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TL: Hua

“Mom… wuwu…”

When Yuan Kewang saw that his always-mighty uncle and fiery mother had been defeated, the fear in his heart exploded.

He failed to obey Chen Fangs instructions and ran over, crying, “I was wrong… I dont want to be caught by the police… I wont steal anything anymore!”

Because it was dark and he couldnt see the road clearly, Yuan Kewang slipped on the small stone and fell on the concrete floor.

When he raised his head again, the wound on his forehead was more serious than that of Little Goldfish.

False cries turned into explosive tears because he really got hurt.

When Chen Fang saw this scene, she immediately put away the mask of exaggerated complaints and swiftly crawled to her sons side, distressed beyond measure.

“Xiao Wang, look at Mommy! Im sorry I cant protect you.

I shouldnt have led this group of people to our doorstep!”

Shi Yunnan sneered and spoke first, “What a joke.

Your child fell by himself, so were to blame”

“Now you know how it hurts.

When our child was bullied by Yuan Kewang, why didnt I see you come out and accuse him”

His words had just fallen when another headlight shone over from far to near.

Qin Jian, who came to meet up with them, quickly got out of the car.

He saw the chaotic scene in front of him and frowned slightly, “Patriarch, Mr.


After speaking, he glanced at Yuan Meng again.

Yuan Meng knew that Chen Ping was now powerless to do anything and quickly walked back to Luo Lingshengs side to plead guilty, “Patriarch, this is all my fault.

I will personally take them to the city police station to report the case.

I wont let them off the hook easily.”

If this matter wasnt enough to file a case, Yuan Meng could still take out the past “forced transfer records” as evidence…

All in all, he would definitely let Chen Ping and Chen Fang get the punishment they deserve.

Yuan Meng took a deep breath.

His good intentions had unexpectedly spiraled into something bad, “Patriarch, after this matter is over, I-I will submit my resignation.”

Qin Jian looked over in surprise, “Resignation”

“I never wanted to care about your familys business, and your familys business cant cost you your job.”

Luo Lingsheng made his attitude clear in a few words, “Go back and deduct half a months salary.

This shouldnt happen ever again.”

Yuan Meng had been in charge of his security for so long, and he had never made a mistake nor slacked off for a minute.

Today, something happened suddenly, on the premise that he allowed the other party to enter the house.

Good or bad, Luo Lingsheng could tell.

“Its easy to say, but his family doesnt care about him.” Shi Yunnan added with a snort, “If they dont suffer, will they really stop”

His eyes swept across Qin Jian and Yuan Meng, and instead of Luo Lingsheng, he said, “Lets bring them to the city together.

Qin Jian will drop us off at the hotel first and then hurry to meet up with Yuan Meng at the police station.”

Shi Yunan indifferently glanced at the wretched Chen siblings and said bluntly, “Qin Jian, youre a smart person, so you should know how to help Yuan Meng in this matter.”

Qin Jian responded quickly, “I understand, Mr.


Yuan Meng promptly walked back, “Juanjuan, get a hemp rope for Uncle.”


Yuan Juanjuan immediately ran into the house, took out a hemp rope, and returned in less than half a minute.

Yuan Meng tied up Chen Ping, who was still immersed in pain, and threw him into the car, and then he dragged Chen Fang up like a chicken.

Right now, Chen Fang was really panicking.

She originally just wanted her younger brother to scare Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan so that they would dispel the idea of calling the police.

Why was the trouble gradually getting bigger until even her own brother got involved

Chen Fang refused to follow him to the police station and desperately struggled to ask her husband for help, “Kewangs dad! Hurry up and save me!”

Yuan Wei hesitated for a while, and finally closed his eyes helplessly, “In all these years, Juanjuan and I have had enough.

You should learn from the police!”

“Juanjuan is about to take the college entrance examination.

I intend to bring her and Kepan to live in the city for a while.

Y-you can do whatever you see fit.”

The country folks dont like the idea of divorce.

Living apart was already considered very serious.

Chen Fang was dumbfounded.

She didnt expect her usually soft-hearted husband to have such an attitude.

Tears that had always been pretentious broke out at this moment.

If she had known, she would have apologized on behalf of her kid just now.

What did she argue so hard for

She tried to steal a chicken, only to end up losing the rice used to lure it1Attempting to gain an advantage only results in a loss..

Can she still send her kid to the listed primary school if this matter leaves a criminal record Isnt the 30,000 ~ 40,000 yuan she entrusted to dredge up the relationship going to waste

Chen Fang felt that she had been blinded by greed, and now she even regretted it until her intestine turned green.

Unfortunately, her cry didnt elicit any sympathy from others.

Shi Yunnan felt that it was too noisy and pushed Luo Lingsheng back to the car with his eyebrows twisted.

“Uncle! Little uncle!”

The door was pushed open, and Little Goldfish, who was obediently sitting in the car waiting for them, called out.

He got off the car seat and took advantage of the opportunity to see the chaos outside.

It wasnt until Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng got into the car that Little Goldfish asked in a low voice, “Uncle, Yuan Kewangs forehead is bleeding too.

Can I give him medicine”

Shi Yunnans heart was softened by the kindness of his own child, and he couldnt help pinching his little face, “He didnt apologize for bullying you just now.

Are you not angry anymore”

“Angry.” The little goldfish told the truth, “…but the bleeding on the forehead hurts.”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at Shi Yunnan and agreed, “Then go, be careful.”


Little Goldfish picked up the ointment he had used and walked up to Yuan Kewang, “Here, its for you.”

Yuan Kewang looked at him dumbfounded, and the sobbing stopped for two seconds before a louder sound broke out, “Wuwu – Im sorry brother, I shouldnt bully you.”

“Im sorry, I know I was wrong.

Ill never do this again…”

Little Goldfish was frightened by his sudden apology, and after thinking for a while, he made up his mind.

“I dont want to accept your apology, because I have given you a chance before, but you dont cherish it yourself.”

If a belated apology can be useful, why do we need to have police officers

Little Goldfish stubbornly left this sentence, and then ran back to the car.

Shi Yunnan, who was watching this scene, carried his little nephew back to the child safety seat and quietly praised him, “Our little goldfish did a great job.”

Little Goldfishs short legs, which could not reach the ground, shook, and finally he showed a smile, “Little uncle.”


“Ill get better and better! You have to grow up with me, just like my uncle!”

When Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan heard this, they responded with a smile—


“Well always be with you.”

Daming village and the nearest downtown area were about 40 minutes away by car.

Qin Jian sent Shi Yunnan and others to the central hotel that he had booked in advance, and then hurried to the police station to meet Yuan Meng according to the two bosses wishes.

After checking into the family room, Shi Yunnan called for the hotels room service.

The western-style set menu at the hotel is quite decent.

Little Goldfish was so hungry that he ate two steaks in a row.

With a round belly, he said, “Im so full~”

Luo Lingsheng instructed him, “Walk around in the room to digest food and take a shower later.

Youve been tired all day today, so rest early.”


Little Goldfish responded obediently, and then asked curiously, “Little Uncle, are we still living here tomorrow”

Shi Yunnan dug a mouthful of dense mashed potatoes and thought for a while, “Tomorrow you and your uncle will rest in the hotel.

Ill take you to the beach the day after tomorrow, okay” Little Goldfishs eyes immediately lit up, as he had never been to the sea, “Then can I pick up shrimp and shells”

“Yes, of course.”

Shi Yunnan readily agreed.

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng asked, “Do you want to return to Dehua country for another investigation”


Tomorrow Ill go by myself.

I have to have a general understanding and confirm the cooperation with the manufacturers.”

Shi Yunnan has his own considerations, “There are so many things happening today.

On Yuan Ruis side, I estimate that there will be several days of delay, so after I finish the scheduled work, shall we accompany Little Goldfish to look around more”

Fu City is very close to the sea.

Since Little Goldfish liked nature, he was willing to accompany the child to experience more.

He must not destroy the childs good impression of nature because of todays experience.

Before Luo Lingsheng could answer, Little Goldfish expectantly answered, “Okay, okay, I agree, I agree!”

Luo Lingsheng saw the redness and swelling on his nephews forehead that had not disappeared, and his heart softened, “En.”

After an hour.

Little Goldfish went into the bathroom with his bathrobe very sensibly.

Shi Yunnan found the hotels spare medicine box, and quickly walked to Luo Lingshengs side, who had already taken a shower, “Take off your bathrobe and let me see your back.

Did Chen Ping you hard”

Shi Yunnan recalled the scene just now, and his heart was still tense.

Luo Lingsheng knew that he couldnt resist him, so he had to take off the bathrobe on his upper body.

The lines on the mans back were almost perfect, except that there was a large, obvious swollen bruise spreading from his left shoulder.

Shi Yunnan took a deep breath and couldnt help scolding Chen Ping vaguely under his breath.

Luo Lingsheng laughed and turned around, “Dont be annoyed, Im really fine.

This little injury will heal in a few days.”


Shi Yunnan sighed and found the anti-swelling spray in the medicine box.

“Bear with me for a while.

I think the skin is a little broken.

Maybe the spraying will hurt a little.”



The spray submerged into the wound, causing a slight stinging pain.

Luo Lingsheng held back, not wanting his lover to worry too much about him.

Shi Yunnan held his breath and slowly pressed on the swollen area.

The temperature of his fingertips allowed the medicine to maximize its effect and gradually melted the congealed blood.

Shi Yunnan rubbed and pressed while observing Luo LingShengs back, and his mind couldnt help but recall the scene this evening.

Luo Lingsheng protected him and Little Goldfish in his arms.

Luo Lingsheng stepped forward little by little and covered them behind him, blocking Chen Pings brutal attack for them.

For some reason, Shi Yunnans eyes suddenly became sore; his hand stopped rubbing and embraced his lovers waist from behind instead.

The gentle kiss fell, accompanied by the warm breath.

Luo Lingshengs calm mind was disturbed for a while, and suddenly he felt that the pain behind him was completely dissipated.

He felt his lovers dependence and couldnt help but look at him sideways, “Whats wrong”

“I just think…”

Shi Yunnan kissed Luo Lingshengs jawline and smiled, “You look pretty handsome when you stand up to protect me.”

Luo Lingsheng patted his hand, “Sit in front of me.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to walk around, and the two sat looking at each other, easily bringing out an ambiguous atmosphere.

Shi Yunnan was used to fighting alone since he was a child.

Even after encountering Luo Lingsheng, he couldnt change this habit.

If he could solve it with his own fists or stop it with his body, he wouldnt think about bothering others.

But Shi Yunnan only realized tonight that if someone could protect him in his arms and stand in front of him immediately in the event of a crisis, it turned out to be such a thrilling feeling.

Shi Yunnan hooked his hands around Luo Lingshengs neck while avoiding the injured shoulder, “Husband.”

He murmured and leaned down for a kiss.

The two exchanged a light kiss, the tip of their nose touching each other, refusing to part.

“Yunnan, give me a little more time.”


Shi Yunnan subconsciously issued a sound.

Being wrapped in Luo Lingshengs breath made him want another kiss.

While whispering between his lips, Luo Lingsheng fulfilled his wish.

—Give me a little more time.

—Not only at this moment, I can protect you for a lifetime.

The author has something to say:

Little Goldfish who goes to take a bath by himself: Uncles, you guys continue.

I have to take a bath for a long time~

1Attempting to gain an advantage only results in a loss.-

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