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There was a sudden outburst in the competition area.

When Chen Weier returned to her senses, Xuan Jianing had already helped her.

It happened so suddenly that no one saw how a screen in the middle of the competition area suddenly fell.

At that time, Chen Weier and Xuan Jianing were standing next to the screen.

Xuan Jianings quick reflexes saved her.

If she didnt pull Chen Weier out of the danger zone and protect her firmly…

On the other hand, Xuan Jianings movements were extremely swift.

Her face didnt even blush, and her heart didnt beat fast.

She even asked others how they were doing.

However, the others were not so lucky.

A girl was also opposite the screen.

And when the screen fell, the girl was firmly pressed under.

It was a screen made of solid wood, so its weight was apparent.

The girl under it had already fainted from the pain.

“Where are the staffs Wheres the person in charge” Chen Weier furrowed her brows.

She felt that this matter was bizarre.

Typically speaking, a wooden screen had always been high-priced and stable.

Moreover, it was leaning against a wall, so how could it suddenly fall

“Are you alright” Xuan Jianing looked at Chen Weiers petite body and pouted.

“I… I think Im fine.” Chen Weier tried to take two steps.

She didnt sprain her foot and didnt hurt her arm.

“Thats good.” Xuan Jianing wasnt a person who was happy to help others.

She helped Chen Weier only because she found her charming.

Moreover, this kind of thing was as easy as lifting a finger for her.

After a while, a few staff members rushed over and lifted the screen with the others.

The girl under it was still unconscious.

“What are you doing Call an ambulance!” Chen Weier looked at those people and didnt move.

What kind of staff members were these

No consciousness at all

Dont they know how to save people

“Oh, oh, right.” Finally, one staff reacted and took out his phone to make a call.

After waiting for a while, the medical staff lifted the stretcher and hurriedly carried the casualty away.

Chen Weier looked at the girl on the stretcher and saw a bloody cut on her leg.

This might leave a scar.

“The screen is so heavy.

How could it fall without any reason Wheres the surveillance video” Chen Weier looked at the staff in charge and asked angrily.

If it wasnt for Xuan Jianing saving her, she might have been more seriously injured than the girl.

After all, she was at the center, opposite the screen.

“Im very sorry for this.

It is the mistake of our staff.

But please, rest assured that we will give you a reasonable explanation for this.” The staff in charge was also shocked by this situation.

“Give us a reasonable explanation! What about the injured girl She cant even compete! If the rest of us didnt dodge quickly, she wouldnt have been the only one injured.

Then it would be settled with just one explanation” Chen Weier was very dissatisfied with the staffs response.

“So, the organizers would not compensate the injured girls loss”

“Dont worry.

We will surely give the best compensation.

The remaining performers, please dont be affected by this matter.

I hope you will still perform well, and I wish you good luck.” Afraid that Chen Weier would ask more questions, the staff in charge quickly left after he finished speaking.

Chen Weier looked at her back as she felt irritated.

For something like this to happen on the day of the competition truly affected her mood.

Everyone was still afraid.

Chen Weier turned her gaze and squinted her eyes when she saw Cao Yaoyao.

For some reason, she felt that Cao Yaoyao had something to do with this…

Chen Weier even felt that Cao Yaoyao was here, and the falling screen was meant for Weier.

Cao Yaoyao stood on the other side.

She didnt look at Chen Weier, but she clenched her fists.

Why was Chen Weier always so lucky Why wouldnt she die Cao Yaoyao had already calculated the timing and determined that Chen Weier would surely not be able to dodge.

But she was alive and uninjured!

‘Chen Weier, you really should die!

“Thank you so much for just now.” Chen Weier retracted her gaze and thanked Xuan Jianing from the bottom of her heart.

After all, if it werent for Xuan Jianing, she would have been crippled today.

“Its fine.

Im telling you, I learned martial arts when I was young.

Are you quick” Xuan Jianing waved her hand carefreely and winked at Chen Weier.

Xuan Jianing was hinting for her to praise her! Her face was smug.

Chen Weier was very sensible.

“Youre really amazing! How did you train Are you a martial arts master”

“Alright, thats enough.” Although Xuan Jianing said that, she still rubbed her nose in satisfaction.

“Alright, everyone, please, be quiet.

Well give you one and a half hours to get ready.

Once youre done, well start the competition.” The staff members voice sounded from the speaker.

When everyone heard this, they began to feel nervous.

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