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Little Goldfish greeted him with a smile and said, “Good morning, little uncle.”

“Good morning, baby.” Shi Yunnans voice still had a hint of drowsiness.

He looked at the hotels highly obscuring curtains and casually said, “Open a curtain; lets see if theres any sun today.”

Luo Lingsheng followed suit and pressed the switch on the bedside table.

The automated curtains were opened on both sides, and the bright suns light came on instantly, which contrasted strongly with the originally dim light in the bedroom.

Luo Lingsheng took action immediately.

He covered his lovers eyes with one hand and his little nephews eyes with the other to prevent them from being directly stimulated by the change of light.

After about half a minute, he slowly let go.

Looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside, Little Goldfish felt better, and expressed sweetly, “Uncle! Little uncle! I love you both very much today too!”

A child of his age was never stingy with his desire to express himself.

Shi Yunnan was so warmed by his little nephew that he smiled and immediately responded, “Good, I love you guys today too.”


Little Goldfish, who got the feedback, grinned and looked at Luo Lingsheng more expectantly.

Shi Yunnan easily saw through his little nephews thoughts, and with great interest, he also focused his gaze on his lover, waiting for the other partys response.

Luo Lingsheng wasnt really fond of verbally expressing his “love.”

Whether toward Shi Yunnan or Little Goldfish, he was used to expressing himself with practical actions.

Now he was easily defeated against the expectant gaze of the two, “……I love you guys too.”

It was the first time for Little Goldfish to hear his uncle say “love.”  His eyes lit up immediately, and he expressed himself even more vigorously with his dancing.

“I love you guys so much! Just like the seawater in the ocean, it can never dry up!”

He can even use such a vivid image as a metaphor.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng felt relieved at the same time.

Little Goldfishs sweet appearance suggested that the “kidnapping” had little effect on him.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “Okay, go wash up by yourself first.

Well have breakfast later.”


Little Goldfish didnt forget to fold up his little quilt, and then he obediently climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Shi Yunnan planned to get up as well, but just as he moved his body, Luo Lingsheng took him back into his arms and said, “Lie down a little longer; it will take another five or six minutes for Jinyu.”

Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to bite his lovers Adams apple, enjoying a moment of intimacy with peace of mind.

Luo Lingshengs heart was tickled by his action, and not to be outdone, he tilted his head and rubbed against his ear, kissing him endlessly with affection.

Only after observing his lovers earlobe stained with the desired color did he say…

“I love you the most.”

There was an incomparable sexiness hidden in the lowered voice.

Shi Yunnans heart felt hot when he heard it, and he knew that this was Luo Lingshengs final answer to the “mutual expression” just now.

Their love for Little Goldfish was family affection, and their love for each other was for the rest of their lives.

Shi Yunnan lifted his eyes with a smile and couldnt help but nuzzle the tip of his nose against his lover.

Instead of teasing him like he did in the past, he made a solemn promise.

“I love you the most too.”

The next second, Little Goldfishs requesting voice came from the bathroom, “Uncle, the towel is too high for me to get it.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled helplessly, “Get up.”


The three simply had breakfast, and after confirming that nothing else would happen at the police station, they drove back to the Imperial Capital in the afternoon.

Butler Qin, who had been worried for almost two days, stood guard at the door; his eyes turned red with emotion when he saw Little Goldfish, “Little young master, Ive been waiting for you to come back.”

“Grandpa Qin.”

Little Goldfish familiarly went into his arms.

He felt distressed when he saw the slight scratches on his neck, “He deserved a thousand knives! He should go to hell! He…”

Halfway through the cursing, he was afraid that Little Goldfish would learn from this bad example, so he stopped abruptly.

Luo Lingsheng took the time to instruct, “Uncle Qin, take Little Goldfish into the house first, and let him rest and recuperate at home this week.”

Uncle Qin nodded in response, picked up Little Goldfish, and asked, “Patriarch, are you still going out”


Things happened suddenly two days ago and the companys quarterly meeting was temporarily postponed, thats why Luo Lingsheng had to make up for it today.

Little Goldfish looked at Shi Yunnan, and obediently asked, “Is little uncle going to work too”

A glimmer of darkness flashed across Shi Yunnans eyes and disappeared in an instant.

He showed a gentle smile and came forward to rub his little nephews head.

“Little Uncle is going to meet a friend.

Be good and stay at home.

Grandpa Qin and the others will protect you.

There are no bad people here.”

Little Goldfish pursed his lips and couldnt help asking, “So when are you and uncle coming back”

After this kidnapping incident, his reliance on his two uncles increased significantly.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to answer, “We will come back to have dinner with you.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “Then I will hug you to sleep tonight, okay”


Little Goldfish, who got the promise from the two, felt relieved, and then let Uncle Qin carry him into the house.

Looking at the backs of the two, Luo Lingsheng frowned imperceptibly and said, “Qin Jian, invite the child psychological consultant to come over tomorrow.

This matter cannot be delayed.”

Qin Jian responded, “Understood.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time, saying, “I should be done with my errand earlier than you, so I wont drop by the company.

Ill come back early to accompany him.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded slightly and asked with some uneasiness, “Are you ok by yourself Do you need Yuan Meng to follow you”

“Thats unnecessary.”

Shi Yunnan flatly refused.

Thinking of the person who assisted Luo Yanchuan behind the scenes, his eyes immediately became colder.

“Since that person is still restless and secretly helping Luo Yanchuan do evil, dont even think about escaping from me.”

“Okay, take care of yourself.”

Luo Lingsheng believed in his lovers ability to handle affairs and turned to Yuan Meng, saying, “You stay at home to ensure the safety of Little Goldfish and the others.

Immediately notify me if anything happens.”

Even if it were impossible for the same accident to happen twice in a short period of time, they still had to be careful so as not to hurt Little Goldfish any more.

Yuan Meng put on a serious look and said, “Patriarch, dont worry; Ill stay with the young master until you come back.”

After speaking, he quickly went to the main house.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and hurried to do their own things.

The second section of the Imperial Capital, Xingchen Villa District.

Wen Wanyou sat huddled in the exquisitely decorated bedroom, her face panicked as she cupped her phone.

The screen on her mobile phone was still glowing with a faint light, and it displayed a police report issued just ten minutes ago.

The content on it can be summed up very simply:

Luo [x]chuan, who fled the Imperial Capital due to a hit-and-run incident, was apprehended by police yesterday and is currently being held in criminal detention under the law.

At the same time, Luo [x]chuan was involved in the illegal abduction of a minor during his escape, and the case is awaiting further trial.

The screen finally went dark, which also brought Wen Wanyou into an uncontrollable panic.

She threw the phone aside, rushed into the cloakroom, and scrambled to pack a few pieces of clothing.

She wanted to leave the Imperial Capital with her suitcase to temporarily avoid the storm.

This idea had only taken shape for a short time when Wen Wanyou, who had not yet left the house, was confronted by Shi Yunnan as soon as she opened the door.

The two met face-to-face; one had a chilly aura and the other had a frightened stance.


Wen Wanyou was frozen in her tracks, and the blood on her face suddenly faded.

Shi Yunnan noticed the suitcase in her hand and raised his brows, “What Did you do something wrong and plan to run away”

Wen Wanyou tried her best to maintain her composure, but the turmoil in her heart never stopped, “Cousin, how do you know Im here I, Im in a hurry right now.”

In the next second, Shi Yunnan, who was previously calm on the surface, suddenly snapped.

He kicked Wen Wanyous suitcase open, grabbed her boneless wrist, and almost forcibly dragged her into the living room.

“You, Shi Yunnan, let me go…ah!”

Wen Wanyou struggled with a painful cry, but Shi Yunnan showed no mercy and slammed her on the edge of the sofa.


Shi Yunnan picked up the red wine bottle on the coffee table and smashed it violently.

The remaining liquid splashed all over the place, making Wen Wanyou shiver in fright.

Before she could react, Shi Yunnan pointed the tip of the smashed wine bottle at her, saying, “Wen Wanyou, have you forgotten what I warned you”

Wen Wanyou looked at the sharp wine bottle close at hand; her whole body was stiff and unable to move.

The distressing tears burst out almost all at once.

“I didnt…I didnt do anything wrong to you…”

Shi Yunnan didnt believe her crocodile tears, “Fine, you dare not seek out Luo Lingsheng behind my back, but you know very well that this is not what Im talking about now.”

Since Song Zhiqiu and Wen Chenglang went to prison, the Wen family has almost fallen apart.

Old Man Wen was taken care of by Wen Yibei, and even his uncle Wen Yanfeng was persuaded to move to a different place with them.

The old villa was sold, and Wen Wanyou, as the granddaughter of the Wen family, finally got her fair share of the family property.

Shi Yunnan didnt stop the two elders of the Wen family from doing so.

As long as Wen Wanyou didnt affect his life, she was just an irrelevant nobody to him.

But the other party was still unwilling to stop being a demon.

“Wen Wanyou, what else are you not satisfied with How dare you have an idea on Jinyu”

Shi Yunnans hand holding the broken wine bottle approached again as he asked word by word, “Youd better tell me the truth, how did you gang up with Luo Yanchuan!”

Even Wen Wanyous breath trembled along with her.

She tried to hold it for a few seconds but still couldnt escape panic and timidity, “Not me, I was forced to do it too!”

“Cousin… cousin, please forgive me this time!”

“I didnt want to hurt Little Goldfish; I was really forced!”

Shi Yunnan remained unmoved and continued to look at her coldly and condescendingly.

Wen Wanyou tried her best to shrink back, but knowing that she couldnt escape this catastrophe, she began to cry.

“At the beginning, my mom and my brother went to prison one after another.

I was afraid that if the news spread, it would affect my status in the circle…”

Later, when she learned about the engagement banquet of her friends Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan and learned that the man had spent 30 million for the banquet, her heart was both jealous and tormented.

Obviously, she and Mo Xuanqi were best friends, but why were Mo Xuanqis parents in love and her love life was flourishing, while she was deteriorating

Such thoughts deepened with the countdown to the engagement banquet.

“The day before the engagement banquet, Luo Yanchuan called Mo Xuanqi to pick up the wedding dress together, but she excused herself, saying she was uncomfortable during her period and even threw a tantrum.”

At that time, Wen Wanyou didnt know that there was such a scandal at the engagement banquet.

She only felt that Mo Xuanqi was in the midst of blessings.

She didnt know why she was impulsive and blurted out that she could help her friend pick up the wedding dress.

After going back and forth, she naturally had the opportunity to get in touch with Luo Yanchuan alone.

“I, I must have been possessed by an evil spirit at that time.

I wasnt willing to see Mo Xuanqi live better than myself, so, so I just…”

Wen Wanyou wanted to say something but couldnt stop crying.

Thinking of Luo Yanchuans true nature, Shi Yunnan guessed that the two must have had an affair behind Mo Xuanqis back.

Wen Wanyou didnt expect such a scandal to happen at the engagement banquet.

She was very afraid that she would also be one of the protagonists in those videos.

This matter became the fuse that weighed on her heart, causing her to be anxious about it.

But what she had to face was far more than that.

“The Wen family gave me a lot of assets, but my brother owed too much in usury gambling debts.

That bastard left my contact information when he borrowed money!”

“Those debt collectors found me, and in order to protect myself, I can only use all the money in the card to pay off the debt.”

As for this small villa, after Wen Yanfeng learned of the incident, he repurchased it to appease and make up for his daughter.

“My dad told me that a person must learn to be self-reliant no matter what.

He will grow old one day, even if he has more money to support me now…”

Wen Wanyou, who has experienced so many things, finally listened to her fathers advice.

Wen Yanfeng introduced his daughter to the kindergarten as a dance teacher through his connections.

Wen Wanyou even changed her name, just to start over.

Because it was an aristocratic school, the salary of the dance teacher was very considerable, and some parents would invite her to give private tutoring on weekends.

After a long time, Wen Wanyou felt that she had finally lived a solid and stable life.

“I, I almost forgot what happened on the eve of the engagement banquet, but I didnt expect Luo Yanchuan to come to the door suddenly…”

Remembering the warning given by Shi Yunnan that day, Wen Wanyou was left with a constant stream of regret.

“Cousin, you were right.”

“If its not mine, it will never be mine.

I shouldnt have done those nasty things in private.”

You reap what you sow.

As often as it is used, it proves accurate every time.

If it werent for the absurd seduction that day, how could Luo Yanchuan, who had nowhere to go, threaten Wen Wanyou

She thought about secretly calling the police to arrest Luo Yanchuan, but the other party said that those photos would be sent out at a scheduled time and that it could be resolved only if she did her job obediently.

“I have no choice; I really have no choice.

I can only listen to Luo Yanchuans threat.

I thought I just needed to help him escape successfully.”

“But after Luo Yanchuan knew that I was Little Goldfishs teacher, he forced me to do those things for him…”

The specific arrangement of the summer camp was given to Luo Yanchuan by Wen Wanyou.

She also asked for leave in advance to check on the layout of hotel monitoring.

“Cousin, please let me go, I beg you, I really didnt do it voluntarily this time, I know Im wrong…I really know Im wrong!”

Wen Wanyou kept crying and repenting.

Since Luo Yanchuan couldnt be contacted the night before yesterday, she had been waiting anxiously for news, until she saw the police report just now, and her anxiety for the past few days suddenly came true.

“Theres no need to cry so pitifully in front of me; which thing so far has not been the bitter fruit of your own sowing”

Shi Yunnan responded calmly.

He threw the wine bottle in his hand on the carpet and took out the recording pen that had been recording from the beginning.

“Luo Yanchuan is still in a coma and hasnt confessed, but I will hand over your recording to the police.

Its up to them to decide afterwards.”

“Wen Wanyou, I wont take revenge on you in private.

Youre on your own.”

Shi Yunnan, who got the truth, turned around and left without a trace of emotion.

The door slammed shut.

Wen Wanyou collapsed on the ground and burst into the most regretful cry ever.

Now she has come to her senses…

The person who really harmed her wasnt Shi Yunnan, who had a clear distinction between good and evil, but Luo Yanchuan, who was wearing a gentlemans skin, and herself, who was obstinately stuck on a wrong path!

Twenty days later.

Everything was settled.

After finishing his daily design work, Shi Yunnan took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

After a while, the unlocked bathroom door was easily opened by someone.

Shi Yunnan subconsciously turned around, only to bump into a familiar embrace.

“Finished with your work”


Shi Yunnan was easily carried to the washstand and kissed on the lips by Luo Lingsheng.

“Didnt you give Jinyu a new round of psychological test reports two days ago I got the results this afternoon.”

Shi Yunnan asked with concern, “How was it”

“Very good.” Luo Lingshengs reply was simple, with a hint of subtle dissatisfaction, “…I think its about time for him to go back to his bedroom to sleep.”

Since the kidnapping happened, Little Goldfish had some “bad reactions” at first.

As parents, the two followed the advice of psychological counseling experts and slept with him every night.

Its been almost a month in a flash.

The condition of the little guy was getting better day by day.

He climbed up to their bed with the quilt in his arms every night and could fall asleep after saying goodnight.

The psychological shadow had completely disappeared.

“It will take a while; I still worry about him sleeping alone.”

Shi Yunnan loved Little Goldfish very dearly, so he couldnt bear to let him suffer any more.

“Its not that I dont love my nephew, but hes not that delicate.”

Luo Lingsheng put his hand on Shi Yunnans back and rubbed it bit by bit.

He said helplessly, “He slept well every night.

What about me”

In the past, even if his legs were inconvenient, he finally got the nightlife that he should have.

But now they had to sleep on the same bed with their little nephew every day.

Shi Yunnan laughed and took the initiative to kiss Luo Lingshengs lips, saying, “…wait a little longer.”

The moment their breaths merged, the instinct of love and lust that the two had suppressed for a long time came up again.

“How long”


Shi Yunnan only said one word in his answer when Luo Lingsheng forcefully grabbed the back of his head and kissed him.


Shi Yunnan let out a moan that couldnt be more seductive, and the bathrobe that was already loosely tied to his body was easily picked off.

Just when their sanity was about to get out of hand, a shout suddenly came from the doorway, “Little uncle! Ive already washed myself!”



Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan abruptly stopped kissing.

“If this continues, the person who should have a psychological shadow is me.”

“Okay, lets stop messing around.”

The two looked at each other silently; one was helpless, and the other chuckled.

Shi Yunnan gently pushed Luo Lingshengs hug away, got off the sink, and opened the door automatically.

Little Goldfish, standing at the door of the bathroom, didnt expect Luo Lingsheng to be hidden inside and blinked in a daze, “Little uncle, do you two take a bath together”


Shi Yunnan cleared his throat and easily skipped the topic, “What bedtime story will our little goldfish listen to today”

Hearing this, Little Goldfish hurriedly climbed onto the big bed in the bedroom.

He didnt understand his uncles “grieving” at all and said happily, “Anythings fine! I like all the stories that little uncle reads to me!”

“Great, then lie down obediently.”


The sky turned inky as the night approached.

Shi Yunnan was in a sleepy haze when he heard the movement of someone getting up on the side.

He struggled to raise his eyelids but was picked up in a princess carry.

The sudden feeling of soaring into the air made Shi Yunnan more sober, “You…”

“Shh, lower your voice; Jinyu is still sleeping.”

Luo Lingsheng instructed Shi Yunnan with one sentence and gently carried him out of the room.

Only when they left the master bedroom did Shi Yunnan ask knowingly, “What do you want to do in the middle of the night”

“What do you think I want to do”

Luo Lingsheng said so and brought Shi Yunnan to the next bedroom.

This place had been used as Shi Yunnans workshop, but the bed was still there.

Luo Lingsheng locked the door, quickly put Shi Yunnan down, and kissed him, saying, “Youve put the little kid to sleep; shouldnt you come and coax me now”

Shi Yunnan hooked his arms around his shoulders and teased him, “Are you a big kid then”

“Coax me.” Luo Lingsheng played along with his teasing.

Shi Yunnan became hot from the heavy breathing.

“How do you want me to coax you I umm…”

The rest of his words were swallowed by the kiss, and everything got out of control from that point on.

In the darkness, any pleasure was infinitely magnified.

Shi Yunnan only felt that he was drowning in this floating sea of desire, and Luo Lingsheng in front of him was the only driftwood he could hug.

It wasnt until they confessed their love to each other many times that Shi Yunnan heard a deeply affectionate voice in his ear.

“Yunnan, lets hold a wedding, shall we”




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