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Chapter 13

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Translator: Hua

“Set you up You are clearly shooting yourself in the foot.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Xie Keyue’s uneasy face in the mirror, and slowly turned on the faucet, “I’m just taking precautions.”

Shi Yunnan was not resigned to his fate, but he was not a reckless man either.

Tonight, he came prepared.

From every key figure in the dream to the result of every dice on the wine table… He remembered it clearly the next day after waking up from the dream.

The results of the first nine rounds were within his expectations, and he didn’t care too much.

If he lost, he would lose.

Anyway, he could boost the other party’s excitement and make him lower his guard.

Of course, there was always uncertainty in everything.

“The last round is still a 50-50 chance, but do you know why I dare to bet Because the Shi family property is just a pile of dispensable garbage in my eyes.

I don’t want it at all.”

So, even if the result of the last round changed, it didn’t matter if Shi Yunnan lost, but that was not the case for Xie Keyue——

On one hand, he thought that Shi Yunnan had been tricked, and on the other hand, he was greedy and was tricked by the increased bargaining chips, so he naturally let down his guard against the drink.

The heat on his body was getting worse and worse.

Xie Keyue tried desperately to maintain a steady breathing, not wanting to show a trace of wretchedness in front of Shi Yunnan.

He rolled his dry Adam’s apple and squeezed a question through his teeth, “You bribed the waiter”

“So what if I did” Shi Yunnan admitted brazenly.

As early as the first time he entered the nightclub, he spent money to buy the waiter.

The other party had been waiting for Xie Keyue’s figure all these times, and immediately went to ‘curry favor’ as soon as he showed up.

Xie Keyue’s only mistake was being too confident of his own authority as the ‘behind-the-scenes boss’, but he did not realize that money was the first weapon to win people’s hearts.

Of course, in case the waiter went back on his words, Shi Yunnan did not allow Fu Ziyu to touch the wine, in order to secretly give himself a leeway, and he also did not want to involve his friends too deeply.

“But if you didn’t have any evil intentions towards me, there would be no backlash in the first place.”


Xie Keyue was silent, gritting his teeth in denial.

“Nightclubs are full of ill-intentioned drunkards.

You’re like this now…help yourself.” Shi Yunnan sneered and threw the hand towels into the trash can, then he left without looking back.

He was not a saint, but he would not use underhand methods like Xie Keyue.

As for how the other party would end up tonight, it was all self-inflicted.

Xie Keyue just took a step forward, and suddenly he fell to the ground after the onset of the drug’s effects, his knees touching the hard marble tile floor, and the intense pain caused by this contact recovered his rationality for a moment.

He had been accustomed to smooth sailing all these years.

At home, he was a well-loved and respected young master, outside he was a businessman with a wide network of connections, so much so that he could just close eyes to make money.

Where had he ever been in such an embarrassing situation

“Shi! Yun! Nan!” Xie Keyue gritted his teeth.

He knew that this person was definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp1!

Since the other party could scheme and counter him, it meant that the group of hooligans he had asked the waiter to find should not appear.

The rising anger was mixed with lust, which made Xie Keyue completely lose the sense of propriety in the past.

He braced himself and dialed a number with the last trace of clarity.

“Hey, Keyue What’s wrong”

“Old Feng, you immediately find someone to monitor and block the two people in K14…” Xie Keyue briefly described the appearance and clothes of Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu, “Find someone to play them to death tonight, must-they must be destroyed in our store!”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and then he cautiously asked, “Keyue, what’s the matter You know, these unspoken rules and methods, unless it was requested by a big customer, otherwise we can’t…”

“Old Feng, since I became a shareholder and worked with you, I have never asked you anything.” Xie Keyue interrupted Old Feng.

His knuckles clutching the phone faintly turned white, and his voice was trembling, “Just this once, Shi Yunnan must be f*cked up in our store! Must! Old Feng, I only believe in your ability to handle things, go, I’ll take the blame if something happens”

“…Okay, I got it.” Old Feng made up his mind and responded.

Xie Keyue had always been a rational and measured person in front of him, and had never maliciously targeted people.

Since he could say these harsh words tonight, the other party must have viciously driven him to the edge.

The phone call was hung up quickly.

Xie Keyue tremblingly climbed up against the wall, his vision became particularly blurred.

At the moment when his sanity was about to fade away, a person suddenly appeared in front of him.


Shi Yunnan originally wanted to change to another place to celebrate Fu Ziyu’s return, but his best friend who was in the throes of excitement was unwilling to move, preferring the atmosphere in this nightclub.

The two sat and chatted while sipping the drink.

Seeing that the time on the phone flickered to 9:30, Shi Yunnan finally thought of returning home and forcibly dragged his best friend away from the venue.

“I really can’t believe this, you only drank a few bottles ah Besides, Xie Keyue pays the bill tonight.

If we don’t drink, how can he go bankrupt” Fu Ziyu hadn’t had enough drinks, and reluctantly replied.

“Don’t you see that those guests are all going ‘crazy’ It’s enough for them to lose a lot of money tonight.” Shi Yunnan took out his mobile phone and clicked on the taxi-hailing app, “I will drink with you another day.

There is a kid at home.

I promised to go back tonight and bring him sweets.”

The nightclub was located in the western suburbs, diagonally separated from the Luo’s Manor.

If he didn’t rush back at this moment, Little goldfish might have already fallen asleep.

“A child Who.” Fu Ziyu looked incredulous, “You can raise a child with personality like yours”

“Luo Lingsheng’s little nephew, quite well behaved, he has grew up…”

Before Shi Yunnan could finish his words, a rush of footsteps came from behind the two of them, and at the same time, accompanied by a group of people yelling viciously——

“The people in the front! Stop right there!”

“Gather around!”

“Boss Feng said don’t let any of them escape tonight!”

Seven or eight hooligans surrounded them, led by an even more vicious man with tattoos all over the body.

Shi Yunnan quickly realized something, his smiling eyes cooled down, “It seems that your boss hasn’t learned enough lessons You have to pull me as a scapegoat when you die”

Fu Ziyu heard this, and suddenly woke up, “Is it Xie Keyue again Why is he…”

“Xie Keyue Who is Xie Keyue” The leader of the group swung the iron rod in his hand and interrupted viciously, “Don’t f*cking change the subject, you messed with our boss, so you should meekly kowtow and admit your mistakes.”

“Brother Cong, the boss said we can play however we want…” A short fat man on the side interjected with wickedness, his obscene gaze lingered on Shi Yunnan’s body, eager to take actions.

“Guys, look at this man with fine skin and tender meat, he must feel good to play with.”

These words made people nauseous, and Shi Yunnan’s eyes grew heavy.

In the next second, Fu Ziyu stood in front of him, “Get lost, If you look again, this young master will poke your eyes!”

“Ziyu, be careful.”

“It’s my fault.

I should have listened to you when you proposed to change the place.

Now when we encounter this group of idiots, I will naturally protect you first.” Fu Ziyu was still a few centimeters taller than Shi Yunnan after all.

This person usually looked like a frivolous playboy, but when it came to proper business, he was still reliable, otherwise he would not have a bunch of admirers abroad.

“Don’t forget, when we were abroad, you were always covered by daddy.”

In the originally tense atmosphere, Shi Yunnan broke into a low laugh “Go away, you are the son, I just called the police, you…”

The leader of the group, brother Cong, snickered, “And you dare to call the shots”

“Brothers, come on! Take them back, and you can play however you want!”

At this crucial moment, a flashy luxury car arrived and stopped at a lightning speed.

The headlights on the front of the car suddenly dissipated, stimulating the crowd to subconsciously close their eyes.

The door opened.

Someone jumped out of the car and shouted, “Second young master Shi, you guys step back and leave it to me!”

“……Yuan Meng”

Shi Yunnan discerned the figure of the newcomer, and quickly pulled Fu Ziyu’s arm to escape through the gap opened by the other party.

The back seat door of the luxury car opened.

As soon as Shi Yunnan stopped, he met the gaze cast by Luo Lingsheng, and froze for a moment——

After not seeing him for a while, Luo Lingsheng seemed to have cut his hair short.

The dim light from the roof cast on his face, showing distinct contour lines, and the whole person became a little sharper.

A pair of ascetic wire-frame glasses were also added to the bridge of this man’s nose.

The eyes hidden behind the lenses were very light, revealing an elusive coldness, which made people want to approach but was also afraid of being rejected.

Behind them came the sound of screaming and fighting, but Shi Yunnan’s thoughts entirely focused on the person in the car.

He suddenly felt that he was drunk, otherwise, why the more he stared at Luo Lingsheng, the more charming and good-looking he became

After a brief and lengthy stare at each other, Luo Lingsheng lowered his eyelids slightly, his eyes seemed to move towards Shi Yunnan’s right hand——

He was still holding Fu Ziyu’s arm tightly without letting go.

Shi Yunnan suddenly reacted, and immediately let go.

He rubbed his palm inexplicably with some guilty conscience, “You, why are you here”

“For this, I should ask second young master Shi.”

Luo Lingsheng said in a light voice, a trace of displeasure wavered in the depths of his pupils, “On the big night of the Qixi Festival, you were dragging another man’s in front of a nightclub and got into trouble with a group of gangsters and hooligans”

“It seems that these days when I’m not at home, second young master Shi is living a very good life.”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t answer, and there was a kind of inexplicable guilty conscience.

He was obviously celebrating with his returning friend, and along the way, dealt with some personal matters at this point in time, but how could he sound so much like a heartless man who ‘attempted to cheat’ when it came out of Luo Lingshing’s mouth

Fu Ziyu also felt strange.

What about the so-called fake marriage

How did this person look at him as if he was looking at a rival, as if he would be ‘silenced’ in the next second

Fu Ziyu glanced back and forth between his friend and Luo Lingsheng, he suddenly realized something, and almost screaming out on the spot——

For goodness sake!

He didn’t have improper thoughts toward Shi Yunnan!

Speaking of feelings, it was purely the kind of paternal love that a father has for his son!

Just as the three were silent at the same time, the sound of the fight behind them finally stopped.

Relying on his own strength, Yuan Meng beat all the seven or eight gangsters to the ground, one by one miserable screaming.

When Fu Ziyu came across an opportunity, he pushed aside the mutual brotherhood between them just now and said, “Then what Yunnan, your, your husband has come to pick you up, I’ll leave first, see you later!”


Shi Yunnan looked at his friend who had left the scene at the speed of light, and silently gave a middle finger in his heart.

He turned his gaze back, and the waves of anger turned into obedience and honesty in a minute, “He, he is my friend, usually I call him son, and he calls me dad… that sort of friend, no other relationship.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at him for a moment, “Oh Really”


Shi Yunnan met the man’s deep eyes and felt that he was really drunk, otherwise, how could he still see a hint of inexplicable possessiveness and jealousy from the bottom of the other party’s eyes

He quickly got rid of this illusion, but an inconspicuous thought came into his mind–

What should I do if I was caught by my husband at the door of the nightclub

Waiting online, very urgent.


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