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Shi Yunnan got into the car and let out a sigh of relief.

Luo Lingsheng was amused when he saw his appearance, “Why are you angry with Wen Wanyou You have to say something to be happy”

“Who asked her to seduce you behind my back I didnt completely ruin her reputation in public; thats already very polite.”

If he didnt warn her a little harder this time, maybe this person will continue to have bad intentions next time.

Shi Yunnan leaned closer to Luo Lingshengs side, eagerly begging for compliments, “Why dont you compliment me Ive saved you unnecessary trouble.”

Luo Lingsheng retorted, “Arent you the one whos jealous”

Shi Yunnan snorted twice, and suddenly said in a very low voice, “I kind of want to kiss you to eliminate my anger, but Im afraid it will affect Yuan Mang and the others in the front row.”

Luo Lingsheng slightly leaned sideways to shorten their distance and replied jokingly, “Qin Jian and the others dont have eyes on the back of their heads.”

“Thats what you said.” Shi Yunnan chuckled and cooperated, and took the initiative to kiss him.


Yuan Meng and Qin Jian, who were sitting in the front row, looked straight ahead at the same time and couldnt help but complain in their hearts—

Patriarch, we dont have eyes on the back of our heads, but were not deaf, okay

If we eat dog food during working hours all day, can it be counted as a work-related injury and get a salary increase

After 20 minutes of driving, the car stopped in the parking lot of Imperial Capital Central Hospital.

Old Man Wen was out of danger two days ago, and he woke up twice in the middle.

In order to avoid Song Zhiqius shameless disturbance, Shi Yunnan, Wen Yibei, and others combined their efforts and transferred Old Man Wen from the second hospital to the VIP inpatient department of Imperial Capital Hospital behind the other partys back.

The two quickly took the elevator to the twenty-third floor and entered the single ward just in time to meet Old Man Wen waking up in a daze.

“Yunnan, youre here” Wen Yibei got up from the side of the hospital bed and took the initiative to give Shi Yunnan the seat, “Come quickly, Grandpa is just awake.”

Shi Yunnan hurriedly approached, “Hows Grandpa doing these two days”

“Hes still weak, and basically falls asleep in a drowsy state.

Occasionally, when he wakes up, his consciousness is not very clear.

After a few vague sentences, he will fall asleep again.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he couldnt help but lean closer to Old Man Wens hospital bed, “Grandpa Im Yunnan.”

Old Man Wen raised his eyelids laboriously, not focusing on Shi Yunnan.

In just a few seconds, his eyes, which were not very clear, suddenly filled with water.

“Yun, Yunnan, my good grandson… It wasnt him who pushed me.

You cant let him be wronged… Its not his fault; you cant blame him…”

Shi Yunnans body involuntarily tensed up, and he tentatively called out again, “Grandpa”

Old Man Wens tone was very light, but full of anxiousness.

“Shi Houde is a heart…heartless old man.

How old is Yunnan, how, how can he be allowed to stay abroad as a child… Shi Sheng doesnt treat my daughter well, why doesnt he even take good care of my grandson ah…”

“It took a long time to make Yunnan willing to come back to Wens house, you, you guys dont make this child separate from me….”

When Shi Yunnan heard the vague remarks in Old Man Wens mouth, his heart suddenly felt bitter beyond description.

He knew that what Old Man Wen was talking about now was what happened after the birthday party that year.

Shi Yunnan has lived abroad since he was a child, and even if he was independent and sensible, he had his rebellious phase.

After the eighteenth birthday party, he felt that he had suffered in the Wen family for nothing, so he returned abroad without saying a word.

After his health improved, Old Man Wen sent him several long text messages, but with his twisted temper at that time, he refused to reply.

He couldnt wait to cut off contact with the Shi family and Wen family in China.

Looking back now, what did Old Man Wen do wrong

Compared with the indifference and ruthlessness that Old Man Shi exuded from his bones, Old Man Wen was doing his best to make up for the lack of his growth.

Luo Lingsheng saw through Shi Yunnans forbearance, but before he could come forward, Wen Yibei, who was also concerned, patted his brother on the shoulder to comfort him.

Shi Yunnan closed his eyes and tried his best to hold back the astringent in his eyes, “Grandpa, grandpa, Im here, look at me, ok”

Old Man Wen slowed down for several beats, and then his eyes refocused.

He subconsciously reached out to touch Shi Yunnan and finally had a hint of clarity, “Yunnan”

“Yes, its me.

Im here to see you.”

Old Man Wen looked at him for a while, and then vaguely said what was in his heart, “Why have you lost weight again Is Luo Lingsheng treating you well Dont be like your mother, who was bullied and didnt say a word.”

Shi Yunnan finally laughed and glanced at Luo Lingsheng at the end of the bed, “Grandpa, dont worry, Luo Lingsheng wont bully me.

He treats me very well.”

“…Thats good.

Before, I was afraid that his…his inconvenient legs would affect you.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, his eyes unconsciously looked at Luo Lingsheng again, as if he suddenly realized something.

Soon, Old Man Wens intermittent advice caught his attention again, “He looks like a capable and responsible person.

As long as your hearts are together… thats good.”

Shi Yunnan seriously responded to him, “Um, I get it.”

Old Man Wen gave a few words of advice in a dazed state, and then fell into a deep sleep again.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei nodded at each other and motioned for Luo Lingsheng to go outside the ward.

Luo Lingsheng noticed his lovers low mood a while ago and took the initiative to hold his wrist, “Whats the matter”

“Let me ask you, when you rejected me in Luos training room, was it because of what my grandpa said to you after the birthday banquet He was afraid that your leg wouldnt get better and would become my burden for the rest of my life, wouldnt it”

Luo Lingsheng sighed, “Isnt it all in the past”

“Its in the past.”

Shi Yunnan was sitting on the lounge chair next to him, still feeling a little depressed—Luo Lingsheng didnt say anything at the time, and they almost missed each other.

Back in the Luo family training room, there was Luo Lingshengs cold rejection first, followed by the white moonlight incident.

The combination of these two things made Shi Yunnan feel extraordinarily overwhelmed.

He always thought that Luo Lingshengs original reason for rejecting him was that he had other people hidden in his heart, but he had never expected that there would be an interlude in which Old Man Wen had blocked him.

Thinking of this, Shi Yunnan felt inexplicably distressed for Luo Lingsheng.

“Old Master Wen means no harm.

Hes your grandfather.

From his point of view, theres nothing wrong with standing up for his grandson.

It was me who was under physical pressure at the time.”

Shi Yunnan snorted, “You dont even know…”

“I dont know what”

I almost packed my bags and left the Luo family, and hid myself from you.

Shi Yunnan silently added this sentence in his heart and casually stated, “You have no idea how hard your little nephew tried to coax me back then; its all thanks to Little Goldfish.”

When Luo Lingsheng heard this, he couldnt help laughing.

“He has long been claiming credit in front of me.”

He pinched his lovers earlobe, “Alright, dont be angry anymore.”

Shi Yunnan tilted his head and rubbed against him, “I wasnt angry at all.

Lets go home.

Ill go and explain two more things to my brother about Huachangs entry capital.

Why dont you go wait for me in the parking lot”


Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng went separate ways.

Within ten minutes, Shi Yunnan, who had finished communicating with his elder brother, took the elevator downstairs.

When the elevator stopped on the 16th floor, Shi Yunnan casually raised his eyes and accidentally bumped into two familiar figures.

Shi Sheng pushed Old Man Shi into the elevator.

Old Man Shi, who had always been strong and sturdy, sat crookedly in his wheelchair.

Within two months, his body was too thin to speak of, and the once eagle-eyed eyes were now filled with turbid light.

Shi Sheng didnt change much, but there was a kind of exhaustion in his expression.


Shi Sheng shouted in surprise.

Old Man Shis chest heaved slightly; he opened his mouth but couldnt utter a word.

Shi Yunnan put down his phone and replied expressionlessly, “Do I know you”

Two days ago, he heard Wen Yibei mention that Old Man Shi was still staying at Central Hospital.

He didnt expect that he would run into him by accident.

If the elevator hadnt closed, Shi Yunnan would have left at the sight of these two people right now.

“Yunnan, we are at least your father and grandfather.

I know that weve done a lot of wrong things before and left you, but now can you give us a chance to make up for it”

Since the paternity test with Xie Keyue, Shi Sheng missed these well-behaved and sensible twin brothers more and more, even if they had made a scene at the Shi family banquet.

When all was said and done, they were still his biological children.

During this period of time, Shi Sheng tossed and turned every night, unable to sleep.

He recalled those happy days of their family of four with Wen Min, and felt extremely regretful and pained.

Its a pity that belated affection and fatherly love are worth less than grass.

Shi Sheng didnt have their contact information because he was blocked by the two brothers.

The father-son relationship should have been one of the closest ties in the world, but he suddenly sank into this vast sea of people.

“A chance to make up for it” Shi Yunnan watched the father and son with a cold eye.

“Xie Keyue and his mother have already left the Shi family.

As long as you are willing to come back, Dad swears that everything in the Shi family is yours!” Shi Sheng hurriedly assured him.

“You think Im as greedy for the Shi familys assets as Xie Keyue How ridiculous.” Shi Yunnan let out a sneer.

He looked at Old Man Shi, who could barely speak and shook his head, “I used to question myself all the time.

What did I do wrong that made my father and grandfather dislike me so much”

When he was young, Shi Yunnan tried to find faults in himself and change them for the better so that others could like him.

“Later, when I grew up, I felt tired.”

“No matter what, in your hearts, Im no better than Xie Keyue, who came later, and no better than my brother, who went back to the Wen family.”

Shi Yunnan once wanted to understand this issue, but then it became irrelevant to him.

After all, the human heart is not a scale; there is always a blatant preference and dislike.

“Old man, youve been strong and wise all your life.

Did you ever think youd get to this end in your old age”

“Sometimes, I have to admit that the cold-bloodedness I hide in my bones is given by you guys.”

Shi Sheng couldnt say anything to refute it.

For all the years that he had left Shi Yunnan unchecked, he had long forgotten how to be a father in front of the other party.

Old Man Shi gasped fiercely, his chest heaving like a fish about to dry up and die.

Shi Yunnan thought of the old Man Wen, who was also hospitalized, and said in a complicated and relaxed manner, “Even if you guys were willing to really care about me once over the years, I may still have some affection left for the Shi family.”

The elevator stopped on the sixth floor, and Shi Yunnan made the final cut before the elevator door opened—

“If you dont love me, there are naturally others in this world who will love me.”

“You once didnt want me, so I wont want you either now or in the future.”

With that, he quickly and daintily left the elevator and entered the safe passage on the side.

He preferred to hike down the stairs rather than continue staying with them.

The elevator door closed again, isolating Old Man Shi and Shi Shengs lines of sight, which were filled with unprecedented regret and despair.


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