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Bonus chapter

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When Shi Yunnan arrived at the studio after a long absence, Yuan Rui, who was the boss and the person in charge, had just finished the staff meeting before getting off work.

When people from the design department and the operation department saw Shi Yunnan, one of the bosses, they greeted him one after another.

“Hello, designer Shi.”

“Long time no see, Mr.


Yuan Rui, who was sitting in the main seat, raised his head hastily when he heard this.

Shi Yunnan just met his eyes when a stack of documents slammed over, “Shi Yunnan, do you still remember that you have a joint venture share in this studio Being a hand-off shopkeeper must be quite comfortable, ah!”

Shi Yunnan quickly caught his friends “gift” and leaned against the door while saying with a smile, “Didnt I come back to the studio as soon as Im free My dear son.”

“Go away, Im your father.”

Yuan Rui refuted him, but his eyes were filled with happiness.

Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng abroad some time ago.

Even if he had to design, he contacted Yuan Rui and the client through video.

At present when Shi Yunnan looked at the real Yuan Rui, he realized that the other party had lost a lot of weight compared to two months ago, and even the milk fat that was still around in his adulthood had disappeared.

There was no childishness in those eyes anymore, but rather a mature and steady aura.

When Yuan Rui approached him, Shi Yunnan looked at him from head to toe twice, “Very busy”

Yuan Rui replied, “Yup, but its fine.

Im getting used to it.”

At the end of the shift, the staff from both departments are almost gone.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time and said, “Go sit in the lounge for a while I had someone buy some food and send it over later.”


Since the establishment of the design studio, Yuan Rui has basically cut off contact with his previous friends, and the people he came into contact with on a daily basis were suppliers and customers.

Its probably been a long time since he saw a friend whom he could freely talk to, and his tone finally relaxed.

The two walked side by side to the break room, and within a few moments, the entire staff was off duty.

About fifteen minutes later, there was the screeching sound of a wheelchair sliding through the door.

Shi Yunnan was particularly sensitive to this sound, and immediately got up and opened the door of the lounge, “Lingsheng, this way.”

Yuan Rui, who was leaning in the lounge, immediately sat up straight, “Shit, Shi Yunnan, you came to the studio with your family Youre deliberately bullying me for being single, right”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Lingsheng came in.

Besides, Yuan Meng, who was standing behind him, carried a lot of food bags in his hands.

Shi Yunnan let them in, and explained to Yuan Rui, with a smile, “I came here on a whim.

Be a little open-minded and let them sit on the side.”

According to Dr.

Bences request, Luo Lingsheng went to the relevant department of the Central Hospital for a post-operative review in the afternoon.

Shi Yunnan decided to come here because it was still early and he remembered Yuan Rui, who had been complaining to himself two days before.

Its just that when they arrived at the studio, it was not yet time to get off work, so he specifically asked Luo Lingsheng to wait in the car and Yuan Meng to buy some dinner.

“How dare I drive Mr.

Luo away You guys feel free to sit down.” Yuan Rui had to set his attitude straight.

Ever since Yuan Rui had dipped his foot into the business world, he had gradually realized the deterrent power of Luo Lingsheng and the Luo Group in Imperial Capital.

At the same time, Yuan Rui inexplicably felt that his friend Shi Yunnan was awesome—

How could he manage to marry such a business giant

Geez, love is really a magical thing.

“Is there a summary of the studios design orders in the past two months I want to see it.” Shi Yunnan still remembered his identity as an investment partner and said, “I will help you manage it when I have time.”

Yuan Rui was happy to hear this, “Thats more like it.

You wait, Ill go get it for you.”

Shi Yunnan took advantage of the gap when Yuan Rui went to get the computer, and casually pointed to the surrounding location, “Yuan Mang, dont stand like a log, make yourself at home.”

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng gave tacit approval with his eyes.

Yuan Meng found a vacant seat at the back and sat down.

Shi Yunnan gave him the food he brought, and then he saw Yuan Rui walking back with a computer and a large jewelry box.

“You can just use the computer to read the electronic files; the summary is more complete.”

From the bottom of his heart, Yuan Rui admired Shi Yunnans ability.

Even though he had always been in full charge of the companys affairs during his best friends absence, he still wanted to get the other partys review and approval.

Yuan Rui opened a can of beer and took a few sips, “Popular affordable jade jewelry has already been launched.

At present, the jingle bracelet series is very well-received.

Shi Yunnan asked Yuan Mang to buy some crayfish.

It was very fresh and delicious.

While Shi Yunnan was reviewing the studios orders, Yuan Rui took advantage of this time to put on his gloves and peel the crayfish.

He was eating with relish while answering his friends questions from time to time.

Luo Lingsheng did not say anything and quietly let their two partners communicate.

He took one box of crayfish in front of him, put on gloves, and carefully peeled the shell.

Suddenly, Shi Yunnan pointed to a change order and asked, “What is this change order”

“I knew you would ask about this order.” Yuan Rui gestured to the jewelry box on the table with his eyes, “Why dont you open it and take a look Its a commission from a business client last week.

No designer in our studio is willing to take it.”

Shi Yunnan opened it and took a look.

Inside was a set of jade jewelry consisting of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.

Shi Yunnan took two cursory glances and made a preliminary evaluation, “Isnt this combination design quite alright”

In general, a set of jewelry designs that have been created and shaped is very difficult to change.

“The key is that necklace.”

Yuan Rui took off his gloves, wiped his hands and then introduced it, “It consists of thirty-two teardrop-shaped emerald beads, but there are ten lower grade beads mixed in.”

Shi Yunnan slightly wrinkled his eyebrows.

These words also caught Luo Lingshengs attention.

“Starting from the upper left, the lower grade beads have been marked on the computer file.

Why dont you take a look”

Shi Yunnan immediately clicked on the relevant file to see the picture.

Yuan Rui continued, “The entrusted client of this change order is a fishery businessman.

I call him Brother Zheng.

In his own words, he made a fortune and had some savings in the past two years.”

“Brother Zhengs wife suffered a lot with him in the early years.

It wasnt easy for them to reach the 20th anniversary of their marriage.

The husband and wife had some savings on hand, so Brother Zheng wanted to secretly buy some jewelry for his wife as a souvenir.”

“He didnt understand these jades, and he didnt dare to buy them in a jade shop because he was afraid of being scammed.

Later, he went to Zeguang Jade Auction House after being introduced by a friend.”

Every half month, Zeguang Auction House will hold a jade jewelry auction, and the verification certificate from the relevant department will be presented before the auction.

Although Zeguang Auction House was a lot worse than the auction house under Ms.

Fang Ya, it was the first choice of many nouveau riche and upstarts.

“Brother Zheng spent 6 million to obtain this set of jade jewelry.

Because of the appraisal certificate, he and his wife didnt doubt anything.


Zheng had a friend who had some knowledge about jade.

They felt that something wasnt right, so they went to other institutions for additional appraisal.

The appraisal result is what theyre looking at right now.

Brother Zheng immediately went to the auction house to ask for an explanation, but the person in charge of Zeguang refused to admit it and pushed the matter to the jewelry designer.

Because two months had passed since the auction, the two sides pushed the matter back and forth without coming to a conclusion.

Shi Yunnans eyes flashed, “Whose design is this”

Yuan Rui looked at him and raised his chin slightly, “Enemies always meet on narrow roads.

Who do you think of”

Shi Yunnan had the answer, “… Gu familys Lingyu design”

“Gu Jues path is becoming increasingly deviated,” Yuan Rui mocked them, his eyes welling up with contempt.

“In order to make money, he can even fish in muddy water like this.

Its simply taking advantage of bosses like Brother Zheng, who doesnt understand jade.”

Luo Lingsheng asked quietly, “The client doesnt plan to sue”


The other party insisted that it was Brother Zheng who tried to scam money.

This kind of time-consuming business is very troublesome to file a lawsuit.”

So, Mrs.

Zheng would rather spend some money to remodel the design.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and suddenly mentioned one thing, “Didnt Xie Keyue help Lingyus design poach our people at the beginning What about now Is he still involved with Gu Jue”

As far as he knew, Xie Keyues investments in the past year hadnt been successful.

He didnt know whether his investment in Lingyu could recover the capital.


Yuan Ruis face sank, “Dont mention him when eating, its nauseating.”

“But I heard that he was kicked out by the Shi family Forget it; he has nothing to do with us.”

His disgust for Xie Keyue had been engraved into his DNA, and now he would feel disgusted when he heard his name.

Shi Yunnan smiled, thinking that what his friend said was very reasonable.

Now that all the developments had deviated from his original world cognition, he really didnt need to care about Xie Keyues existence so much.

“Okay, Ill personally take on this change in design.” Shi Yunnan stated.

When Yuan Rui heard this, it was like throwing out a hot potato in his hands.

He immediately shouted, “Thank you, Dad!”


Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, and they were both speechless.

Shi Yunnan suddenly had the illusion of being trapped, “Yuan Rui, are you waiting for me on purpose”


Yuan Rui coughed twice, “No, as soon as I heard that this thing came from Lingyu, I became hot-headed and accepted this change order.

I wanted to increase our own confidence and destroy the enemys prestige.”

As he talked, he felt a little guilty, “Later, I heard other designers say that this thing is not easy to change…”

Shi Yunnan guessed it would be like this.

This friend is mature and stable on the surface, but the rashness in his bones has not changed at all.

“OK, Ill give you the first version of the revised design in about ten days.”

“Thank you, Dad Shi!”

Yuan Rui shouted again, looking very much like Shi Yunnans lackey.

Shi Yunnan chuckled and put down the computer, only to hear Luo Lingsheng instruct, “Eat first when youre done.”

He said, and handed back a bowl of cleanly peeled crayfish meat.

The mans hands were moving really fast.

He didnt know when he quietly peeled off so much.

Shi Yunnan couldnt hold back for a while, and grunted happily, “Thank you, darling.”

Luo Lingsheng raised the corner of his lips and said, “Ill peel more for you if its not enough.”


Yuan Meng in the back was accustomed to not speaking, and Yuan Rui, who was the opposite, was dumbfounded.

Didnt they say the Luo family head is a ruthless character with a cold personality He doesnt look anything like that!

Yuan Rui looked at his friend Shi Yunnans extravagance of eating several crayfish meat in a single bite, and then looked at the fact that he had just peeled off a dozen shells with all his might.

In contrast, he couldnt help but spew out a beautiful Chinese word in his heart.


What a pair of lovingdog men!

He was thinking about it when he unconsciously lowered his head, and a sourness flooded the bottom of his eyes.

In the early years, someone would silently peel the shell for him at the dinner table, but now its gone.

Shi Yunnan ate all the crayfish meat that Luo Lingsheng had peeled off, and then asked casually, “Yuan Rui, do you know the place that makes the best ceramic products in our country”

“Jing City What are you asking about this”

“I saw a jade porcelain exhibition abroad before.

I intend to study it to see if it can be integrated into design in the future.” Shi Yunnan was never satisfied with the prescribed design process.

“Okay, if you have this idea, I will go with you to check it out.” Yuan Rui proposed.

He was happy to participate in anything that would be beneficial to the development of the design studios prospects.

Travel together

Luo Lingshengs action of peeling the crayfish froze for a moment.

If it werent for knowing that the relationship between Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan was likefather and son, he might not have been able to control his gaze.

During this brief silence, Yuan Meng, who had always talked less, suddenly spoke up, “Mr.

Shi, if you have time, why dont you visit my hometown”

Shi Yunnan turned sideways, “Oh Where”

Yuan Meng suddenly received the baptism of the three peoples eyes, and was slightly embarrassed, “Dehua County, Fu City.

Several townships in the county have been doing ancient pottery for hundreds of years.”

“If youre interested, I can…” Yuan Meng quickly glanced at his boss and said, with a rare quick-wittedness, “I can call a friend from my hometown to be a guide.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly became interested, “Great.

Ill check it out when I have time.”

“Indeed, it will take some time.” On the side, Yuan Rui suddenly took over, as if he suddenly remembered something important, “Yunnan, have you heard”



Fang Yas daughter, Miss Mo Xuanqi.”

Shi Yunnan thought back slightly.

At the beginning, Fang Ya used tens of millions to bid for his jade design, and the two sides reached other auction cooperation.

Later, when Shi Yunnan was invited to attend the wedding anniversary of Fang Ya and her husband, he met their daughter Mo Xuanqi at the banquet, but this Miss Mo was not friendly to him.

Faced with his friends enquiry, Yuan Rui couldnt help but glance at Luo Lingsheng, “Speaking of which, this is also related to the Luo family.

Miss Mo is getting engaged to Luo Yanchuan, the young master of the Luo family.”


Shi Yunnan was indeed shocked by this news.

How long has it been Luo Yanchuan and Mo Xuanqi are getting engaged

The most unbelievable thing was that Luo Yanchuan was theprotagonist gong of this world.

Even if there was emotional development, it should be with Xie Keyue, ah How can this world trajectory develop so absurdly

Seeing the shock and confusion of his friend, Yuan Rui had no choice but to turn his attention to Luo Lingsheng, “Mr.

Luo, you should know the news, right”


Luo Lingsheng answered calmly.

He knew everything about Luos side branch, especially Luos second house and Luo Yanchuan.

The other party had made too many secret moves during the time he was abroad for his leg treatment.

He got the news half a month in advance.

Because the Shi family and the second house of the Luo family had a failed marriage agreement at the beginning, Luo Lingsheng didnt tell Shi Yunnan about this.

He didnt want his lover to attend the engagement party of unrelated people.

Shi Yunnan barely suppressed the shock in his heart, “When is the engagement banquet”

“The sixteenth of this month.”

“Its this Sunday.”

Luo Lingsheng and Yuan Rui replied one after the other.

Yuan Rui got up and went into his office.

Immediately afterward, he brought out an invitation letter, “This is an invitation sent by Ms.

Fang Ya.

She asked me to pass it on to you.”

Shi Yunnan took the invitation and was silent for a while.

“If Im not mistaken, Luo Yanchuan should be a complete homosexual If thats the case, isnt he cheating on this marriage”

Shi Yunnan frowned.

He had a good impression of Mo Xuanqis mother, Fang Ya.

She was a dignified, graceful, and strong woman, but how could she agree to her daughters life-long event so easily

Luo Lingsheng looked at him, “Are you going”

Shi Yunnan fondled the invitation in his hand.

His eyes flashed with a flickering light.

He always felt that this engagement banquet was a bit strange.

“The invitation was already sent to me, whether as a business partner of the brides family, or…” Shi Yunnan made a decision and gave Luo Lingsheng a smile, “Or as a relative of the grooms family, its always worth going to see this unexpectedly good show.”

Luo Lingsheng did not refuse, “Okay.”

He knew that this matter could not be hidden from Shi Yunnan for sure, and was willing to respect any choice of his lover.

On Friday, the largest business district in the Imperial Capital, Yucheng,

Mo Xuanqi sat leisurely in the top-floor cafe, with dozens of luxurious shopping bags on the sofa beside her.

Wen Wanyou sat opposite her, “Qiqi, you are going to get engaged the day after tomorrow.

Why are you still in the mood to go shopping Youre not nervous at all”

Mo Xuanqi checked the luxury goods she had bought and looked up to reveal her bright face.

However, her eyes didnt really contain any smile, “Whats there to be nervous about Anyway, Luo Yanchuans side is the one responsible for the engagement banquet.”

She pointed to the credit card on the table and said, with deep meaning, “Since hes willing to hand the card to me, why should I refuse it Its not like I swiped it for nothing.”

Wen Wanyou heard this, and a trace of envy and jealousy flashed in her heart.

She originally had a similar family situation to Mo Xuanqi, but now The other party was still the rich daughter, pampered by her parents, and would soon have a handsome fiance.

And what about her

She had nothing left.

Mo Xuanqi asked back, “By the way, you said there was a little accident at home a few days ago Is it resolved now”

“Its fine.”

Wen Wanyou tightened the coffee cup in her hand, barely maintaining her composure.

For the sake of self-esteem, she didnt dare to say the actual situation at home, but after all, the paper couldnt hold fire.

Maybe one day, she will be excluded and ridiculed by other rich daughters in the Imperial Capital, including Mo Xuanqi, just like others ridiculed Shi Yunnan.

Thinking of this possibility, Wen Wanyou couldnt help clenching her skirt under the table.

Just when she secretly felt embarrassed about her bleak future, a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside her, “Miss Mo, long time no see.”

Wen Wanyou looked up, and the blood on her face faded all of a sudden.

Why did Shi Yunnan suddenly appear here

Mo Xuanqi recognized Shi Yunnan and raised her eyebrows slightly, “Mr.

Shi, if I remember correctly, you should be my mothers business partner Weve only met once before, is such a relationship worth a special greeting”

“Since we met, shouldnt we say hello”

The reason Shi Yunnan came to this business district today was actually to choose a suitable suit to attend the engagement banquet the day after tomorrow.

After finishing his purchase, he wanted to come to this top-floor coffee shop for a short break, but he didnt expect to meet one of the engagement parties here.

Wen Wanyou had an unwarranted resistance to Shi Yunnan.

She suddenly interrupted the conversation between the two and got up, “…Qiqi, Ill go to the bathroom first.”

Mo Xuanqi knew of her best friends cousins relationship with Shi Yunnan and perceived something, “Mm.”

After Wen Wanyou left in a panic, Mo Xuanqi took a sip of coffee and showed a cold attitude towards Shi Yunnan.


Shi, I heard that Luo Yanchuan once refused a marriage union with you, so now that he wants to get engaged to me, youre not looking for me because youre upset, right”

Shi Yunnan declared his stand, “Miss Mo really loves to joke.

I only came to advise you for the sake of Miss Fang—One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.


“How long have you known Luo Yanchuan before you dared to get engaged He used to have a reputation as a playboy; havent you heard of it”

Even if Luo Yanchuan faked his playboy reputation, it was true that he schemed against others to further his career.

Shi Yunnan paused and asked rhetorically, “Or perhap, is Miss Mo convinced that he can close his heart tofor you”

Mo Xuanqis fingers that were holding the coffee cup handle tightened, and a trace of anger appeared out of nowhere, “Whats it to you”

“Naturally, its none of my business, but I know Luo Yanchuan a little bit, and I happened to meet Miss Mo before the engagement banquet.

Its obvious that some marriages are fire pits, so its just a kind reminder.”

“Of course, it would be a good thing if Luo Yanchuan could turn over a new leaf.

Im afraid…”

Shi Yunnan stopped and shook his head, “Forget it, as the saying goes, its better to demolish a temple than ruin a marriage.”

In the next second, Mo Xuanqi suddenly glared at him and asked, “Afraid of what Tell me clearly.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged and said bluntly, “This society allows same-sex marriage but does not allow homosexuals to cheat on their marriage.”


These words seemed to have struck a nerve in Mo Xuanqi, causing her expression to be distorted for a moment.

Shi Yunnans eyes narrowed, and he suddenly realized that something was wrong—

The last time they met at the banquet, Mo Xuanqi looked at Luo Yanchuan with admiration and love in her eyes.

And now, as a girl who was about to get engaged to her sweetheart, this subconscious surfacing anger and loathing were obviously aimed at Luo Yanchuan.

Anyway, Shi Yunnan had already dropped hints up to this point.

From the perspective of a business partner, it can be regarded as the utmost benevolence and righteousness.

If he continued to persuade, he was afraid others would treat him as a holy father.

Thinking of this, Shi Yunnan simply turned around and walked out.

Suddenly, Mo Xuanqi took the initiative to stop him, “Mr.

Shi, please wait a moment.”

Shi Yunnan turned sideways and asked silently with his eyes.

Mo Xuanqi regained her calm just now.

Her serene eyes had a charm that was the same as her mother, Fang Ya.

“My mother should have sent an engagement invitation to you, right Will you come”


“Thats good.”

Mo Xuanqi put the coffee cup firmly on the coaster and said, “For the sake of your kindness, Im willing to inform you that, on the day of the engagement banquet, there will be a good show.”

Shi Yunnan was stunned, and quickly realized the deeper meaning of her words.

He didnt go into the root cause of Mo Xuanqis change in attitude, but just followed her words and replied—

“Really Im looking forward to it.”

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