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TL: Hua

After three days, Luo Lingsheng set off overseas again and continued the second course of rehabilitation on time.

Compared with the last parting, Shi Yunnan felt a little less reluctant this time, but had a little more expectation.

After all, with Luo Lingshengs current leg condition, he might be able to completely break away from external assistance and appear in front of him in a standing posture.


Shi Yunnan confirmed through WeChat that Luo Lingsheng arrived safely, and then put down his mobile phone and continued his design work.

Yuan Rui hadnt come back yet.

He had to personally assume responsibilities in the studio as a partner and one of the bosses.

Suddenly, he heard sounds of greetings outside the room.

“Hello, Director Yuan.”

“Director Yuan, are you back”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes when he heard the sound, and in the next second, the door of the office was opened.

Yuan Rui was wearing loose sportswear, but even this couldnt hide his increasingly thin figure.

The flesh on both sides of his cheeks had completely fallen off, and the haggard powerlessness could be seen in his eyes.

Yuan Rui met Shi Yunnans gaze and evoked a powerless smile, “What a loyal friend you are.

You left me alone in Fu City and ran back first.”

Shi Yunnan stood up from his position and quickly pulled him to the side of the sofa to sit down, “Whats the matter with you”

“What” Yuan Rui was stunned for half a second.

“Lu…” Shi Yunnan paused, and started from a simpler topic, “Is your injury fully recovered Why dont you rest in the hospital for a while longer”

“My arms and knees are still bruised.

The scabs wont be a problem though.

I got several stitches on my forehead, but I can remove the stitches when I return to the Imperial Capital…”

Yuan Rui took off his hat and continued to laugh, “Unfortunately, there may be scars in the future, so I had to give up the face of the studio position to you.”

Shi Yunnan couldnt laugh, so he comforted him, “You can cover it with a bang.

Besides, its not ugly to have a scar on a mans forehead.”


Yuan Rui nodded and brought up work, “This time I was away for nearly 20 days.

I was afraid that work would pile up, so I rushed back.”

“By the way, how is the initial cooperation with the porcelain factory Do you need me to negotiate the price again Also, you said last time that you want to sell ceramics overseas…”

“Yuan Rui.”

Shi Yunnan frowned and interrupted his inquiry.

His friend was a little strange this time.

“Whats wrong”

“I will handle the cooperation with the porcelain factory.

I met a foreigner who knows a little about ceramics.

I will actively try to cooperate with him in the future regarding overseas sales…”

“All in all, you dont need to worry about all the affairs of the studio at the moment.”

Shi Yunnan easily dispelled all his friends concerns.

Yuan Rui nodded and said nothing.

“I think you need to let go of everything and rest now.” Shi Yunnan paused and finally asked the question sharply—

“Wheres Lu Zhaoan Whats the matter with you and him Havent you cleared up the misunderstanding this time”


The smile that Yuan Rui was holding on to faded at this moment.

He dodged and glanced away, “There is no misunderstanding between me and him.

What do I need to clear up”

“Yuan Rui, I used to feel that I wasnt qualified or necessary to intervene in the affairs of you two brothers, but now between you guys…”


Yuan Rui interrupted him, his eyes flushed and he took a deep breath, “…he has a girlfriend.”

“And, and I did a pretty stupid thing this time, the relationship between the two of us as apprentice brothers had ceased to exist.”

He had been ignorant for so many years, and now he understood, but it was too late.

Like broken jade, they are destined to separate from each other.

His relationship with Lu Zhaoan, to put it nicely, was as an apprentice brother; to put it unpleasantly, they were strangers.

Shi Yunnan obviously didnt expect Yuan Rui to react this way.

He frowned slightly and asked with uncertainty, “Girlfriend”

Yuan Rui seemed to think that he was talking about the wrong topic, and he smiled reluctantly to cover it up, “Anyway, dont mention his name in front of me in the future, okay”

“Youre right, Im in a bad state now and need a break.”

Yuan Rui covered his face and finally stopped trying to be brave and said, “Do you have time to help me find an assistant See if you can deal with the matter at hand temporarily.”

At the beginning, he took over this design studio suddenly, and it was an opportunity he got after “fighting” for a long time.

He was afraid of disappointing his friend Shi Yunnan, his father, Yuan Puguang, and his brother Lu Zhaoan.

Yuan Rui felt like he was a beyblade that was spinning at high speed without ever stopping.

He kept spinning and spinning until he became dizzy.

“Okay, you rest, Ill take care of everything.” Shi Yunnan patted him on the shoulder and said, “Its almost time to get off work.

Shall I drive you back”

Yuan Rui made a fainthmm sound.

Shi Yunnan clicked on the navigation, “Go back to the Yuan house You should let Auntie give you some replenishing tonic.”

“No, Im going back to my own apartment.”

Yuan Rui put on his hat again and pressed down the brim to cover his red eyes, “If I go back now with all my injuries, my dad might think Im fooling around somewhere.”

Shi Yunnan was silent and felt a burst of sadness for no reason.

Instead of being like he was now, he hoped that Yuan Rui would still be as “arrogant and dumb” as before.

“Then Ill give Fu Ziyu a call.”


“In addition to his knowledge of wine, hes also good at making soup and health-replenishing meals.

You are too thin.

Let your dad Fu feed his son some tonic.”

Yuan Rui was in a better mood and retorted, “You guys are the sons.”

A week has passed in the blink of an eye.

The head of HR knocked on Shi Yunnans door, “Mr.

Shi, according to your previous recruitment needs, we have found a suitable candidate.

Do you want me to bring him in for the final interview”

Shi Yunnan stopped the design in his hands and said, “Youve found one so soon”

Although Yuan Rui just wanted to recruit an assistant, Shi Yunnans request was much more than that.

Lingyu Design still failed to get over the hurdle of the jewelry adulteration scandal, and now it has suffered a catastrophic loss.

Shi Yunnan had plans to reverse the annexation and expand the market.

According to the current development momentum of the studio, he estimated that it was completely acceptable.

Therefore, the person he wanted to recruit was the second-in-command and the person in charge in the future besides him and Yuan Rui.

The HR team leader nodded, “Yes, he is in the company now.

Are you free to meet him”

Of course, Shi Yunnan accepted, “Well, let him in.”

Half a minute later, a familiar figure appeared in the office.

Shi Yunnan stared at Lu Zhaoan in front of him and raised his brows subtly, “Mr.

Lu, should I say “long time no see””


Shi is too kind.

Im here to apply for a job.

Heres my resume.” Lu Zhaoan handed over the document in a moderate manner.

Shi Yunnan turned the page without looking closely.


Lu is one of the founders of this studio.

If you want to come back, there is no need to apply for a post, right”

The team leader of the HR department was recruited later by them, so it was understandable that he didnt know Lu Zhaoan and regarded him as another candidate.

Lu Zhaoan replied calmly, “I have already left Yuan Jade, and naturally I am not a partner of the design studio.

If I want to work, I must apply.”

Shi Yunnan wasnt a person who couldnt distinguish between public and private affairs.

Since Lu Zhaoan chose to meet him in this way, he naturally took a corresponding attitude.


Lu, why dont you tell me what advantages you have to compete for this position”

“In terms of operation management, I have nearly seven years of experience in the related jade industry.

Although I was absent for nearly half a year, my related contacts and resources are still there, and I can work at any time.”

“In terms of designing work, I know that the studio is currently focusing on jade design.

I also heard about the innovation of jade porcelain that you want to try next.

I think…”

Lu Zhaoans answer was as calm as always, “Whether its the jade carving skills of nearly 20 years or the porcelain carving skills that I have studied in Dehua County for the past six months, I should be able to help.”

“I heard that Mr.

Shi originally planned to have a personal long-term cooperation with a porcelain carving master I can do it.”

Shi Yunnan chuckled, “If Mr.

Lu came to our design studio, how many jobs could one person take Our studio is small and we cant afford to pay a Big Buddha such as yourself.”

“As long as I can stay, the salary doesnt matter.”

“Oh is that so”

Shi Yunnan closed his resume and stared at him for a moment.

The two confronted each other silently for a while.

Shi Yunnan couldnt help but speak for his friend, “Lu Zhaoan, at the beginning, it was you who left Yuan Rui.

Arent you afraid of awkwardness coming back like this”


Lu Zhaoan, who had always been well-spoken, was silent at this moment.

Shi Yunnan couldnt see his true thoughts, but he really didnt want to reject an excellent partner.

If the studio confirmed its expansion, Lu Zhaoans connections and abilities would definitely be their greatest help.

“One-month trial period.”

Shi Yunnan paused for a second and said meaningfully, “You should not only use your ability to convince me, one of the bosses, but also use your actual ability to convince another boss.”

“Got it, thank you.”

Lu Zhaoan breathed a sigh of relief and stood up, “Then Ill go first.”

Looking at his retreating back, Shi Yunnan suddenly remembered the appearance of Yuan Ruis red eyes that day, and shouted, “Wait.”

“As a studio owner, I have one more thing to ask you.”


“Does Mr.

Lu have a girlfriend” Shi Yunnan asked straight to the point, and said casually, “I dont want anyone to delay their work because of love in the future.”

Lu Zhaoan was startled and immediately denied, “No, Im single.”

Shi Yunnan raised his chin slightly and smiled, “Really Its fine if you dont.”

Lu Zhaoan saw through Shi Yunnans smiling eyes and suddenly frowned, “…he misunderstood”

Shi Yunnan didnt say anything, “Hes your junior brother.

Shouldnt you know him better than me”

Lu Zhaoan did not stay too long and quickly left the office.

Shi Yunan retracted his sight and gave his own comment as a bystander, “What a pain.”

Why cant they be like him and Luo Lingsheng

Its amazing how they got their marriage certificate the next day after their first meeting.

Now its almost their one-year anniversary.

The author has something to say:

Little Fox: I, the role model of flash marriage, am a learning example.

How awesome.



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