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TL: Hua

In the blink of an eye, it was Sunday.

Mo Xuanqi and Luo Yanchuan engagement banquet was arranged at the largest central hotel in the Imperial Capital.

It was said that the display of splendor was the largest in the Imperial Capital in the past two years.

When Shi Yunnan arrived at the entrance of the hotel, he felt that the rumors were not false.

From the entrance of the hotel, he could see blue-tone decorations.

Nearly 10,000 blue roses formed a flower route up the spiral staircase, leading the guests all the way to the main engagement hall on the third floor.

Not only that, every three meters distance, there was a lamp embedded with sparkling jewels.

The combination of light from diamonds sets off the gorgeous and dazzling color, creating a dreamscape-like atmosphere.

“These two powerful families have joined forces and this engagement banquet cost tens of millions, right” Shi Yunnan took the initiative to push Luo Lingshengs wheelchair to the elevator on the other side.

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng followed behind them and stepped into the elevator together.

Qin Jian pressed down the floor number while answering Shi Yunnans question just now, “I heard that the second house spent a full 30 million on this engagement banquet.

On the other hand, the Mo and Fang families who married their daughters didnt pay a cent.”

“Tsk tsk, they spent so much on an engagement.

It seems that the second house of the Luo family has paid a lot this time” Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng and smiled subtly.

Luo Lingshengs fingers slightly stroke the handle of the wheelchair.

His eyes showed a sharp look, “One who is not prepared to risk his child will never catch the wolf.” mfn: To achieve a certain purpose, one must pay a corresponding price.

A simple common saying dug out the true intentions of Luos second house.

Mo Baian and Fang Ya only had one daughter, Mo Xuanqi, and both of them were successful entrepreneurs.

Naturally, they had abundant assets hidden under them.

To be more realistic, as long as Luo Yanchuan became the son-in-law of Mo and Fang and managed to get hold of Mo Xuanqi, his fiancé, he could get back more than this mere 30 million in the future.

The elevator door opened in response, and the noise came immediately.

Shi Yunnan pushed Luo Lingsheng out of the elevator, and then went around to the front of his lover, bending over to arrange the other partys tie and royal blue cufflinks, “Lets just watch a good show today.”

The two of them locked eyes.

Luo Lingsheng chuckled and lowered his eyes.

He stretched out his hand and pinched Shi Yunans cool fingertips, “When I go abroad for rehab in a couple of days, dont follow me.”


“If you dont have a design job and youre bored at home,…” Luo Lingsheng paused and gazed at him with affection, “You can think about how to set up our future wedding.”

Shi Yunnans eyes widened involuntarily, and then he smiled, “Are you serious”

“I am.”

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips and hummed twice, then he jokingly said, “Then patriarch Luo should be prepared to spend money like running water.”

Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair and approached the door of the main banquet hall side by side with him, “Okay, you can spend the entire Luo familys assets.”

As soon as the two entered the banquet hall, they immediately attracted the attention of many guests—

“Todays engagement banquet is incredible.

Even Luo Lingsheng, the big Buddha, was invited.”

“If you think about it, they still had the same surname.

Even if the bones are broken, the tendons are still attached.

If we count back five or six years, when Old Master Luo was still alive, werent the second and fourth houses a family”

Mfn: A metaphor means that although there are conflicts between relatives, because of the blood relationship, they are still a family.

“Externally, Luo Lingsheng is the head of the Luo family.

Internally, Luo Lingsheng is the younger uncle of Luo Yanchuan in terms of generation, so he should come ah.”

“I really didnt expect this.

I thought that the marriage relationship between Shi Yunnan and the Luo family head was a rumor.

I didnt expect that they could still be together after so long”

“By the way, I suddenly remembered, wasnt it also rumored before that Shi Yunnan and Luo Yanchuan were about to be engaged”

“Lets not mention the past.”

As the crowd mingled and talked, Mo Baian and Fang Ya rushed hand in hand to greet them.


Shi, Mr.

Luo, thank you two for coming to my daughters engagement banquet.”

Shi Yunnan smiled calmly, “Having received Ms.

Fangs invitation, how could I not come Its just that I have brought four people with me on this invitation.

I hope Ms.

Fang and Mr.

Mo dont mind.”

“Of course not.”

As soon as the words fell, Luo Dexing hurried over with his wife.

Luo Dexing met Luo Ling Shengs eyes hidden under his lenses, and he felt a sense of urgency for no reason, “P-patriarch, why didnt you notify us in advance We could have come downstairs to greet you personally.”

Even if he was two leaps older than Luo Lingsheng, he was still the nominal “cousin” of the other party.

However, Luo Lingshengs methods against the main house and the third house in those days were too harsh and merciless, so to this day he still has lingering fears and only dared to refer to him as “patriarch” like outsiders.

Shi Yunnan silently took a half step back and let Luo Lingsheng handle the second house.

In the next second, Luo Lingsheng said indifferently, “Cousin, youre welcome.”

The word “cousin” didnt contain any sense of intimacy, as if it was an invisible warning.

Luo Dexing and his wife glanced at each other, and a sense of resentful weakness came over them.

Others were afraid of Luo Lingsheng, but for Luo Dexing and his wife, who had witnessed the main house being “exterminated” and sent into prison, they were afraid from the very bottom of their hearts.

The pause of less than five seconds seemed like a century to Luo Dexing and his wife.

“Today is Yanchuan and Miss Mos engagement.

Yunnan and I are just here as witnesses and to send our blessing.” The strong pressure that Luo Lingsheng hid in his voice suddenly disappeared.

No matter what the outcome of this engagement banquet would be, it was a happy event in the eyes of everyone.

Luo Lingsheng wasnt fond of dealing with others, but that didnt mean he didnt know how to show a rare friendly side.

Shi Yunnan responded with a smile, “Yes, Ms.

Fang, we will find a place to sit down.

You can take it easy.”

Fang Ya glanced at her husband and nodded her head with a smile and calm.

They hadnt done anything wrong, so naturally they werent afraid of Luo Lingsheng, the “big Buddha.” Whats more, the visitors were all guests.

It was good to have more people to give their daughters engagement a blessing.

Shi Yunnan found his friend Yuan Rui and said to Luo Lingsheng, “Shall we sit with Yuan Rui”


After Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan left, Luo Dexing breathed a sigh of relief.

He rubbed his hands a few times, trying to wipe away the sweat on his palms.

Fang Ya asked, “Mr.

Luo, Mrs.

Luo, are you all right”

Luo Dexing steadied himself, “Were fine.”

“This auspicious time is about to arrive.

Shall we take our seat”


Fang Ya nodded to the two future in-laws and took her husbands hand back to the front.

When Mrs.

Luo saw the two in-laws leave, panic surfaced at the bottom of her eyes, “Old Xing, why did Luo Lingsheng come here Didnt Yanchuan say he went abroad for surgery again”

“You ask me, who do I ask” “Hes already here; who dares to invite him out” Luo Dexings forehead began to sweat again.

He now only hoped that Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan really just came to the engagement banquet to send their blessings.


Luo covered her heart and said, “Today, I kept feeling restless, like something was going to happen.”

“Yanchuan has been messing around for so many years and finally found a girl from a good family like Xuanqi to settle down with.

I hope nothing bad happens.”

“Alright, stop talking about it.”

Luo Dexing interrupted his wifes chatter, “The engagement banquet is about to start.

Lets go and take our seats too.

If anyone dares to make trouble at this wedding, Ill fight with him!”

The engagement banquet cost their family 30 million yuan, and they deliberately stopped Mo and Fang from spending money.

Luo Dexing didnt agree at first, but Luo Yanchuan discussed with him in private—

Their family must use this engagement to grab Mo Xuanqis heart tightly.

Holding her was equivalent to holding the assets of the Fang and Mo families, and it was also equivalent to holding their future.

“We were a bit cowardly back then.

We can only hope that this engagement banquet will solidify Yanchuans position in the Imperial Capital, allowing him to…” To obtain more capital to fight against Luo Lingsheng in the future.

Luo Dexing looked at Luo Lingsheng not far away, and buried the rest of the words in his stomach.



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