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Chapter 45- Hope This Experience Can Help You


When everyone went to refresh Weibo again, they found that the trend of public opinion had changed.


Although there are still people who have tried to divert the netizen’s attention but because the popular star blind date incident is too funny and has never been heard of before, netizens didn’t pay the marketing accounts any mind anymore.


[Brother, can you tell me about your blind date process So that everyone can have a good time Ah, no.

It is to let everyone help you by giving their suggestions and see how to solve this problem of yours.]


[I agree.

I also want to contribute a little to Mr.

Jiang Liucheng’s blind date, so can you tell me one or two cases]


[I’m also on a blind date, and I just want to know the reasons for those failures, so I can prepare in advance.]


Jiang Liucheng replied on the last one that it was ok.

[There is a blind date who thinks that I am too handsome, and she has no sense of security.

That’s why she decided to ditch me on the second date.

I hope this experience can help you.]


[Hahahaha, I usually don’t laugh easily unless I really can’t help it.]


[Big brother, you let me prepare for a situation like this.

I am not that good-looking like you.]


[Big brother, I can’t make such a face easily.]


It seems that he really wants Jiang Liucheng to give him some experience.

He quickly replied.

[Can you tell me a down-to-earth reason for the failure]


Another reason Jiang Liucheng replied is:  [I don’t have a house or a car in Yunshi.

The house in Yunshi is too expensive.

I just graduated and couldn’t afford it.

Of course, I still can’t afford it now.]


The person said: [You are too down-to-earth for this reason.

I can’t afford it too, but I didn’t expect you to be a fellow man.

In fact, I should be very similar to you.

One of my blind dates thinks that I am too ugly.]


Jiang Liucheng proves that if you look good, you will not be given a discount.


The two chatted like this in the comment area, attracting a large number of netizens to watch.


The original black hot search was abruptly turned into a funny incident of two like-minded people sympathizing with each other.


The black hot search was suppressed and replaced by three funny positive hot searches.


There is Jiang Liucheng and this funny big brother on the topic together, and the other is that a netizen asks Jiang Liucheng if he still has a blind date, and Jiang Liucheng replies that he is still on a blind date.


Then a bunch of people asked him who the matchmaker was, and they said they were dating too, so maybe they could meet by chance.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t reply because it was impossible for him to tell them that Qin Lu was his matchmaker now.

Even if he wanted to say it, he had to get Qin Lu’s consent.


Although he did not reply, it did not prevent him from doing a new hot search.


Because of this turning point, netizens are discussing the strange things they encountered during their blind dates.

Except for the navy, no one remembers that they were still scolding Jiang Liucheng for being a scumbag with many feet.


After reading the hot search, Zhou Wenbin called Qin Lu, “Brother Qin, Mr.

Shi called me and wanted me to ask if Jiang Liucheng would sign a contract with a brokerage company.”


Qin Lu was looking at the hot search, “Why didn’t he ask Jiang Liucheng’s agent”


Zhou Wenbin said, “Mr.

Shi said that because you and Jiang Liucheng were a crew before, I should be able to contact Jiang Liucheng faster.”


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Qin Lu asked, “Which company is there other than Mo’s Entertainment”


Zhou Wenbin has already found out, “There’s Han Dynasty Entertainment as well.

They have sent out invitations to Jiang Liucheng many times before, but they are only willing to give Jiang Liucheng a D-level contract.

With Jiang Liucheng’s previous popularity, he can no longer be regarded as a tenth.

It is obviously not sincere to give a D-level contract to an eighth-tier star.

It was rejected initially, and it seems that it did not work out after several discussions.

I guess Han Dynasty Entertainment is not happy.

This time, Mo’s Entertainment is taking action first against Jiang Liucheng.

Han Dynasty Entertainment estimated that he also wanted to suppress Jiang Liucheng’s arrogance, so he pushed the boat along the way.”


However, whether it was Mo’s Entertainment or Han Dynasty Entertainment, they never thought that Jiang Liucheng would be able to turn this circumstance around and even further enhance his popularity.


“They probably thought that Jiang Liucheng was simply a traffic star kind of artist.

Unfortunately for them, they missed this point, thinking that he would not dare admit that he was on a blind date.”


It’s a pity that there are no absolutes in the world.

Now, Jiang Liucheng is undoubtedly a huge fragrant bun.

As long as he is signed, the winning company does not need to invest so much in the early stage as if training a new person.


Zhou Wenbin also said, “There are many companies who want to sign Jiang Liucheng.


Shi is probably afraid of being robbed.

He also said that if he can sign Jiang Liucheng, I should bring him along.”


He is a little excited.

With Jiang Liucheng’s condition, as long as he steadily performs a few masterpieces in the future, he will become more popular sooner or later.


Qin Lu: “You can sign him, but you probably won’t be able to bring him along.”


Zhou Wenbin wondered, “Why”


Qin Lu: “He has an agent now.

He terminated his contract with Zhou Sheng Entertainment before and his agent was willing to leave with him.

It at least shows that their relationship is not bad.

He will not agree with the company to change his agent and assistant.”


Zhou Wenbin felt a little pity, “Anyway, I’ll contact him first.”


Qin Lu “Mmhmmm.”


As they said, after the crisis was over, there were more people trying to contact Li Qiu’s agency.

Some people even got Jiang Liucheng’s mobile phone number directly and called him.


In just one night, Jiang Liucheng received several calls.

After hearing their intentions, he directly asked them to contact his agent.


Not long after, another call came in.


“Liucheng, you are about to develop as a superstar.” Guo Qifan said with emotion.


Jiang Liucheng picked up the phone and directly said a series of numbers, “If you want to talk to my agent about signing a contract.

This is his number.”


“Then can I talk to you directly”


Jiang Liucheng’s voice paused, and he heard that it was Zhou Wenbin’s voice, “Brother Zhou, why are you calling me”


Zhou Wenbin said, “It’s just what you think.

Our President Shi also intends to sign you.

By the way, let me tell you one thing, this time, besides Mo’s Entertainment Han Dynasty Entertainment is also trying to target you.

Of course, this is only a friendly reminder.

I have nothing to do with the signing.”


He didn’t want the other party to mistakenly think that he was paying attention to his favor.


“I know Brother Zhou is not such a person.” They have spent so many days in the same crew, so they already have this strong foundation of trust.

Jiang Liucheng said, “I don’t plan to sign a contract between Mo’s Entertainment and Han Dynasty Entertainment.”


Zhou Wenbin immediately said, “Then you can really consider our Spark Company.

Although Brother Qin has terminated his contract with the company, he is actually a shareholder in our company.

If you come, they will definitely not treat you badly.

Our President Shi also thinks that you are rare.

You’re a good seedling.

If there is a company to support you, you don’t have to worry about the future.

The company has a public relations team that will help you solve any problem.

You don’t have to rely on yourself alone.

If you are interested, you can meet and talk.”


Jiang Liucheng agreed, and the two sides made an appointment for a meeting time and place.


After chatting, he called Li Qiu and told him that Spark Company wanted to sign him.


Li Qiu was a little surprised and a little uneasy, “Xinghuo is one of the most powerful entertainment companies in the entertainment industry.

It would be great to sign a contract with this company.”


It’s just that this company has its own golden agent, and he has no qualifications.

Even if Xinghuo is willing to let him join, he may not be able to bring Jiang Liucheng in.


Jiang Liucheng suddenly said, “I have already told Brother Zhou that even if I sign a contract with their company, I hope you will still be my agent.”


Li Qiu was immediately moved.


The next day, Jiang Liucheng came down and found that Li Qiu was also following him.


“There are too many people who have contacted me recently, and there may be a lot of work in the future.” Li Qiu explained, so he wanted to quickly determine some work before Jiang Liucheng joined the group.


Jiang Liucheng stared at the agent with serious eyes.

He wondered if his agent would be hit hard if he said he wanted to reduce his work.


He never thought that he would be so busy after becoming an artist.


When they got to the hotel, everyone took the elevator up.


“Recently, there is a big production that wants to look for you.

It’s the second male lead.

Although it is not the male lead, it is better for you not to be the male lead for the time being.

The male lead has to carry the box office, and if the box office is too bad chart is too bad, others will think that the reason for its failure is the male lead.”


The elevator door opened, so the three of them walked out.

The conversation between the two interrupted Li Qiu’s words.


“You saw what happened yesterday.

He is more famous now than before.

I still think we should use Jiang Liucheng.”


“I admit that he is indeed more famous now, but the company still disagrees.

The risk is too high, and those people put pressure on the company again.

If you insist on using him, the company does not want to lose money in the end.”


“So what”


“The company’s decision is, either to replace Jiang Liucheng, or the company will withdraw capital.

Lao Liu, the company actually doesn’t want to do this.

In addition, you also know that the company lost a lot of money last quarter.

That is why they are very cautious about each project, they don’t want to lose more.”


“I know, and I don’t blame the company either.”


“Hey, why are you so stubborn For this online drama, you even sold your own house.

If the company doesn’t invest money, where can you find investors If you can’t make it a day, you’re burning money.

What will you do then How can you manage”


The elevator opened again behind him, and a group of people walked out talking and laughing.



Jiang, why are you standing here” An actor called out Jiang Liucheng’s name, his voice startled Director Liu and the producer who was talking.


When they saw Jiang Liucheng, they realized that he had heard the conversation just now.


The producer’s expression was a little embarrassed, but he felt that he was not in charge of this matter, so he calmed down again.

Maybe it would be better for the other party to know.


“Since you heard it, I’ll just say it straight.

Today’s reading will be canceled.”


Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Director Liu said directly, “Cancel What will we cancel We won’t be canceling.

We shall proceed.”


The producer looked at him and hated that iron could not become steel.

“You will kill yourself like this.”


Director Liu: “I know in my heart if the company wants to withdraw its capital, it can be withdrawn.

I will shoot this drama myself.”


The producer shook his head, “Without the company, your show will only be more difficult to shoot.

And what will you pay everyone for their wages Even if the company pays liquidated damages, it won’t be enough.”


Director Liu: “I will find a way myself.”


Seeing that he was so stubborn, the producer didn’t say anything else and left with his own people.


After a while, a group of people left, leaving only Director Liu and Jiang Liucheng standing on their own. 


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