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Sprinkling dog food in front of the corporate sl*ves It's harmful, but very fragrant!

Zhao company’s new product pre-sale

And the product packaging was similar to the new products that Lou company was about to release in the next quarter

As the chief designer of the product appearance, Shi Yunnan had to personally come forward to get a clear understanding of the situation.

After Luo Lingsheng heard the news, he simply followed the former to Lou’s headquarters.

When the two arrived at Lou’s conference room, all the key employees involved in this investment cooperation were already in place.

When everyone present saw Luo Lingsheng, the big shot, they all became nervous.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan took their seats calmly and went straight to the point, “What’s the situation now”

He was the chairman of the Luo Group, and naturally had the right to intervene in the investment project under his hands.

“Let me speak.”

Lou Yuan linked her tablet to the big screen and said straight to the point, “At four o’clock in the afternoon, the largest cosmetics brand under the Zhao Group, ‘Yu Fu Ji1‘, published the pre-sale news on their official blog, stating that the company has released a new line of ‘Mei Ji’ air cushion foundation.”

The pre-sale concept description of the products was roughly divided into two parts——

One was the formula of the product line, and the other was the display of product appearance design.

Lou Yuan swiped her fingertip on the tablet, and the large screen projected the appearance of the product they released, “Mr.

Shi, why don’t you take a look”

The moment the product appearance appeared, a subtle coldness flooded the bottom of Shi Yunnan’s eyes——

This was his design, but it couldn’t be said to be exactly the same.

Shi Yunnan had asked earlier, Lou company main products in the past two years were two-color skin nourishing air cushion and a series of lipsticks with six colors.

They used ancient formulas to extract and purify the nectar, then used modern technology to upgrade it.

The products were all tested by the relevant authorities and were harmless to the human body.

Therefore, Shi Yunnan designed a series of appearance in the same color around the element of ‘flower’.

Let’s look at the appearance design of the lipstick as an example——the cylindrical outer design.

At the split part, an exceptional flower-shaped relief was embossed on the surface, and the rest of the outer surface was designed with gold printing.

Not only that, each embossed stamen was inlaid with a polished topaz.

This unique little design was due to Shi Yunnan’s accumulated experience in jewelry design.

The color and luster of artificial topaz were not reduced, but the overall cost was far cheaper than natural jewelry.

If a large quantity(of topaz) needed secondary processing, although the cost was higher than that of ordinary shape design, Lou company could afford it after obtaining the investment.

Most importantly, artificial topaz looked as good as natural jewelry and did not appear cheap.

The new air cushion foundation launched by Zhao Group only switched the design of the lipstick to the design of the air cushion.

In addition, only the relief pattern had been changed, but the rest of the design elements were almost identical.

To this extent, plagiarism was not an exaggeration!


Shi, what do you think of this” Lou Yuan waited patiently for a while before asking Shi Yunnan.

“First of all, let me state one thing, the designs created under my pen are original no matter good or bad, there is no possibility of plagiarizing someone else’s design draft.”

Shi Yunnan showed unprecedented seriousness in his eyes, and the implication was clear.

His sharp gaze swept across everyone present, and finally landed on Luo Lingsheng’s face, “Obviously, we have insiders who leaked the design draft.”

Everyone present looked at each other in dismay and was flustered for a while.

Only Luo Lingsheng, the behind-the-scenes ‘gold master2‘, maintained a calm expression, “Go on.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged without the slightest anger after his design was plagiarized, “Since it was robbed by others, Lou company can no longer use this design.”

When the people from Lou company’s purchasing department heard this, they immediately became anxious, “Mr.

Shi, how can this be possible Our new appearance design has already been prototyped, and we have also negotiated the batch price with the manufacturer.

We only need to wait for Luo company’s approval and fund allocation for mass production!”

The online marketing team led by Lou Yuan was also anxious, “Mr.

Shi, commercial content can’t be trifled with.

Our online marketing team has already prepared promotional materials, and we have also found various platforms for promotion, waiting to sign a cooperation contract.”

The new products couldn’t be released for the time being, so what should they use for promotion

The Lou couple, who also came to attend the meeting, looked at each other and asked tentatively, “Mr.

Shi, have you applied for an appearance copyright patent of this product Can we sue them”

“Of course I’ve already applied for it.” Shi Yunnan smiled and turned down their suggestion, “But it’s useless now, and I don’t plan to sue them for the time being.”

Someone asked, “Why”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses and replied in a leisurely manner, “The lawsuit of a design patent is not as simple as one might think.

It is necessary to carry out various detailed comparisons between the products by both parties, and the judgment period will generally be very long.”

“Now that the other side has released it before us, by the time we successfully sue them, we should have already missed the original release time.” An impulsive employee shouted.

“Then let’s go head-to-head.

If they release new products, then we will also release new products! Anyway, the rights are in our hands, and we will pull the customers to boycott their plagiarized products!”

“Playing a lawsuit tug of war during the product sales periodThey have the timing advantage because they release it first.

As long as their marketing team shifts the blame to us, the final sales of Lou company may not be as good as we expected.”

Luo Lingsheng continued to dismiss the idea by stating the facts coldly, “From the advantage of the customer base alone, can you compete with Zhao company

The online marketing team and the purchasing department were discouraged at the same time.

“This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work either Are our efforts for many days just going down the drain”

“What I mean is that the most appropriate time to sue is after they have made a lot of money, and only then are the benefits of winning the lawsuit will be maximized.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t take these demoralizing words to heart at all.

He aimed his gaze at Shi Yunnan, who had been unhurried and patient, seemingly guessing that the other party had left a backup plan.

“As for whether the product can be released according to the original time period, we have to ask the designer himself.”

Lou Yuan didn’t understand, and others didn’t either.

When Shi Yunnan met Luo Lingsheng’s gaze, he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

He pedaled his sliding chair closer to the man, not mincing his words of praise–

“Luo Lingsheng, the way you talked just now was very charming.”

Shi Yunnan felt more and more depressed when he thought of the kiss that was about to succeed at home just now, “What should I do I really want to…”

kiss you.

The sultry ending was muffled in his mouth.

Even if the truth or false was indistinguishable, it still made people want to chase after the kiss.

Luo Lingsheng was only stunned for a moment, and then he immediately grabbed the handle of Shi Yunnan’s sliding chair, not knowing whether he wanted to push him away or keep him.

“You’re still in the mood to crack a joke It seems that second young master Shi really has a backup design plan.”

“Of course there is.

If this crisis is successfully resolved, can Chairman Luo give me a personal reward”

Luo Lingsheng’s gaze touched his slightly opened and closed seductive lips, and hooking him with a forced smile, “Tell me about the solution first.”

The voices of the two were very low, but from the inexplicably sticky atmosphere, it could be seen that the two were ‘flirting’ at the moment.

The whole audience secretly knew about their ‘husband and husband’ relationship.

At this moment, seeing such a scene in person, they couldn’t help but sink into lifelessness, their heart wanted cry but there was no tears—

We beg the two bosses, please have pity on these corporate slaves ba!

The current situation was already very big, how could you sprinkle dog food in front of our face! Although it does taste good.

Just then, a cautious figure appeared at the door of the conference room.

A young man in his early twenties knocked on the door, and after a little search, his gaze settled on Shi Yunnan.


Shi, I have brought what you want.”

This person was the intern in the Luo company investment team, named Chang Le.

“It’s been hard for you to work overtime on the weekend, bring it in.” Shi Yunnan moved back a little distance and called him in.

Chang Le walked into the conference room, and when he passed by Luo Lingsheng, he was frightened by the powerful aura emanating from the other party.

He hurriedly went around to the other side and handed over the things in his hand to Shi Yunnan.

Luo Lingsheng asked calmly before everyone else, “What’s in the bag”

“My new design after the revision.”

Shi Yunnan got up from his seat and passed down the samples of a brand new series in the bag one by one.


Shi, when did you change the design without telling us” Lou Yuan asked, but her words didn’t carry any blame.

“Sorry, I was worried about the leak of the design draft before, so I deliberately concealed this version.”

Shi Yunan paused and explained in a way that everyone could understand better, “You can just treat this as design plan B.”

Both versions were designed for Lou company.

Since the first edition had been ‘plagiarized’, in order to ensure the follow-up sales of Lou company, the second edition could only be put on the agenda at this time.

Everyone present recovered from the initial shock and quickly looked at the new sample.

“I changed the original relief embossing to hollowed out techniques, and I also adjusted the color according to the flower pattern of each lipstick…”

It was no longer just a simple platinum color matching, but he adopted the classical hues of China——

Spring cyan, summer green, autumn yellow, winter white, crimson red, and inky black, with these six colors as the base tones, the printing on them have also been changed to the original ink wash pattern of ‘Lou family’s Hua Zhong Ge’.

Low saturation was matched with appropriate appearance, giving people a quiet and elegant comfort.

Most of the online marketing department and the purchasing department were female.

When they saw these outer shells, they couldn’t bear to put them down, “I think this is more aesthetic than platinum”

“Yeah, and there are very few cosmetic casings with hollowed out designs on the market, right”

“It’s so delicate, I feel like I’m looking at a piece of artwork, and it’s nice to take home as a decoration.”


Lou also leaned in to take a look, and said in surprise, “This hollowed out stamen is inlaid with jade”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “Yes.”

He integrated the design of the product appearance with the jewelry design, in fact, the two had the same merits.

Among the traditional Chinese elements, ‘jade’ was the existence that best reflected extravagance, and it was the most suitable when paired with classical ink wash colors.

Lou Desheng was more worried about another problem, “Mr.

Shi, what about the cost Will it be very expensive”

“Chang Le, you tell them.”

Shi Yunnan sat back and handed over this kind of laborious task to the little intern assistant, “I’ve given you secret errands these days.

You’ve dealt with various manufacturers, so you should know better than me.”

“Ah Oh!” Chang Le responded, took a deep breath and began to explain—

“I have carefully made inquiries.

As long as we set up the product pattern and use a machine to flatten the surface and hollow it, the cost is similar to that of the relief pattern at the beginning, and there is even room to lower the price.”

“Although the size of the jade embellished on the stamens is small, in order to ensure the transparency, Mr.

Shi intends to use the ice jade texture.”

“This kind of jade is expensive and rare in the market, how can we afford it” Someone expressed his thoughts.

Chang Le nodded and shook his head again, “Of course you can’t buy raw jade, but Mr.

Shi is very smart, he thought of another trick that can greatly reduce the cost.”

“What is it”

Luo Lingsheng guessed a possibility, “Use leftover material of jade products”

Shi Yunnan immediately looked at the man beside him, smiled and snapped his fingers, “That’s right.”

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Jade skin beauty


Basically a sugar daddy.


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