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Many jade cut sections will have leftovers of different sizes after making precious and genuine items such as bracelets, jade pendants, and concentric circles.

Chang Le continued, “Although the usable area of leftover materials is not much, they are not all impure and inferior goods.

The price is also much cheaper than that of raw jade in pieces!”

“Moreover, our products only need so much on the stamens.

In fact, it is easy to pick out the available ones from the scraps, we just need a little secondary processing and polishing.”

This jade stamen looked inconspicuous, but the gloss and smoothness of real jade were unmatched by other A-grade imitations.

If they want to sell a product well, no detail should be sloppy, and it should be treated with care.

Shi Yunnan nodded, “I have already asked Chang Le to contact several reliable jade processing factories.”

Large jade factories were not short of scraps, and they also had grinding machines and technical masters.

Lou company could discuss and cooperate(with the factories) for them to provide regular supply so they could save time and effort.

“As long as it is properly controlled, the cost of the two designs will not differ too much.”

“Let’s leave it to the purchasing department.

I think this design is more in line with our Hua Zhong Ge concept.”

Lou Desheng first agreed, and then asked Luo Lingsheng for his opinion, “Mr.

Luo, what do you think”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at Shi Yunnan, and unconsciously showed his partiality, “I have no problem with his design.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he hummed proudly and arrogantly.

Because he really liked the design industry, he always accepted all the compliments he could get.

Lou Yuan took one of the lipstick shell samples and opened it, only to find that it was larger than Lou company’s original lipstick.


Shi, this size doesn’t seem right Did the proofing go wrong”

“No, this series is a lipstick cover and an air cushion cover.” Shi Yunnan explained directly.

“Let the customer buy the product and then freely choose the case to install, instead of the current market model of ‘one shade must be matched with a fixed case’.”

Shi Yunnan wanted to innovate on this point, but he didn’t force it, “This is just my personal opinion.

Let everyone decide.

If it’s not convenient, simply change the size.”

“This is a great idea! Mr.

Shi understands girls’ minds too well!” A female employee immediately jumped out and agreed.

“I was going to say, what if I like this lipstick shade, but I like the shell of another shade Now it’s good, I can match it myself.”

The marketing department immediately grasped the idea, “This can be used as a promotional point! Even if there’s no new product in the future, can the lipstick shell be sold separately”

After all, girls never have too many good-looking items, even if they are just packaging.

Lou Yuan nodded, “I think it’s ok.

The inner core of the lipstick and air cushion can be improved and sold separately.”

The crowd discussed up to this point and were finally completely relieved.

Originally, they thought all the roads were blocked.

Unexpectedly Shi Yunnan actually created a new route for them, which suddenly increased their enthusiasm——

“From tomorrow, can we still start the pre-sale promotion as originally scheduled”

“Well, almost.”

“I will send someone to investigate how the first version of the design was leaked.

If a similar situation occurs again today with the second version…”

Luo Lingsheng looked around, and said in the tone of an absolute leader, “I will not only make the mole unable to stay in this industry, but also let him spend a good few years in prison.”

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

Although they were afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s aura, in the end, they didn’t do anything wrong, and they were naturally not afraid of being punished by their conscience.

When Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng left the Lou company conference room, the sky was completely dark.

When the two got into the car, Qin Jian, who was sitting in the front row, handed over a freshly released investigation material, “Patriarch, Mr.

Shi, take a look.”

Their address for Shi Yunnan had been changed from ‘Second Young Master’ to ‘Mr.’ .

Although not much had changed, the latter represents Shi Yunnan more personally, rather than the second young master who was attached to the Shi family.

Shi Yunnan took the investigation materials and read them.

“I’ve sent people to keep an eye on them.

Strictly speaking, Zhao company’s new batch of products does not belong to their independent research and development team, but obtained the goods through other companies.”

In other words, the original factory of this batch of products should be ‘Yalan’, the company which sold the air cushion foundation using the micro-business model at the beginning.

It was just that after cooperating with Zhao company, they put on a brand new packaging and logo, and the ‘old wine in a new bottle’ was used to deceive ignorant consumers to make a quick buck.

Shi Yunnan snorted and had to admire him from the bottom of his heart.

After all the trouble at Zhao’s banquet, Xie Keyue actually managed to find a way to cooperate with the Zhao family

“Actually, even if Zhao company and Yalan cooperate, as long as Lou company is not involved, it doesn’t matter because each company has their own product line.

After all, it’s normal for companies in the same industry to have sales competition, but I didn’t expect them to plagiarize the design and release it first.”

Qin Jian showed his disgust and added, “Luckily, Mr.

Shi has been careful.”

In the Jiaolong investment group that day, Shi Yunnan was keenly aware of a hint of strangeness, so he kept more vigilance towards Yuan Hong and the investment group——

But he felt that Chang Le, who was an intern, was a person with earnest words and deeds, so he told Qin Jian to secretly send someone to watch the investment team and assigned Chang Le to work privately for him alone.

As Luo Lingsheng’s assistant, Qin Jian naturally reported this fact truthfully.

Luo Lingsheng guessed that the situation might have changed, so he deliberately let people block Lou company investment funds and only allocate a small portion.

Fortunately, his decision was accurate.

Otherwise, If Lou company had already produced the appearance of the first version on a large scale at this time, it would only cause unnecessary investment losses to temporarily revise the production.

“Have the mole been found”

Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and shook his head, “The salary of Jiaolong’s investment department is good, who got so upset and secretly rebelled against the company”

He was afraid that there would be an unforeseen accident in the design, so he deliberately dug a pit1, but he didn’t expect that someone would actually jump into it.

“I will send people to investigate as soon as possible, and probably pinpoint the target, but the leak of the design was done too covertly, and it will take some time to collect evidence.”

Qin Jian said with a little self-blame, “It’s my fault for not handling it well.

I should have gone to the investment department in person to select honest and reliable employees.”

“We can’t defend against a human’s heart, this has nothing to do with you.”

“Since the matter has already happened, don’t stir the grass and frighten the snake away2at this time, lest there will be people who want to steal the second edition.”

Luo Lingsheng was not interested in this kind of ‘small fry’ who would only do nasty things secretly, let alone think that this mole was the key to threatening the situation.

When Lou company was stabilized, this person could be pulled out and dealt with at any time.

He took off his glasses and asked the key point, “The cooperation between Zhao company and Yalan was achieved by Xie Keyue”

“No, Patriarch, look at the last page…” Qin Jian hesitated.

“I sent someone to inquire.

The party B who signed the cooperation with Zhao company is Yajie Company, a small temporarily registered company.”

Luo Lingsheng took the investigation materials in Shi Yunnan’s hands and turned to the last page.

“Company legal representative, Ling Yong”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Jian pulled out another line, “But I found out that he has been in contact with Luo Dexing recently.”

The air pressure around Luo Lingsheng’s body cooled down.

Luo Dexing was the current head of the Luo family’s second house, and Luo Yanchuan’s father.

“This time, the cooperation with the Zhao family should be a private transaction with the second house wearing the skin of the ‘Luo family’, but without going through the Luo family’s public accounts.”

In recent years, the second house was mainly responsible for the overseas trade industry of the Luo family, and was more or less able to make some money.

Qin Jian was puzzled, “The second house couple seems to be content with their lot, why are they still playing this kind of trick in private”

Shi Yunnan thought of another possibility and raised his eyebrows, “It’s not necessarily Luo Dexing’s idea.”

“Luo Yanchuan”

Luo Lingsheng immediately thought of this nephew in name who was only a few years younger than him, and a dark current surged at the bottom of his eyes.

Qin Jian reacted, but shook his head in bewilderment—

Luo Yanchuan was notorious for not doing any proper job besides spending his time and money on debauchery and alcohol, so how could he secretly engage in this kind of activity If he wanted to make money, it would be better to directly take over the foreign trade industry under Luo’s second house.

“The assets of Luo’s second house are always monitored by the group headquarters.

Since Luo Yanchuan has the intention to hide it, he will definitely not be stupid enough to cooperate in the open.”

Shi Yunnan analyzed the situation.

After taking such a twist and turn, wasn’t it just to hide from the tiger Luo Lingsheng.

“Xie Keyue and Mrs.

Zhao has already torn each other’s faces.

On the surface, the cooperation with the Zhao family is already gone, but he can’t let this investment lose money, so he sought out young master Luo Yanchuan.”

“The latter is afraid that the patriarch will find out, so he finds someone to secretly cooperate with Zhao company on his behalf They use Zhao company’s marketing power in the cosmetic market and share the profit with them”

Qin Jian quickly sorted out the relationship between them.

Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuan cooperated to make a profit, Zhao company also followed suit to make a fortune.

It was originally a win-win situation.

Unfortunately, making their own money was not enough, they also arranged people to scheme against their peers and plagiarize their designs!

The former Lou family was a small and humble family, weak and easy to bully, but very few would have thought that——

At present, a small investment project had unexpectedly attracted Luo Lingsheng’s attention.

After digging deeper, nothing could be hidden.

Shi Yunnan remembered Luo Lingsheng’s ending in the dream, and his brows froze once again, “Luo Lingsheng.”


Shi Yunnan reminded, “You’d better be on guard against Luo Yanchuan from now on.

He is pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger3.

His mind is definitely not simple.”

Luo Lingsheng caught the worry flashing in his eyes, and the chill on his body warmed up a little, “I know.”

“Patriarch, what should we do now”

“No hurry, it will take time for Lou company products to be modified.” Luo Lingsheng put on his glasses and returned back to his calm and steady appearance.

“Well, let them jump around a little longer.”

Shi Yunnan was not the least bit anxious.

He suddenly thought of something interesting, “Qin Jian, help me keep an eye on the Lou family and Yalan…”

He whispered a few instructions, his eyes were playful and unruly, “After a while, let them have a taste of ‘making a wedding gown for others4’”

In any case, the account of the design being plagiarized, he must get it back!



Laid a trap


Rash actions will put the enemy on guard.


Pretending to be weak to hide one’s real strength, and then attacks the opponent with an element of surprise


You didn’t benefit from the thing you work hard for, but instead contribute to the good of others.


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