue could think of at the moment!

Xie Keyue was stunned in place, his face turned red and white as it was difficult to accept the fact—

Why did it turn out like this again

It was obvious that he was a profitable winner yesterday, but overnight, his investment in the cosmetics industry was completely wiped out, and he lost all his money!



Fail in doing something.


It means doing things quietly, concealing one’s own strength, and showing modesty.


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