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Although Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan were in a fake marriage, uncle Qin was willing to see this happy event from the bottom of his heart, so he asked the kitchen to arrange a sumptuous dinner without waiting for Luo Lingsheng’s order.

The Luo family’s chefs were very good at their craft.

The fish-related dishes were all carefully selected.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Jinyu, one big and one small, were like a fox and a kitten, eating all the fish on the table in minutes.

Luo Lingsheng noticed this scene, and silently gave uncle Qin a look.

The latter understood his meaning and nodded with delight.

In the future, it seemed that ‘fish’ would become the main course on the table in this family.

After dinner, Luo Lingsheng went into the study to handle his work.

Little goldfish was also led to a private lesson.

Shi Yunnan, who had nothing to do, went to his room with a glass of wine and took out the drawing book in the suitcase to browse through it.

In the eyes of old man Shi, Shi Yunnan was a loser who didn’t do any proper work besides squandering family fortune, but in fact, Shi Yunnan was very accomplished in jewelry design, and had realized the dual freedom of creativity and income very early on.

It was just that he was accustomed to hiding his face in front of people, even this outstanding design ability was done under a pseudonym to receive works, which only a few people were aware of.

Now, page after page of this drawing book were all his hand-drawn jewelry designs manuscripts completed in the past two years.

For Shi Yunnan, drawing the outline that he wanted on white paper, using ruler and scalar to contour, and painting it with gorgeous colors, was the only way for him to release his genuine soul during these years.

Shi Yunnan turned to the last unfinished design draft, and picked up the hand-drawing tools that he had just purchased this afternoon.

The usual playful and wanton look turned solemn.

The room was quiet, only the slight rubbing sound of the paper was heard from time to time.

Unknown duration of time had passed before the sound of the door pushing open rang out behind him.


Shi Yunnan’s creative thoughts were interrupted and he turned back, frowning.

Little Goldfish was holding a storybook, standing at the door of the room with his small body.

He seemed to be frightened by Shi Yunnan’s serious expression, and for a while he hesitated to enter.

“Sorry, I forgot to knock on the door.”

Little goldfish’s mature and well-behaved apology came through, and a decent bow was given.

Shi Yunnan was amused by him.

He leaned back in his chair and asked, “What did you come to see me for”

“I can’t sleep…” Little Goldfish quietly moved into the room barefoot for a half step, seeming to test Shi Yunnan’s consent, “I want to hear a story.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time, and later realized that he had been busy for nearly four hours.

He simply put down his pen and beckoned Little goldfish to come over, “Come here.

Where are your uncle and Grandpa Qin”

“Uncle is going abroad tomorrow, Grandpa Qin is helping him organize things.” Little goldfish walked over, raising his head and putting the storybook in his hand on the desk, “Little uncle, what are you doing”

Little uncle

Shi Yunnan, who was suddenly promoted to a senior level, was dumbfounded for two seconds, and couldn’t help pinching his little milk fat, “Who taught you to call me like this”

“I thought about it myself, because Grandpa Qin said that you and uncle got the certificate.”

Shi Yunnan simply tidied up the tabletop, then he carried Little goldfish and sat him on top of the table.

He could hardly suppress his laughter and pinch his little milk fat, “Do you know what a certificate is, little clever child”

“Of course I know.” Little goldfish earnestly nodded his head, “You have to hold hands, kiss, and sleep with uncle, together for a lifetime.”

Full score answer, deep understanding.


Shi Yunnan was so speechless, he could not find any fault or refute his words.

He deliberately coughed, and picked up the story book, trying to change the subject, “Okay, what story do you want to hear”

When Little Goldfish heard this, his eyes lit up, “Anything.”

The babysitter hired by the Luo family was only responsible for the daily life of Little goldfish.

This child had a temperament that was not close with anyone.

Every night, he read the story book by himself before going to bed.

However, Little goldfish heard the children in the class show off today that ‘Mummy and daddy will personally read them bedtime stories’, so an impulse popped up in his little head——

Not long ago, he pretended to be asleep and waited until the babysitter left, then he approached the door with a storybook in hand.

Shi Yunnan flipped through the illustrated stories book, which were all old-fashioned and simple moral stories.

He met Little goldfish’s expectant eyes, and suddenly came up with a funny idea, “The stories in this book are boring.

I will tell you something more interesting.

Do you want to hear it”


Little goldfish nodded his head as fast as pounding on garlic.

He could no longer pretend to be ‘mature’.

Someone finally told him a story! Just like the parents of other children!

Fifteen minutes later.

Little Goldfish was contently holding his storybook, and ran to his room, only to meet Luo Lingsheng in the corridor.

Little goldfish who was caught sleeping late panicked, “…uncle.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at his little feet without slippers, and his eyebrows twisted imperceptibly, “Jin Yu, you should be sleeping at this hour, where have you been”

In order to reduce the sound of the wheelchair sliding, the floor in this house was covered with thick sound-proof carpet.

However, summer nights were cool, and children stepping barefoot on the ground could inevitably get sick if they were not paying attention.

Although Luo Lingsheng asked sternly, he still carefully held his nephew’s legs.

Little Goldfish hesitated for two seconds, and answered honestly, “I went to find little uncle and ask him to tell me a story.”

When Luo Lingsheng heard this address, the corners of his mouth smiled unconsciously.

He hugged Little goldfish in one hand and steered the wheelchair toward the child’s bedroom with the other hand, “What story did he tell you Tell me.”

Children’s emotions were always sensitive to the perception of the outside world.

Little Goldfish sensed Luo Lingsheng’s pleasant mood, and simply plucked up the courage to repeat it, “There was a country where the princess was captured by the evil dragon, and the king chose the most powerful prince to save the princess…”

A few steps from the corridor to the bedroom, Little goldfish had summarized it to the end with relish, “From then on, the dragon and the prince live happily together, holding hands, kissing, hugging and sleeping together every day!”


What kind of brain-hole1 story is this

Luo Lingsheng was speechless, and on a rare occasion, he doubted his own decision.

With Shi Yunnan’s unbridled nature, if his nephew stayed with him for a long time, there was a one hundred percent chance that he would be led astray.

“Uncle, I like little uncle very much, he can accompany me when you are busy!”

Little goldfish crawled back to his little bed, the excitement had not dissipated, “He also said, if I behave well in the summer camp, next time he will tell me the story of the tiger and the fox.”

Tiger and fox

It didn’t sound like a serious story either.

Luo Ling Sheng suppressed his true thoughts and let them go, “Okay, you get some rest.”

He covered Little goldfish with the quilt, and calmly instructed, “Uncle has to go abroad tomorrow for something.

During the time I am away, except for grandpa Qin and… little uncle, if anyone else goes to pick you up from school, you can’t follow them, understand”

“En, I understand.”

This instruction had been heard no less than ten times by Little goldfish, and he had already memorized it by heart.

Luo Lingsheng waited until Little goldfish fell asleep, and then arrived at the door of Shi Yunnan’s bedroom according to the original plan.

Before he could knock on the door, the person inside opened it before him——

“As soon as I heard this sound, I knew it was you, Mr.


Shi Yunnan had just finished taking a shower, his loose and open collar revealed attractive flush skin, and the waistband outlined his strong thin waist, pulling the proportions of his body to the extreme.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes, his gaze slightly deepened.

The light in the room behind Shi Yunnan setting off a thin hazy light, the hair that had not yet blown dry was scattered freely, and the tips of his hair dripped with little crystal water droplets, which made his smile more unique.

“By the way, I didn’t have time to ask before, how far do we both have to go in our role-playing” Shi Yunnan bent down, and the white jade-like knuckles climbed onto the back of Luo Lingsheng’s hand, “Let’s start with holding hands”

“What then Do you want to kiss” He took the opportunity to get closer again, and his mouth was full of wild and unrestrained jokes, “Finally, do we also roll between the sheets”

Perhaps the distance between the two was getting a little too close, Luo Lingsheng could smell the unique bathing fragrance after being washed by hot water on the party’s body.

He fixed his gaze on the thin red lips, “…Second young master Shi is playing quite openly”

There was a slight rupture in the well-disguised heart, and a trace of almost dark desire for control was about to break through the confinement.


The droplet of water on the tip of his hair fell down and slipped from Shi Yunnan’s fingers onto the back of Luo Lingsheng’s hand.

“Just kidding.”

Shi Yunnan stopped before going too far, and forgot to refute Luo Lingsheng’s question.

Actually, after spending a long time abroad, he had always been open with verbal jokes, but to talk about the ‘real thing’, he had no experience or skill.

However, I can also practice when finding the right object~

Shi Yunnan changed the subject, “I heard Little goldfish say that you are going abroad tomorrow”

“Well, it’s a private matter.” Luo Lingsheng glanced at his legs briefly, and explained in a low voice, “You stay here at ease.

If you have anything to do, uncle Qin and the other servants will not disobey your words.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and stood up.

He asked casually, “So is there anything I should pay attention to”

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a moment, “Don’t go into the study at the end of the second floor, everything else is free.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and glanced at the end of the corridor, “Okay, I got it.”

“It’s getting late.” Luo Lingsheng wiped the drop of water from the back of his hand with his fingers, hiding a hint of concern in his calmness, “Blow dry your hair and rest early.”

Shi Yunnan touched his wet hair.

A trace of warmth rose on the tip of his heart.

“Okay, good night, Mr.


“Good night.”

Early the next morning, Luo Lingsheng brought people to the airport.

Shi Yunnan’s working hours were very free, and the deadline for the design list at hand was also abundant.

Now, even if he changed his work location to China, he could use social media to maintain communication with the customers, and did not delay the progress for the time being.

Little Goldfish was the most lively and active at this age.

Now, without the restriction of the serious uncle Luo Lingsheng, he chased after Shi Yunnan every night to listen to stories.

It didn’t take long before he completely opened up.

Even Uncle Qin, who watched him grew up, had no choice but to admit that the little young master finally released his nature.

Ten days passed in a flash.

Shi Yunnan, who had made an appointment with a friend, went out alone, and suddenly heard a whisper when he walked to the relief sculpture in the courtyard——

“The Patriarch left the country the next day after obtaining the certificate, and he hasn’t come back yet.

Did he deliberately avoid the second young master Shi”

“Yeah, I’m still wondering, didn’t the patriarch hide someone in his heart How could he randomly find someone to marry Brought home the first day, getting a certificate the next day, this speed is no different from riding on the rocket ah.”

The relief sculpture in the courtyard occupied a large area, and the chattering servants had limited vision, so they did not notice Shi Yunnan on the other side.

“There is someone in the Patriarch’s heart Who, how do you know”

“Keep your voice down, I also listened to other people’s guesses.

The patriarch loved a person before, but before he could pursue this love, he had an accident and injured his leg.

So it ended just like that.”

The gossiping servant paused, and continued, “That second floor study, the patriarch does not allow us to enter and clean at all, and even steward Qin can’t enter without permission.

I guess that’s where he hid the belongings of that person.”

Shi Yunnan stood still and listened, the instruction Luo Lingsheng gave before he left home came to his mind —Don’t go into the study at the end of the second floor.

“Forget it, let’s stop chewing our tongues, beware of misfortunes coming out of the mouth …” The two servants moved their positions with the cleaning buckets, and the discussion drifted away.

Shi Yunnan digested the gossip silently, his eyes became subtle–

Luo Lingsheng hid a person in his heart

Or a white moonlight he couldn’t love because of his leg injury

Well, it was outrageous but there was an inexplicable credibility to it.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, and left the matter behind in the next second——Forget it, he had a fake marriage agreement, why did he have to care about this thing

He continued to walk outside, and vaguely said, “What a joke, is it possible that I can still drink this vinegar”

The author has something to say:

#Little fox Nan: Jealous Dame2, dame, dameyo ~ [Confident waving.jpg]



Brain-hole or brain-supplement or brain-filling, a term refers to supplementing and fantasizing plots in comics, novels that didn’t appear in the original.

Or refers to those whose imagination is beyond ordinary people.


It means ‘no good’ or just ‘no’ in Japanese.


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