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Even if Song Zhiqiu was reluctant, in the case of conclusive evidence, she could only follow the law enforcement officer and leave the conference room.

As soon as she left, she received the gazes of countless employees who were secretly eating melons and overheard some vague remarks—

“Why was the chairman arrested Will our company change”

“You havent heard the news She used the official seal to embezzle the companys funds.

I heard that it takes at least three years in prison to get out!”

“Isnt that what Wen Chenglang did”

Is there still a need to distinguish so clearly between a doting mother and a useless son How Wen Chenglang grew up into such a shameful person must have something to do with the chairmans deranged outlook.”

“…Alright, be quiet.”

For the first time ever, Song Zhiqiu, who had always been strong, did not dare to look back and glared at these employees after hearing these remarks.

With her eyes fixed on the ground, she followed the law enforcement officer like a walking corpse, with her mind replaying everything that had happened over the years—

When Wen Yibei first entered Wens house, Wen Chenglang smashed the other persons head because of his petty temper.

It was she who told the child: It doesnt matter, you are the most important young master in this family.

When Wen Chenglang was in kindergarten, his classmate was injured because of a fight, and she had to pay a lot of medical expenses, but she told him: Its okay, youre just careless; the other party is also at fault.

When Wen Chenglang was a junior in elementary school, he broke a competitors musical instrument during the violin assessment.

It was she who told the child: It doesnt matter, mom has money, just buy him a new one.

Later, Old Man Wen was injured and was hospitalized, and she clearly was aware of something from Wen Chenglangs guilty eyes, but for the dignity of her own child, she blindly pushed the pot on her nephew, Shi Yunnan.

It was her indulgence that didnt distinguish right from wrong; her over-pampering praise; her blurred boundary between Wen Chenglangs good and evil conscience.


The door closed suddenly.

Song Zhiqiu, who has always been strong, was finally overwhelmed by remorse and couldnt help crying.

Wen Chenglang, the mamas boy, is looking forward to you, the mother, getting him out.

I hope you will continue to carry on this mother-son tenderness to the prison, and from now on, dont think about harming the Wen family.

Shi Yunnans sharp words echoed in Song Zhiqius ears and pierced her heart, making her cry almost in despair.

In the end, she lost the husband who once loved her, lost her career that she used to be proud of, and even Wen Chenglang, who had been cared for in her hands since he was a child, had his future life ruined.

Song Zhiqiu regretted it!

She regretted everything, to the point where her internal organs were followed by raw pain!

Unfortunately, even a thousand pieces of gold cant buy regret medicine.

Maybe she can only repent of her mistakes in the cold prison from now on.

Shi Yunnan stayed by the window of the conference room, his gaze drifting slightly downward.

It wasnt until he saw the police car carrying Song Zhiqiu away that the big stone inside finally fell to the ground.

Dont blame him for being cruel.

Whether its Old Man Wen, Wen Yanfeng, or Wen Yibei, they were all relatives that Shi Yunnan held very close to his heart.

Song Zhiqiu and her children were to blame for always creating chaos.

There was no way for anyone to live in peace.

Besides, the bitter fruit that their mother and son sowed by themselves can only be swallowed by themselves in the end.


Shi, shall we continue the meeting” Chen Ren came up and asked cautiously.

Even though Shi Yunnan was a lot younger than he was, he really didnt dare to be rash in front of this young man.

“Director Chen is too polite.

Right now you have the final say in Huachang.” Shi Yunnan turned around and responded.

His calm and unhurried tone carried some meaning.

The simple word “Director Chen” made Chen Ren feel at ease both physically and mentally.

Chen Ren smiled back, “If it wasnt for Mr.

Shis secret help this time, how could I have brought down Song Zhiqiu so quickly”

In fact, Song Zhiqiu and Wen Wanyou were indeed very careful and meticulous in the matter of “share resale”.

At first, Chen Ren didnt know there was such a thing.

However, they probably didnt guess that it was Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan who bought their shares.

Luo Lingsheng followed Shi Yunnans instructions and sent someone to observe the movements of Song Zhiqiu and Huachang secretly.

Then he sent his subordinates to demand a lower price as soon as he heard that Wen Wanyou was going to resell the shares.

Luo Lingsheng asked his subordinates to lure the mother and daughter, but he was in no hurry to sign the contract.

At the same time, Shi Yunnan asked his friend Fu Ziyu to come out and negotiate the “resale of shares.”

Because Luo Lingsheng was secretly pushing down the price, it was enough to highlight how straightforward and simple Fu Ziyus offer was.

Song Zhiqiu was anxious to use this money to temporarily suppress the anger of the shareholders, so she dispelled her doubts after simply learning that the Fu family was engaged in the automobile business and determining that they had nothing to do with Chen Ren.

While the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten1It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil..

Fu Ziyu bought the 8% of the shares on behalf of Shi Yunnan, but after Shi Yunnan learned about the “civil war” of Huachang shareholders, he directly approached Chen Ren.

As the saying goes, the enemy of your enemy is a friend.

Chen Ren was a typical businessman.

Since Huachangs development was smooth, he was unwilling to be overwhelmed by Song Zhiqius momentum, so the consensus between the two sides was quickly reached.


Shi, you mentioned the cooperation ofHua Chang and Luo…” Chen Ren asked tentatively.

Shi Yunnan smiled, “Although this batch of unwanted goods doesnt meet the high standards of Europe and the United States, according to its cost and manufacturing process, it meets the criteria of certain sales groups.”

Good products sell at high prices, flat products sell at medium prices, and inferior products are sold at low prices.

“Luo will help you contact the sellers in batches and try to complete the overall sale within two months.

As for the pricing beyond the needed cost, your companys shareholders will discuss it themselves.”

All the objectives have one purpose—to shorten the extended delivery period and accelerate the return of funds.

“Of course, we will make the corresponding entry investment for Huachangs missing capital for now.” Shi Yunnan had already discussed this matter with Luo Lingsheng.

Huachangs overall development momentum wasnt bad.

He only borrowed the name of Luo Group, but the actual investment was his and Wen Yibeis personal assets.

Shi Yunnan was only responsible for paying the money in private and doesnt like to meddle in these nosy things, “We will send someone to negotiate with your company in two days.”

Chen Ren did not object to the proposal.

The Luo Group has a mountain-like existence in the Imperial Capitals business world.

Its good for their company to have a little relationship with them and get a little shelter.

When Shi Yunnan left the company entrance, he ran into Wen Wanyou, who was hurrying over.

“…c, cousin”

The moment she saw Shi Yunnan, the panic on Wen Wanyous face increased a little bit.

She was not qualified to attend the shareholders meeting of Huachang Company, so she hurried over after getting the news from Song Zhiqius secretary half an hour ago.

Shi Yunnan stopped his pace and asked rhetorically, “What So surprised to see me”

Wen Wanyou steadied her mind, “Where is my mother”

Shi Yunan didnt hide it from her, “Youre late.

She has been taken away by the relevant police officer.


Wen Wanyous legs on the high heels softened.

She took a half step before barely standing firm, then she said, “The companys affairs are not her doing!”

As she said that, tears welled up in Wen Wanyous eyes, as if she was silently accusing Shi Yunnan of being heartless.

“Does it still matter when it has already come to this It was your mothers single-mindedness that led to todays outcome.”

Facing her tears, Shi Yunnan was unmoved, “I wasnt the one who opposed your mother.

I just pushed the boat along the river and helped Chen Ren.”

“There might be a glimmer of hope if you hire a lawyer to fish her out now.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, his eyes suddenly chilled, “But Ill say it up front-”

“If you dare to disturb my uncle and grandpa for that pair of mother and son, I dont mind sending you in too.”


Wen Wanyous emotions were fully suppressed by Shi Yunnans aura, and even the tears that had accumulated at the bottom of her eyes did not dare to trickle down.

Shi Yunnan took two steps closer.

His sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through everyones hearts and minds.

“By the way, arent you expecting Wen Chenglang to go to prison, so that your mother can leave you Huachangs shares and uncles savings”

“I didnt!” Wen Wanyou flatly denied this.

“Oh It seems that I guessed wrong.

” Shi Yunnan didnt break through her paper-thin lies.

The familiar black car stopped at the entrance of the company, and the rear door opened, revealing Luo Lingshengs figure.

Shi Yunnan met Luo Lingshengs gaze, greeted him with a smile, and stopped entangled with Wen Wanyou.

Wen Wanyou followed Shi Yunans back to see the gaze of the person in the car.

For a time, grievances, unwillingness, and powerlessness all appeared at once.

What did she do wrong

Is it wrong for her to fight for herself with a brother like Wen Chenglang and a mother like Song Zhiqiu, who is partial to her son What did she do that was against reason and nature

Shi Yunnan was swollen with arrogance in front of her, but didnt he just pretend to be nice to please Luo Lingsheng When will Luo Lingsheng be able to see his true face!

Shi Yunnan felt the stabbing sight behind him, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

He stopped a second before entering the car door.

“Wait for me.”


Luo Lingshengs smiling eyes fell back to Shi Yunnan without sparing Wen Wanyou even a fleeting glance.

He knew the temperament of his familys little fox, so he didnt dare make eye contact in case of misunderstanding.

Shi Yunnan turned around and raised his voice, “Wen Wanyou, dont think I cant see what you think about Luo Lingsheng.

A human must know shame.

Dont think you can act recklessly behind my back.”

After the Wen family banquet that day, Shi Yunnan had secretly asked Yuan Meng.

The other party was an honest man, so he found out—after a few words of roundabout probing.

Wen Wanyou actually confessed to Luo Lingsheng behind his back.

To put it a bit harsher, she was seducing a married man!


Wen Wanyou froze in place.

Just in time, a few staff members who were out of the office looked over with the pleasure of eating melons in their sight.

Seeing her blushing face, Shi Yunnan dropped another warning, “If its not yours, it will never be yours.

Dont do those dirty things in private.”

After speaking, he got into the car and drove away.

Wen Wanyou remembered the embarrassment of being rejected by Luo Lingsheng that day.

Her breath trembled uncomfortably; she couldnt look directly at the contemptuous eyes of others and ran away without a word.

1It takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.


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