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The next morning

Shi Yunnan and others went to visit a famous local pottery.

It was the first time that Little Goldfish came to such a place.

He grabbed the corner of Shi Yunnans clothes with one hand and couldnt help pointing to this and that with the other.

“Wow, little uncle, look, little puppy!”

Little Goldfish stopped in front of a square table, which was full of various small porcelain sculptures.

The closest thing to him was a white ceramic puppy, with its small nose and eyes vividly depicted.

Little Goldfish endured it, and then looked at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng eagerly, “Uncle, can I pick it up and take a look”

Hearing this, the pottery owner who accompanied them on the tour couldnt help but lean forward and smile, saying, “This little child is so well-mannered.

Come here, Ill let you play with it.”

With that said, he picked up the object and handed it to Little Goldfish.

Little Goldfish took it with both hands excitedly and bowed very politely, “Thank you uncle!”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his head and said to the boss, “These animal ceramic sculptures are quite realistic.”

“Its all for the apprentices in the factory to practice.

Its not worth much.” The boss gave a brief explanation.

Compared with colored porcelain, which was known as an “unparalleled masterpiece” in Jing City, the porcelain produced in Dehua County was more inclined to shape, among which the small porcelain statues of Buddha were delicately and vividly shaped.

“These ceramics cant be sold at high prices in China.

Even with the promotional packaging, they are just small gadgets worth more than ten yuan.

If they were priced any higher, no one would buy it.”

Luo Lingsheng remembered something and said, “But I remember that this type of porcelain sculpture is very popular abroad, and the price is generally higher.”

Shi Yunnan met Luo Lingshengs gaze and instantly understood what his lover wanted to express.

He picked up his mobile phone, logged into the foreign shopping website that he used to browse in the past, and found out after comparison.

Similar animal ceramic sculptures cost no more than twenty yuan in China, but can be five, six, or even ten times more expensive in foreign countries.

However, ceramics are fragile and customs freight transport takes a long time; besides, foreign ceramic manufacturers and markets are scattered, so they have not been widely popularized.

But if a complete system is formed, the potential for profit is huge.

“Boss, in addition to these animal sculptures, is it possible to do other figures as well”


Seeing that they were all Chinese, the boss couldnt help showing off in a low voice, “To tell you the truth, our craftsmanship is all handed down from our ancestors, and its really not something that foreign ceramic manufacturers can compare with.”

Otherwise, how could China be famous for its “porcelain”

The original intention of Shi Yunnans field trip was to cooperate in producing a batch of porcelain rings and beads for the studios designers to combine their designs and sell them online later.

When he heard the words of the pottery owner, he suddenly had a subtle and bold idea.

Luo Lingsheng tacitly saw through his mind, “You want to sell this abroad Its not that simple.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “I know, so Im still thinking about it.”

If it was so easy to make money in large quantities, someone would have tried it eight hundred years ago.

However, if he decides to do it in the future, he must persuade people who are familiar with overseas markets to buy shares and cooperate.

Shi Yunnan temporarily pressed this consideration to the bottom of his heart and continued the current inspection task.

After walking for most of the day, he had a certain understanding of several large factories in the county.

At lunch time

“Yuan Rui, in addition to the regular white porcelain bracelets and beads we expect to produce, we can actually find skilled masters and discuss with them long-term private order cooperation.”

“Porcelain molding according to specific design requirements, I think…”

Shi Yunnan was only halfway through when he realized that Yuan Rui was staring at the tea on the table, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Yuan Rui”

“Yuan Rui.”

Shi Yunnan even shouted twice, but the other party didnt respond.

Little Goldfish, who was eating rice, couldnt stand it anymore, so he patted Yuan Rui with his hand, “Brother Yuan Rui, my uncle is calling you!”

Yuan Rui suddenly returned to his senses, “Ah What, whats wrong”

Shi Yunnan met his friends somewhat drifting gaze and sighed , “Whats the matter with you today You seem absent-minded.”


Yuan Rui drank the cold tea in front of him and explained casually, “Im not used to the place, so I didnt sleep well last night.”

“What did you just say Im definitely listening carefully now.”

Seeing his friends forced productivity, Shi Yunnan said helplessly, “Nothing.

I just told you to eat more.

The more I look at you during this time, the more I think youve lost too much weight compared to the first time we met.”

Yuan Rui believed his friends concern and smiled, “Ill go to the bathroom, you guys eat first.”

After Yuan Rui left, Luo Lingsheng, who had been silent all along, spoke up, “Young Master Yuan is much more dispirited than yesterday.”

“Yeah,didnt sleep well is just his excuse.

We lived in the same room in Jing City before.

How can I not know his sleep quality”

Since the establishment of their studio, Yuan Rui has completely lost his former playfulness.

He wished there were 48 hours in a day so he could spend more time on the development of the studio.

He was tired, both mentally and physically, so he naturally slept very soundly as soon as he touched the bed.

Shi Yunnan guessed something while he was talking and shook his head, “He is suffering from a heart disease.

The knot can only be untied by the one who tied it.”

If Lu Zhaoans whereabouts were still unknown, Yuan Ruis heart would always be filled with this regretful knot.

Its a pity to think of it.

Lu Zhaoan was a first-rate outstanding figure in both company management and jade carving.

Shi Yunnan had also looked forward to the design cooperation with Lu Zhaoan before.

Lu Zhaoans sudden disappearance was such a shame even for an outsider who had only met him a few times, let alone Yuan Rui, who grew up together.

Shi Yunnan was lost in thought for a while, but then realized that Luo Lingsheng wasnt moving.

He moved his gaze and found that his lovers expression was at some point tinged with a subtle jealousy.

Everything was perfectly fine.

Whats wrong with him

Could it be that his lover has the ability to read minds and hear him mentioning Lu Zhaoan in his heart just now

Shi Yunnan leaned closer and asked in a low whisper, “Why do you look so sour”

Luo Lingsheng met his lovers gaze and was not in a hurry to speak.

Suddenly, Little Goldfish, who seemed to be eating but was actually paying attention to the two uncles every move, said earnestly, “Little uncle! Are you sleeping in the same bed as brother Yuan Rui”

Yuan Ruis seniority in his speech had not been changed back.

Luo Lingsheng took a sip of tea and added calmly, “Not to mention a bed, a room was already inappropriate.”

Shi Yunnans eyes moved back and forth, feeling helpless and almost amused at the same time.

What is this

Since when did this nephew and uncle become the Luo familys vinegar jars

Yuan Meng, who was opposite, glanced at the time and said cautiously, “Patriarch.”


Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes.

Yuan Meng was a little embarrassed, “What I mentioned yesterday…”

He had just opened his mouth when Luo Lingshing responded, “Lets go this afternoon.

Tell your brother and your sister-in-law not to prepare too much.

We just want to take Jinyu to try something new.”

Yuan Mengs face brightened when he heard Luo Lingshengs reply.

Shi Yunnan was clueless, “Where are you going”


Shi, Mengmengs hometown is in a village on the edge of Dehua County.

In the past two years, the policies and family conditions have improved, so his brother and sister-in-law have opened a farmhouse…”

Qin Jian spoke out to help explain.

Yuan Meng hadnt been home for the Chinese New Year in the past three years.

It wasnt easy to come back, so he was naturally worried about his own brother and took the initiative to contact him.

“Mengmengs big brother knew that he was coming back, and wanted to set up a table of authentic farmhouse dishes to invite the partirach for a meal…”

Qin Jian looked at Luo Lingsheng and deliberately paused for a few seconds.

In fact, they all knew that, with Luo Lingshengs identity and status, what kind of delicacies from the mountains and seas had he not eaten There was no need for him to go to such a farmhouse.

Thinking of this, Little Goldfish raised his hand excitedly, “Uncle Yuan said there are chickens and ducks, and there is a small river where you can fish and catch shrimp! I want to go!”

“Since we all brought Jinyu out to play, we should simply go along with his wish.”

Under Shi Yunnans influence, Luo Lingsheng had lost his initial stern and patriarchal look, and he was willing to give the child the greatest freedom according to his thoughts.

Shi Yunnan smiled and stated, “Alright.”

Little Goldfish was used to living in the prosperous Imperial Capital.

Occasionally taking him to learn about the landscapes and customs of other places was a good thing to study close to nature.

As soon as everyone finished discussing this matter, Yuan Rui, who went out, walked back.

Shi Yunnan secretly observed his friends mood and made arrangements, “Do you want to eat some more Later, we will go back to the homestay to pack up and go back to the city after eating at the farmhouse in the evening.”

“Ill drive tonight.” Yuan Meng was very familiar with this area.

“It wont be too late.”




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