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At a guest table closest to the main stage, Yuan Rui took the initiative to ask for two glasses of champagne for Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, “I thought you guys werent coming.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of his wine and said, “Coming early to do what I dont want to be left out to dry like you.”

Yuan Rui grunted angrily, and before he could refute it, there was a sound from the opposite side: “Yo, we meet again.”

Shi Yunnan and the others who were sitting next to each other raised their eyes and accidentally bumped into two figures—

Gu Jue and Xie Keyue walked over side by side and stopped at the vacant seats opposite their round table.

“Come on, Keyue, sit here.”

When Xie Keyue saw the familiar faces on the opposite side, he instantly felt the desire to escape.

As long as he met Shi Yunnan, things would never end well!

Before Xie Keyue could make a choice, Gu Jue intimately pressed his shoulder and sat down.

Xie Ke was helpless, “…..”

“What Its only been a few and you dont recognize me anymore” Gu Jues playful eyes glanced at Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan.

It was not until he met Luo Lingshengs heavy gaze that he had to reign in a bit.

In order to hide the embarrassment of being startled by Luo Lingshengs sight, Gu Jue reached out and put his hand on the back of Xie Keyues chair, half-embracing Xie Keyue in his own territory.

This situation was enough to verify that the relationship between the two of them wasnt simple.

Yuan Ruis face changed.

He couldnt help but leaned in and whispered to Shi Yunnan, “Holy sh*t, who doesnt know that Gu Jue can eat both men and women, and is particularly promiscuous Xie Keyue actually has this kind of relationship with this kind of person, I..…”

Yuan Rui wanted to say something but stopped.

Facing the current Xie Keyue, he felt like he had been badly blinded before.

Shi Yunnan laughed and had to admire Xie Keyues ability and means.

Even if this person was kicked out of the Shi family by Shi Sheng, he can quickly find a new backer.

“We just didnt expect that President Gu and Lingyu Jade, who were both blacklisted from Fangs auction, would still be able to attend this engagement party.”

Shi Yunnan retorted, and his joking gaze fell on the two of them like what they had done to him, “President Gu, is this a lover Or a boyfriend”


Gu Jue and Xie Keyue changed their expressions at the same time.

Xie Keyues hand hidden under the table involuntarily clenched into a fist, and the sound of his breathing trembled.

He didnt know when it started, but right now he already hated Shi Yunnan to the core!

Gu Jue replied with a smirk, “Mr.

Shi needs not worry.

If you can get the invitation, we can naturally get it too.”

Due to the loss of 10 million yuan last time, Gu Jues teeth itched with hatred now that he thought about it.

Even more so, he couldnt stand the look on Shi Yunnans face.

Speaking of which, Gu Jue met Luo Yanchuan at a cocktail party a while ago.

The two of them chatted very happily, and then they reached a preliminary cooperation agreement: they wanted to take this opportunity to let Lingyu Design and Fang form a partnership and completely replace the studio of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui.

After all, in Luo Yanchuans words, he could use Mo Xuanqi to persuade Fang Ya, who loved her daughter like her life.

In this way, Fangs auction house would give up the studio of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui, and instead reach a cooperation with Lingyu.

During this period of time, Lingyu relied on the small scheme of mixing genuine and fake products at the Zeguang auction and finally recovered the companys working capital.

They will be able to make better and more decent designs in the future.

As long as he could reach an agreement with Fang, he and Luo Yanchuan could also share the subsequent profits privately.

Gu Jue thought of this and said confidently, “I know this newly engaged couple a little better than your partnership with Ms.


Yuan Rui lowered his voice disdainfully, “Stop pretending.

Be careful of things going awry like at the auction last time.

In the end, you might turn into a joke and give everyone a good laugh!”

Shi Yunnan remembered Mo Xuanqis announcement two days ago and couldnt help but smile.

He ignored Gu Jues self-righteous demonstration and whispered to Luo Lingsheng beside him, “It seems that there is indeed a good show to watch today.”

Luo Lingsheng raised his glass and clinked with his lover, likewise ignoring the two idle people across the table.

Just in time, the lights and music changed.

The host of the engagement ceremony came up, and after a skillful opening, Luo Yanchuan, one of the protagonists, appeared in everyones field of vision.

Luo Yanchuan wore a dark blue suit today.

He looked particularly handsome and charming under the spotlight.

Many rich young ladies at the scene, including Wen Wanyou, looked straight at this scene, feeling bitter and envious of the other protagonist, Mo Xuanqi.

They only learned today that the financial resources of the Luo familys second house, which was a side branch of the Luo family, were also not to be underestimated.

This engagement banquet was so extravagant and dreamy, and Luo Yanchuan was so handsome and charming!

Hearing the exclamations from the surroundings, Shi Yunnan didnt even look at the stage.

His hand hidden under the table was playing with the couples watch on Luo Lingshengs wrist, “…My husband is still the most handsome.”

Luo Yanchuan, as the “world protagonist gong,” did have the look and some capital, but it was completely different from Luo Lingsheng.

In his opinion, Luo Lingshengs appearance was more in line with the protagonist.

Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnans muttering and smiled as he held his lovers hand.

The two interlocked their fingers, tacitly and skillfully.

Yuan Rui, who was sitting on the same side, couldnt stand this dog food anymore, “These two overlords, please tone it down a little bit.

Dont bully an unloved single dog like me.”

Shi Yunnan deliberately shook their interlocked hands in front of Yuan Rui and answered irrelevantly, “Youre getting more and more skilled at calling me dad1The word overlord[bà bà] and the word dad are homonyms..”

“Get lost.”

Yuan Rui smiled and dismissed him.

Sitting across the table, Xie Keyue witnessed the interaction of the three and Luo Yanchuan, who was dressed in formal clothes on the stage.

These sights caused his inner discontent to gradually bubble.

Yet at this moment, he had no choice but to endure it.

He will one day reclaim what was rightfully his!

Gu Jue at his side noticed Xie Keyues mood swing and asked, “Whats wrong”

Xie Keyue shook his head and smiled, “Its nothing.”

The relationship between the two was indeed “friend with benefit,” but in this relationship, he still lived with a mask—what Gu Jue ate was his “clean” cover.

The host on the stage began to enter the next process.

“Next, lets invite todays most beautiful protagonist—Miss Mo Xuanqi!”

Fang Ya, who was sitting at the front, heard this and immediately looked at the main entrance where Mo Xuanqi was going to enter, with anticipation and reluctance intertwining in her heart.

In the beginning, Luo Yanchuan rescued Mo Xuanqi, who was harassed by a hooligan outside.

Later, the two developed a romantic relationship.

More than a month ago, Luo Yanchuan took the initiative to propose marriage.

Mo Xuanqi, who was blinded by love, agreed without thinking.

Fang Ya originally disagreed with Mo Xuanqi getting engaged so soon, but she couldnt hold back her daughters plea for love, so she reluctantly agreed to it.

Fortunately, Luo Yanchuan really loved her daughter in every possible way, and the second house of the Luo family was also willing to spend money on this engagement banquet to prove their sincerity.

That being the case, Fang Ya could only relent.

As long as Luo Yanchuan was willing to be nice to Mo Xuanqi, she and her husband were also willing to hand over the assets in their hands to this young couple in the future.

The music to welcome Mo Xuanqis entrance played again and again, but the door remained empty.

Just when Fang Ya felt something was wrong, Mo Xuanqis friends suddenly ran in, “Its not good! Qiqi is missing!”

As soon as this exclamation came out, it instantly caused a commotion.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng glanced at each other, obviously not expecting the engagement banquet to start off in such a good way.

Mo Baian and Fang Ya stood up immediately, “What”

Luo Yanchuan, who was standing in the center of the stage, also rushed up to ask, “What do you mean by missing”

“Just after Aunt Fang left, Qiqi said she wanted to take a nap for a while.

We saw that there were still ten minutes before the start of the engagement banquet, so we all left the dressing room.”

Unexpectedly, they couldnt find anyone when they went back in.

“Ive searched everywhere I could, but theres no sign of Qiqi.

I cant get through to her cell phone either.”

Mo Xuanqis two friends were about to cry.

Everyone in the banquet hall finally reacted, and began to make a lot of puzzled noises—

Whats going on here

The engagement banquet just started, but Mo Xuanqi, one of the protagonists, disappeared

Did she escape the engagement banquet, or was she kidnapped

Just as everyone was caught in various speculations, the side door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and a voice came, “Dear guests, I apologize for being late.

I just changed my clothes.”

The “disappeared” Mo Xuanqi suddenly walked in wearing a comfortable and casual outfit.

She still had a microphone in her hand, which was now connected to the sound around the banquet hall.

Seeing this, Fang Ya, Luo Yanchuan, and others walked to Mo Xuanqis side one after another.

Fang Yas heart was almost in her throat; her eyes were already tearing up, “Qiqi, whats the matter with you Why didnt you wear the evening gown Why did you change into such a dress”

Mo Xuanqi looked at Fang Yas tearful eyes and caught a glimpse of the concern on Mo Baians face.

Unable to bear her complicated feelings, she reached out to hug her parents and whispered her apologies.

“Dad, Mom, Im sorry, I… Ive embarrassed you.”

Hearing this soft apology, Luo Yanchuans eyes changed, but he had to pretend to be gentle and asked, “Qiqi, are you not feeling well If there is any discomfort, lets go to the hospital first.

The engagement banquet can be held another day.”

As always, he said what a good boyfriend, or even a good husband, should have said.

Mo Xuanqis eyes overflowed with laughter as she tilted her head closer, “Brother Yanchuan, you spent such a large sum of money, and I invited almost the entire Imperial Capitals gentry.

How can this engagement party be changed to another day”


Luo Yanchuan felt that something was wrong.

Its just that before he could realize what this “wrong” was all about, Mo Xuanqi took his arm like she always did.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, the two walked towards the stage again.

Just when she walked to the front row, Mo Xuanqis eyes suddenly stopped at the table where Shi Yunnan and the others were.

A hint of complexity and determination flashed in her smiling eyes.

Shi Yunnan sat calmly in his seat and shook the glass lightly to greet her.

He was getting more and more curious.

What exactly did Mo Xuanqi discover to cure her “love brain” disease

Wearing casual clothes at an engagement banquet was a clear prelude to not wanting to get engaged.

In the blink of an eye, Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan were on stage.

Under Mo Xuanqis gaze, the host had no choice but to turn off the microphone and exit.

Luo Yanchuan frowned, “Qiqi, what happened to you”

Mo Xuanqi clenched the microphone in her hand and smiled, “I just think the normal engagement process is too boring, so I want to host it myself.”

She no longer looked at Luo Yanchuan but continued to speak to the guests at the tables under the stage.

“Luo Yanchuan and I got to know each other in September last year.

At that time, I was hanging out with some friends in a bar until late at night, and after we separated, I planned to go to the parking lot to wait for a chauffeur, but I ended up meeting a drunken gangster.”

Just like the hero saving the beauty in fairy tales, this cliche pattern also moved Mo Xuanqis heart.

“Later, I took the initiative to seek him out and meet up several times.

In order to get to know him better, I also secretly investigated…”

Mo Xuanqi learned that Luo Yanchuan used to be a playboy.

She also found out that Luo Yanchuan had rumored a marriage alliance with the second young master of the Shi family, but the other party did not hesitate to refuse and ran away from home.

Luo Yanchuan himself told Mo Xuanqi that he was not interested in the same sex and was more than willing to close his heart for Mo Xuanqi.

“In the process of falling in love, I feel that Luo Yanchuan has satisfied all my longings for another half.”

“So two months ago, after the unexpected marriage proposal came, I accepted it without hesitation.”

Not only that, she was also anxious for the parents of both sides to select a date for the engagement banquet.

“I really, really want to marry him.”

Mo Xuanqis face still carried a smile while recounting the sweet memories, causing many guests to smile along with happiness.

The unease floating in Luo Yanchuans heart gradually dissipated—

Thats right.

The Mo Xuanqi he knew was someone who was willing to depend on him and obey him for love.

Mo Xuanqi looked at Luo Yanchuan again, but her smiling eyes suddenly cooled down, and then the hatred that had been suppressed for a long time overflowed from the depths of her pupils.

Luo Yanchuan was startled.

Then he heard Mo Xuanqi say, word by word, “Until I saw some videos when I hacked his computer.”

Everyone present felt the change in Mo Xuanqis tone, and they extracted keywords from it.


What video

Just when everyone in the audience was puzzled, the large screens on both sides suddenly lit up.

Before everyone could react, excessive moaning reverberated in the banquet hall.

On the screen, two naked men were intertwined together.

One of the protagonists only showed a blurred side profile, vaguely resembling Luo Yanchuan on stage.

The other protagonist was not so lucky.

The video screen was facing his visage, occupied by lust.

It was Xie Keyue sitting in the front row of the guest table!

The good show has finally begun.

1The word overlord[bà bà] and the word dad are homonyms.


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