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TL: Hua

Little Goldfish carried his school bag and pulled the suitcase, following the principle of doing things by himself.

“Goodbye, uncle, little uncle! I will miss you guys!”

“Bye, well miss you too.”

Little Goldfish got their answer and regained the joy of going on a school trip.

He took his own things and happily left.

Shi Yunnan looked at his little nephews back and withdrew his gaze with a smile, “Are you going to the headquarters this afternoon”


Shi Yunnan sat back down beside him and casually asked, “Theres still no sign of Luo Yanchuans whereabouts on the police side”

“The wanted notice was only released yesterday, so it may take time.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, his pupils were cold.

“Luo Yanchuan is at the end of the road now, he cant make much of a wave by himself.”

The police surveillance cut off Luo Yanchuans previous contact with the outside world, but wherever information remained, it could easily become a clue to pinpoint him.

“But Luo Yanchuan is still hiding and refusing to obey the law; he must still be unwilling.”

Luo Lingsheng could admit that Luo Yanchuan had some of the “unyielding” blood of the Luo family, but his stubbornness and tenacity were always used in the wrong place.

One mountain cannot hold two tigers.

Luo Lingsheng wanted to control the Luo Group and use it as a backer for Shi Yunnan, Little Goldfish, and others, so he couldnt easily let go of anyone who coveted the Luo Group.

Therefore, even though Mrs.

Luo went to the company yesterday to beg in tears for Luo Lingshengs help, he still coldly refused.

Shi Yunnan frowned when he understood another underlying possibility in Luo Lingshengs words: “You mean, if he wants to struggle to the death, he must rely on external force”

Luo Lingsheng did not deny this possibility, saying, “If its difficult to hide in the country, he probably chose to “illegally migrate” abroad.

Luo Yanchuan has studied abroad before and has been making connections.

Perhaps there might be someone who would help him.”


Shi Yunnan was gently reminded of something and inexplicably thought of a person.

The plot of the original book world that had been left behind emerged again.

“Whats wrong”

“Nothing, I just think you got a point.”

Shi Yunnan returned to his senses and had some calculations in his heart, “Lingsheng, when I accompanied you to treat your leg injury, didnt I meet a foreigner”

Luo Lingsheng still remembered the tip-off from his little nephew and nodded, “Yeah, whats wrong”

Shi Yunnan coughed sheepishly and confessed, “I just happened to be looking for him recently to talk about cooperation in the overseas ceramic market.”

Luo Lingshengs eyes flashed slightly, “Oh”

Shi Yunnan quickly appeased him, saying, “I mean that person… that is Ning Dean; he seems to be Luo Yanchuans foreign friend, and his family has assets and backgrounds.”

After all, in the original world trajectory, Ning Dean was the key person who assisted Luo Yanchuan to bring down Luo Lingsheng.

Now that Luo Yanchuan is in trouble, will he seek Ning Deans help

Shi Yunnan thought of this and said, “It happens that Ning Dean and I have not yet negotiated the ceramic business.

Well meet in two days, should I ask him then”

Luo Lingsheng felt a little jealous, but he wouldnt hinder Shi Yunnans work.

In any case, he fully believed in Shi Yunnans love for him, and the occasional jealousy was just a spice to their relationship.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “Yes, but unless the other party has a specific lead (about LYC), you should not interfere.”

“I know.”

Luo Lingsheng looked at the time and instructed, “Ill get ready and go to the company.

If you feel tired, why dont you sleep some more”

Shi Yunnan smiled back, “Yeah, I know my own body.”

After three days,

Yunan Design Studio

Ning Dean finally agreed to the cooperation proposed by Shi Yunnan after careful consideration.

Upon further negotiation, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation.

Ning Dean was responsible for large investment expenditures and the establishment of overseas operation teams, and Yunnan Studio, including Shi Yunnan, was responsible for the price reduction of cargo transportation channels and the long-term control of domestic products.

Ning Dean signed his name on the cooperation contract and stood up enthusiastically, saying, “Mr.

Shi, Mr.

Lu, I look forward to our pleasant cooperation in the future.”


Shi Yunnan, on behalf of the studio, took the initiative to shake hands with Ning Dean, saying, “Mr.

Ning, I dont know if its convenient for you to come to my office and sit for a while”

“Actually, I still have some things I want to talk to you about alone.”

Ning Dean readily agreed, “Of course, no problem.”

Shi Yunnan and Lu Zhaoan exchanged a glance before the former asked Ning Dean to return to his office.

Lu Zhaoan, who was left behind, was not at all upset.

He double-checked the details of the contract before gathering his things and leaving the conference room.

As soon as the door opened, Lu Zhaoan met a familiar figure.


The moment their eyes met, Yuan Rui turned around and wanted to run.

Lu Zhaoan, who had always been calm, almost laughed at this moment and went up to pull Yuan Rui directly into the next office.

Yuan Rui panicked and pretended to shout, “Lu Zhaoan! This, this is my office!”

Lu Zhaoan was unmoved and changed the subject, “Didnt you say that you were resting at home in the morning and wouldnt let me pick you up What are you doing in the studio now”

Yuan Rui swallowed and tried to be assertive, “Yunnan said that Ning Deans grandfather is from Hangzhou, and he asked me to help arrange his itinerary in Hangzhou for the next week.”

“I-I volunteered to be a guide, and Ill take Ning Dean to the airport in a few minutes.”

“Are you going with him to Hangzhou Yunnan agrees” Lu Zhaoan took a half step forward.

Yuan Rui stepped back with a guilty conscience, just in time to be blocked by the desk, “… so what Im the boss of the studio.

I dont need the consent of my partners to do things.”

Lu Zhaoan let out a chuckle and suddenly stretched out his hand to trap Yuan Rui at the table.

He asked, “To avoid me”

“I didnt!”

“Keep your voice down.

Yunnan is still talking about business in the next office.

Boss, are you afraid that your business partner and other employees cant hear you”


Yuan Rui immediately lost his temper and honestly kept quiet.

In the office next door.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to hand the boiled tea to Ning Dean, “Mr.

Ning, I remember you saying you liked tea before This is the best Longjing1One of Chinas top ten teas produced in Hangzhou..”

Ning Dean was pleasantly surprised, “I only once followed my grandfather to learn a little.

I did not expect Mr.

Shi to also love tea”

“No, Im just catering to your preference.” Shi Yunnan explained frankly, “I actually prefer wine tasting to tea.”

Ning Dean took a sip of tea and said, “This tea is not bad, and Mr.

Shis skill in brewing tea is not bad either.”

“To be honest, I got the tea from my husband and asked him to teach me how to make tea.”

Shi Yunnan answered the words with a smile.

There was a sense of happiness between the lines.


Ning Deans response to this statement was a bit slow.

He saw the ring on Shi Yunnans ring finger and let out a faint sigh, “You and your husband are very much in love.”

“Of course, I love him very much, and so does he.” Shi Yunnan said bluntly.

Ning Dean laughed, “Mr.

Shi, you didnt invite me to your office just to show your love, did you”

Shi Yunnan poured him another cup of tea and said straight to the point, “Mr.

Ning, I know what Im about to say may be a bit presumptuous, but please forgive me for being blunt.”

“Do you know Luo Yanchuan”

Ning Deans expression changed subtly, apparently reacting to the name.

Shi Yunnan pulled out a prepared photo of Luo Yanchuan and handed it to Ning Dean to check, “To be honest, Luo Yanchuan and my husband are from the same family.”

Ning Dean hesitated for two seconds before answering, “Yes, he is one of my few friends in China, and weve been keeping in touch.”

Shi Yunnan got this expected answer and immediately pursued the question, “When was the last time you were in contact”


Ning Deans brown pupils had a momentary sharpness, which was again cleverly defused by his smile.


Shi, why do you want to know the connection between me and Yanchuan so much”

Ning Dean didnt say it directly, but right now he had already guessed some of the connections.

A long time ago, he heard Luo Yanchuan mention the family behind him—the current head of the family was his nominal uncle, but in fact the two werent much different in age.

The other party was afraid that Luo Yanchuan would covet his power, so he repeatedly suppressed him behind his back.

Even if his friend had ambition, there was no place for him in the Luo Group.


Shi, is your husband the current head of the Luo family” Ning Dean asked rhetorically.

“Yes, his name is Luo Lingsheng.” Shi Yunnan did not hide it.

Ning Deans expression changed slightly, but he still maintained a relatively polite attitude, “Mr.

Shi, Im sorry.”

“I am willing to show 100,000 percent sincerity for our business cooperation, but I must also cherish my friendship with Yanchuan.”

“I dont know why you want to ask me about Yanchuan, but I cant tell you directly…”


Ning, you misunderstood.”

Shi Yunnan maintained a calm attitude, saying, “I believe you will have your own judgment about your friends around you, but I want to tell you something: Luo Yanchuan may not be as good as you think.”


Shi Yunnan found the police report and showed it to Ning Dean, “Hit-and-run; no whereabouts so far.

Do you think such a person is worthy of your friendship”

Ning Dean stared at the report on the polices official website, and complexities formed in his eyes.

Shi Yunnan continued, “What I mean is that if Luo Yanchuan has really sought your help recently, please contact the Chinese police directly if you are willing to do so.”

After all, no matter how important this friendship is, its not worth helping.

“Of course, the premise is that he has contacted you and that you are willing to step in.”

After Shi Yunnan finished speaking, he took the initiative to change the topic.

He poured out the herbal tea in Ning Deans cup and refilled it.


Ning, according to your needs, I have asked someone to prepare the itinerary for you to Hangzhou.

When we finish drinking this pot of tea, its almost time for you to go to the airport.”

Ning Dean confirmed every word in the police report and silently handed the tablet back.




“Luo Yanchuan, he…”

Ning Dean hesitated for a moment, but in the end his sense of morality prevailed, “He contacted me just three days ago.”


1One of Chinas top ten teas produced in Hangzhou.-

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