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After Wen Yibei finished his statement, it was difficult to hide the complexity in his voice, “Uncle told me not to worry about this kind of thing, but I really dont feel at ease.”

Wen Yibei had lived in the Wen family for more than ten years, and he had seen many things with his own eyes.

Wen Yanfeng was a university professor and the president of the Chinese Composers Association.

In addition to the occasional royalties for composing, although his earnings werent as good as Song Zhiqius, they were already considered reliable and dependable in the eyes of ordinary people.

Over the years, Song Zhiqiu had blocked him from educating his children, but in terms of family expenses for the brother and sister, he had never fallen short.

From childhood to adulthood, the tuition and living expenses of the two were all paid by Wen Yanfeng.

Of course, the luxury goods that Song Zhiqiu bought for them and their pocket money were counted separately.

Shi Yunnan could see through Song Zhiqius true colors and said, “I never saw her take money from uncle, grandpa, or family when she had money.

Now that something happened, she couldnt bear to part with the companys assets, so she wanted the Wen family to fill this hole for her”

In her dream!

“Im afraid shes been dragging her feet and refusing to divorce.

She not only troubles Uncle, but shes also going to torment the old man when he wakes up.” Wen Yibei expressed his actual concern.

The current Wen family really cant stand the other partys torment.

“Brother, Ill handle Song Zhiqius matter.

Please ask Uncle to remain calm and dont respond to her demands.

Dont worry, I wont let her disturb Grandpa again.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng next to him and explained to the phone, “Ill contact you later.”


After hanging up the phone, Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to open the topic.

“You asked me to send someone to keep an eye on Song Zhiqiu and Huachang Music Instruments two days ago.

Their latest shareholders meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m.

on Wednesday.

He sent someone to find out.

This shareholders meeting was to solve the problem of Wen Chenglang stealing the official seal and misappropriating the companys funds.

In other words, Song Zhiqiu promised to use her own assets to fill the companys financial loopholes in front of shareholders; now its time to take action.

Luo Lingsheng took out the information on the proportion of Huachang shareholders that Qin Jian had prepared beforehand, and handed it to Shi Yunnan.

“Huachang Musical Instruments has a total of six shareholders, of which Song Zhiqiu holds 40% of the shares, the second largest shareholder, Chen Ren, holds 25% of the shares, and the remaining four shareholders hold equal shares.”

“The key point is that Song Zhiqiu secretly transferred 8% of her own shares.”

Shi Yunnan was startled, “When did it happen”

“Just yesterday, I sent people to secretly get in touch.

They are still trying to force the price down.”

Luo Lingsheng continued, “According to the asset composition and regulations of Huachang shareholders, the transfer of more than 8% of the shares must be voted by more than half of the shareholders…”

Song Zhiqiu knew that Chen Ren was staring at the shares in her hands, so she chose to keep silent and do it secretly.

Even after the transfer of the shares, the 32% of the shares she firmly held in her hands still allowed her to sit in the position of Huachangs largest shareholder.

“No wonder my brother said she demanded 20 million from my uncle by twelve oclock on Monday as a precondition for the divorce settlement.”

Shi Yunnan instantly realized what was wrong—

The funds from Song Zhiqius resale of the shares, the 20 million in divorce alimony, perhaps the remaining money she had left, and other funds she borrowed can barely shut the mouths of other shareholders.

“These things were done by Wen Chenglang stealing her official seal, but nominally it was her official seal, so can she also be found to have acted in violation of the companys interests”

Luo Lingsheng nodded calmly, “Yes, she and Wen Chenglang are mother and son, so the so-calledstealing is difficult to use as evidence.”

Shi Yunnan understood the meaning of Luo Lingshengs words and couldnt help but come closer to steal a kiss from his lover, “Patriarch Luo, I can see how black-hearted you are.”

Luo Lingsheng stroked his lips and responded, “I just learned about the situation for Mr.


Its up to you to decide what to do.”

“Huachangs shareholders meeting is on Wednesday”


Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and said, reluctantly, as if he was forced to take up an arduous task, “Okay, I dont mind giving her an extra surprise.”

On Wednesday, Huachang Musical Instruments

In the company conference room, the atmosphere was freezing and agitating like never before.

The secretary in charge of the minutes of the meeting lowered his body like a quail in order to reduce his presence in this meeting, so as not to be implicated by these six shareholders.

“Director Song, its not good for you to go back on your word like that, right”

Chen Ren, the second largest shareholder of Huachang, spoke with a vaguely unkind tone.

He pushed his square glasses and said, before the other shareholders spoke, “Last time at the shareholders meeting, didnt you agree to use your private funds to fill the companys funding loopholes It was only because you were the chairman of the board that we didnt choose to report to the police.”

“Why In less than ten days, the promised payment was cut by half Do you really think that we shareholders of Huachang are easy to manipulate ”

The verbal attack became more and more obvious.

Song Zhiqiu, who was sitting in the main seat, held her breath and showed a forced smile, “President Chen is joking.

What I mean is to return and fill half of the fund gap first, and then discuss the rest.”

“If there is still a shortage of funds, I will make up for it.”

“In addition to this, I am willing to give the benefits derived from my personal shares at the end of the year to make up for it and act as an additional dividend for all shareholders.”

This was Song Zhiqius stalling tactic.

She cant come up with that much money to fill the hole at once in the short term.

She can only use the method of “future profits to make up for the loopholes” to suppress the anger of shareholders and delay time for herself.

As long as the payment for the goods could be recovered smoothly, the year-end dividends for shareholders wouldnt be affected in any way, and they could even receive additional dividends, which was generally not a loss.

Song Zhiqiu continued to persuade them, “The foreign merchant didnt want this batch of goods, but it doesnt mean we cant sell them elsewhere.

As long as we can slowly recover the capital…”

“The sales period of these substandard products is prolonged for no reason.

Due to the funding shortage, its impossible to produce a new batch of musical instruments according to the normal plan.

If things go on like this, how can it be beneficial to the healthy development of our company in the long run I disagree!”

Chen Ren slammed the table abruptly, apparently holding a contrary opinion to Song Zhiqiu.

“President Chen, you have to give her some face, right Its not like this money wont be made up in the end” Some shareholders supported Song Zhiqius approach, “We are all old acquaintances; why should we tear up each others faces”

“Im afraid that it was in the name of an old acquaintance that Director Song dared to infringe on the companys interests, no” Another shareholder retorted.

A dark light flashed in Song Zhiqius eyes, as if she had expected this situation long ago, and she said, “Well then, lets vote to take a stand.”

Everyone looked at each other, each presenting a different camp.

Three were headed by Chen Ren and three were headed by Song Zhiqiu.

Song Zhiqiu smiled slightly, “President Chen, according to the percentage of shares in our respective hands, it seems that this time it is better to start with my ……”

Chen Ren sneered, “Director Song, before that, you didnt plan to tell us about the fact that you secretly resold your shares without our knowledge”


Song Zhiqius eyes changed.

She hadnt expected this information to reach Chen Rens ears.

Other shareholders were surprised when they heard this.

“Resell shares When did it happen”

“No, no one notified me of the change in the companys shares, right”

“President Chen, how did you know”

Hearing the doubts of others, Chen Ren continued to expose the matter, “Before applying for shares change, did Director Song hold a shareholders meeting just to fish in troubled waters and buy time for yourselves”

Song Zhiqiu barely managed to stabilize her mind and had to admit, “Yes, I sold 8% of the shares in my hand.

According to the companys regulations, only when the transfer of shares exceeds eight percent do I need to inform you for a written vote, so I have the right to make my own decisions.”

“Also, even if I resell these shares, I am still Huachangs largest shareholder.”

Song Zhiqiu said, according to what he had planned.

She was trying to increase her own confidence.

Its just a pity that as soon as this last sentence landed, Chen Ren threw out a copy of the share sale and purchase agreement.

With a bang, the copy hit Song Zhiqius desk.

“Director Song, my apology, but perhaps some things are different from what you imagined.”


Song Zhiqiu felt a vague sense of unease when she saw the document that had been thrown on her desk.

She quickly scanned the contents of the documents and turned pale in a few seconds.

How can that be !

Chen Ren took in her expression and raised his voice, “The 8% of the shares that Director Song resold, coincidentally, was pocketed by me.”

To put it more bluntly, Chen Ren held 33% of Huachangs shares in his hands, while Song Zhiqiu only had 32% left.

“So, the results of the voting session just now—”

“I dont agree with Director Songs delay in making up the funding loophole.

If you can fill the funding loophole within today, as you said at the last meeting, we can still choose to settle it privately for the sake of being partners for many years.”

“Otherwise, we can call the police and go through the normal procedures.”

After Chen Rens remarks, Song Zhiqiu was completely put in place.

After a while, she came back to her senses and retorted, “This is impossible, Chen Ren.

This copy of your contract must be a forgery!”

In less than ten days, too many things happened that made Song Zhiqiu exhausted.

In order for Wen Chenglang to avoid going to prison, she had been running all over the place trying to find connections.

As for the resale of shares, she entrusted it to Wen Wanyou.

Chen Ren and Song Zhiqiu were rivals in the company.

How could Wen Wanyou, as her daughter, do such a stupid thing

Moreover, before the mother and daughter finally signed the resale agreement, they had confirmed the identity of the buyer.

The other party should not know about Chen Ren!

“Forgery” Chen Ren shook his head and looked at Song Zhiqiu with eyes filled with ridicule.

“Song Zhiqiu, ah Song Zhiqiu, I admit that you did have some business mind and capital when you were young, but unfortunately, you spoiled your children into idiots and forced yourself into a dead end.”

When Chen Ren finished speaking, he said to the assistant behind him, “Invite the honored guest in.”

“Yes, President Chen.”

The assistant quickly left the conference room and led a person in within three minutes.

Song Zhiqiu looked at Shi Yunnan, who suddenly appeared in the conference room and asked in disbelief, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing here!”


Shi is the honored guest I invited.” Chen Ren immediately made a statement.

“I think Director Song cant fill this funding gap, and in the short term, we need a new supporter to help Huachang develop properly.”

Shi Yunnan nodded in agreement and spoke in a very high-profile manner, “Everyone, on behalf of the Luo Group, Im here to seek quarterly cooperation with Huachang Musical Instruments.

I wonder if you are willing”

This was a deal that Shi Yunnan and Chen Ren negotiated privately in order to bring down Song Zhiqiu.

Of course, even if the funds do come in later, it will be his personal money after discussion with Wen Yibei.

The reason why Shi Yunnan used the “Luo Group” was very simple—his husbands name and assets were more intimidating, so he used it to control the situation and frighten other people.

None of the shareholders present hadnt heard of the four big words “Luo Group”.

Their faces immediately showed ecstasy.

“President Chen, is what Mr.

Shi said true”

“Yeah, how can we not be willing”

However, before they could get the exact answer, three uniformed law enforcement officers walked in.

“Which one here is Song Zhiqiu”

Song Zhiqius heart shrank suddenly, and a bad premonition rose up, “…Its me.”

The informant, Chen Ren, in his real name, accuses you of taking advantage of your position to privately sign a dual contract, embezzle public funds, and be suspected of infringing on the companys property.

Please go back with us for an investigation.”

When these words came out, everyone in the audience, except Shi Yunnan and Chen Ren, was stunned without exception.

Although Song Zhiqiu was suspected of condoning her son Wen Chenglang, they all suppressed the idea of calling the police and suing because the other party was the chairman and promised to make up for the funding loophole.

Unexpectedly, Chen Ren actually did this in secret

However, if the copy of the contract was true, then Chen Ren would be sitting firmly as the first shareholder of Huachang in a few days.

Hua Chang now had an intention to cooperate with the Luo Group, so it seemed to be a much better option than Song Zhiqius previous proposal.

When Song Zhiqiu saw that no shareholder was willing to stand up for her, her heart completely sank to the bottom.

Her strength drained in an instant, and she fell down onto the chair.


How could this be

Why is it different from what she imagined!

Shi Yunnan politely made a request to the law enforcement officers and then walked to Song Zhiqiu, “Auntie.”

Song Zhiqiu felt her breath stuck in her chest.

This wordauntie was particularly ironic.

She raised her eyes to look at Shi Yunnan and forced a feeble question through her teeth, “Shi Yunnan, what exactly do you want Do you think you havent harmed our mother and son enough”

Shi Yunnan asked back, unmoved, “What about you After giving birth to such a pair of children, do you still think that the Wen family has not been harmed enough by you”

“Do you think Grandpa hasnt received enough harm in his old age!”

The questions landed, causing Song Zhiqiu to have no words for rebuttal.

“By the way, I have two pieces of good news for you.” Shi Yunnan bent down slightly and threw out a fact in a casual manner.

“Wen Chenglang cant escape from prison, and in this case, you can actually tell the truth to the police—it was all done by Wen Chenglang behind your back.”

“But in that case, hell end up in jail for a few more years.”

“Ive already inquired about it.

It seems that embezzling company funds and infringing company interests started with three years of imprisonment.”


Song Zhiqius pupils trembled uncontrollably and finally revealed an expression of great distress.

Shi Yunnan clicked his tongue twice and continued in a tone that only they could hear, “Of course, if you cant let Wen Chenglang suffer, you can also took the blame yourself and continue to show your mother-son deep affection.”

“After all, Wen Chenglang, the mamas boy, is looking forward to you, the mother, all day long to get him out.

Dont you want to try your best to save him”

Shi Yunnan showed no sympathy for Song Zhiqiu and sneered coldly.

“Auntie, I hope you will continue to carry this mother-son tenderness to prison.

From now on, dont think about harming the Wen family.”



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