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Shi Yunnan was struck by the words “for a lifetime” and looked up at Luo Lingsheng again.

He let out a short chuckle and couldnt help kissing the mans sexy Adams apple.

“Luo Lingsheng.”



Shi Yunnan whispered, his hand rubbing Luo Lingshengs Adams apple harder and harder.

The tingling sensation, like being scratched by a cat, arose.

Luo Lingsheng let out a muffled groan, and his Adams apple, which had been teased until it turned a little red, rolled up and down slightly, as if to suppress himself, “Do you want to make a scene”

Shi Yunnan didnt answer.

His body followed his instinct and burrowed into Luo Lingshengs arms, letting the other persons breath wrap him completely.

In fact, ever since Luo Lingsheng confirmed that he was going abroad for surgery and checked into the hospital, the two had deliberately controlled their excessive intimacy.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingshengs handsome face, and suddenly the long lost mischievous thought emerged.

He pressed close to Luo Lingshengs lips and groaned incoherently.

His unruly appearance was particularly cute.

Luo Lingsheng let out a low chuckle and deepened the kiss.

The tossing and turning once again took away all of his lovers sanity.

An unknown amount of time had passed.

It wasnt until the surrounding air was exhausted little by little that Shi Yunnan broke free from the high.

He lay quietly in Luo Lingshengs embrace, reaching out and subconsciously looking for his lovers palm.

A layer of sweat oozed from his forehead, wetting his thin strands of hair and giving him a messy aesthetic appearance.

Luo Lingsheng intertwined his fingers with him and asked with a smile, “Is this enough”


Shi Yunnans eyes were covered with a layer of mist.

He looked like a bullied little fox who could only cling to the arms of others for warmth.

However, he only slowed down for a few seconds and then raised his eyes viciously, “You can solve it yourself.”

Who made Luo Lingsheng mess him up so hard with his hands Now he just wanted to lie down and rest.

Luo Lingsheng was stupefied for two seconds, then he dotingly and restrainedly pressed close to him, “…You little heartless guy.”

Luo Lingsheng was still jet-lagged from the long distance flight, while Shi Yunnan had finally gotten a solid nights sleep after the past few days.

The two embraced each other and slept until nearly noon before slowly waking up.

“Did you sleep well” Luo Lingsheng caressed Shi Yunnans forehead, his voice still carrying the laziness after sleep.

“Yeah…” Shi Yunnan let out a sound and habitually drilled towards the heat source beside him, “What time is it”

“Its almost time to get up and eat.

If youre still sleepy, you can rest until the afternoon.

” Luo Lingsheng coaxed him patiently.


ten minutes later.

While Luo Lingsheng was washing up, Shi Yunnan casually opened the electronic window and door for ventilation, only to find Little Goldfish squatting obediently at the door.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He pulled him up and asked, “Baby, why are you still here”

“Little Uncle, today is Saturday.

The kindergarten is closed.

Ive already finished my private lesson in the morning! Grandpa Qin asked me to call you and uncle for lunch.”

Little Goldfishs articulation had always been very clear.

He was afraid of disturbing the two uncles, so he planned to wait for them to open the door and come out on their own.

“Is Uncle awake Can I come in”

Little Goldfish peered into the bedroom.

Without the permission of the two elders, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, he did not dare enter the adults bedroom.

Shi Yunnan turned sideways to make way for him, “Come in, your uncle is washing up.

Well eat later.”


Following Shi Yunnans words, Little Goldfish glanced at the bathroom, only to have his attention drawn to the bed sheets in the clothes basket, “Little uncle, why did you and uncle change the bed sheets”

When he came to fetch his blanket last night, the sheet was still on the bed.

It was very clean and fragrant.


Shi Yunnan was dumbfounded.

He didnt expect Little Goldfish to notice this, so he had to turn his eyes to Luo Lingsheng in front of the washstand.

Luo Lingsheng received his lovers help request through the mirror.

He himself also felt quite helpless because of how overly observant his little nephew was.

Outwardly, he still appeared calm while taking a tissue to wipe the water on his hands, “We changed it because its dirty.

Jinyu, lets go downstairs to eat.”

As expected, Little Goldfish didnt pursue this issue too much.

As soon as he heard the wordeat, his eyes lit up.

In front of Luo Lingsheng, he grabbed Shi Yunnans arm and shook it to urge him.

“Little Uncle, come downstairs quickly.

There is fried fish today! Grandpa Qin said the fish bones have been picked clean!”

He had just secretly eaten a piece behind Grandpa Qins back.

It was very crunchy and fragrant.


Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and took the lead in following his little nephew out.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the cheerful backs of the big and small figures and suddenly felt that such a life was very meaningful.

The corners of his mouth lifted up with a smile as he silently followed them down with his wheelchair.

After lunch, Shi Yunnan received a call from Wen Yibei.

“Hey, brother.”

“Yunnan, are you free now Ive thought about it, and I feel like I still have to be transparent with you.”

The relaxed light in Shi Yunnans eyes solidified slightly, and he became serious, “Brother, whats wrong”

“When I switched shifts with our uncle this morning, Song Zhiqiu came over…”

Wen Yibei described what he had personally seen and heard.

Because he didnt trust Song Zhiqiu and was worried that the always kind-hearted Wen Yanfeng would concede to her excessive demands, Wen Yibei, who had ended his daily caregiving, returned to the floor of Old Man Wens intensive care unit again.

As a result, he saw Wen Yanfeng and Song Zhiqiu enter the emergency exit passage beside the elevator.

Although it had only been four or five days since he last saw her, Song Zhiqius spirit was gone.

She lost her usual delicate makeup, and her eyes were filled with fatigue.

Whether it was Wen Chenglangs almost inevitable case, or the huge financial gap in the company that couldnt be filled in a short period of time, it was enough to wear her out both mentally and physically.

However, in front of Wen Yanfeng, she was still reluctant to show her weakness, “I have thought about it for the past two days.

Its indeed meaningless to hang on like this.”

“I agree to divorce, but Ill put my words first—”

She paused for a moment, and then demanded fiercely, “In addition to the joint property over the years, I want an additional 50 million17,346,259.52 US Dollars.

Shes pulling the Amber Heard card.

and the house in Dads name as a divorce settlement.”

Wen Yibei, who came to a halt outside the emergency exit, happened to hear this exorbitant demand.

Fifty million

And a villa in the center of the Imperial Capital

Isnt Song Zhiqius divorce request a little too ruthless

Sure enough, Wen Yanfengs expression immediately changed, “Song Zhiqiu, what the hell is wrong with you”

“What You, Wen Yanfeng, dont have that much savings on hand, but the old man must have this much money.

No matter how bad I was, I still gave birth to children for your Wen family! Its only right for me to take this money for my kids.”

Song Zhiqius tone was cold and harsh.

She had roughly calculated it before.

The old man should be able to afford it.

Wen Yanfeng didnt say anything, but he saw through Song Zhiqius calculation.

In the past, Song Zhiqiu had money on her card and her company was also doing well, thus she didnt really care about the assets in Old Man Wens hands.

At best, she just hoped that Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, as grandsons, would take less than her own son.

But today was different from the past.

Something went wrong with Wen Chenglang and the company.

She needed money to solve these problems.

Song Zhiqiu had shares in Huachang.

As long as she sold some shares, the funding problem could be solved, but at the same time, she could easily lose control over the company, which was absolutely unacceptable to her.

“Dads money was saved by him.

Dont try to steal the old mans assets! Who he wants to give it to when he wakes up, thats all his freedom.

Its not up to you to decide.”

Wen Yanfeng definitely wouldnt agree with this approach, but he was unwilling to tear apart twenty years of feelings in such an ugly way.

If you encounter financial difficulties, you can use the savings Ive saved over the years and distribute them according to reason.

As for Wanyou, shes an adult now.

Its her freedom to follow whoever she wants.”

“If the child needs money in the future, as a father, I will try my best to provide for her.

When shes old enough to get married, I can save enough money for her dowry.”

The old mans physical condition wasnt very good at the present.

As children and grandchildren, they naturally cant have unfilial thoughts, such as trying to distribute the property.

Wen Yanfeng, as a father and husband, even if he divorced his wife, was willing to take his share of the responsibility.

Such an approach was already considered generous.

But Song Zhiqiu still disagreed.

Then well drag the divorce out, and when Dad wakes up, Ill just ask him for it.

Id like to see if the old man is willing to let his grandson and granddaughter suffer or not……”

“You are simply unreasonable!”

Song Zhiqiu ignored Wen Yanfengs anger and appeared to take a step back, “How about this I wont ask for the villa under Dads name, but you must give me the 50 million!”

As she said that, she also gave a deadline, “You must pay me at least 20 million first before noon on Monday.

If youre willing to pay, then Im willing to sign the divorce agreement.”

After speaking, she quickly walked down the stairs of the emergency exit.


17,346,259.52 US Dollars.

Shes pulling the Amber Heard card.


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