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He Xun had declared his love many times in his heart and in his dreams, but this was the first time he had said it in real life.

It was just that no matter when, no matter where, he would only confess to one person, Chen Weier.

In his arms was the woman he loved deeply.

Looking at the endless fireworks below, He Xun thought that he had no regrets in this life.

However, happy as she was last night, Chen Weier was on the verge of collapse the next day! She looked into the mirror and saw the woman with dark circles under her eyes.

Finally, she couldnt help but let out a shrill scream!

He Xun, who was preparing to eat dinner downstairs, was stunned.

Aunty Song rushed out of the kitchen and panicked.

“Sir, whats wrong with Madam!”

She must have realized she had slept for an entire day and was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Sure enough, in less than three seconds, Chen Weier ran down the stairs barefooted.

“He Xun, why didnt you wake me!”

“We came back at six in the morning.

You should sleep more.” He Xun didnt think this was a big deal.

Chen Weier went crazy, “But I have a competition tomorrow! We only have one night left!”

“Thats right.

You still have one night to practice.

Lets eat.” He Xun waved at her, but when he saw her bare feet, he frowned and said, “Why arent you wearing shoes”

Chen Weier subconsciously wanted to hide her feet, but her mouth still didnt give up.

“I was planning to practice my dance for the whole day!”

“So, you dont need to sleep” He Xun sighed when he saw her still standing on the stairs.

He got up and carried her up, placing her on the dining table.

He consoled her.

“Youve just had a meal today.

Your figure will surely be great tomorrow.”

It made Chen Weier feel a lot better.

Tomorrow, she truly had to show that she was soft and boneless.

Thinking of this, she felt comfortable.

Then, she happily ate her dinner.

However, as she ate, Chen Weier suddenly felt something was wrong.

She raised her head and looked at He Xun.

“You didnt go to work Or did you just come back from a days work”

“I didnt go in the morning.

Theres still afternoon.

Im not a robot.” He Xun pinched her face helplessly.

Her dumbfounded expression was adorable to him.

“Then…” Chen Weier was embarrassed.

He Xun had never been late.

Now that he suddenly didnt go to the company in the morning, he must have accumulated a lot of work.

As if he understood what Chen Weier had not said, He Xun said, “Its okay.

If the employees of the He Group knew about this, they would probably die from vomiting blood.

The He Groups regular meeting was supposed to be held this morning, and Yang Zui had even arrived early on purpose.

In the end, President He was not there!

After calling President Hes chauffeur, Yang Zui found out that President He had accompanied Madam to go crazy at the amusement park the entire night.

And they only returned home to sleep at six in the morning…

Yang Zui was speechless.

On the other hand, He Xun slept all the way until noon.

When he woke up, his brain was still a little unresponsive.

He had stayed up late to work before, but he had never stayed up late to make a fuss.

However, what made He Xun feel the most tragic was that while the two of them were running around the amusement park, Chen Weier saw a stall selling headbands.

In the end, Chen Weier bought a glowing little angel and gave He Xun a glowing little devil…

Every time He Xun wanted to throw it away secretly, Chen Weier seemed to have eyes on the back of her head.

And she instantly noticed his actions.

In the end, to coax her, He Xun wore a headband and took a photo with Chen Weier.

It also became one of the few dark moments in the life of He Xun, the He Groups Executive President!


Chen Weier thought that he was indeed perfect.

A mornings work should not be a big deal for him, right

He Xun smiled.

It was probably less than one billion.

After dinner, Chen Weier quickly went to the dance studio to do yoga and digest her food.

When He Xun came up and wanted to tell Chen Weier not to do any strenuous exercise after dinner, he saw Chen Weier lying on the ground with her butt sticking out.

Was there any other posture in the world that was more fanciful than a cat stretching posture

He Xuns eyes darkened, and he loosened his tie.

“What are you doing”

“Im doing yoga to digest the food.

I can only dance after Im done.

Otherwise, its not good for my stomach.” Chen Weier didnt hear the hoarseness in He Xuns tone and concentrated on making her movements more standard.

“Ill help you.” He Xun was standing behind Chen Weier.

This curve was hard to control, especially when it was the baby he had been thinking about.

“What can you help me with” Chen Weier didnt react.

He Xun immediately pounced on her and bit her ear.

“Can you guess”

After experiencing intense pair exercises with He Xun, Chen Weier finally digested her food.

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