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Chapter 20: “In some ways, Mr.

Luo appears very fierce.”

Xie Keyue quickly fled this suffocating banquet hall.

The shame deep in his heart was like a rapidly climbing vine, enveloping him in the darkness.

He hated it.

He wanted to vent.

He couldn’t accept the strange looks from those gentry.

Obviously all these years, he had been living the life he wanted according to the known plots, getting the appreciation and respect he yearned for.

How come so many accidents happened in this month

First, the nightclub was closed, and then there was a problem with the Zhao family…

Now that he had acquired a small domestic cosmetics brand, if he did not find a new brand gimmick for bundling sales in time, he would have to lose another tens of millions of assets.

The more Xie Keyue thought about it, the more anxious he felt, and even his pace slowed down.

Suddenly, behind him came a slightly familiar and light voice, “Young master Xie, please wait.”


Xie Keyue stopped and turned to see the person coming.

At the moment, his originally unsightly expression became even more gloomy.

The person was no other than the one who had a one-night-stand with him in the nightclub that night——

The rumored dandy who spent a lot of time drinking all day and accomplished nothing.

The one he originally designed to marry Shi Yunnan, Luo Yanchuan.

At this moment, Luo Yanchuan was wearing a formal suit, and he was still holding champagne from the banquet hall.

It seemed that he was also one of the guests invited.

However he was ‘hidden’ quite deep.

There was such a big farce happening just now, but he was nowhere to be seen among the crowd.

Xie Keyue looked at the man who walked up to him, and remembered that shameful night.

He wished he could kill Luo Yanchuan, who had picked up a cheap bargain.

The word ‘roll’ pressed in his throat was almost blurted out.

Faced with his anger, Luo Yanchuan unexpectedly showed a playful look instead, “Young master Xie is still very much concerned about that night”

He shook the wine glass in his hand, and suddenly approached Xie Keyue’s ear.

“You should be glad that the person you slept with was me.

Otherwise, with those drunk hooligans in the nightclub, you would have definitely ended up much worse than now.”

“It’s just a one-night stand with a f*ck buddy.

I’m very satisfied, it seems that you also enjoyed it, didn’t you”

Xie Keyue stared at Luo Yanchuan, whose intention was unclear, he gnashed his teeth in secret, but he never easily showed his emotions in front of others.

Xie Keyue slightly tightened his breath and asked rhetorically, “Luo Yanchuan, what exactly do you want”

Luo Yanchuan looked around, “Why don’t we talk in another place”

They were close to the elevator, occasionally there would be waiters walking back and forth, it was not very good to be recognized by others.

“I have nothing to say to a gigolo like you who only spends time drinking.”

Xie Keyue showed his usual hypocritical and superficial smile, “If there’s nothing else, please don’t block my way, young master Luo.”

Luo Yanchuan put away his former dissolute manner, instead the bottom of his eyes flashed with a sharp light.

“Does young master Xie have a cosmetics project in his hand, that’s why you want to seek cooperation with the Zhao Now that Mrs.

Zhao has cut you off in public, what are you going to do next”


The smile at the corners of Xie Keyue’s mouth froze and slowly fell.

Just now Mrs.

Zhao was in a fit of anger, so in public, she angrily and anxiously mentioned a cooperation that had not yet begun.

Her angry words were very superficial.

Ordinary people might have passed it as a joke and didn’t pay attention at all.

But Xie Keyue did not expect that Luo Yanchuan could actually draw out his secret intentions from it.

Xie Keyue locked his gaze on him, “Luo Yanchuan, what are you trying to say”

Luo Yanchuan watched his changing expression with interest.

A deep meaning was hidden in his tone, “Young master Xie, since the Zhao Group is not willing to cooperate with you…”

He paused, and held up the wineglass in his hand, “Then would you like to cooperate with me”

“Cooperate with you”

Xie Keyue remained unmoved, but in fact, he was reevaluating the person in front of him, “Young master Luo has a notorious reputation outside, why should I believe you”

“Just becuase…”

Luo Yanchuan handed the champagne forward another half an inch, his tone sank, “We all live with masks, after taking it off, we are essentially the same kind of people.”

Xie Keyue stared at the wine in front of him, his eyes flickering slightly.

It seemed like a century had passed before he finally took the champagne from the other party and asked him a question.

“Tell me first, how do you want to cooperate”


The lobby on the first floor of the hotel.

Qin Jian walked back quickly, “Patriarch, I opened an independent private room, number 014, do you need the waiter to take you there”

“Patriarch Luo.”

Wen Yibei lowered his eyes to meet Luo Lingsheng’s gaze, his voice condensed with a rare dissatisfaction, “If it’s convenient, I would like to chat with my brother alone.”

He had nothing against Luo Lingsheng himself, but the other party abducted his brother without saying a word, he had a problem with this matter!

Luo Lingsheng seemed to sense the other party’s displeasure.

He, who had always been a tough head in front of people, seldom compromised in a good voice, “Of course, Qin Jian, let’s go back first.”

Shi Yunnan saw Luo Lingsheng out of the hotel lobby, and hurriedly followed Wen Yibei to the room, “Brother, Luo Lingsheng is at least the head of the Luo family, you should be a little more polite to him.”

“Polite It’s already good enough if I didn’t lose my temper in front of him.”

Wen Yibei pulled his brother into the room and closed the door.

His always gentle gaze showed a little seriousness, half angry and half helpless, “Shi Yunnan! Hurry up and tell me clearly! When did you meet Mr.

Luo, and why did you get a certificate with him without saying a word”

“You, how come you didn’t even tell me about this big life event”

It was rare to see his brother lose his temper.

Shi Yunnan guiltily covered his lips.

He timidly answered, “The time is too tight, and you are too busy, so I didn’t have time to mention it to you.”

“Don’t give me this kind of perfunctory excuse.”

Wen Yibei pressed his shoulder and sat down.

He solemnly said, “Today, you must make it clear to me, otherwise I won’t let you out even if I have to block the door.”

Shi Yunnan felt that Wen Yibei was really cute when he’s being serious, so he unconsciously let out a chuckle.

Immediately afterwards, before his brother turned hostile, he pretended to be well-behaved and hurriedly picked up the teapot on the table and poured a cup for the other party.

“Brother, don’t be angry with me ok”

Wen Yibei calmed down, there was no way he could do anything about it.

“The old man used illness as an excuse to bait me to return home, and then forced me to engage to that Luo Yanchuan.

Of course I refused.

Isn’t Luo Lingsheng the head of the Luo family”

Shi Yunnan carefully explained the process of Luo Lingsheng’s door-to-door marriage proposal on that day, “…I hit the jackpot by chance, and registered a flash marriage.

In this way, I was able to use this identity to pressure the old man and others.”

“Luo, Mr.

Luo didn’t object” Wen Yibei felt strange.

“No.” Shi Yunnan took a sip of tea, and started talking nonsense, “We kind of fell in love at first sight, you understand, right Brother.”

Since he got caught at the nightclub that day, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng had strengthened their compliance with the ‘fake marriage agreement’ , one of which was to keep the ‘fake marriage’ strictly confidential.

Even if there was no such restriction, Shi Yunnan intended to hide this from Wen Yibei first, lest the other party was angry at him for treating the ‘important marriage event’ as a child’s play, and continue to perform the gentle preaching of ‘eldest brother is a father’ .

Wen Yibei shook his head slightly, “…I don’t understand, Mr.

Luo doesn’t look like a person that would agree to this lightning marriage.”


Luo this, Mr.

Luo that Brother, do you know Luo Lingsheng that well”

“It’s not that I know him well, I just met him a few times before and interacted with him briefly.”

Wen Yibei paused slightly, as if he had discovered a whole new world, “How many times did I say his name Are you jealous”

Shi Yunnan almost spit out the flower tea in his mouth, at a loss whether to cry or to laugh, “Jealous How could it be possible However, are you still angry that Luo Lingsheng and I got the marriage certificate”

Wen Yibei asked him back, “If I said I’m still angry, and asked you to apply for a divorce, would you be willing”

“That won’t do.”

Shi Yunnan blurted out, and silently added in his heart: That won’t do for the time being.

Wen Yibei had expected this earlier, and sighed helplessly, “Mr.

Luo’s status among the Imperial Capital wealthy clans is unquestionable, and in the banquet hall just now, I saw that he was also bent on protecting you, so he should be a reliable one.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, his heart subtly wavered.

It was as if the sudden ‘marriage’ between him and Luo Lingsheng really received the approval and blessing of his family.

Wen Yibei wanted to say something but swallow back the words on the tip of his tongue, “Yunnan, but Mr.

Luo’s legs…”

“Brother, I don’t care about this, and you’d better not ask about it in front of him.” Shi Yunnan said.

He didn’t regard Luo Lingsheng’s disability as a problem at all, and was even extremely protective of him instead.

“Of course I know.

I have no other meaning.” Wen Yibei responded.

The matter had come to this point, as long as his brother was happy, he had no problem.

Now that same-sex marriage was the norm, Wen Yibei would not deliberately make things difficult for him.

As an elder brother, he knew how much Shi Yunnan had suffered while growing up.

He hoped that someone could accompany his brother and do everything to protect him.

Although Wen Yibei personally didn’t approve of the ‘flash marriage’ , he believed that Luo Lingsheng’s status was enough to create a relatively safe and comfortable living environment for Shi Yunnan.

“You don’t plan to go back to the Shi family”


Wen Yibei nodded, and casually mentioned, “In this way, won’t old man Shi value Xie Keyue even more”

“Even if I’m willing to stay at Shi’s house, the old man will still only like him.” Shi Yunnan sneered.

If it was Wen Yibei who stayed at Shi’s house as the eldest grandson, maybe the old man would have given him half of his care.

But then again, he was afraid that, with his brother’s gentle nature, he was more likely to fall into the clutch of that mother and son.

A dark light flashed across Shi Yunnan’s eyes.

In his dream, he still remembered that Wen Yibei’s ending was not any better——

Song Zhiqiu’s son Wen Chenglang, who was their cousin, had been jealous of Wen Yibei’s innate musical talent since he was a child, and he had secretly tried to trip him up.

Wen Chenglang and ‘Shi Yunnan’ had several big and small conflicts.

While Wen Yibei came forward to defend his younger brother, he also attracted strong dissatisfaction from the other party.

Later, Wen Yibei accidentally learned the news that ‘Shi Yunnan’ had committed suicide in the rental house.

To one’s surprise, he even developed a hostile hatred toward the Shi family and Xie Keyue.

Xie Keyue was afraid that Wen Yibei would come back to fight for the family property.

Therefore he secretly disclosed this matter to one of his admirers, Wen Chenglang.

In order to protect his sweetheart, the latter hired someone to ruin Wen Yibei’s hands so that he could no longer play the cello for the rest of his life.

The two brothers, who originally had a smooth life, were completely struck down by Xie Keyue’s protagonist halo.

Shi Yunnan didn’t intend to inform Wen Yibei of Xie Wei’s ‘mistress’ and Xie Keyue’s ‘illegitimate son’ identities for the time being.

He did not want Wen Yibei to be contaminated by this shameful sordid filth.

As for Xie Keyue’s nasty counterattack, he alone was enough.


“What’s wrong”

“Don’t have too much contact with Wen Chenglang, beware of him in everything, okay”

Shi Yunnan was not sure whether the future direction would change, so he could only warn him like this, “I have never thought he was a good person since I was a child.”

Wen Yibei was stunned, then smiled and asked, “Just because you two fought before”

“Anyway, just listen to my advice and ignore him.” Shi Yunnan gave a ‘tsk’ sound, with a little willfulness.

Wen Yibei was simmered with laughter, he couldn’t help but pinch his younger brother’s cheek, “Obviously, the milk fat has disappeared, why are you still so childish”

“Brother, I’m serious.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”


When Shi Yunnan walked back to the parking lot, he saw the familiar black body of the car and license plate at a glance——

Luo Lingsheng was still sitting in the car.

In the evening, the setting sun correspondingly fell on the man’s side profile, and the refraction of the car window halo-ed out a beautiful circle of light, as if everything around was particularly favorable to him.

Luo Lingsheng sensed his gaze, and aimed his eyes right at Shi Yunnan’s direction.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet” Shi Yunnan approached with a smile and glanced at the front seat.

The pair sitting in the front row was still Qin Jian and Yuan Meng.

It seemed that Luo Lingsheng had finished his meeting at the company before coming to the banquet.

“Done talking with Mr.

Wen Where is he”

“En, his car is parked on the other side of the parking lot.” Shi Yunnan leaned against the car door.

Luo Lingsheng’s fingers on the inside rubbed vigorously, but his face was extremely calm, “What does Mr.

Wen think of our ‘flash marriage’”

At first, it didn’t sound like something the man would ask.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows.

Before he could understand the strangeness, he heard Luo Lingsheng lightly dismiss it.

“I saw that you guys haven’t finished discussing after half an hour.”

“My brother and I haven’t seen each other for a long time, so we talked a little longer.”

Shi Yunnan paused briefly and brought up the matter that Wen Yibei told him, “He said that if you’re free some other day, he wants us to gather for a meal.”

“Yes, we can.” Luo Ling’s voice slowed down for half a beat, with an indistinct fluctuation in his tone.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng, he always felt that the other party was a little strange.

As he watched, his playfulness resurfaced.

He propped his hand on the edge of the man’s seat and slowly leaned in closer, “But my brother does have a problem.”

“What is it”

Shi Yunnan’s gaze slid down little by little from Luo Lingsheng’s body, and finally settled on a certain indescribable part of the man, whistling softly.

“He is afraid that because Mr.

Luo hurt his legs, certain aspects would also be affected, and that I…”


Luo Lingsheng’s eyes changed abruptly.

Shi Yunnan raised his hands to surrender without much repentance in his eyes, “Don’t worry, my answer is very reliable.”

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng, who were silently eating melons in the front row, instantly perked up their ears.

Based on their current understanding of second young master Shi, this must have been made up by the other party to tease the patriarch, and the next response may be even more shocking.

Luo Lingsheng cleared up the fluctuations in his heart, and hid a trace of subtle affection under the lens, “How did you answer”

Although he clearly knew that the other party’s words wouldn’t be anything proper, he couldn’t help but want to see what tricks he was going to play.

Shi Yunnan nodded fervently, and actually dared to make up coquettish words on the spot, “I said that Mr.

Luo appears very fierce, and the feelings are not yet in place…”

“When the time is right, I will give it a try.”

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