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TL: Hua

Mistake correction: So the duck is actually called “Call Duck”, a type of domesticated pet duck, not Cole Duck.


Luo picked up the small bag that had been prepared and urged, “Car keys, cash, passport, and change of clothes, you should leave now! Wait for your father to take care of the matter.

After this bout of wind… mom will find a way to contact you.”

Luo Yanchuan clenched his fists, “Its all Luo Lingshengs doing! It must be him!”

“Yanchuan! It doesnt matter who it is now.”

How could Mrs.

Luo not know that it was Luo Lingshengs handiwork

She took Luo Yanchuan downstairs and took him into the garage, “Your dad and I were thinking of living in peace, but we knew you werent willing, so we risked our lives to fight with you… ”

“Unfortunately, its still a lost cause.”

Luo Yanchuan knew that there was no better option now, so he could only listen to his mother, “Mom, take care of yourselves.

While the green hills last, therell be wood to burn1Where theres life, theres hope..”

“I wont just lose like this!”

The sound of the car door closing isolated Luo Yanchuans reluctance, and half a minute later, the car sped away.


Luo, who was standing at the door of the house, looked at the car that disappeared at the entrance of the villa area and felt a burst of regret in her heart.

What happened to the main house that year was enough to teach their second house a lesson, but she and her husband still listened to the instigation of their own child, and began to covet the power and status that they had never received back then.

On one hand, she had her husband, who had been with her for many years, and on the other, her son, whom she regarded as her heart.


Luo wiped away her tears.

She and her husband had already discussed it.

If there was really a day when something went wrong, they would definitely find a way to clean up Luo Yanchuans name.

They only hoped that Luo Lingsheng could still give Luo Yanchuan a way out for the sake of his relatives and not pursue the matter any further, leaving a last ray of hope for their second house.

Luo Yanchuan knew that he was drunk driving, but now he had to step on the accelerator and rush forward.

He couldnt stay at the hotel, and once he contacted those “friends” of his, they would sell off his whereabouts at any time, not to mention they werent worth contacting at all…

Luo Yanchuan, who had nowhere to go, slapped the steering wheel abruptly, and a figure that could be used suddenly appeared in his mind.

Just when he was distracted, a passerby suddenly appeared in front of his car.


Luo Yanchuan suddenly stepped on the brakes and quickly turned the steering wheel.


The screeching sound still rang out.

When Luo Yanchuan stopped and checked his rearview mirror, he realized that someone had fallen in a pool of blood on the side of the road.

Luo Yanchuans breathing suddenly became rapid.

He quickly glanced around, and after confirming that there was no close-up camera on the side road, the evil inside him, which was fueled by alcohol, suddenly occupied his only remaining conscience.

“Its you who crossed the road and didnt walk on the sidewalk, so dont blame me.”

The twilight was covered by the sudden rain, and after a burst of lightning, Luo Yanchuan restarted the car and quickly left the accident area.

…the next day.

Its a rare weekend without going to the design studio.

When Shi Yunnan woke up, the diligent Little Goldfish had already completed his morning private lesson and was now watching the little duck in the back courtyard.

Shi Yunnan walked to the backyard immediately after getting the hint from the butler.

“Quack, guack, guack, its not yours! Youre not allowed to eat it!”

“Here here, one bowl for one duck.

My uncle said that you cant steal other peoples things.”

“Is it delicious You have to grow up quickly!”

Shi Yunnan smiled when he heard the Little Goldfishs childish preaching and quickened his pace.

Soon, he saw Little Goldfish squatting inside the fence watching the pet ducks eat.

Ever since they got the three call ducks2, Little Goldfish had been pestering Yuan Meng to build a fence as a duck nest, and he would drop by for a while after school every day.

Shi Yunnan shouted, “Little Goldfish.”

Little Goldfish looked back, and as soon as he saw Shi Yunnan, he opened the fence gate and ran over.

The three call ducks, who were still eating, immediately followed behind him like a little tail.

Shi Yunnan found this image cute and comical and couldnt help but laugh out loud, “Grandpa Qin said you came here right after class Have you done your homework”

Little Goldfish shook his head in embarrassment, “… Little Uncle, I havent finished doing the addition and subtraction math problems.”

Fortunately, your uncle isnt here; otherwise, youre guaranteed to be scolded by him.”

Shi Yunnan squatted down and looked at him, rubbing away the trace of dirt on his face with his fingertips, “I bought the little ducks to play with you and grow up with you, but you cant fall behind in your studies, ok”

“Little Uncle, dont tell Uncle, ok Im going to do my homework after lunch.

I wont play anymore.”

As Little Goldfish said, he leaned over and put his arms around Shi Yunnans shoulders, “Little Uncle, please I know youre the best, and I like you the most.”

Little Goldfish was sweetly blowing the rainbow fart while the little ducklings behind him were all quacking and quacking.

Shi Yunnan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He pinched his little nephews milk fat and said, “Okay, are you hungry Today the kitchen made fish egg custard.

Shall we go back and share it”

“Yeah! Little uncle, lets eat!”

Little Goldfish took the initiative to hold Shi Yunnans hand and waved to the ducklings, “Go home, Im going to eat lunch with my uncle! Ill come back to play with you guys in the afternoon!”

After that, the three call ducks actually turned their butts away.

Seeing this, Little Goldfish said proudly, “Little uncle, arent they very obedient”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows somewhat miraculously and took Little Goldfish into his arms to praise him, “Who made our Little Goldfish so well behaved and set a good example for all the little ducks.”

Little Goldfish squinted his eyes with a smile, and began to take the initiative to share with Shi Yunnan the interesting stories from kindergarten.

“Little Uncle, our classmates are envious of me! Can I take the quacks to kindergarten”

“Why dont you invite your classmates to come see you at home sometime When the time comes, Ill ask Grandpa Qin to prepare some small cookies and freshly squeezed juice for you.”

“Then, I also want to invite a new teacher, is that okay”

“Of course you can.

Its all up to you.”

One big and one small chatted like this as they walked slowly back to the main house.

After Little Goldfish had lunch, he fulfilled his promise and went back to his room to do his arithmetic homework.

The butler came in from outside the house, with a familiar figure behind him.


Shi, Mr.

Yu Shuo is here.”

Shi Yunnan looked up and met Yu Shuos smiling eyes, “Mr.

Shi, long time no see.”

After the last charity auction, the two hadnt met for half a year.

When Shi Yunnan was chatting with Luo Lingsheng later, he heard his lover mention it.

When the Yu family in the south was in power turmoil, Yu Shuo and his father once asked for the help of the Luo family, but Luo Lingsheng, who had just assumed the position of the family head, was worried about internal and external troubles and had no choice but to refuse.

Yu Shuos father was suppressed by other side branches.

In order to protect their best interests, he had to let Yu Shuo temporarily transfer the familys assets abroad.

But unfortunately, Yu Shuos mother was seriously ill and passed away during that time, so Yu Shuo, who was far away from home, could not see his mother for the last time.

Although this incident was not caused by Luo Lingsheng, it did become an unspeakable knot between the two, and over time they lost contact.

Thanks to a chance meeting in the nightclub last year, the two had a talk and renewed what little contact they had left.

“Its been a while.” Shi Yunnan stood up to say hello, and then said, “You came at the wrong time.

Lingsheng has been out of the country for a while now, and he wont be back until half a month later.”


Shi, you misunderstood.” Yu Shuo shook his head and revealed a light smile, “Im not here to find him, Im here to find you.”

“Youre looking for me”

“I have some news that I think you need to know.

It just so happens that Im here in the neighborhood on some personal business, so I stopped by.”

Shi Yunnans curiosity was piqued, and he silently looked at the person in front of him—someone who could make Luo Lingsheng look up to him as a good friend.

Yu Shuo was definitely a shrewd and capable person.

“Dont look at me like that, I really dont mean any harm.” Yu Shuo shrugged and smiled back, “At least Im considered a guest.

Are you not going to invite me to sit down, Mr.


Shi Yunnan finally said, “Uncle Qin, please make some tea.”


Uncle Qin tacitly left and secretly signaled the other servants who were cleaning to leave the vicinity as well.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to invite him, “Mr.

Yu, please take a seat.

If you have anything, you can say it directly.

Yu Shuo sat down and said calmly, “Mr.

Shi should have heard Lingsheng mention the main battlefield of the Yu familys business in Hai City.

There are some ugly battles happening in the family.”

“I know.”

The Yu family of the south and the Luo family of the north are both outstanding parties.

Its just that compared to the already stable Luo family, with Luo Lingsheng in charge, the Yu familys turbulent disputes in the past two years have not completely stopped.

Yu Shuo frankly continued, “Then you should have also heard that my eldest brother and I are half-brothers.”

“Its just that since my father took control of the Yu family, my eldest brother has been targeting me in the open and in secret.”


Shi Yunnan heard the ruthlessness in Yu Shuos words, and his brows knitted slightly, “Mr.


“Its difficult to have biological siblings in a wealthy family.

My father was diagnosed with cancer six months ago, and some rights have to be fought for.”

Yu Shuo casually mentioned the matter, his slightly upturned peach blossom eyes were filled with a trivial, cold smile.

Shi Yunnan understood what Yu Shuo meant, “Your Yu familys open and secret fights have nothing to do with me.

If you want to ask for the Luo familys help, its no use coming to me.”

Shi Yunnan would never interfere in any career decisions of his lover, just like Luo Lingsheng would always support his career.

“No, I will solve the struggle between me and the Yu family myself.” Yu Shuo shook his head, indicating that Shi Yunnan had misunderstood.

“To be honest, I have found solid evidence that my brother illegally smuggled contraband, and I will attack him within half a month at most.”


Shi Yunnan didnt expect Yu Shuo to be so frank, and then he heard the other person say, “Its just that there is one thing that involves the Shi family in the Imperial Capital, so thats why I came to find Mr.


Shi Yunnans comprehension was very strong, “You mean, the smuggling involves the Shi family”


“Its Shis Logistics that provides convenience for my eldest brother to smuggle goods.

I sent someone to check carefully.

Under normal circumstances, such a large number of truck deliveries must pass the inspection before they are transferred.”

But Yu Mings batch of goods was exempt from inspection by the logistics company.

In other words, someone in the Shi company secretly helped him.

Shi Yunnan realized this and raised his eyebrows subtly without commenting.

Although Old Man Shi was ruthless, indifferent, and prioritized absolute interest in everything, his pride wouldnt allow him to do such illegal things.

Now that he was in the hospital, someone was actually involved in this illegal transaction behind his back

According to the laws and regulations – “Those who conspire with smugglers and provide transportation and other relative conveniences will be punished as accomplices of smuggling crimes once captured.”

Whether it was an individual act or a collective act, it may even lead to Shi Company being seized.

Shi Yunnan snorted.

The relationship between him and the Shi family had long been severed.

He didnt care whether the company was dead or alive.

He wasnt worried, but curious.

“Have you found out who that person is”


1Where theres life, theres hope.2-

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