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Unless… Let the Dragon Appear on its Own (1)

Since Shi An revealed his power, his life at school immediately became more manageable.

It didn’t matter if he slept in theory classes or did his homework poorly because the strength system didn’t focus on theoretical studies but physical training.

Those who wanted to get into trouble with Shi An were also silenced.

After all, no one wanted to be pinned down and beaten by a slender boy after seeing him punch through a rock-armored beast in one go.

There was no more movement from Shi Rui and Shi Zechun either.

Since Mu Heng had taken him out of the main residence that day, Shi Zechun, who had been persistent in wanting him to move back into the main residence, had never contacted him again and Shi Rui had become more subdued.

This was a good thing for Shi An.

After all, these two humans were too much trouble, but he couldn’t do anything about them because of his status.

It was best if they didn’t come to him and Shi An was happy to be left alone.

Work on the translation side also progressed steadily.

Since Mu Heng had left the Ability Academy to attend to the Bureau’s affairs, Shi An felt less ashamed of the translation process.

Although there were times when the graphics were too detailed…

Translating the ancient human language was a massive project.

Even Principal Pei, as an expert in this field, had a tough time translating it and only less than one chapter had been translated in two months...

The chapter was utterly devoid of any information that Shi An wanted to see.

He couldn’t show his exceptional expertise in the ancient language, so he could only watch the slow progress of Principal Pei.

Overall, Shi An had a pretty good time during the two months.

Except for…

The temperature gradually dropped as the months went by.

Although the Ability Academy was located in the warm plains, it was slowly beginning to show signs of winter.

The temperature dropped every day and Shi An was constantly dozing off.

Today, he sat in the back row of the theory classroom, his shaggy head hanging low, his eyelashes blinking sluggishly, his eyelids getting heavier, and his body swaying, slowly falling a little.

Before Shi An’s eyes were about to close, Lin Yanming, sitting next to him, nudged him and said softly, “Hey, hey, don’t fall asleep.”

Shi An opened a crack in his eyes with difficulty and let out a sleepy grunt.

“… Don’t want.

So sleepy.”

Looking at the young man who seemed never to wake up, Lin Yanming didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Say, why do you always sleep in the theory class Theory class also has an exam at the end of the semester and the percentage of credits is also very high.

What are you going to do if you can’t graduate”

Shi An lazily slumped on the table, his soft white cheeks deformed by the pressure.

“Not doing anything…”

The school year at the Ability Academy was a six-year system.

By the time graduation came around, he would probably have regained his strength, robbed the humans of their treasures, and brought Mu Heng back to the cave to go back to sleep.

Who cares about graduation

Lin Yanming: “…”

As expected of you.

While this was happening, a knock sounded out on the classroom door.

The teacher on the podium raised his head and his eyes fell precisely on Shi An in the last row.

“Shi An, follow me outside for a while.”

Shi An: “…”

No way.

Was he so unlucky that he was directly caught dozing off in class

But it wasn’t the first time, so Shi An was familiar with the process.

Outside the classroom, the corners of the teacher’s mouth twitched as he watched the sincere and tactful young man apologizing and solemnly promising not to do it again – I don’t believe a damn word you’re saying.

This was the epitome of: “I was wrong, but I’ll do it again.”

The teacher was too lazy to care by now and even when he saw Shi An slacking and dozing off, he turned a blind eye to it all and let him go.

However, that was not why he wanted to see Shi An.

The teacher scanned the communicator and then looked at the teenager before him, asking somewhat incredulously, “You’re in the strength system”

Shi An thought for a moment and nodded.

“Go to this location,” the teacher said as he sent a message to Shi An.

Shi An said, “This is… ”

The teacher replied, “You will know after you go there.”

He hurriedly turned around and returned to the classroom after saying that, continuing with the theory lesson he had just gotten halfway through.

Shi An was a little at a loss.

He looked down at the half-comprehensible human text on the screen and secretly called out for the demon insect.

The insect poked its head out to look and briefly told Shi An the location.

It was not far away - about five minutes away.

Not far, but…

Shi An turned his head to look out the window at the bleak and chilly scene and sighed – Ah, I do not want to move at this temperature.

Twenty-five minutes later.

Shi An finally arrived in slow motion.

There was a huge stadium and many people were already waiting there.

They were all tall and sturdy, wearing only single clothes even in this weather.

Standing in the middle of them, the slender and short Shi An looked like a thin sapling in the middle of a huge rock, looking extraordinarily weak, pitiful, and helpless.

Shi An: “…”

His neck was a little sore from tilting his head.

Damn it, you guys.

Wait for me to regain my original form!

“Student, did you walk to the wrong place” A nearly two meters tall third-year student lowered his head and spoke to Shi An in a friendly manner.

Shi An looked down at the location on the screen and frowned in confusion.

“I don’t think so...”

He had followed the directions exactly – he had stopped for a few hot drinks and snacks and sat on a rock for a while, but he hadn't deviated from the route!

At that moment, a familiar voice sounded from behind him, “Eh Shi An”

Shi An turned his head and looked in the direction of where the voice came from.

Only to see Zhao She standing not far away, looking at him in surprise.

“Do you guys know each other” The third-year student raised his eyebrows in slight surprise.

Zhao She nodded and enthusiastically patted Shi An’s back with his palm, almost causing him to stagger.

“This is my first-year friend, Shi An.

Don’t look at him like this.

He’s very strong!”

After returning from the Aiwen district, Shi An reunited a few times with Wang Li and the others.

Although the number of times was not that many due to the busy schedule of their studies, Shi An ate very well each time they met up.


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