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Wen Chenglangs miserable screams were on the verge of toppling the ceiling.

He huddled on the floor full of medical debris, his face turning from red to pale.

He tried his best to look in Song Zhiqius direction, trying to call back his mothers love, “Mom, my, my hand…my hand…“

“I still want to play the violin.

Mom, Mom, save me…“

These words instantly touched Song Zhiqius coldness.

As a mother, she had put Wen Chenglang on the tip of her heart and spoiled him for twenty-five years.

How could she be indifferent in this situation Her heart became soft again.

Song Zhiqius heart skipped a beat when she regained her senses, so she hurried forward to pull Wen Chenglang up.

She yelled at the medical staff, “Does the hospital pay you to stand around! Didnt you see an injured person here Come and take care of him!“

“My son is a violinist, and his hands are his life! How can such dangerous items be taken out! If the treatment is delayed, I will sue your hospital!“

The nurse, whose cart was overturned, felt aggrieved.

These tweezers were all sterilized, and usually no one would take them to stab people.

How was it a dangerous item And it was clearly your son who started it.

The nurse thought secretly in her heart but dared not speak out, so she turned her eyes to the doctor at the door of the emergency room for help, “Doctor Zhang, this…”

When Dr.

Zhang saw this, a touch of disgust spilled out of her pupils.

If she read it right, the other party wanted to use tweezers to poke the neck of the gentleman in front of her.

If the carotid artery was injured, then wouldnt it be an intentional murder

How can the hospital be blamed for this

When all is said and done, doctors are benevolent people.


Zhang had to suppress her inner questioning and quickly stepped forward to check on Wen Chenglangs injury.

“Its too messy here.

Call someone for help, and prepare to get the tweezers out.” The nurse was instructed and immediately ran to call for help.

Song Zhiqiu once again wrapped Wen Chenglang in her arms and comforted him, “Xiao Lang, dont be afraid, mom is here! You will be fine.”

Shi Yunnan was too lazy to look at this on-and-off “mother and son affection,” so instead he looked at Wen Yibei with worried eyes.

“Brother, are you okay Is there any injury“

Seeing Wen Chenglangs horrific palm, Wen Yanfeng immediately turned his gaze back to his nephew, “Yibei, are your hands alright”

Wen Yibei shook his head, “Im fine.

Yunnan, how about you“

Before Shi Yunnan could answer, the accusation rang out from the side, “Wen Yibei, dont think I didnt see that you kicked him just now! Call the police! Wanyou! Well call the police now!“

Wen Yanfeng couldnt bear it any longer, “Song Zhiqiu! How long do you want to favor him regardless of black and white! Just now it was Chenglang who first lost control of his hands.

He did this……”

Song Zhiqiu interrupted, “Youre a father whos biased toward your nephew, but I cant do without my son!”

Her poisonous eyes were glued to the brothers, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, as if she had to send them to hell before she could let the matter go.

Shi Yunnan concealed his right hand behind him and sneered.

Call the police

Good, he was thinking of sending Wen Chenglang, this scum, to jail!

The two bodyguards who heard the movement hurried back again.

One of them saw the mess on the ground and immediately turned his attention to Shi Yunnan, “Mr.

Shi, what happened”

“One of you calls the police, one of you goes to the hospitals monitoring room.

There are surveillance cameras on both sides.

See if you can pull up this surveillance video.”

“Wen Chenglang has attempted murder.

What my brother and I did was justified self-defense.

I believe that Dr.

Zhang and the nurse can also serve as witnesses.” Shi Yunnan stated the series of events in a clear and organized manner.

“Id like to see whos actually going to jail!”


Song Zhiqiu was speechless.

Wen Chenglang kept screaming vaguely.

He was almost unconscious because of the pain.

The nurse called for the help of two more medical staff on duty and sent Wen Chenglang, who had a serious hand injury, to the treatment room next door.

Shi Yunnan gestured for the two bodyguards to follow him with his eyes.

The other party understood his intention and hurried away.

“Uncle, you go ahead and pay the bill.

Grandpas matter is the most important.

This mother and sons matter will be handled by me and my brother for the time being.” Shi Yunnan spoke again to Wen Yanfeng beside him.

Yet there was a tinge of suppressed trembling at the end of his word.

Wen Yanfeng frowned tightly, “Okay, Ill go and return quickly.

You guys contact me if something happens.“


After Wen Yanfeng left in a hurry, there were only two brothers and a messy ground remained at the door of the emergency room.

Shi Yunnan took two steps back and sat on the lounge chair.

The pain finally overwhelmed him, “Brother.”

Wen Yibei caught a glimpse of a smear of red on Shi Yunnans right fingertips and immediately realized that something was wrong, “Yunnan, whats wrong with you”

As he spoke, he carefully lifted Shi Yunnans right cuff, and the blood instantly entered his eyes.

Shi Yunnans right forearm was stained with blood, and when he looked closely, there was a short and deep wound, which was bleeding continuously.

With the black sweater as a cover, he acted as if nothing was wrong, so no one noticed.

Wen Yibei was so anxious that his breathing became heavier, “What did you block that for me Why didnt you say anything if you were hurt“

“Wen Chenglang wanted to stab you.

At that time, the situation was too urgent.

My instinctive reaction was to stretch out my hand to stop it.

I also didnt expect this.”

“Anyway, your neck and hands are not hurt.” Shi Yunnan replied, “Im okay.

I really didnt feel anything at first.”

The short interval allowed Wen Yibei to quickly kick Wen Chenglang away, so Shi Yunnan didnt even notice that he was injured at first.

It wasnt until the subsequent pain pervaded that he felt something was wrong.

Shi Yunnan teased him with a smile, “Brother, I didnt expect your kick to be quite bloody.

If the surveillance video spreads out, will your foreign music fans be surprised“

Shi Yunnan felt relieved that everything was fine now compared with the original ending that he had seen.

“Song Zhiqiu also said that Wen Chenglang wanted to keep playing violin.

No matter how precious his pig trotters hands are, can he compare to your jade hands My brother is a world-renowned cellist.”

Wen Yibei was so angry that he couldnt laugh at his joke, “Dont talk nonsense! Ill go find a doctor for you now.

If Mr.

Luo knows about this…“

“Hey, dont tell him!” Shi Yunnan stopped in advance and told the truth.

“Im just afraid that hell worry, so I purposely sent off those two bodyguards.”

Shi Yunnan remembered his lover, who had just finished leg surgery some time ago.

A hint of tenderness wavered between his eyebrows, “Its better for him to know later, and even better if he doesnt know at all, so that he wont have to worry about me in the foreign country.”

Although Shi Yunnan was used to being unrestrained with words and liked to act pitiful in front of Luo Lingsheng whenever he got into a fight, right now he was injured for real.

He wanted nothing more than to hide this from Luo Lingsheng.

“Okay, you stay put here.

Ill find a doctor for you.” Wen Yibei felt very distressed.

If he had known that Shi Yunnan would be injured, he might as well have let himself get stabbed instead.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the wound from the corner of his eye, endured the pain that permeated from the wound, and stood up straight, “Ill go by myself, since Im already injured.

Well do an injury assessment later so we can pin intentional injury charges on Wen Chenglang.”

Wen Yibeis impression of Wen Chenglang has dropped to the bottom, “I will contact my lawyer friend, but now the top priority is for you to obediently get your wound treated.”

Seeing that Wen Yibei was really angry, Shi Yunnan quickly became a good little brother, saying, “Got it, brother.”

After an hour,

The police at the local police station made a decision based on the surveillance video, witnesses, and Shi Yunans wounds.

Wen Chenglang, who had his wound treated, was forcibly brought to the police station for preliminary legal detention.

“Mom! Im not leaving! I dont want to be detained! I dont want to go to jail! Im the one whos been hurt badly; Im the victim! Theyre the ones who beat me!“

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Wen Chenglang was resisting with all his strength.

The blood on Wen Chenglangs clothes had solidified, but the gauze wrapped around his palm was still oozing blood, and it seemed that he was seriously injured.

However, the evidence was conclusive.

Wen Chenglang was dragged into the police car by the relevant personnel, and Wen Yibei also contacted his lawyer friend to handle the follow-up matters on his behalf.

The door slammed shut, and the police car sped away.

Song Zhiqiu tried to chase after the car but still fell to the ground with little energy.

She sat paralyzed on the ground, and with a series of blows, she became more and more hysterical and crazy, “Wen Yibei! Shi Yunnan!”

“Chenglang is only twenty-five years old, and his life has just begun.

Who wouldnt make mistakes You two brothers will be punished for being so unforgiving!“

Song Zhiqiu knew that Wen Chenglang had done a lot of wrong things and also realized that her love for her son had deviated from the track, but she just couldnt help excusing herself and Wen Chenglang.

At the beginning, Song Zhiqiu had a plan.

As long as their mother and son can get through this difficult time, she will arrange for Wen Chenglang an easy job as a violin teacher, whatever it takes to keep him stable.

A career and money werent a problem.

She was willing to earn money for Wen Chenglang, his future wife, and even children.

But before this dream started, it was already shattered.

According to the doctors words, the tweezers accidentally pierced his median nerve.

Even if the wound is fully healed, it may affect the movement of the fingers in the future.

Song Zhiqiu looked at the two brothers who were at peace with each other and kept clinging to her stubborn ideal.

Why couldnt it be the two brothers who had the accident, and why did God give her so much punishment Is it wrong that she just wants to be a good mother


Wen Yibei never liked to quarrel with Song Zhiqiu, his nominal aunt, but Wen Chenglang accidentally hurt Shi Yunnan, which had already touched his bottom line.

This time, he struck back on Shi Yunnans behalf.

“At this point, you still think that Wen Chenglang has the heart to repent He spends all day putting the blame on others and refuses to admit his mistakes no matter what.

It seems that he shares the same belief as you, his own mother!“

Not to mention Wen Chenglang, even Song Zhiqiu was beyond salvation.

Shi Yunnan walked out from behind Wen Yibei and destroyed Song Zhiqius last extravagant hope, “Wen Chenglang is not only detained this time.

This is intentional murder.

Well make sure he sits in prison.”


Song Zhiqius heart fell to the floor.

Suddenly, her eyes were aimed at Wen Yanfeng, as if she saw the last straw and ran up—

“Yanfeng! I know you were joking with me just now! We have been with each other for so many years.

How can we get a divorce Can you help me persuade these two nephews“

“Let them give Chenglang another chance, ok Hes still your child!“

Wen Yanfeng suppressed the last trace of reluctance in his heart and ripped away Song Zhiqius bitterly pleading wrist.

There was self-blame and despair in his eyes, but up to now, his wife still didnt recognize the truth, “Dad was injured twice by him and was hospitalized.

If Yunnan and Yibei hadnt reacted fast enough, a human life might have been lost.”

“How else can I help you Continue to help cover up his evil deeds“

“Song Zhiqiu, you know my temper.

Even if we met through an arranged marriage, I still plan to live until old age with you.

But now, even without these things, the two of us have come to the end of the road.”

“As early as you interrupted and denied my childrens education time and time again, I was already disqualified from being a father, and indirectly from being a husband.”


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