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Although puzzled, the staff member did not dare to neglect He Xun and quickly invited him to the main seat.

However, He Xun didnt sit down.

Instead, he helped Chen Weier to sit down.

He thought she must be exhausted from dancing.

The staff members heart skipped a beat.

“I asked you to show me the surveillance video when the accident happened.

Why didnt you do it” Chen Weier frowned as she calmly sat on the main seat.

She looked at the sweating staff members with a cold expression.

“Im sorry, the surveillance video is our internal information.

We cant give it to you casually.” The head of the logistics wasnt lying.

Besides, he had to secure permission from the higher-ups if he wanted to see the surveillance video.

However, he did not report it.

If he did, he would surely be punished.

“I understand, but I almost got injured because of your mistake.

How do you want to settle this” The more Chen Weier thought about it, the angrier she got.

It was a matter of life and death.

How could they brush it off so quickly What if the girl who was hit could no longer dance Did these people think that it didnt matter

“Show me the surveillance video.

I dont want to waste time with you.

You can either investigate it now or ask Chairman Hou to bring it to me personally.” He Xun wasnt in the mood to listen to the pleasantries.

He just wanted to know if this farce was an accident or if someone deliberately did it.

If anyone tried to stop him, he could only blame it on the organizer.

He Xuns face turned ashen, and the supervisor trembled in fear.

“I understand, President He.” Then, he took the key to the surveillance room and pulled out the surveillance footage of the incident.

At this time, his heart had already turned cold.

When he showed the surveillance footage to He Xun, he felt he would probably lose his job.

“Do you want to watch it here or go back” He Xun turned around and looked at Chen Weier.

“Now.” Chen Weier had already waited for an entire afternoon.

How could she have the patience to go home and look at it again

“Show it.” He Xun instructed the logistics supervisor to play the surveillance video now.

The director of logistics thought to himself that this woman was indeed not an ordinary person.

Even President He had to listen to her! His attitude became even more respectful when he thought of this, and he quickly played the video.

The screen began to play the recording of the incident.

At that time, Chen Weier and Xuan Jianing were beside the screen, talking and laughing.

There were a few women on the other side of the screen; one was Cao Yaoyao.

Without any warning, the screen fell.

When He Xun saw Chen Weier being pushed down by someone, he was in a state of fury.

He Xun was also angry when he learned that Chen Weier had experienced such a thing, but he didnt see the specific situation.

Now that he had seen it, He Xun was even angrier.

If the screen truly hit Chen Weier, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine!

“Zoom in on the scene when the screen fell.” Chen Weier frowned.

Cao Yaoyao was standing in the blind spot of the surveillance camera, so she couldnt see what she was doing.

She could only see that she was very close to the screen.

The director of the logistics rewound the image, and Chen Weier looked at it carefully.

The video only showed Cao Yaoyaos head and neck, but it didnt record what she did under her neck.

Chen Weier felt a little defeated.

So what if they saw the surveillance footage There was nothing!

“Switch the screen to the back of the screen.” He Xun coldly ordered.

Chen Weier suddenly realized.

Why didnt she think of this

He Xun pointed at a spot on the screen.

“This is not right.”

Chen Weiers expression also changed as she followed He Xuns finger.

The moment the screen fell, everyone was shocked.

Only Cao Yaoyao was smiling devilishly.

As if nothing had happened, she turned around and left.

“But this cant be used as evidence in the eyes of the law.

She was standing in the blind spot of the surveillance camera, and it didnt record her actions.” He Xun squeezed Chen Weiers hand.

They couldnt charge Cao Yaoyao with intentional injury.

“As long as Im sure shes coming for me, its fine.” Chen Weier lowered her eyes.

She wanted Cao Yaoyao to know what regret was.

On the other side, Cao Yaoyao walked out of the competition grounds and saw Li Xus car.

She opened the door and got in.

But as she closed the car door, someone pressed a knife against her neck.

“Yaoyao, why are you hiding from me, huh” It was Nie Suijings cold voice.

A layer of cold sweat formed on Cao Yaoyaos back.

She saw Li Xu unconscious in the passenger seat.

And in the drivers seat was a stranger she couldnt recognize.

“Calm down.” Cao Yaoyao forced herself to remain calm, but the knife was too sharp for her to ignore.

Nie Suijing laughed.

“Now you know how to calm me down.

Why didnt you behave” Then, Nie Suijing pressed the knife against Cao Yaoyaos face and rubbed it back and forth.

“Yaoyao, you dont want me anymore Am I right”

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