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He Xun, on the other hand, went to choose the others.

The amusement park consumed much physical energy, so he had to eat his fill.

After taking the food, he found a seat and waited for Chen Weier to return.

The mans temperament was noble, and his well-ironed suit seemed out of place, not to mention that his suit was of excellent artistry at first glance.

Also, one could buy the watch on his wrist for five or six million yuan.

Most importantly, He Xuns appearance was exceptional.

Almost everyones eyes turned to him when He Xun sat down.

Five or six girls had already come forward to strike up a conversation.

He Xun was a little impatient, but he still politely told them he was accompanying his wife.

He pointed to Chen Weier, who was still in line.

When the girls saw the only woman in the group of children, they walked away obediently.

She really couldnt be compared to him.

He was good-looking, had a good figure, and even wore branded clothes! However, how could someone elses handsome and wealthy husband resist the temptation

Chen Weier, who was seriously queuing up, didnt know what was going on there because it was going to be her turn soon.

“This big friend, I wish you a good time!” The staff member in the mascot laughed.

“Im also a little kid!” Chen Weier grinned.

“Then, little friend, I wish you a good time eating and having fun.” The staff member immediately followed Chen Weiers connotation and changed his words.

Chen Weier was very happy to hear this and sat beside He Xun with a smile.

The childrens meal was nothing so special.

It consisted of a hamburger, fried chicken, a plate of fries, a coke, a cream cake, and a small box of fruit salad.

However, as Chen Weier watched, she felt a lump in her throat.

He Xun saw that her eyes had turned red and immediately became anxious.

“Whats wrong”

“Im so happy! I can finally eat the amusement parks childrens meal!” Chen Weier said as tears flowed down her face.

“Weier, you…” He Xun was flustered.

“This is something Ive been thinking about since I was young!” Chen Weier lowered her head and ate.

Honestly, it didnt taste good.

It had been mass-produced and left on the dining cabinet outside for so long that it was getting cold.

But in Chen Weiers mouth, it was delicious.

So this was the taste that a childhood friend had talked about …

“Weier.” He Xuns heart ached.

His Weier had never even eaten the childrens meal at the amusement park before What other regrets did she have that he did not know about

“Im delighted now.

Ive never blamed my mother for not having time to bring me here when I was young.

She had to make money.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have the worthy life I had.” Chen Weier honestly didnt blame Chen Anhe.

If it was her, she truly wasnt sure if she could do what Chen Anhe did.

“Then, what else do you want to do Ill accompany you.” He Xuns expression turned gentle.

After the meal, Chen Weier was full of energy as she pulled He Xun around the place.

He Xun was wearing leather shoes, so it wasnt comfortable for him to run around.

However, he was willing to run around the amusement park with her.

The two of them went to play the gentle and dreamy merry-go-round.

Chen Weier was on the horses back while He Xun sat beside her, holding her hand.

“Daddy, I want to hold hands too!” A childish voice came from behind.

Chen Weier turned around and saw a little girl who looked like she was carved from Jade.

The child looked like she was two or three years old and barely spoke clearly.

However, her small eyes were fixed on Chen Weier and He Xuns tightly clasped hands.

“Daddys hand is on your shoulder to support you!” Her father said gently.

“Theres still one hand!”

“Im going to hold mommys hand!”

Only then did Chen Weier notice the woman on board the horse behind her.

Her face showed a gentle expression, and she held hands with the little girls father.

“The baby needs hands!” The child immediately pouted, and tears began to fall from her eyes.

“Only couples can hold hands like this.

Daddy and Mommy are a couple, and so are the uncles and aunties in front.

You and Daddy arent a couple, so you cant hold hands like this!” The childs mother explained gently, but the child did not listen.

“Then, my dad and I are a couple!”

“Pfft…” Chen Weier accidentally laughed out loud and hurriedly apologized to the parents.

“Im sorry, the child is too cute.”

“Its fine.” The woman smiled gently, then pretended to be angry and looked at her daughter.

“I carried you for ten months, and now youre trying to steal my husband!”


“I want it!” The little girl was not to be outdone.

“Enough, you two little ancestors.” The man didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

One side was his daughter, and the other side was his wife.

It was too difficult for him!

Chen Weier looked at He Xun thoughtfully.

“If we have a daughter in the future, she wont fight with me for my husband, right”

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