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He Yeli couldnt believe that Chen Weier, not only threatened her but also hit her, “You … You dared to push me!”

“Why would I not dare Since your mother didnt teach you to respect your elders, as your sister-in-law, I dont mind teaching you on her behalf!” Chen Weier was about 1.75 meters tall, and with her high heels, she was much taller than He Yeli.

She looked down at her.

“Who do you think you are! Youre just a shameless b*tch! You might be thrown out tomorrow.

How dare you lecture me” He Yeli was flustered and exasperated.

While scolding her, she reached out to push Chen Weier, but she was weak and short, so she couldnt push her at all.

Chen Weier was annoyed and directly grabbed He Yelis wrist.

He Yeli struggled a few times but couldnt get rid of her, so she became angry, “Let me go!”

“Apologize to your second sister-in-law!” Chen Weier glared at her, her aura completely suppressing her.

He Yeli was scared, and her arrogance suddenly withered, but she still refused to admit it.

“You, let me go! Im telling you, my mother is coming…”

“Your mother is here” Chen Weier sneered.

“Why Youre still a baby, arent you”

He Yeli could tell that Chen Weier was laughing at her, so she was so angry that she wanted to kick Chen Weier.

Seeing this, Chen Weier pushed her out, and He Yeli was directly pushed to the ground.

“You! You truly dared to hit me!”

“Ill hit you, but do I need to give you a heads up in advance If you dont apologize, then get lost!” Chen Weier looked at He Yeli who was sitting on the ground.

Her eyes were full of disgust.


“Weier, forget it.” Bi Xinduo stepped forward and held Chen Weiers hand.

No matter what, today was He Qiu Shans birthday.

If they caused a scene, they would only become a laughingstock.

If they did not handle it well, there might even be public opinion tomorrow.

Chen Weier didnt want to make a big deal out of it.

After all, she had just quarreled with Luo Xinrui.

There would be no end to it if she kept harping on He Yeli.

She glared at He Yeli, “Still not getting lost You want me to carry you out”

“Just you wait!” He Yeli threw down these words and ran away quickly.

Chen Weier closed the door and turned around to see He Youyou staring at her curiously.

“Youyou, whats wrong”

“Teach Youyou,” the little girl said in a childish voice.

“What should I teach you” Chen Weier laughed.

“Your parents are better at teaching than Auntie.

They have the highest academic qualifications.”

“Teach me how to fight!” He Youyou shook her head with a straight face.


Bi Xinduos face changed.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Auntie didnt fight.”

“Youyou didnt say anything.

I did do it.” Chen Weier touched He Youyous chubby little face.

It was so soft.

Bi Xinduo looked at her thoughtfully and smiled.

“Youre different from what they said.”

“What did they say” Chen Weier raised her eyebrows.

“Ruthless, arrogant, and ungrateful.” Bi Xinduo didnt hide anything from her.

After all, Chen Weier had probably heard these words countless times.

“Youre right.

I used to be like this.

Many times, people only know how to cherish what they have lost! Only then do I understand the value of the past.” Chen Weier sighed.

In her previous life, after the divorce, she lived in deep waters and suffered every day.

The so-called love had long been worn away.

Bi Xinduo felt that Chen Weiers tone sounded as if she had experienced the vicissitudes of life.

She was a little puzzled.

“Youre so young, why do you speak like an old man Since you intend to live a good life with Third Brother, he will not mistreat you.”

Chen Weier shook her head with a bitter smile.

“Were not like you and Second Brother who got married because of love.

If He Qiu Shan didnt force him, He Xun wouldnt have married me.”

“Forced Who did you hear this from” Bi Xinduo was surprised.

“What do you mean by who told you My mothers company almost couldnt sustain itself at that time.

It was only after I married He Xun that it started operating again,” Chen Weier said.

Bi Xinduo sat beside Chen Weier.

“I dont know the details, but thats not what I heard.

At that time, your mother didnt agree to let you marry into the He family.

It was He Xun who went to find your mother.

I dont know what they talked about before your mother agreed.”

Chen Weier couldnt believe it.

“How is that possible”

Bi Xinduo didnt say much.

After all, it was a matter between husband and wife, so it wasnt appropriate for her to say much.

The two didnt stay in the guest room for too long and left with He Youyou.

It was still lively outside.

Chen Weier looked around but didnt see He Xun or Luo Xinrui.

Her intuition told her that the woman must have gone to pester her husband.

After bidding farewell to Bi Xinduo, Chen Weier went to find He Xun.

When she was leaving, she turned around and saw Bi Xinduo carrying He Youyou and walking towards He Song.

They didnt speak, but the sweet exchange of glances was enviable.

Once, Chen Weier had walked into the fire pit of Nie Suijing without hesitation for this kind of love!

Chen Weier took a deep breath.

The past was in the past.

He Xun was the most important thing now…

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