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Shi Yunnan was too embarrassed to respond, and after thinking about it for a few seconds, he couldnt help laughing, “Really Then why didnt you say anything sooner”

Luo Lingsheng asked back, “Then do you remember what you said in the car when I took you out of Shis house”


Luo, if I remember correctly, this is the first time we met.

Shi Yunnan remembered this, but did not remember what happened at the birthday party.

His heart was overflowing with guilty conscience.

Luo Lingsheng bit his ear punishingly and said, “Youre a heartless one, arent you”

Shi Yunnan snorted and refused to admit it: “I was interested in you when I was drunk at the age of eighteen, and I was also interested in you when I was sober at the age of twenty-six, which is enough to prove that my vision has never changed.

Im quite a conscientious person.”

Luo Lingsheng let him talk nonsense, but the hand that was massaging his waist did not stop.

Shi Yunnan continued on the topic, “Then you went to Shis house on purpose”

“Yeah, I went there on purpose.”

The marriage negotiated by the Shi family and the Luo familys second house was very low-key.

To put it bluntly, the two sides wanted to use each other.

By the time Luo Lingsheng heard about this, the parents of both parties had already made a preliminary marriage plan.

“I heard that Luo Yanchuan ran away from home because he refused to marry, but Im still worried…”

Luo Lingsheng couldnt stand Shi Yunnan being with his nominal nephew, so he had people keep an eye on Shi Yunnans return to China and “visit” him early the next morning.

To put it nicely, he was “proposing marriage” in Luo Yanchuans place at that time.

To put it more bluntly, it was Luo Lingsheng who wanted to personally put pressure on the Shi family and the second house so that they would stop scheming with this fruitless marriage.

Of course, he also wanted to meet Shi Yunnan.

Its just that Luo Lingsheng didnt expect Shi Yunnan to be far bolder and more unpredictable than he had imagined.

“I knew you were angry at the Shi family, but I still went along with you and said yes.

I knew you were just joking when you called me “husband” and talked about “marriage,” but I still couldnt resist making further requests in the car.”

Use marriage to help block the rotten peach blossom with ulterior motives It was simply an excuse he came up with on the spot.

Luo Lingsheng had a 99% chance of failure, but he didnt expect Shi Yunnan to agree.

“Yunnan, Im really not a decent person.

On one hand, I dont want to drag you down because of my leg injury, but on the other hand, I was anxious to tie you to myself.”

“I know thatblocking the peach blossoms wasnt a reliable reason, so… thats why Uncle Qin took you to see Jinyu.”

While waiting for the school to finish, the butler informed Shi Yunnan of the Luo familys history, with Luo Lingshengs acquiescence and permission, of course.

In the depths of Luo Lingshengs heart, he desperately longed for Shi Yunnan to stay in the Luo family and by his side.

Using the past to harvest sympathy, letting his nephew soften his heart, and exchanging superficial benefits… any improper means were his bargaining chip.

Shi Yunnan didnt complain about the “schemes” behind Luo Lingshengs secret crush at all, because by comparison, he was the one who initially agreed for himself.

“So, whether its in the restaurant near the group or at the Zhao familys banquet, you were afraid that I would be bullied, so you purposely showed up to support me, right”

Luo Lingsheng didnt deny it, “Yeah, but you can handle it well even without me.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his lovers Adams apple.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldnt refrain from laughing.

“Whats wrong”

“I just think its amazing…” Shi Yunnan raised his eyes to meet his, not hiding the joy and love in his eyes, “Someone as good as you actually liked me for so long”

“Luo Lingsheng.”


Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingshengs lips like a chicken pecking rice, and murmured, “If only I hadnt forgotten what happened when I was eighteen, perhaps…”

Luo Lingshengs kneading hand stopped, “Perhaps”

“Perhaps we wouldve gotten together long ago, I think…”

Shi Yunnans tone changed, and the unfinished words were sealed in the yearning kiss.

The two repeatedly intertwined their lips, as if they couldnt get enough of this kiss no matter what.

Finally, it was Luo Lingsheng who stopped first, “Are you still sleepy”

Shi Yunnan shook his head slightly.

His out-of-focus eyes regained clarity.

He said while panting, “Im not sleepy, whats wrong”

Luo Lingshengs hoarse voice was still tainted with feelings that have not completely faded away, but he remembered the problem with the “study” that had not been completely resolved, “If youre not sleepy, Ill take you to the study to have a look, okay I dont want you to overthink.”

Shi Yunnan swallowed his breath, “Okay.”

Luo Lingsheng got out of bed to find clothes and slippers for his lover.

Perhaps because he had just recovered, Luo Lingshengs pace wasnt fast, but slow and steady.

Shi Yunnan stared at his back, and the feeling of deja vu came to his mind again.

Before he could come up with a reason, the other party walked back with the clothes.

“Is your leg completely fine”

Walking is possible, but subsequent recovery therapy is needed, and Dr.

Bence says to avoid overexertion as well.”

Shi Yunnan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Take it slow.”

Luo Lingsheng replied with a smile, “I know.”

The two simply cleaned up and walked towards the study hand in hand.

Shi Yunnan was used to bending down and bowing his head.

Now, looking at Luo Lingsheng, who was much taller than himself, he felt a little novel and excited, “Luo Lingsheng.”


“What should I do I think you look more handsome when you stand up.”

Shi Yunnan opened his mouth to compliment him without any shyness.

Luo Lingshengs smile widened as he opened the door of the study, “What do you mean, what should I do Im your legal partner.”

“Thats right, I hit the jackpot.” Shi Yunnan was pleased with himself.

Stepping into this study room again, Shi Yunnan no longer had the initial feeling of bitterness and suffocation, but instead he felt a lot more curious.

He looked around and asked, “You hid everything in the drawer”

Luo Lingsheng closed and locked the study door, and then led his lover toward his desk, saying, “Yes, open it.

The password is still the one you know.”

Shi Yunnan wasnt polite and simply entered his birth date.


The electronic drawer opened.

Luo Lingsheng put aside the invitation letter at the top and picked up the concert ticket, “Here, look carefully, whose seat number is on this”

Shi Yunnan took a closer look at the lower right corner.

The embarrassment of being slapped in the face was intertwined with heartfelt joy, “It seems…to be where I was sitting back then.”

The tickets for Wen Yibeis first concert that year were handed over to Shi Yunnan by Wen Yibei himself, and the seat number was the birth date of the two brothers.

Coincidentally, they were in the VIP seat.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “It seems It originally was.”

Shi Yunnan shook the ticket in front of Luo Lingsheng, “Who would have thought that Mr.

Luo could still “pick up trash””

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a white bill in the drawer again and asked, “Whats that”

He was upset before and left in a hurry without even looking at it.

Luo Lingsheng took out the bill to show him.

It was covered with plastic sealant to prevent fading.

When Shi Yunnan saw the above content, his still not completely calm heart quickly shook, “This…”

“Ellie, its your favorite coffee and dessert shop.”


Shi Yunnan murmured as he was a little overwhelmed by what he just saw, “What, what are you keeping this thing for”

Luo Lingsheng reminded him, “Why dont you look at the date above”

Shi Yunnan looked at the last line of words and suddenly understood something in his mind: “When Fu Ziyu and I went to Ellie for the first time, were you there You were the one who paid our bill ”


Luo Lingsheng didnt expect his lover to get so worked up and continue to tell the truth.

“It was a coincidence that day.

I heard your conversation and knew that you had forgotten all about me, and I thought Fu Ziyu and you were lovers.”

Shi Yunnan immediately denied, “Who is in a relationship with him How could I possibly fall in love with him!”

They had a father-son relationship—a kind of father-son relationship that wasnt blood related.

Luo Lingsheng smiled but did not speak.

After the accidental encounter that day, Luo Lingsheng felt that he had entered a labyrinth with no way out.

Shi Yunnans drunken intimacy at the birthday banquet made him interested, but after meeting again a few months later, he still couldnt let go.

On one hand, Luo Lingsheng felt that Shi Yunnan was “unrestrained,”  but on the other hand, he was unwilling to be a passer-by in the other partys life, so he sent someone to inquire about his college again.

Luo Lingsheng never did anything outrageous and never bothered Shi Yunnan.

He would only appear in front of Shi Yunnan and pursue him when he confirmed that his own feelings werent on a whim.

Old Master Luo had an accident, and everything began to develop in a direction that he could not control.

However, luckily, after going around in full circle, the person in front of him at the moment was the young man he was thinking about day and night.

Shi Yunnan held the well-preserved bill in his hand, and his eyes were full of smiles, “Things have already arrived at this conclusion, so I might as well tell you a secret.”

“What is it”

“The last time we went to Ellie, I was a little absent-minded after we got back in the car, right”

Luo Lingsheng vaguely remembered something like this: “Yeah.”

“I remembered someone that day.”

Shi Yunnan narrowed the distance between the two and purposely enunciated each word slowly: “Before I met you again in the Shi family, I actually had a crush on someone…”

When the words were finished, Luo Lingsheng could not control his jealousy and interrupted, “Who When”


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