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“Your mother Now that youve put it this way, its hard for me not to be interested in your relationship with President He.”

In the beginning, everyone in the company had spread the rumor that Chen Weier was President Hes lover.

Xuan Jianing believed it.

After all, President He treated Chen Weier specially.

“But why did your mother get involved Is there something interesting going on with all the rich and powerful families”

“Youll know soon enough.” Chen Weier smiled at Xuan Jianing.

After the competition, she decided that no matter what the results would be, she would make her relationship with He Xun public.

“Its quite mysterious,” Xuan Jianing smiled and didnt say anything.

She turned to look at Dou Shurui.

“I wonder if this little brother likes girls…”

Chen Weier felt happy.

In her previous life, she had never met someone as attractive as Xuan Jianing.

“It would be great if I could be friends with such a person.”

However, it didnt matter even if they couldnt be friends.

Interesting friends were rare to find in life.

Chen Weier didnt think she was greedy at all.

As long as He Xun was by her side, she was fine.

After chatting with Xuan Jianing for a while, the guests took their seats.

She turned around and saw He Xun being led in by the staff.

This man had a noble temperament.

He walked with a straight back and looked straight ahead.

The smooth lines on his face softened a lot under the light.

Perhaps, sensing Chen Weiers gaze, He Xun raised his head and swept his gaze toward the contestants seats.

At a glance, he saw the dazzling woman in the crowd.

Her hair was combed high in a bun, and she wore a light yellow Han Chinese dress.

Her curved willow-like eyebrows complemented her delicate little face as if she had walked out of a painting.

He Xuns Adams apple bobbed up and down.

Chen Weier looked like a noble and elegant peony in this state, and he truly wanted to pluck the peony from its branch.

He Xun, whose mind was filled with thoughts unsuitable for children, suddenly understood why everyone liked cosplay…

Because it honestly felt too good.

He Xuns gaze was too passionate, and this kind of passion was very familiar to Chen Weier in bed.

She suddenly blushed and quickly lowered her head.

She didnt want him to look at her again.

He Xun curled his lips into a smile and looked at her silently.

“You truly are beautiful.”

Seeing that He Xun finally stopped looking back at her after taking his seat, Chen Weier heaved a sigh of relief.

If he looked any longer, she would indeed have to hide.

Soon after, Miao Bing from Starry Media also arrived.

His head was wrapped in bandages, and his face was covered with bruises.

He was limping as he walked.

Chen Weier sneered when she saw Miao Bings expression.

This man was indeed thick-skinned.

He didnt forget to come and watch the competition even in this state.

Miao Bing was honestly trembling with fear.

He thought that after such a thing happened, He Xun would indeed cancel his guest status and deal with him in the business world.

In the end, Miao Bing waited for an entire day, but nothing happened! He thought about it and still felt uneasy, so he sent their vice president today.

Anyway, he was just a guest.

However, He Xuns Special Assistant, Yang Zui, had called Miao Bing directly and deliberately asked him not to forget to attend the dance competition.

Miao Bing didnt understand what He Xun was trying to do.

He didnt dare to ask, nor did he dare to go against He Xun.

He could only come here obediently.

He had to come even in such an embarrassing manner.

“Chairman Miaos style is very unique.”

Miao Bing had just sat down when he heard He Xunpraising him.

Miao Bings legs were a little weak.

“President He… Yo-you must be joking.”

How did he get this look Wasnt that a gift from his wife

He Xun didnt say anything else.

He called Miao Bing over just to give him another chance to embarrass himself.

After Chen Weiers competition ended, it would all depend on how she wanted to deal with him.

“Chairman Miao, youre truly dedicated to your work.

You couldve just let your vice president attend this event.

Youre already so injured, but you still came personally Its indeed us young people who need to study hard!” The president of Wushang Media also looked at him from the outside.

His expression seemed very sincere.

The smile on Miao Bings face was almost gone, and he only nodded perfunctorily without saying a word.

“But how did you get injured Did someone secretly exact revenge Im telling you, its safer to bring bodyguards with you.

Dont come into contact with water during this time.

Youll easily get infected if you come into contact with water! Your wifes heart would ache if she saw it.

Are you hurt anywhere else…” The president of Wushang Media continued to ask Miao Bing.

Miao Bing just wanted to strangle him now.

Why didnt he find the president of Wushang Media so annoying before

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