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The room fell into a dead silence, which in turn made the moaning in the video even clearer.

When Luo Lingsheng saw the unpleasant images in the video, he did not hide the disgust in his eyes.

He especially did not want his lover to see such images.

“…Yunnan, dont look.”

Shi Yunnan turned his gaze back, raised his eyebrow at Luo Lingsheng with interest, and said, “I didnt expect this show to be this exciting.”

Luo Lingsheng took a sip of wine, smiled and said nothing.

After a few seconds of silent confirmation, someone at the scene finally broke out with an earth-shattering “crap,” like a bell ringing to bring everyone back to their senses.

Finally, the sound of moaning slowed down.

A wealthy young master was the first to speak out, “My God, this… this is Luo Yanchuan Whos the other one”

“It seems to be the third young master of the Shi family, right”

“Thats right! Its Xie Keyue! When did the two of them get together”

When the parents of both sides heard these discussions, their expressions completely froze.

Luo Dexing and his wife felt ashamed and incredulous, but Mo Baian and Fang Ya, who knew their daughters character well, immediately turned their eyes to one of the protagonists in the video.

“Luo Yanchuan, you…”

Before the two parents could finish their questions, Luo Yanchuan immediately rushed to the media console under the stage, but no matter how he unplugged the control wire, the video did not stop.

Seeing Luo Yanchuans unprecedented panic and loss of control, Mo Xuanqi continued to speak into the microphone, “Brother Yanchuan, dont bother, this projector is not connected to the off-stage computer.

I had someone use a Bluetooth remote connection to control it long ago.”

“What a beautiful picture, ah.

The protagonists are, after all, you and Mr.


Brother Yanchuan, dont you want to see more”

Mo Xuanqis “Brother Yanchuan” sounded like a little girlfriend who was intimately attached to him, but the madness and revenge she hid in her eyes made Luo Yanchuan feel alarmed.

For the first time, Luo Yanchuan felt that the situation was beyond his control, and he couldnt understand how Mo Xuanqi became like this!

“Qiqi, stop making trouble!”

Luo Yanchuan squeezed a few words between his teeth in an attempt to stabilize his mind.

This video had never shown his face, and the one who submitted to others wasnt him1He wasnt the bottom., so there was still a chance to salvage this situation.

“Qiqi, there is a misunderstanding in this matter, I can…”

“Misunderstanding What misunderstanding”

Mo Xuanqi turned around and walked to the left side of the stage.

There she questioned Xie Keyue in the front row, whose eyes were about to split open from anger, in a loud voice, “Xie Keyue, do you think this is a misunderstanding”


Xie Keyue, who was suddenly exposed to the full field of vision, almost lost his breath, but could not say a word.

His reaction was enough to explain everything.

The people in the video werent only him, but also Luo Yanchuan.

Other guests began to make noise in succession, “So Xie Keyue is also here today Thats way too exciting, isnt it”

“Does that mean hes a male mistress How can he still have the face to come to the engagement”

“First look at the situation.

Dont blindly guess.

What we saw is not necessarily what is going on.”

“The video is all there.

How can we not speculate, ah Xie Keyue is just like his mother.

Hes really loud in bed.”

The surrounding discussions poured into his ears like stormy waves.

Xie Keyue couldnt take his eyes off the screen.

His mind was so blank that only the question remained—

Why is this happening

Why didnt he know there was such a video

Why did he and Luo Yanchuan have a s*xtape

Yuan Rui, who was sitting across from him, was dumbfounded.

His mouth widened so much that an egg could be stuffed down it.

Because Xie Keyue had poached their studios designers, he thought that this person had a problem with his character, but he never thought that one day he would see this kind of video from Xie Keyue at the engagement banquet.

Yuan Rui quickly took a sip of red wine to suppress his shock and couldnt help but lean over to Shi Yunnans side.

“Yunnan, pinch me quickly.

Am I dreaming How can something so outrageous happen”

Shi Yunnan couldnt help laughing and replied in a low voice, “That reminds me, apart from Luo Yanchuan and Xie Keyue, didnt you notice that Gu Jues face also turned green”

Yuan Rui glanced at him and almost couldnt hold back his smile, “I saw it.

His head is also a little green.

Just now, he still has his nose in the air! Ptooey.”

Gu Jue naturally noticed Yuan Ruis schadenfreude, and his already green complexion darkened again.

“…Xie Keyue, how dare you lie to me!”

Gu Jue gnashed his teeth so hard that he almost wanted to kill someone after he clearly identified the chief culprit.

In the beginning, he and Xie Keyue were really just investment partners.

About a month ago, the contact between the two gradually increased.

Taking the opportunity of a night out drinking, Gu Jue, who had always been debauched, had a relationship with Xie Keyue.

The other party was half-declining and half-consenting, and even showed that kind of nervous and pitiful expression when he entered.

After careful questioning, he said that this was his first time.

Gu Jue was used to playing with those who submitted to him for money and those who were bold in bed.

It was rare to find someone as “clean” as Xie Keyue.

Probably because of a mans vanity, he not only didnt care about Xie Keyue and the Shi familys sordid old affair, but he especially enjoyed the current relationship between the two.

Before today, Gu Jue even wanted to try to develop into a “normal relationship,” but he didnt expect that, before the idea could be formally proposed, Xie Keyue had already half-cuckolded him.

What f*cking first time

Xie Keyue was just pretending!

This person and Luo Yanchuan not only knew each other for a long time but also rolled between the sheets and recorded videos Disgusting!

At the end of this three-minute long video, Luo Yanchuan stepped forward to stop Mo Xuanqi, who was “doing evil,” saying, “Xuanqi! Can you stop making trouble! This is our engagement banquet.

Arent you afraid of losing face”

He squeezed out a warning that only the two of them could hear, “Arent you afraid your parents will feel ashamed”

“What right do you have to mention my parents Its not me who did the wrong thing.

Why do I have to be afraid”

Mo Xuanqi shook off Luo Yanchuans restraint and gave him a slap!


The loud slap was clearly audible, and it was like stepping on Luo Yanchuans face and self-esteem in public.

Luo Yanchuans eyes froze at rapid speed.

At the moment when he lost control and was about to throw a fist, Mo Baian, who was anxious to protect his daughter, rushed onto the stage, “Luo Yanchuan! Dont you dare touch a strand of hair on my daughters head!”

Mo Baian had always been a good-tempered, modest gentleman among the gentry circle, but right now he could no longer care about etiquette and morality.

Fang Ya followed behind her husband and protected Mo Xuanqi in her arms.

She held her breath and spoke into the microphone in a concise and clear protective speech.

“Everyone, Im really sorry.”

“As the brides parent, I didnt expect the engagement banquet to become like this.

But I know Qiqis character best.

Although she is spoiled by us husband and wife and has a little temper, she will never act recklessly unless its a major issue of right and wrong.”

“At this point, I would like to ask you, Luo Yanchuan, what is this video all about”

Fang Ya stared at Luo Yanchuan, one of the people in the video, and pointed out the key point, “Im not against homosexuality, but if you only like men, you shouldnt come to provoke my daughter.

This is a blatant marriage fraud!”

In the face of her parents support, Mo Xuanqis tears, which had dried up in the past few days, showed signs of erupting again.

She took a deep breath before using the microphone to transmit her lightly trembling voice to every corner of the banquet hall, “What else could it be Its a joint effort between him and Xie Keyue!”

“Luo Yanchuan is cheating on this marriage!”

Luo Yanchuan flatly denied it, “Mo Xuanqi! Would I spend 30 million on this engagement banquet if I, Luo Yanchuan, cheated on the marriage I-Im serious about you.”

“Yeah, thirty million.”

Mo Xuanqi let out a mocking low laugh.

She fished out her mobile phone from her pocket and said, “I have more exciting content on my phone, Brother Yanchuan, Xie Keyue, do you want to listen”

Xie Keyue, under the stage, remained silent.

His mind was full of the video just now, and his whole heart fell into unprecedented despair.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Xie Keyues expression, leaned sideways on Luo Lingshengs shoulder, and whispered, “It seems that Miss Mo is well prepared.

This engagement banquet is really worth attending.”

Luo Lingsheng hooked his lips when he saw his lover eating melons with relish.

He silently stretched out his hand to support his lovers waist, lest the other party be so engrossed in the play that he could not sit still.

Mo Xuanqi didnt plan to wait for Luo Yanchuans consent at all.

She quickly opened an audio file that had been saved beforehand and clicked to play, using the microphone as a speaker.

“Miss Mo, for the sake of your generosity, Ill tell you the truth.”

“Last time in the parking lot, I was indeed instructed by someone.

That is, Mr.

Luo, who rescued you.”

“He did a lot of research on you in advance, and he understood all your views on love and preferences.

Later, he gave me 50,000 yuan and asked me to cooperate in a play…”

Because of Mo Xuanqis “sweet” introduction at the beginning, everyone quickly realized what the audio was referring to—Mo Xuanqi encountered a “hooligan” in the parking lot.

Was it deliberately arranged by Luo Yanchuan

The so-called perfect love was just one person acting and the other being obsessed.

Mo Xuanqi smiled self-deprecatingly, and her thoughts returned to the night after the proposal.

On that day, Mo Xuanqi took the initiative to stay overnight at Luo Yanchuans residence, but she was trapped in sweet expectations for the future, so it was difficult to fall asleep until very late.

In order not to disturb Luo Yanchuan, Mo Xuanqi gently left the room and entered the study on the right side.

She wanted to find out some tips about the wedding.

The encrypted video file on the computer was something she found by accident.

But a womans natural sixth sense is sometimes very accurate.

Driven by curiosity, Mo Xuanqi copied these encrypted video files to her computer, and then found someone to break them without Luo Yanchuans knowledge.

At first, Mo Xuanqi still felt sorry for “being a thief,” but when the video appeared in front of her eyes, she only felt that her world was shaken.

How could Luo Yanchuan make these videos and more than one copy!

For the first time, Mo Xuanqi, who had always been blinded by love, did not choose to ask Luo Yanchuan but kept her composure and sent someone to investigate privately—until she met the “gangster” in the parking lot that day and heard the aforementioned.

Its not that Mo Xuanqi didnt hesitate; she thought of Luo Yanchuans tenderness towards her and didnt want to believe that the other party would be such a person.

She even thought it might be better to just leave it at that, pretending that she didnt know anything.

Luo Yanchuan already promised to treat her well.

Everything else was in the past.

But it turned out that she was still too naive.

Mo Xuanqi played another audio file that she saved beforehand—

“It cost 30 million for this engagement banquet Luo Yanchuan, ah Luo Yanchuan, are you serious about Mo Xuanqi”

“Heh, how could it be How can a spoiled rich lady like Mo Xuanqi be my type I just think shes easy to control.”

“Whats wrong with shedding some hard-earned money for this engagement banquet Taking hold of Mo Xuanqi is the same as taking hold of the Mo and Fang families.”

“Mo Baian and Fang Yas love their daughter so much.

Sooner or later, their assets will be in my pocket.”

“For real”

“Of course, who can compare to Mr.

Xie in bed Baby, you are my favorite one.”

The conversations in the audio came continuously, and the two voice lines in it were easy to identify; one was Xie Keyue, and the other was Luo Yanchuan.

At this moment, Luo Yanchuan, whose secret was exposed, finally showed an expression of disbelief.

If he remembered correctly, this audio was from a recent phone call between him and Xie Keyue.

How could Mo Xuanqi know And recorded it

“…Mo Xuanqi, youre monitoring my phone call!”

Luo Yanchuan realized this possibility and immediately felt a deep deception.

He thought that Mo Xuanqi, who was in his own hands, was under his control, but she actually turned against him without him knowing!

“So what if I am” Mo Xuanqi clutched her phone tightly, “Only you are allowed to lie to me, but I cant lie to you”

Luo Yanchuans hands on both sides were clenched into fists.

As soon as he had the desire to snatch the mobile phone, he was beaten to the ground by Mo Baian the next second.

“Luo Yanchuan, you heartless bastard!”

Mo Baian no longer cared about the so-called elegant demeanor.

His daughter, who had been loved for more than 20 years, almost fell into such a deep pit.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he felt.

Seeing Luo Yanchuan getting punched, Luo Dexing and his wife, who were under the stage, couldnt sit still and rushed to the stage one after another.

Those who should have been in-laws have now become enemies.

Seeing this scene, Shi Yunnan said in a low voice, “Should I ask the hotel security personnel to come over”

Neither Mo Baian nor Fang Ya seemed to be violent people.

Just in case the situation goes out of hand, the two wont meet with a mishap.

Luo Lingsheng replied in a low voice, “Dont worry, its enough to have Yuan Meng here if something goes wrong.”

“The people present are all notable figures.

Even if Luo Yanchuan is angry to the core, he cant do anything too outrageous in front of everyones eyes.”

“On the contrary, Mo Xuanqi, who stands on the moral high ground, can unscrupulously expose Luo Yanchuans true face in front of everyone.”

Luo Lingsheng whispered in his lovers ear.

His warm breathing caused Shi Yunnan to incline his head and let out a low hum that only two people could hear.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly felt that this scene was not as interesting as the person in his arms.

The farce on stage continued.

As expected by Luo Lingsheng, Mo Xuanqi not only ignored Luo Yanchuans warning but instead increased the volume of the phone.

The conversation between Luo Yanchuan and Xie Keyue continued, involving more and more ridiculous truths.

Shi Yunnan heard the follow-up long audio and unconsciously shifted his gaze to Gu Jues face opposite.

Sure enough, the other party had been completely blackened with anger because this call also involved Gu Jue and Lingyus design.

All this was planned by Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuan.

The former was responsible for handling Gu Jue and secretly controlling Lingyu, while the latter took care of Fang Ya through Mo Xuanqi.

To put it more nicely, it was Gu Jue and Lingyu Design that squeezed out Shi Yunnan and Yuan Ruis design studio and stole the follow-up cooperation with Fangs auction, which was a cyclic competition in business.

To put it bluntly, Xie Keyue and Luo Yanchuan set up a situation to gain benefits and treat everyone like fools!

Gu Jue couldnt stand it anymore and grabbed Xie Keyues tie, “Xie Keyue, who do you think you are How dare you set me up”

Xie Keyues neck was strangled by the tie, and the feeling of suffocation permeated him little by little.

It was not until he was about to faint that Gu Jue threw him on the ground like garbage.

Mo Xuanqi naturally saw the movement under the stage, and this scene somewhat satisfied her vengeful heart.

She then deliberately prompted the crowd.


Xie, it appears that you dont seem to know the existence of this video, right It seems that Luo Yanchuan filmed it without your knowledge”

Xie Keyue got up from the ground.

After being stunned out of his mind by the video, he finally regained his senses, and his murderous gaze fixed on Luo Yanchuans face.

Yes, such an intimate affair, such a good angle of shooting, was obviously carefully planned by the parties involved.

Xie Keyue originally believed that he had the ability to control the connections of powerful families one by one, but in the end, he was actually tricked by Luo Yanchuan.

“Luo Yanchuan took more than one video of you…” Mo Xuanqi looked around the banquet hall, frantically using speculation to expose Luo Yanchuans evil deeds.

“For the sake of his so-called assets and connections, and for the sake of being able to threaten other wealthy families one day, he has filmed all the people he has interacted with! Luo Yanchuan has done all the nasty things for his own future!”

When the guests present heard this, they all showed contempt, and many of the wealthy families who had had an ambiguous relationship with Luo Yanchuan immediately had alarm bells ringing in their hearts.

Luo Yanchuan finally lost control and said, “Mo Xuanqi! Dont think I will not touch you if you keep talking nonsense!”

Luo Yanchuan admitted that he filmed these people with the idea of “threatening” them in the future, but he only filmed those he thought “can be threatened.” He didnt use this method on all the people he had an ambiguous relationship with.

Mo Xuanqis random fabrications will only make countless Imperial Capital gentry his enemies.

“I must say it! Otherwise, why do you think I waited until today to expose you!” Mo Xuanqi roared at the top of her lungs.

Her eyes glared as if she was looking at a heinous enemy.

“Im going to show all the people in the Imperial Capital your true disgusting face, Luo Yanchuan! I want to make all the 30 million you have spent go down the drain! I just dont want other girls to be cheated by you from now on!”

“Luo Yanchuan, where have I wronged you Why did you ruin my expectations and desire for love I hate you! I hate you so much!”

Fang Ya heard Mo Xuanqis almost collapsed scream, and her heart was about to break.

She immediately hugged her daughter in her arms and comforted her, “Qiqi, dont be afraid, its mommy who has wronged you.

Well go home, well go home now.”

Mo Baian couldnt wait to fight with Luo Yanchuan, but now his daughters psychological state was more important, “Luo Dexing, look at the good son you have brought up!”

“Luo Yanchuan, from today onwards, our family is not finished with you!”

Fang Ya and Mo Baian left the banquet in anger with their daughter, and an engagement banquet with a beautiful message ended just like that.

Luo Yanchuan stood silently on the stage, his eyes shaken.

The engagement banquet he spent 30 million on turned out to be the perfect place for Mo Xuanqi to expose him The worst part was that if the people he had an affair with believed it, they might join forces to pressure him and the second house of the Luo family!

Then how is he going to accumulate external capital How is he going to fight Luo Lingsheng head on

Luo Yanchuan thought he could control Mo Xuanqi, but he never thought that he would shoot himself in the foot in the end!

In addition to the 30 million smashed at the engagement banquet, during this time, he also let Mo Xuanqi spend his savings of nearly 10 million.

Now that he thought about it, it was the other partys intentional revenge.

You vicious woman, Mo Xuanqi!

The guests in the audience finally broke out of their shock, and chatter arose.

“Tell me, how did Xie Keyue become what he is today In the past, everyone said that the third young master of the Shi family was promising, but the second young master of the Shi family was not capable… Hey, its only been less than a year.

“Dont compare blindly.

Xie Keyue is not of Shi family blood at all.

It is such a waste that Old Master Shi and Mr.

Shi have raised other peoples son for so many years.”

“If I have to say it, Second Young Master Shi is the biological child of his first wife.

He can design and invest.

Now he and the Luo family head are still in love.

Hes many times better than Xie Keyue!”

“By the way, dont call him Second Young Master Shi.


Shi has already disassociated himself from the Shi family.”

When a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push2Once a person loses power, many people will take the opportunity to attack him and bring him down completely..

The amount of flattery Xie Keyue had received in the past was the same as the amount of criticism and ridicule he was subjected to right now.

Yuan Rui didnt pay attention to other peoples reproaches.

He just handed his phone to Shi Yunnan and said in a low voice, “Yunnan, look, some guests have posted this matter online!”

The speed was quite fast.

Shi Yunnan glanced at it, only to feel that this scene seemed like deja vu—

In the trajectory of that world in his dream, the one who was tragically scorned at by the entire gentry in the Imperial Capital because of the indecent video was him.

Unexpectedly, everything has changed now.

Luo Yanchuan and Xie Keyue, the absolute protagonists who were supposed to beGod blocks kill gods, Buddha blocks kill Buddha3They are unstoppable.‘, ended up calculating and exploiting each other into ruin together

He was now beginning to wonder if his cognition of the worlds trajectory in the dream had gone wrong

“Yunnan, whats wrong with you”

“Im fine.” Shi Yunnan returned to his senses and said, “I just think that if one has done too much evil, it will rebound one day.”

On the other hand, Gu Jue also saw the video circulating in his circle of friends.

He was furious and kicked Xie Keyue hard, “Go away! Dont let me see you again!”

Xie Keyue was caught off guard and fell on the sill.

The sharp edge of the stage scratched his forehead, and the wound immediately oozed red.

Gu Jue turned his head away as if he didnt see it.

Yuan Rui, who saw this scene, still couldnt restrain his violent temper, and couldnt help cursing.

“F*ck, Gu Jue is crazy.

Does he think hes any better Those jade ornaments mixed with real and fake goods must be a joint idea between him and Xie Keyue.”

There was a glimmer of light in Shi Yunnans eyes, and he whispered, “If no one takes care of Gu Jue, we will take care of him one day.”

Yuan Rui became interested when he heard this, “Yunnan, do you have an idea”


Well go back and talk.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to get up and pushed Luo Lingshengs wheelchair out, “Lets go, the show is over, the rest has nothing to do with us.”


Luo Lingsheng responded.

He silently glanced at Luo Dexing and Luo Yanchuan and rubbed his fingertips heavily, finally having a certainty in his heart.

Yuan Rui looked at the wound on Xie Keyues forehead, hesitated for two seconds, and finally chose to leave.

“Yunnan, wait for me!”

When Xie Keyue chose to betray him for profit, they were already doomed to be strangers.

Standing in the same place, Xie Keyue touched the warmth on his forehead.

He ignored the pain and the disdainful gazes around him that had not stopped.

His mind was only occupied by one thought—

His life is over.

In the Imperial Capital gentry, where anything can be widely spread at a mere rustle of leaves and wind, such a clear video of his face was enough to make him the object of thousands of peoples laughter and curses.


1He wasnt the bottom.2Once a person loses power, many people will take the opportunity to attack him and bring him down completely.3They are unstoppable.


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