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Inside the booth, two rich young masters who came with Xie Keyue also ran from next door to watch the excitement.

The six people were evidently separated into two camps, Xie Keyue, Yuan Rui and others on one side, Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu on the other side.

The waiter approached with a basket of expensive foreign wines and put them on the table one by one, “Sirs, I am the waiter who is in charge of your booth.

Please let me know if you need anything.”

The waiter looked around with a smile on his face, and finally glanced at Shi Yunnan.

Fu Ziyu swept a look at the imported wine on the table, “Yoo-hoo, it’s all spirits1 How do you want to play”

Xie Keyue seized the opportunity to speak before anyone could open their mouth, “I don’t understand gambling and have no interest in drinking, so I won’t participate.

However, if we lose, I can share the punishment.”

Yuan Rui knew his friend’s unconventional honest nature, and responded, “En, Keyue, you can just sit and watch.

Don’t get involved.”

Was it the lack of understanding, the lack of interest, or deliberately taking oneself out of this game What an unsullied white lotus.

Shi Yunnan saw through his intention, but didn’t say anything, “How to play What’s the bet”

Yuan Rui thought for a while and offered a game, “Let’s play the simple Big or Small dice game.

The loser downs the glass, loses one more time, the number of drinks will double and goes up.”

“If you really can’t drink, spend 50,000 yuan2 for a glass of wine.

The party who loses in the end will cover the bill for this table.”

A drinking game based on pure luck with 50-50 chance of winning and losing.

The only difference between the two sides was the different number of people.

The pressure they needed to bear after losing was also different.

Yuan Rui did not like to take advantage of others, “If you think it’s unfair, you can find someone else to help.

Don’t blame us for bullying you in numbers when you lose and can’t get the drinks in.”

Fu Ziyu raised his chin, “Who do you look down on”

While he was visiting famous nightclubs all over America, the other party still didn’t know how to drink yet3.

When it came to drinking capacity, Fu Ziyu had never been afraid of anyone.

“Yunnan, you make the guess.

Win or lose, I’ll drink it for you.” Fu Ziyu didn’t feel the least bit intimidated, “Tonight if I don’t drink until they topple at my feet and call me daddy, I’ll write my surname backward.”

“Tsk, keep pretending.” Yuan Rui snapped at him, then he took the dice on the table and threw it to the waiter, “You do it, be fair.”

The waiter’s eyes flickered for a moment, and he took the task.

He flicked it twice in a seemingly professional manner, before he pressed down on the table fiercely, “Big or small A bottle of wine in the first game.”

“I guess small.” Shi Yunnan did not hesitate.

“Just right, I like to guess big.” Yuan Rui replied.

The waiter opened the dice tray, six dice, 24 points in total, a big number.

Seeing this, the waiter silently handed the wine that had been opened and pushed it to Shi Yunnan’s side, “…Sir, you guessed it wrong.”

Shi Yunnan took the glass from the waiter and drank it leisurely.

Seeing this, Xie Keyue casually fetched a glass of wine from the waiter and leaned back on the sofa to drink in silence, the dim light hiding the cold mockery and calculation in his pupils——

His good friend, Yuan Rui, had no bad intentions.

For the sake of fairness, Xie Keyue guessed that the other party was bound to ask the waiter to help roll the dice.

He didn’t use the dice to cheat, only let the waiter tamper with the wine.

Yes, it was uncertain whether both sides would win or lose, but the drinks handed out were completely controllable.

After a few rounds, Shi Yunnan would sooner or later drink the wine with added substance.

When he couldn’t stand the effect of the strong liquor, and tried using money to offset the amount of alcohol, it would already be too late.

The waiter lowered his eyes, and asked in a formal manner, “Gentlemen, shall we continue the second round”


There was another roll of dice and guessing.

Shi Yunnan stuck with the same guess, “Small.”

Yuan Rui had no objection, “I still guess big.”

When the tray was opened, the point was thirty-two, the loser was still Shi Yunnan.

The waiter continued to pass two glasses of strong liquor over, “Sir, please.”

Fu Ziyu was about to reach out to share a glass for his friend, as a result, he was blocked by Shi Yunnan’s low voice, “Ziyu, you stay out of this.

I’ll bear the loss and win.”


“Wait and see.”

Shi Yunnan replied playfully, and quickly poured two glasses of strong liquor into his stomach.

Fu Ziyu knew his friend’s drinking capacity, these three or two glasses was indeed not a big deal, so he patiently waited for the next development.

The drinking game continued until ten minutes later——

Shi Yunnan propped up his hand on the wine table, his eyes began to blur, and in front of him were dozens of glasses of spirits that had not been poured down his belly.

At first sight, he lost completely.

An Kai, who was eating melons on the side, could no longer hold back the ridicule in his heart, and shouted openly to his face, “Some people are quite misfortune in their lives and lose money wherever they go, what is it called It’s a whole nother level of bad luck!”

“Yuan Rui, you’re lucky enough to be a koi4 today.”

Another friend counted the number of glasses Shi Yunnan had given up, and then gloated.

“Except for a few glasses downed after losing the first three games, the remaining drinks… are at least seventy or eighty glasses, right”

“It was agreed before we started playing the game.

If you can’t drink, fifty thousand is worth a glass.”

“Losing 3-4 million yuan5 in one go, even his underpants would be lost.”

Yuan Rui was flattered by his friends, and hummed with joy.

He stared at Shi Yunnan, whose eyes were dazed and drunk, and then looked to the side at the unharmed Fu Ziyu, “You want to drink us down until we topple at your feet and call you daddy Shi Yunnan is reduced to such a state, but I haven’t seen you help him block the drink.

What kind of **ty friend are you”

Fu Ziyu heard this accusation, and suddenly became angry.

The next second, Shi Yunnan’s right hand hidden under the table tugged at the corner of his clothes, secretly stopping him.

Fu Ziyu quickly glanced at Shi Yunnan, and continued to suppress his anger.

The two had known each other for so many years, he naturally believed from the bottom of his heart that his friend had a sense of propriety——

Shi Yunnan asked him to ‘wait and see’ at the beginning, then he would be on alert while ‘wait and see’.

The atmosphere on the deck froze briefly.

Xie Keyue saw this situation, and finally opened his mouth, “Yuan Rui, let’s not bother about the bets”

“The amount of money isn’t small.

It hasn’t been long since Yunnan returned to China, and he probably didn’t have that much money on hand.

One of you is my friend and the other is my family.

Don’t get upset over this.”

Yuan Rui heard Xie Keyue’s persuasion, but he was not reconciled, “You’re too kind.

Did you forget how he usually treats you”

Xie Keyue smiled and said, “I will invite you to dinner some day, give me some face, let’s forget about it today.”

“That won’t work!”

Yuan Rui gave him a meaningful glance, still wanting to vent the anger for his friend, “The money for the surrendered drinks can be forgotten, but the premise is that Shi Yunnan must apologize to you in public!”

An Kai chimed in, “That’s right! Shi Yunnan has not been treated well at home all these years, and he blamed it all on you.

A cheap person who doesn’t have a mother…”


Fu Ziyu suddenly kicked the table and shouted, “Watch your mouth! I can drink the wine for him, and I can also afford to pay for it.”

“But if you dare to blindly say another word, I’ll beat you up until your parents can’t recognize you!”

An Kai didn’t react for two seconds, and immediately turned furious, “Is there anything wrong with what I said Don’t f*cking play if you can’t afford it! Don’t try to make trouble and change the topic.”

Shi Yunnan’s lips evoked a brief sneer.

He had to thank his friend for this wave of anger.

He pretended to get up shakily, his wine-soaked eyes seemed irritated and red with frenzy–

“No mother”

“I can’t afford to play”

“Anyway, I’ve lost nine consecutive rounds, so I’ll play a big game as the last round.

You guys want to gamble”

He propped his hands on the wine table and leaned forward slightly, like a wild fox hunting in the dark.

His whole being was very aggressive.

Xie Keyue’s face changed slightly as he pondered inwardly.

Pushing aside the thing that was unrelated to him was the principle he had always adhered to.

Seeing Shi Yunnan’s appearance, it was obvious that the effect of the medicine had begun to work.

He did not need to continue watching the show or play along.

Xie Keyue was just about to stop this already-victorious game, but as a result, he heard Shi Yunnan speak loudly.

“If I lose, I will voluntarily withdraw from the Shi family’s property competition in the future and give it all up to Xie Keyue unconditionally.

But if Xie Keyue loses, he will pay for the entire nightclub consumption tonight.”


As soon as he said this, everyone on the deck was shocked.

Fu Ziyu suddenly grabbed his friend’s hand, and was the first to object, “Yunnan, are you really drunk What kind of drunk talk is this!”

Tonight was the Qixi festival, and the nightclub was crowded with people.

Drinks and other expenses were conservatively estimated at millions, but this business amount was no more impressive than the Shi property ah!

To put it more clearly, Shi company was considered one of the best in the logistics industry.

Even if it came to bankruptcy settlement, this skinny camel was still bigger than a horse!

This bet was simply a money-losing deal!

Shi Yunnan stealthily touched his friend’s wrist, still insisting on his own approach.

He cast this fishing net down long ago, and it was time to close the net.

Shi Yunnan directly confronted Xie Keyue, and raised his eyebrows, “You dare”

Xie Keyue was firmly locked by his sight, an impulsive fire exploded in his body for no reason.

You dare

How could he not dare.

If he lost, as the owner behind this nightclub, he would at most lose one night’s turnover, but if he won…

Xie Ke pondered it over.

His whole body was burning with greed, “Shi Yunnan, are you serious”

“Of course, we can swear in front of the audience now.” Shi Yunnan raised his wine glass in a particularly reckless gesture, “No one can get away tonight!”

An Kai and another friend followed up to persuade, “Keyue, just play! There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yes! His eyes are red with jealousy now, the more he goes like this, the more he can’t turn the table!”

The waiter, who was used to reading situations, silently offered a glass of wine.

Xie Keyue’s eyes loosened for a moment, and eventually took the wine glass, clinked, and drank it.

Three minutes later, the audience learned of the gamble.

The lively drinkers crowded their decks to watch the fun, and countless people on the first floor looked up and waited for the result.

The waiter flicked the last round of dice, “Who will guess first”

It was still a 50-50 chance.

“Old rules, I guess small.”


Xie Keyue had no objection, but his forehead and palm inexplicably became hot and sweaty.

Three seconds later, the dice opened.

All black color with one dot, a total of six points.

Shi Yunnan, who lost nine consecutive rounds tonight, seemed to have finally won the favor of the god of luck in the last round.

He curled his lips slightly, and handed Fu Ziyu a glass of wine “Drink”

Fu Ziyu reacted and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, “You’re not drunk”

“You’re kidding, how many glasses of spirits can make me drunk I deliberately threw a bait to catch some fish.” Shi Yunnan looked at the opposite seat playfully, and waved his fingers.

In the next second, he raised his voice without any qualm, “Everyone, eat and drink freely today.


Xie and his friends will pay for the consumption before twelve o’clock tonight.”

The audience cheered.

All the drinkers scrambled to order expensive foreign wines, and the drunken old rascals were laughing and jeering——

“You are not allowed to lie! We’re watching you!”

“If you dare to gamble, you must stick to your words.”

“Still too young and too ostentatious.

You dare to play this kind of pure luck gambling game”

“Is there enough money If there’s not enough, go ahead and borrow some hahaha.”

Yuan Rui stayed at the same spot, listening to the booing and taunting from all directions, his expression ugly.

They had been very smug for half a day, but now not only did they not get any benefit, but also had to pay for the whole venue drinks

An Kai was a little embarrassed, “What should I do I just bought a luxury car two days ago and I don’t have that much money on hand.”

“Didn’t you just say it It was the two of them betting against each other…i-it’s none of our business right” Another friend simply shirked the responsibility, wishing to disappear directly.

When Yuan Rui heard this disloyal remark, he glared at them, “Shut up, you’re the one who incited him the most.”


Xie Keyue felt his blood surging up all over his body.

He stared at the dice on the plate, thinking about the missed golden opportunity close at hand, and unbearably inhaled two breaths, “I, I will go to the bathroom first.”

The moment he got up, Xie Keyue’s head suddenly became dizzy, and even his steps swayed.

Shi Yunan stared at his wretchedly departing back and smiled faintly.

Suddenly, Fu Ziyu hooked his shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Tell me the truth, even if you deliberately pretended to be drunk in order to lower their guard, the result of this last round, how did you…”

Shi Yunnan stopped his friend’s words, “I’ll go out for a bit.

I’ll explain to you when I come back.”

“Huh Okay.”

In the bathroom.

Xie Keyue kept flushing his face with cold water, in an attempt to reduce the dryness of his body, but unfortunately it didn’t work at all, “It’s bad…”

The sound of footsteps stopped beside him, and a very familiar and playful voice was heard——

“Is it hot”

Shi Yunnan asked with a faint smile, the contempt in his eyes was not hidden at all.

Xie Keyue jerked his head up, his always gentle eyes were full of hot flashes at this moment, and he quickly realized where the abnormal condition of his body came from.

“Shi Yunnan, you set me up!”

After he said that, Xie Keyue’s body plunged into a new round of heat, and countless questions popped up in his dizzy head.

That’s not right.

Where exactly did it go wrong

He clearly watched Shi Yunnan drink the wine with the substance, but why was he the one being inflected instead

The author has something to say:

#Our little fox planned it a long time ago, very cunning.

The next chapter will reveal the secret and the Patriarch is also back~



Liquor or spirit is an alcoholic drink produced by distillation of grains, fruits, or vegetables that have already gone through alcoholic fermentation.

The distillation process concentrates the liquid to increase its alcohol by volume.

Basically hard liquors like whisky or vodka.


7852 USD


The raw is ‘The other party still didn’t where to hang out.’ but I think this sound better.

FYI, it’s a sarcasm.


Koi fish is a symbol of good luck.


3 million yuan = 471135.12 USD


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